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This is What a High School Football Game Looks Like In a Police State


Rader, a 17-year-old senior at PHS, said that after the officer claimed that he had pushed him Rader denied touching the officer. That’s when the ski-masked man shoved him backward into a walkway.

We can then see on the video that the officer sprayed the completely non-violent teen right in the eyes with pepper spray.

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Sen. Coburn: “you could see instances of anarchy.. You could see violence”; Armed Patriots Headed to White House to Arrest Obama

Sen. Coburn: “you could see instances of anarchy.. You could see violence”; Armed Patriots Headed to White House to Arrest Obama

PoliticsUSBy: Joshua Cook Nov 20, 2014

U.S. Tom Coburn told USA Today that if President Obama violates the U.S. Constitution and grants amnesty to illegal aliens, the reaction to his executive order may turn violent.

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Liberty Rising: Westminster Ends Bid To Ban Tobacco Sales After Outcry

Liberty Rising: Westminster Ends Bid To Ban Tobacco Sales After Outcry

November 19, 2014 6:37 PM

WESTMINSTER (CBS/AP) — A proposal that would have made the town the first in the nation to ban all tobacco sales has gone up in smoke.
Westminster’s board of health voted 2-1 to drop the proposal at its regular meeting on Wednesday, a week after rowdy opposition led board members to end a public hearing early.

Read more: http://boston.cbslocal.com/2014/11/19/westminster-ends-bid-t...

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Exclusive: U.S. to allow people from nations hit by Ebola to stay temporarily

Exclusive: U.S. to allow people from nations hit by Ebola to stay temporarily

WASHINGTON Thu Nov 20, 2014 9:04am EST

(Reuters) - The Department of Homeland Security will grant temporary protected status to people from the three West African countries most affected by Ebola who are currently residing in the United States, department officials said on Thursday.

Read more: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/11/20/us-usa-ebola-immig...

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Rand Paul Interviewed by Salon.com

Salon: Your appearance on Bill Maher’s show last week suggests you intend to court liberals and independents if you run for president. How can a proud member of the Tea Party really achieve this?

Rand Paul: You know, I think there is a great deal of possibility for any candidate who can get out of either party, that doesn’t neatly fit in either party’s mold. So I think if you had a Democrat unusual enough to get through the primary system but to appeal to people outside of the Democrat mold, they could do well. Same goes for a Republican. And I’ll often tell people that a plurality of Americans now no longer consider themselves either Republicans or Democrats, so if you’re a Republican and wanted to get Bill Maher’s vote, it’s probably a difficult sell, but the fact that he’s open and willing because he’s frustrated with both sides, I think is emblematic of a lot of people, particularly young people. I don’t think they’re wedded to one party or the other, and so I think the biggest obstacle to somebody coming out that could attract people from the middle is getting through the primary system, because you’ve got to get through a primary system that, on both sides, you know, sort of demands ideological purity, and then if someone is outside of those bounds, it’s more difficult to get through the primary system.

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Russia adds another 600,000 ounces of Gold to its Reserves in October

Russia's gold buying continues unabated as they add another 600,000 ounces to their gold reserves in October:


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Why Bill de Blasio is worried about Rand Paul in 2016

Bill de Blasio, New York City's first-term mayor, told journalist Mike Allen he thinks the Kentucky senator is the most formidable opponent for Democrats. Speaking at a Politico Playbook breakfast Wednesday morning, the mayor said his party needs to refocus its message on economic populism. Though he disagrees with Paul on a "host of issues," de Blasio said the likely presidential contender will be a force in the GOP. Read more http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/why-one-of-america-s...

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ABC, NBC Nightly Newscasts Now 10 Days into Ignoring Gruber Scandal

The Hill:

The comments of MIT professor Jonathan Gruber have been a big story for the past ten days. Regardless of how you voted or whether you’re team red or blue, an official who worked closely with President Obama and his team on crafting the Affordable Care Act (visiting the Oval Office 19 times to specifically discuss a strategy) and later revealing on multiple occasions that the law was predicated on misleading “stupid” American voters is a story worthy of national attention and scrutiny. Those who don’t believe this are willfully blind, or as stupid as even an MSNBC panel says the White House thinks we all are.

With that in mind, here’s one more streak to chew on: Over the past ten nights, ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC’s Nightly News haven’t just buried the story in some throwaway segment late in their respective programs; they haven’t mentioned Gruber or the controversy in any capacity. Some could argue the decision to omit has been made because the news cycle has been heavy on the breaking news front. Except that hasn’t remotely been the case.

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GOP Senator Warns of Violence After Obama Immigration Order

WASHINGTON — Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn warns there could be not only a political firestorm but acts of civil disobedience and even violence in reaction to President Obama's executive order on immigration Thursday.

"The country's going to go nuts, because they're going to see it as a move outside the authority of the president, and it's going to be a very serious situation," Coburn said on Capital Download. "You're going to see — hopefully not — but you could see instances of anarchy. ... You could see violence."

Coburn, 66, is a conservative Republican but one who has a personal relationship with Obama. They entered the Senate in the same class, elected in 2004, and the new senators from opposite ends of the political spectrum and their spouses immediately hit it off at an orientation dinner. Last year, the president wrote a tribute in Time magazine to Coburn as "someone who speaks his mind (and) sticks to his principles."

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Senior Citi Banker Found Dead In Bathtub With Slashed Throat

The dust has barely settled on the latest high profile banker suicide in which Deutsche Bank's associate general counsel, and former SEC regulator, Charlie Gambino was found dead, having hung himself by the neck from a stairway banister, and here comes the latest sad entrant in the dead banker chronicles of 2014 when earlier today, the Post reports, a Citigroup banker was found dead with his throat slashed in the bathtub "of his swanky downtown apartment, authorities said Wednesday."


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Homeschool Parents Tasered, Sprayed, Handcuffed—as Kids Watch

On November 14, 2014, Home School Legal Defense Association filed a federal civil-rights lawsuit against Chief Sheriff’s Deputy David Glidden and Sheriff Darren White of the sheriff’s department of Nodaway County, Missouri. The suit charges Glidden and White with unlawfully forcing their way into the home of HSLDA members Laura and Jason Hagan on September 30, 2011, in violation of their Fourth Amendment rights.


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Cop Busted For Exposing Himself

A New Jersey policeman was arrested yesterday and charged with exposing himself to several male drivers over the past seven months. Officer Jason Miller, 37-years-old, is facing official misconduct and lewdness charges. He is currently free on $35,000 bail.

The married father of two is accused of exposing himself numerous times to young male drivers during late-night traffic stops. Often times the officer was aware the driver had been drinking or had committed a traffic violation, but allowed the drivers to leave without a ticket, after unzipping his pants and exposing himself.

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10 most dependent States in the US

Ever wonder which states are paying and which are receiving US taxes? Here is a list of the top ten states on the receiving end.


Personally I think Puerto Rico should have been listed as well, even though it is not officially a state. They pay no taxes and receive all sorts of benefits.

1 Mississippi

Return on Taxpayer Investment: $3.07
Funding as Percentage of Revenue: 45.8 percent
Federal Employees Per Capita: 8.67

2 New Mexico

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So you think the Fed destroyed the dollar?

It’s often cited that the dollar has lost 95-98% of its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. While Fed policies have contributed to the devaluation of the dollar over the past 100 years, two U.S. Presidents did more in single actions to debase the dollar than the Fed ever did.

The Dollar Destroyers: President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Milhous Nixon.


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Printing "Money"

Saw this brief photo essay on the printing of paper US currency and thought I'd share.


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