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Libertarian in governor’s race fears totalitarian state

TAMPA ­­— Adrian Wyllie isn’t your typical candidate for governor of Florida. Among other things, he campaigns in beer parlors and brags on the stump about his most recent arrests.

But there’s method in the seeming madness of Wyllie, the Libertarian who’ll be on the ballot in November along with Republican Gov. Rick Scott and his Democratic challenger, former Gov. Charlie Crist.

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America's Endless War on Terror

"At this point, we, as a nation, are severely lost. We are unfeeling and devoid of empathy. We refuse to admit that the growth of Muslim extremism in the Middle East is a direct result of the ruthless policies that we have employed in the region. But we as a nation have a choice. We can choose to live in unceasing fear of terrorism, we can cling to the fantasy that terrorists target the U.S. out of contempt for our “freedom,” or we can choose to recognize that our policies of perpetual war, occupation, and meddling in Middle Eastern affairs are what have fueled terrorism in the region."

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The Fed's New (Same) View on Raising Interest Rates

The Fed's New (Same) View on Raising Interest Rates

The Fed, after threatening to stop QE and raise rates since 2009 "when the economy begins to recover" and having stopped and started QE three times and printed $4 trillion, has been talking about raising interest rates again.

Is the Fed finally ready to raise interest rates?

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Hernando County Sheriff spewing lies to get NO votes on amendment 2 in Florida

Hernando County Sheriff Al Nienhuis is trying to spread lies and fear to the people of Hernando County stating that Amendment 2 would cause doctors, medical patients, and growers in the state of Florida to have full immunity in the event something were to happen.


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Beheading in OKLAHOMA

We don't know all the details or reasons for the attacks. But it has become clear the killer tried to convert co-workers to Islam.

I believe in 'an eye for an eye'. The radical side of Islam (thugs and murders) needs to be rooted out at all costs, ..for the sake of humanity.


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America: Where the luxuries are cheap and the necessities are expensive

Middle-Class Squeeze: Costs Rise 32% While Wages Stagnate
By Christopher Rugaber - September 25, 2014

... The figures help explain why many Americans feel stressed even as the economy has strengthened — and why some feel bewildered to hear that overall inflation in the United States is, if anything, too low.

From TVs, computers and cellphones to clothing and cars, many goods have dropped in price in the past decade. Those declining prices have helped keep overall inflation historically low — even lower than the 2 percent the Federal Reserve thinks is ideal.

Yet when you consider that average health-care and college costs rocketed more than 80 percent from 2000 to 2012, it’s easier to understand why many families feel they are struggling.

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Charged With A Felony For Leaving Corvette In Valet Mode

The 2015 Corvette Stingray could land you in big trouble with the law, but not in the way you would expect. When people think of Corvettes and breaking the law, they typical assume speed is responsible. But there is another aspect of the Corvette Stingray that could land you in much more trouble than a speeding ticket and the high-end car doesn’t even have to be moving to land you in jail for a long time.

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The Gold Silver Ratio Nears Four Year Highs

Gold and silver have fallen recently, with silver falling more.

The gold silver ratio is now near 70, meaning it takes 70 ounces of silver to buy one ounce of gold.



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How John McCain Wound Up Canoodling With Terrorists

by Justin Raimondo, September 26, 2014

Did Senator John McCain, a leading advocate of arming Syria’s Islamist revolutionaries, meet with members or allies of the Islamic State in al-Sham [the Levant] (ISIS) during his trip to Syria on May 27 of last year?

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Attorney General Eric Holder QUITS!


" Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning from the Obama administration, capping a tumultuous six-year term marked by several high-profile clashes with Congress.

President Obama formally announced the decision, made public earlier in the day, at the White House late Thursday afternoon. Calling Holder's resignation "bittersweet," Obama touted Holder's record on civil rights, as well as terror and corruption prosecutions.

"Eric has done a superb job," Obama said. "

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US blowing up its own Humvees

This is one of the reasons our foreign policy sucks. Government buys Humvees, takes them to Iraq, leaves them there to get stolen, and then blows them up with $30,000 bombs.


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