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UKIP ‘Most Favourably Regarded Party’ Ahead Of Tories, Labour And Lib Dem Says Independent Poll

Huffington Post — Jan 19, 2014

Even though people might not be intending to vote Ukip, a new survey suggests they still hold them in higher regard than all of the other main parties.

A ComRes opinion poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror found 27 per cent said that they had a “favourable” view of them but only 19 per cent would vote for UKIP in a general election.

This is just ahead of the 26 per cent who are favourable to the Labour Party, 25 per cent to the Conservative Party and 14 per cent to the Liberal Democrats.

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Official Benghazi Report

Official Benghazi Report

For those of you with the time to spare, here is the official Benghazi


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KrisAnne Hall: Government Revision of History Debunked

by KrisAnne Hall http://www.KrisAnneHall.com

"In Orwellian fashion, Barack Obama is attempting to reinterpret history to justify the government’s dismantling Americans’ 4th Amendment protections. In a speech delivered regarding National Security Agency data collection programs, the President gave this twisted distortion of American history:

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How To Find Gold, Jewelry and Money In Your Own Backyard

When I first got the “gold bug” and decided to join a gold prospecting organization, my excitement level was HIGH to say the least. I wanted to go to as many gold mines and find ounces and ounces of gold and strike it rich like the old prospectors did in the good ol’ days.

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From Marxism to the Market

I am a great admirer of Thomas Sowell. His passion for sound discussion and deductive reasoning are second to none, in my opinion. I feel a kinship with him (as I do with many of you) even though I have never met him in person. This article sums up his journey from a Bolshevik to a truly free man. Enjoy!

From Marxism to the Market
by THOMAS SOWELL (2002-01-02)

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"Snap Out Of It, Zombies !" (by Tugwit The Terrible)

Another in the series "The Fiscal Multiplier Debunked",

by Tugwit The Terrible:

"Some ideas are so stupid, that only intellectuals believe them."

-- George Orwell


I debunk the (keynesian) fiscal "multiplier" in a way that even ZOMBIES can understand.


The fraud is easy to debunk.

There are two kinds of Keynesians:

1) The FRAUDS who know the fiscal “multiplier” is nonsense.

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Instability in Russia is Supported by USAID

'One «themed revolution», for which the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and its allied operatives of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the George Soros Open Society Institute have become so infamous, went virtually unnoticed in the English language Western media.

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Navy Officer Says He is Confined to Wheelchair Because of Fukushima Radiation Exposure; At Least 70 Other Sailors Also Sick


'WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- He served his country, but has his country turned it's back on him? A Maryland sailor says he's now wheelchair-bound, and he blames it on radiation he was exposed to while representing his country at what's been called the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

Steve Simmons spoke to WUSA9's Debra Alfarone exclusively.'



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Time to Start Monitoring the Trustafarians and Stately-Home Socialist Shills

Time to Start Monitoring the Trustafarians and Stately-Home Socialist Shills


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Survival Or Extinction: The Om Principles Versus The Global Depopulation Policy | Part Seven, Power Of Money



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Toward A Liberty Independent Electoral Alliance: Restoring The Constitutional Republic

Toward a Liberty Independent Electoral Alliance: RESTORING THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC

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Another False Alarm re Pending Comex Default or is it Real This Time?

An old story with new data -an interesting interview with a trader:


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The System

From LionsOfLiberty.com:

What is The System?

We hear it talked about all the time: “Blame it on The System;” “The System is broken;” “Put your trust in The System;” and so on. Every person has likely made reference to The System at one time or another. However, what is The System? If one had to pin down a precise definition, what would it be?

I would define it as:

The System – the sum of all the recipes Man follows; the guiding ideas of Society

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