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SHOCKING Interview with Eric Garner's Stepfather May Reveal True Motive For His Killing

The Free Thought Project has obtained an exclusive video interview with Benjamin Carr, Eric Garner’s stepfather. The video has the watermark “preview” over the video footage because it is going to be part of a documentary on police misconduct.

Before we get to the video let’s quickly review some of the facts that are widely known regarding this case. First, Eric Garner had been arrested more than thirty times since the mid 80s. Second, the reason for the arrest which resulted in his death was for the “crime” of selling loose cigarettes. Third, the state of New York made more than $1.6 million off of cigarette taxes in 2011. Fourth, the officer who choked Eric Garner to death, Daniel Pantaleo, has been sued three times for allegedly violating the constitutional rights of other black males. Lastly, the cigarette excise tax causes NYC to lose close to $100 million a year in tax revenue due to cigarette tax evasion caused by decrease in retail sale (i.e. what Eric Garner was doing.)


When Mr. Garner’s stepfather is asked if Eric was singled out because of his race, he responds, “I wouldn’t really say [he was killed] because Eric was a black man. It’s due to the fact that they stole money from him and refused to give him his money, and he filed charges against them. This is why they had a vendetta against him.”

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Concealed Carry For CO Pot Users

Last time I checked, in states that allow concealed carry, people who drink alcohol or take prescription drugs are allowed to apply for and receive a concealed carry license. So why would the rules differ for an individual living in a state that has legalized medical and recreation marijuana? Shouldn’t they also be allowed to apply for a concealed carry permit if they admit to using marijuana?

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Prof: ‘Elf on the Shelf’ conditions kids to accept surveillance state

TORONTO – Could there be something more sinister behind the little elf sitting on the shelf who returns to the North Pole each night?

Yes, says Laura Pinto, a digital technology professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology.

She recently published a paper titled “Who’s the Boss” on the doll, saying the idea of it reporting back to Santa each night on the child’s behavior “sets up children for dangerous, uncritical acceptance of power structures,” according to insideHalton.com.

From her paper:

When children enter the play world of The Elf on the Shelf, they accept a series of practices and rules associated with the larger story. This, of course, is not unique to The Elf on the Shelf. Many children’s games, including board games and video games, require children to participate while following a prescribed set of rules. The difference, however, is that in other games, the child role-plays a character, or the child imagines herself within a play-world of the game, but the role play does not enter the child’s real world as part of the game. As well, in most games, the time of play is delineated (while the game goes on), and the play to which the rules apply typically does not overlap with the child’s real world.

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How Inflation Leads to Deflation

The best explanation I've seen, from the last few paragraphs of this article:

Why Oil Is Finally Declining, Which Could Lead to Disaster
by Lee Adler • December 1, 2014

The central banks have been frustrated in their insane and misguided aim to increase inflation because QE and ZIRP actually foster the opposite of what central bankers expect. Central bankers and conomists think that to get inflation they only need to print more money, not recognizing that the inflation that does result from money printing, asset inflation, leads eventually to consumer goods deflation. ZIRP and QE cause malinvestment and overinvestment that leads to excess productive capacity. That leads to overproduction and oversupply. Oversupply puts downward pressure on prices. That spurs a vicious cycle where the central banks print more money to try to create inflation. That puts more cash into the accounts of the leveraged speculating community and off we go again.

While ZIRP and QE encourage waves of excess speculation and malinvestment, they do so at the expense of investment in labor. Businesses become speculators in their own stocks and products rather than in costly and uncertain investments in labor. The value of labor falls in the marketplace. Mass wage and salary incomes fall. Consumption falls. Demand trends weaken, putting downward pressure on the prices of consumption goods. That causes a vicious cycle in business where executives perpetually look for ways to shrink costs, exacerbating the economic decline of middle class working people. The “middle class” can increasingly no longer afford to buy the products of those who employ them. Thus we get the spectacle of things like WalMart holding charity food drives to benefit its workers, who are not paid enough money to feed their families.

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What would happen if Congress split into four parties? This.

The last-minute vote to approve a long-term spending package cast a bright light on unusual splits in an otherwise unified Democratic congressional caucus. Following the lead of Massachusetts Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), House and Senate Democrats voted against a bill that President Obama was personally advocating. It was similar to the insurgency faced by the Republican establishment last year, as many, many pundits pointed out, only with "no bank bailouts" replacing "no Obamacare" as a rallying cry.

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Real CNBC Headline: US housing starts, permits fall; trend points to recovery

US housing starts, permits fall; trend points to recovery


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Marijuana legalization on Indian Land

Opening the door for what could be a lucrative and controversial new industry on some Native American reservations, the Justice Department on Thursday will tell U.S. attorneys to not prevent tribes from growing or selling marijuana on the sovereign lands, even in states that ban the practice..

The new guidance, released in a memorandum, will be implemented on a case-by-case basis and tribes must still follow federal guidelines, said Timothy Purdon, the U.S. attorney for North Dakota and the chairman of the Attorney General's Subcommittee on Native American Issues.

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The Twelve Days of Martial Law Lyrics

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China and Russia Were Net Sellers of US Treasuries in October

China and Russia have been making public pronouncements about wanting to reduce their US Treasury Reserves and hold and use other currencies more, including their own.

Russia has reduced its U.S. Treasury holdings nearly 45% in 18 months.

China has been less successful in reducing its holdings but did manage to reduce them in October.


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What does Chelsea want for her birthday this week?

December 17th is heroic Wikileaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning's 27th birthday- the 5th year she'll have spent her birthday in prison.

Here are three important ways you can support Chelsea on her birthday:

1. Give the gift of a donation to the Chelsea Manning Defense Fund

Attorney Nancy Hollander and her law partner Vincent Ward have already begun the process of preparing for Chelsea's legal appeals next year. The appeals process has the potential to take decades off Chelsea's 35 year prison sentence.


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If you torture people to death, the CIA will punish you with a $1.3 million home

Matthew Zirbel’s home in Great Falls, Virginia is filled with oriental carpets, perhaps collected from his time spent working in countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. The million dollar home has “LOTS of “WOW!” You will “Oooh & Ahhh”, says this recent description on Zillow.

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Most Americans Are A-OK with Torture

While many have expressed shock and outrage on social media at the shocking revelations of the torture report, sadly none of this stuff is news to those of us who have been paying attention to this issue for some time. From Abu Ghraib to Bagram Air Base to Guantanamo, reports of torture have been surfacing for years.

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The Charmed Life of a CIA Torturer

Matthew Zirbel’s home in Great Falls, Virginia is filled with oriental carpets, perhaps collected from his time spent working in countries like Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia. The million dollar home has “LOTS of “WOW!” You will “Oooh & Ahhh”, says this recent description on Zillow.

This isn’t the first time Zirbel’s surroundings have wowed someone. Over a decade ago, Zirbel, then a junior CIA officer, was in charge of the Salt Pit, a “black site” in Afghanistan referred to in the recent Senate torture report as “Cobalt,” where detainees were routinely brutalized and which one visitor described as a “dungeon.”


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Watch What Happens When a 76 yr old Is Confronted By Police for Not Displaying a Vehicle Inspection Sticker

Police in Victoria, Texas, placed an officer on administrative duty pending an investigation after an altercation with a 76-year-old man who didn’t have an inspection sticker on his car.

Victoria resident Pete Vasquez pulled over at the Adams Auto Mart, where he helps with mechanical work, when the officer, 23-year-old Nathanial Robinson, got out of his patrol car and confronted him. The 76-year-old is seen on dashcam video pointing to the dealer license plate on the back of the car.

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Gold in Dough is Bread

Combine gold and dough and make bread- a very expensive loaf!
A Spanish bakery is doing just that.


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