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Elizabeth Warren to be Top Democrat on Senate Panel on Economic Policy

By Eric Garcia | MarketWatch
January 23, 2015

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Sen. Elizabeth Warren will have a new leadership role that will give her oversight of federal regulators she often likes to chide — notably the Federal Reserve.

Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, will be the ranking member for the Senate Banking Committee’s Subcommittee on Economic Policy, which has oversight of the Federal Reserve and the Office of Financial Research, which was created under the Dodd-Frank and offers analysis of the financial system.

Warren has frequently criticized regulators for what she sees as their leniency toward banks. She led an ultimately unsuccessful fight earlier this year against a partial rollback of the Dodd-Frank law.

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College Student Detained by TSA for Arabic Flashcards Wins Settlement

I Was Arrested for Learning a Foreign Language. Today, I Have Some Closure.
By Nick George, via the ACLU | January 23, 2015

Five years ago, the Philadelphia police thought that carrying Arabic-language flashcards was enough to warrant the arrest of an innocent traveler. A settlement reached today in a lawsuit I brought against the police department makes it clear that it is not.

Travelling by plane can be a long and grueling process under the best of circumstances. This makes it a good time for monotonous tasks, like trying to iron out some vocab for a language you're learning at college.

In August 2009, I was planning to fly through the Philadelphia airport to start my senior year at Pomona College in California. I was carrying a set of English-Arabic flashcards that I had put together for one of my classes, as well as a book critical of U.S. foreign policy (written by a former secretary of commerce under President Reagan– not exactly a radical treatise). It should go without saying that this is perfectly innocuous, First Amendment-protected activity.

Turns out, it doesn't.

At the metal detector at airport security, Transportation Security Administration agents asked me to empty my pockets. I took the set of flashcards from my pocket and handed them to the officers. After I cleared the metal detector, they asked me to step aside for additional screening. One of them started rifling through the cards, and another took the book out of my carry-on. The minutes ticked by, and I got more confused about why I was being detained and more concerned that I would miss my flight. One of them called a supervisor.

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Justin Amash: My office is seeking a bright, creative, and hard-working legislative assistant

My office is seeking a bright, creative, and hard-working legislative assistant to join our Washington, D.C.-based policy team.

The legislative assistant will draft legislation, analyze bills, and meet with constituents concerning policy matters, among other duties. The legislative assistant will be expected to handle a diverse portfolio of policy issues, which can be tailored somewhat to the staffer's expertise and interests.

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A joint a day... keeps the doctor away?

... "According to an abstract published online ahead of a print publication in the Annals of American Thoracic Society, smoking one marijuana cigarette per day for as long as 20 years wasn't associated with any adverse effects on lung function.

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Woman, Visiting Family Member in Jail, Held Against Her Will, Forced to Strip for Prison Guards

Nashville, TN– A lawsuit filed on Thursday against Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison management company in the US, alleges that a visitor at a South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton, Tennessee, was forced to expose her genitalia to prison guards to prove that she was menstruating after she attempted to bring a sanitary napkin into a visit.

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Coinbase Secures Approval to Launch Regulated US Bitcoin Exchange

Bitcoin wallet and brokerage Coinbase is set to launch a US exchange on Monday – one that is already approved by 50% of all state regulators.

According to a Wall Street Journal report, the exchange will "offer greater security for individuals and institutions to trade bitcoin and monitor real-time pricing of the cryptocurrency".

“Our goal is to become the world’s largest exchange,” said chief executive Brian Armstrong.


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When the Church became the State

I thought I would share the fruits of my recent discovery while surfing Google Books

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Police Surveillance Alternate Take

A few sentences worth looking at on JS Mineset ...


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Washington Lunatics Greatest Threat to World

Lunatics Run the Washington Asylum

Never in world history has one nation threatened humanity’s survival like America. Wars without end rage against invented enemies. New ones follow with disturbing regularity. Peace is pure fantasy. Obama wants congressional authorization for unconstrained war. Ignoring international law. Claiming it’s to fight IS. One of his many Big Lies. …

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US Directing Kiev Cartel’s War on Donbass?

Is the US Directing Kiev Cartel’s War on Donbass?

Washington relies heavily on allies and proxies to advance its imperial agenda. It actively supports and encourages Kiev’s aggression on Donbass. Funding and arming its military. Supplying heavy weapons and munitions covertly. Assuming a local guerrilla force could easily be defeated. Hoped for victory became rout. Earlier last spring and summer. Again a few days after Kiev launched its new offensive last Sunday. ...

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Aleppo Encircled, West Seeks Wildcard to Save its Terror Hordes

The Syrian Arab Army is reportedly close to completely encircling militants that have occupied the northern city of Aleppo since they invaded it from NATO territory in 2012. … the desperation of these Western interests has visibly increased. …

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American Sniper: It Was Ok

"Directed by Clint Eastwood, American Sniper is an action-drama depicting the life of Navy Seal Sniper Chris Kyle. Officially the most lethal sniper in US history, Chief Petty Officer Kyle amassed 160 confirmed kills out of 255 probable kills over the course of four tours of duty.

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pixels don't equal people

I'm not particularly interested in issues regarding violence in media, but I do love when ideologically motivated science falls apart.


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Sotomayor: 'We Can't Keep Bending the Fourth Amendment to the Resources of Law Enforcement'

Sonia Sotomayor stands up for the Fourth Amendment in drug-sniffing dog case.

Damon Root | January 22, 2015

The Supreme Court heard oral argument yesterday in the Fourth Amendment case Rodriguez v. United States. At issue is whether an officer "unnecessarily prolonged" an otherwise legal traffic stop when he called for backup in order to safely walk a drug-sniffing dog around the stopped vehicle. According to a previous Supreme Court ruling, the use of drug dogs during routine traffic stops poses no constitutional problems so long as the traffic stop is not "prolonged beyond the time reasonably required to complete that mission."

According to Justice Department lawyer Ginger Anders, who argued yesterday in defense of the police, law enforcement is entitled to wide leeway when it comes to determining the amount of time that's "reasonably required" to conduct traffic stops.

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New York State County Sheriff Trashes State's Handgun Renewals

The sheriff of Fulton County, New York, Thomas Lorey, made a presentation to some Second Amendment supporters on Friday, January 16. The next day seven minutes of it was posted on YouTube.

"I want to set the record straight. Fulton County is one of the pilot counties.… They are going to send out 500 invitations to my county and that’s all they are … invitations.
I’m asking everyone that gets those invitations to throw them in the trash because that is where they belong."


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