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10 most dependent States in the US

Ever wonder which states are paying and which are receiving US taxes? Here is a list of the top ten states on the receiving end.


Personally I think Puerto Rico should have been listed as well, even though it is not officially a state. They pay no taxes and receive all sorts of benefits.

1 Mississippi

Return on Taxpayer Investment: $3.07
Funding as Percentage of Revenue: 45.8 percent
Federal Employees Per Capita: 8.67

2 New Mexico

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So you think the Fed destroyed the dollar?

It’s often cited that the dollar has lost 95-98% of its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. While Fed policies have contributed to the devaluation of the dollar over the past 100 years, two U.S. Presidents did more in single actions to debase the dollar than the Fed ever did.

The Dollar Destroyers: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Milhous Nixon.


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Printing "Money"

Saw this brief photo essay on the printing of paper US currency and thought I'd share.


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Comex Default or Chinese Revaluation of Gold?

A Chinese Revaluation of Gold and Silver is More Likely than a Comex Default

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Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man

For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man

Today in Texas, former prosecutor and judge Ken Anderson pled guilty to intentionally failing to disclose evidence in a case that sent an innocent man, Michael Morton, to prison for the murder of his wife. When trying the case as a prosecutor, Anderson possessed evidence that may have cleared Morton, including statements from the crime's only eyewitness that Morton wasn't the culprit. Anderson sat on this evidence, and then watched Morton get convicted. While Morton remained in prison for the next 25 years, Anderson's career flourished, and he eventually became a judge.

In today's deal, Anderson pled to criminal contempt, and will have to give up his law license, perform 500 hours of community service, and spend 10 days in jail. Anderson had already resigned in September from his position on the Texas bench.

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Wash Post Warns Obama’s Executive Amnesty Pushes Exec Authority Into Murky Areas

When the typically liberal Washington Post is questioning your use of Executive Orders to further highly controversial political plans, and warns that you’re pushing past any previous presidential precedent (how about that alliteration?!), maybe you should take a step back and reconsider.

President Obama’s expected action lifting the threat of deportation from millions of undocumented immigrants, which could come as early as this week, will expand the authority of the executive branch into murky, uncharted territory.

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More Guns mean a Safer and more Secure Society? Say it ain't so!

Someone should get Bloomberg and Gates on Israel real quick so they can change the obvious flaw in thinking!

(Sarcasm Intended)


Israel is to ease controls on carrying weapons for self-defence in the wake of a deadly Palestinian attack on a Jerusalem synagogue, Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said on Tuesday.

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"The medical shadow government" - Jon Rappoport

"Over the last 50 years, tireless researchers have uncovered and revealed the existence of various elites that control governments and populations:

Banks, super-banks, the military-industrial complex, intelligence agencies, psyop propagandists, Wall Street, and so forth and so on.

For some reason, these researchers, many of them, have a blind spot when it comes to the ongoing operations of a shadow medical government."


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The European Central Bank May Buy Gold!

Central Banks have descended into(further) madness.

The Bank of Japan is buying just about every bond issued by the Japanese government and now the European Central Bank is contemplating buying gold and other assets to fight deflation!


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The Spirit of Sauntering: Thoreau on the Art of Walking and the Perils of a Sedentary Lifestyle

The Spirit of Sauntering: Thoreau on the Art of Walking and the Perils of a Sedentary Lifestyle
By: Maria Popova
Why “every walk is a sort of crusade.”

“Go out and walk. That is the glory of life,” Maira Kalman exhorted in her glorious visual memoir. A century and a half earlier, another remarkable mind made a beautiful and timeless case for that basic, infinitely rewarding, yet presently endangered human activity.

Henry David Thoreau was a man of extraordinary wisdom on everything from optimism to the true meaning of “success” to the creative benefits of keeping a diary to the greatest gift of growing old. In his 1861 treatise Walking, penned seven years after Walden, he sets out to remind us of how that primal act of mobility connects us with our essential wildness, that spring of spiritual vitality methodically dried up by our sedentary civilization.

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Peter Schiff on C2C Tonight

Just FYI: Peter Schiff is the guest for the first 2 hours of Coast to Coast AM tonight. Or tomorrow morning, depending on where you live.


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Rand Paul May Get Big Break On NSA Bill

If the Senate votes on Tuesday to advance major intelligence reform legislation, Reid will not use a procedural maneuver to block consideration of amendments to the USA Freedom Act, a bill written by Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) that would end bulk data collection of phone records and create new privacy safeguards for citizens, Democratic sources said on Tuesday afternoon.

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Daily Caller: Liberals Love Rand Paul

Some liberals, fed up with Democratic waffling on issues like military intervention and corporate welfare, are finding something attractive in Republican Sen. Rand Paul’s brand of libertarianism.

In an op-ed for HuffPost on Monday, H.A. Goodman explained why, even though he identifies as “a liberal Democrat” and has “never voted for a Republican,” he plans to vote for Paul in the 2016 presidential elections.

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Rand Paul on Why He Keeps Going Where No Other Republican Will Go

by Andrew Kirell | November 16th, 2014

With his cordial, enlightening appearance on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) proved that he might just give Hillary Clinton a run for some liberal votes, but also that his fellow Republicans better up their game if they want to truly engage in outreach.

During Friday evening’s satellite interview, liberal comedian Maher and the libertarian-leaning senator seemed largely in-sync on issues like the war on drugs and the fight against ISIS. Even for an issue on which they fundamentally disagree — climate change — the senator presented himself as a seeker of middle ground, proposing the deregulation of alternative fuel sources.

Acknowledging how rare it is for a leading Republican to appear in unfriendly territory like Real Time, Maher introduced Paul as “the one Republican who is willing to go to places Republicans don’t usually speak,” adding, “I admire him greatly for that.”

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