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Wealthy Elites Paid $40 Million for Exclusive Rights to Grow Marijuana in Ohio

It appears that momentum is building in Ohio to make it the fifth state to legalize marijuana for recreational use. However, the proposed amendment to legalize the plant is shrouded in controversy, as many pro-marijuana advocates are outraged over benefits the investors behind the amendment are set to receive if it passes in this November.

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Pan Am Games To Extort $3 Billion In Protection Money From Canadians

We discuss the upcoming Pan Am games and the 3 billion dollars in wasted security money to keep Canadians safe from the terrorist boogie man created by the CIA. It is the mafia sporting event protection racket at its finest. We also gear up this March break for Hillary Clintons Fun Camp and free Obama phones. http://wp.me/p4afQC-62 You can take our freedom but you'll never take our toboggans eh. this is Canadastan!!!!!!

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Monsanto chief admits ‘hubris’ is to blame for public fears over GM

Monsanto chief admits ‘hubris’ is to blame for public fears over GM

Oliver Wright Author Biography
Monday 23 March 2015

The American company that produced the world’s first genetically modified crop has admitted for the first time that its “hubris” in promoting the technology contributed to a consumer backlash against genetically modified food.

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US "Loses" $500 Million In Weapons Given To Yemen, Now In Al-Qaeda Hands

Nobody could have possibly foreseen that yet another US foreign diplomacy "success story" would turn out to be an epic disaster. Well, nobody, except for those who accurately predict that every US intervention abroad is now a staggering fiasco (for everyone involved except the US military-industrial complex of course). As for Yemen, the outcome was clear long ago...


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Peter King if Cruz is Nominee: “I will jump off that bridge” (video)

Thanks for the list Pete - I now know there are three (plus Petey) I will never vote for in the general election.

The congressman named Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and John Kasich as GOP candidates he could see himself supporting, but added he just doesn’t see Cruz and Paul as being “part of the talent pool.”



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We've researched all the names on the Constitution...

I didn't sign it, and neither did you.

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"Why Real Libertarians Hate Rand Paul"

by Olivia Nuzzi | The Daily Beast

They’ve accused the senator of shape-shifting before, but now they’re positively apoplectic he signed the GOP’s Iran letter—and one of his biggest defenders says it’s ‘the last straw.’

On a Saturday afternoon in mid-January, Brett H. Pojunis, the chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party, stood outside his office on Flamingo Road in Las Vegas, ashing a cigarette and dissing Rand Paul. “We’re the Libertarian Party,” he told me, dramatically stretching out the word in his New York accent. Paul, a member of the Republican Party, was in town for a visit ahead of formally launching his bid for the White House, and Pojunis didn’t particularly care.

“Libertarian,” he said, is now just “a buzzword” for Republicans like the Kentucky senator. If Paul was really so libertarian, Pojunis had some advice for him: “Well, OK then—join the Libertarian Party!”

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We're Frighteningly in the Dark About Student Debt

March 20, 2015

Imagine that a big, complicated company holds a huge portfolio of loans, many of which are in default or delinquency. The company’s leadership and some vocal shareholders demand a detailed review but receive a thin and incomplete report from the loan division.

Financial analysts at headquarters want to scrutinize the data. But the loan division doesn’t turn it over. Without better data, the firm can’t move forward.

This dysfunctional enterprise is fictional, but in at least some respects it bears more than a passing resemblance to the United States government, which has a portfolio of roughly $1 trillion in student loans, many of which appear to be troubled. The Education Department, which oversees the portfolio, is playing the part of the loan division — neither analyzing the portfolio adequately nor allowing other agencies to do so.

These loans are no trivial matter — not for the borrowers responsible for them or for the country as a whole. Student loans are now the second-largest source of consumer debt in the United States, surpassed only by home mortgages. In a major reversal, they now constitute a larger portion of household debt than credit cards or car loans.

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Truth in Music - Cult of Personality



Living Colour -- "Cult of Personality" lyrics

Look in my eyes, what do you see?
The cult of personality
I know your anger, I know your dreams
I've been everything you want to be

I'm the cult of personality
Like Mussolini and Kennedy
I'm the cult of personality
The cult of personality
The cult of personality

Neon lights, Nobel Prize
When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You won't have to follow me
Only you can set me free

I sell the things you need to be

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Rand Pauluses and Minuses - Harry Reid's Eye, SXSW, Saudi Arabia Boycott

After last week’s flurry of activity, this past week has been a bit slow in Randville. But there’s still a bit to discuss, however it will not be Rand filing for Presidential candidacy, as what was initially reported last week turned out to be a hoax. Rand will be submitting his actual paperwork on April 7th.

Harry Reid Thanks Rand Paul for Helping With His Eye

Harry Reid, who has said some very questionable things in the past and has ideas a lot of us may not agree with, does from time to time see the light – like when he signed on to Rand Paul’s bill to provide those with prior criminal records voting rights. And Rand has seen fit to reach out to the elderly Democratic Senate Leader to help him to continue to see following an “exercise” accident that left Reid with damage to his right eye.

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Woman sent to psych ward for claiming Obama follows her on Twitter – he does

A Long Island woman held in a mental ward for eight days after claiming she was being followed by President Obama is suing New York City and the hospital that held her because she really was being followed by the president – on Twitter.


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Judge Nap: Here's Where Ted Cruz Is Not Following the Constitution

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Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz promised Monday to return to a government by the Constitution and "stand for liberty" as he officially announced his 2016 presidential bid.

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Seems we all shit gold

"...the authors worked out that the waste produced annually by a million Americans could contain as much as 13 million dollars worth of metals. That’s over four billion dollars worth of gold coming out of our collective arses every year.​"

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Flashback: Ron Paul at LPAC: Liberty Depends on Both Non-Aggression and Tolerance

Though I missed Sen. Rand Paul at this weekend's Liberty Political Action Conference (LPAC) in Alexandria, Virginia, I was able able to catch the evening portion yesterday, featuring his papa. Unlike a lot of slightly younger libertarians I know, I didn't come into the fold via Ron Paul, and this was the first time I've heard the former Congressman and Republican presidential candidate speak live. I was charmed—the man certainly has charisma—and though he lost me a few places, I thought Paul's statements about American foreign policy and the general precepts of liberty were really great.

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