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Destruction Slated for Second Sandy Hook Crime Scene (Lanza home)

(Why would the Lanza family and/or the bank agree to sell the home to Newtown for $1 ?)

The Newtown Legislative Council voted Wednesday, January 21 to demolish the home of Adam Lanza and preserve the location as open space.

The Council’s move comes just sixteen months after a similar decision to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School and upon strong advocacy by Newtown Selectman Patricia Llorda.

The decision was made following almost no deliberation by council members.


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Obama’s 2015 State of the Union: The Good, The Bad And The “Fair” From A Liberty Viewpoint

As with any vaunted political platform speech, President Obama’s State of the Union address must be examined from a liberty perspective. Today I will attempt to fact check and provide some insight into the President’s stated “achievements” – real, planned and imagined. Thus, I step into the breach, dear friends, to undertake this duty.

Due to the extreme length of these addresses, I’ve chosen some pertinent excerpts to annotate – any I’ve missed, please feel free to bring up in the comments. Let’s begin.

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ESPNU Censors Eric Garner Protest by Student Athlete

I read this a couple days ago on a Kentucky Wildcats' blog: http://kentuckysportsradio.com/main/jaylen-brown-scores-31-p...

One of UK's top recruits, Jaylen Brown, is the one in the photo (at the link above) wearing the T-shirt which says, "I can't breathe," as an obvious protest to police brutality.

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Medically 'Justified'- Children Stolen By CPS Whether OR Not In A "Medical Facility"

Our parental rights, and even the natural rights of our children, are being denied! CPS, DCF and whatever crazy acronym your state comes up with pretty much needs a only simple 'court order' to take the kids away. Why in Heaven's name can one have a trial by jury over a $20 shoplifting charge, but a judge can take away one's children on a 'tip'?
Shouldn't one get a trial by jury to keep the most priceless (God given) gift one has?

for the full article from Natural News:


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European Central Bank Announces QE Program at Urging of Fed Vice Chair

The European Central Bank today announced a sixty billion Euro a month QE program.

Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer to European Central Bank President Mario Draghi: Try Some QE, it Works

Fed Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer, who last year argued that the United States to set up a bank-bail in regime, argued that the ECB should start its own QE program because of the salubrious impact it has had on the United States economy.

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It couldn't get any more corrupt than this.

Romney and Jeb Bush to Meet in Utah

"...raising the possibility that the two former governors will find a way to avoid competing presidential campaigns that would split the Republican establishment next year,..."


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Nine Inch Nails - Leaving Hope

One, if not the most beautiful melody I've ever heard with the exception of Liszt.


Peace and Love always.

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1,700 Private Jets Will Fly to Davos to Discuss Global Warming

by Daniel Greenfield | Front Page Mag
January 20, 2015

Don’t worry. I’m sure these will be non-polluting private jets powered by carbon offsets and unicorn magic. They will not in any way add to the heat death of the earth. Unlike you, toting your groceries home in a plastic bag in the back on an SUV.

You should be ashamed of yourself. Why can’t you fly around in a private plane like these people who really care about the environment?

A squadron of 1,700 private jets are rumbling into Davos, Switzerland, this week to discuss global warming and other issues as the annual World Economic Forum gets underway.

The influx of private jets is so great, the Swiss Armed Forces has been forced to open up a military air base for the first time ever to absorb all the super rich flying their private jets into the event, reports Newsweek.

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Rand Paul, Barbara Boxer, Work together on Iran Sanctions Bill

Their proposal would offer an alternative to a sanctions bill gaining steam in Congress.


How’s this for a political odd couple? Liberal Sen. Barbara Boxer and conservative Sen. Rand Paul working together on foreign policy.

The retiring Boxer (D-Calif.) and possible presidential contender Paul (R-Ky.) are teaming up to create a “moderate proposal” on Iran sanctions, Boxer said Wednesday morning. They aim to offer an alternative to bipartisan legislation that is gaining steam that would impose new economic penalties on Iran if Western nations fail to strike an agreement on winding down Tehran’s nuclear program. Those sanctions would begin taking effect in July.

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Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shooting

Justice Dept. to Recommend No Civil Rights Charges in Ferguson Shooting


WASHINGTON — Justice Department lawyers will recommend that no civil rights charges be brought against the police officer involved in the fatal shooting of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson, Mo., after an F.B.I. investigation found no evidence to support charges, law enforcement officials said Wednesday.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/22/us/justice-department-ferg...

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Public Goods and the Public Good

Public Goods and the Public Good

"It isn’t easy taking a hard line against violence while searching for viable solutions to secure the life, liberty, and property from all. I don’t just preach non violence and then hope for the best, I actively look for creative solutions that can be implemented today...."

Continue reading..

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Teacher Starts Free Clothing Bank For Students, Spreads to Whole Town


She was only at the school for one year before this became her full-time job: supplying children with the clothing they need to succeed academically.

In the video, she talks about children showing up without coats, freezing; it's a lot harder to focus on one's studies when one's teeth are chattering.

She is spreading love in her town. Setting a great example!

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fishyculture, and others: Get Paid to Share Your Permaculture Passion With the World!


I just found this site (Joseph.Ngo pointed me to http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/, and the 100x vertical food farm in Japan was one of the articles, which I posted here a few hours ago).

It turns out that they're paying for articles, described at the above. This sounds like a great business model, and something that might even be attempted to be replicated here.

I loved reading through the comments! People suggesting ideas, and Craig (the new owner as of 2 years ago) responding appreciatively. As well as his discussing someone who wants to go to Haiti to report from there. He said the money they give him for articles, he'll put towards projects there, making it a form of symbiosis -- the more projects, the more ideas for articles, which brings in more money, for even more projects!

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Healthcare.gov Is Disclosing Consumer Information To Advertising Companies

As the rest of the country fixates on the future outlined by the President during the State of the Union, today’s edition of The Morning Roar will focus on some worrisome revelations pertaining to the Healthcare.gov website that were reported hours before the President’s addressed the nation.

An Associated Press report from Tuesday evening claims that the government’s health insurance website is actively sharing consumer information with private companies that specialize in advertising and analyze Internet data for performance and marketing.

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