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72 Year Old NJ School Teacher Faces Ten Year for Antique Pistol

When the founders drafted the Second Amendment they thought they were guaranteeing a natural right that is essential for a free society. Unfortunately, over the years many states have passed legislation that renders the Second Amendment obsolete, and state laws that violate federal law have become the norm. This week a prime example of these rights infringing practices went viral.

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3 Stories from Haruki Murakami’s Short Story Collection Published in Japan Last Year

For any Murakami fans...

Briefly noted: Last spring, Haruki Murakami released a new collection of short stories in Japan, roughly translated as Men Without Women. If past trends hold, this volume may never see the light of day in the States. But we may get to read all of the individual stories in the pages of The New Yorker. Last year, the magazine published two of Murakami’s six new stories — “Scheherazade” and “Yesterday.” And now comes another, “Kino.” You can read it online here.


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Diabetic Blogger Beats Gag Order For “Unlicensed Nutritional Advice”

In a story that is somewhat surprising, yet also wholly par-for-the-course where crony capitalism and the pharmaceutical industry are concerned, the state of North Carolina had issued a gag order against the “Diabetes Warrior,” Steve Cooksey.

Cooksey is a type-2 diabetic who had gotten free of insulin and other medications from sticking to a strict low-carb “paleo” style diet. He blogged often about his experiences, advocating from his direct experience, and drew a fairly large following. And that was enough to draw the ire of the NC’s Board of Dietetics and Nutrition (NC

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Did Hell just freeze over?

This is truly a first. I have never, ever seen a negative mention of any Dem, let alone Killery, on a liberal website such as MSN.com. I post this link for your viewing pleasure today:


The story comes from the Wall Street Journal, I know...but still...
It makes me wonder what the angle is...what thoughts are they trying to force the public to have?

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Jeb Bush Exposed Part 2 – He Thinks Unconstitutional NSA Spying is “Hugely Important”

Jeb Bush Exposed Part 2 – He Thinks Unconstitutional NSA Spying is “Hugely Important”

Michael Krieger | Posted Thursday Feb 19, 2015 at 3:55 pm

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Russia Halts Gold Buying In January After Selling $22B of Treasuries in December

Russia added no further gold to its reserves in January after selling $22 billion in U.S. Treasuries in December.

Russian gold vs us Treasuries 2014 year end


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Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies“Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

Mac Slavo
February 19th, 2015

It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point, but according to contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams it’s coming one way or the other.

The only thing we can do now is to prepare for it and that means stockpiling critical supplies, just like you might for an earthquake or snowstorm, but in larger quantities..

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Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy

Hacker Claims Feds Hit Him With 44 Felonies When He Refused to Be an FBI Spy
BY ANDY GREENBERG 02.18.15 | 8:45 PM

A year ago, the Department of Justice threatened to put Fidel Salinas in prison for the rest of his life for hacking crimes. But before the federal government brought those charges against him, Salinas now says, it tried a different tactic: recruiting him.

A Southern District of Texas judge sentenced Salinas earlier this month to six months in prison and a $10,600 fine after he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of computer fraud and abuse. The charge stemmed from his repeatedly scanning the local Hidalgo County website for vulnerabilities in early 2012. But just months before he took that plea, the 28-year-old with ties to the hacktivist group Anonymous instead faced 44 felony hacking and cyberstalking charges, all of which were later dismissed. And now that his case is over, Salinas is willing to say why he believes he faced that overwhelming list of empty charges. As he tells it, two FBI agents asked him to hack targets on the bureau’s behalf, and he refused.

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Frédéric Bastiat's "Two Astronomers" (vs. the Astrologers)

"What makes the great division between the two schools is the difference in their methods. Socialism, like astrology and alchemy, proceeds by way of the imagination; political economy, like astronomy and chemistry, proceeds by way of observation.

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Kitco Attempts Corporate Suicide

Already on the “avoid” list for many gold investors and traders, the latest from Canadian metals dealer Kitco will leaving you shaking your head in disbelief.

Submitted by T. Ferguson, TFMetals Report:

Actually, I just stumbled upon this article a few moments ago. I stopped by Yahoo to check my email and, as I scrolled down the “news” headlines, this caught my eye:

“Metals exec: 25% of physical gold buyers are crazy”


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Ron Paul: “Good News” That Secession Is Happening (VIDEO)

“The good news is it’s gonna happen. It’s happening.”


Andrew Kaczynski | BuzzFeed News Reporter
posted on Feb. 19, 2015, at 2:06 p.m.

Former Republican presidential candidate and congressman Ron Paul says secession is happening and it’s “good news.” Paul later predicted the states would stop listening to federal laws.

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Study: Smelling farts may be good for your health

Study: Smelling farts may be good for your health


The next time someone at your office lets out a "silent but deadly" emission, maybe you should thank them. A new study at the University of Exeter in England suggests that exposure to hydrogen sulfide — a.k.a. what your body produces as bacteria breaks down food, causing gas — could prevent mitochondria damage. Yep, the implication is what you're thinking: People are taking the research to mean that smelling farts could prevent disease and even cancer.

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New From Snowden Files: NSA/GCHQ Hacked Leading Manufacturer of SIM Cards; Stole "Keys To the Encryption Castle"

Full disclosure: I am not part of the "too-cool-for-school, yawn-we-already-knew-they were-doing-this-kinda-stuff" crowd. I have been, and continue to be, absolutely fascinated by the revelations about the NSA and its activities. Not long ago, all we could do is speculate about what the government's cyber mafia was up to. Now? Their operations, capabilities, intentions, lies, are all being laid bare; dragged reluctantly from the realm of myth and legend and plausible deniability into the inescapable realm of confirmed facts and culpability. In front of the whole world.

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Rand Paul Responds to Politico ‘Hit Piece’ Criticizing His Position on the Fed (Video)

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) appeared on Glenn Beck’s radio program Thursday to respond to what Beck called a “hit piece” in Politico criticizing the senator’s push to audit the Federal Reserve.

“They bring up a lot of points that somebody like me looks at and says, ‘Well, gee, that kind of makes sense. What’s Rand talking about?’ So let’s go over these point by point,” Beck told the senator. “The article says the [Federal Reserve's] finances are already subject to an audit by the GAO, the Government Accountability Office, the Federal Inspector General and outside audit firms.”

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