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Rand “Pauluses and Minuses" - Returning Cash to Treasury, Size of Government, Standing Up for Obama

This edition of Rand “Pauluses and Minuses,” wherein I grade Rand’s actions and words over the previous week, is taking place just hours after the biggest self-congratulatory celebration in all of American culture: the Oscars. However, we can all agree, the Rand P&M Awards are far, far more important, and also never run over time or include close-ups of Patricia Arquette. Now, on to the Awards!

Rand Gives Back $480K To U.S. Treasury

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How to Find Out if the NSA Spied On You

Last week The Intercept broke the story that American and British spies, from the National Security Agency (NSA) and Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), hacked into the internal computer network of Gemalto, the largest manufacturer of SIM cards in the world. The intelligence agencies stole encryption keys used to protect cellphone communications around the world. This information was provided to The Intercept by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

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Iowa Bars Tesla Motors From Offering Test Drives

A partial response to this:

The Iowa Department of Transportation said the test drives were illegal for two reasons: Tesla isn't licensed as an auto dealer in Iowa and state law prohibits carmakers from selling directly to the public.

Full story (from September 2014) -


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Edward Snowden Congratulates Laura Poitras for Winning Best Documentary Oscar for Citizenfour

February 22, 2015
CONTACT: media@aclu.org

The following is a statement from Edward Snowden provided to the American Civil Liberties Union, which represents him:

“When Laura Poitras asked me if she could film our encounters, I was extremely reluctant. I’m grateful that I allowed her to persuade me. The result is a brave and brilliant film that deserves the honor and recognition it has received. My hope is that this award will encourage more people to see the film and be inspired by its message that ordinary citizens, working together, can change the world.”

Anthony D. Romero, executive director of the ACLU, had this reaction:

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Tesla: Bonfire Of The Money Printers' Vanities (zerohedge)

Via www.zerohedge.com :

..."Tesla is not a Toyota in the making; it is a Wall Street scam in plain sight. It has been a public filer for seven years now, and here are the horrific figures from its financial statements.

Since 2007 it has booked cumulative sales of just $6.1 billion, and that ain’t much in autoland; it amounts to about one week of sales by Toyota and two weeks by Ford. Its cumulative bottom line has been a net loss of $1.4 billion, and the losses are not shrinking—-having totaled nearly $300 million for 2014 alone.

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The Shanghai Gold Exchange Has Delivered 374 Tons in Six Weeks

The Shanghai Gold Exchange delivered over 2,000 tons of gold in 2014 and 374 tons in the first six weeks of 2015.


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Gun Rights Haters: Victims or Aggressors?

Now these perpetual “victims” want to learn about “Powerfully Peaceful Action in the Face of Armed and Aggressive Opposition”. Why do they say they need to do this? Because, according to them, “Almost every group in the gun sense movement has – at some time in the last several years – been confronted by armed and/or aggressive counter demonstrators at one of our public actions.” Though as you can see at the link above no examples of any aggressive behavior towards them are given.

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The Crackdown on Little Free Library Book Exchanges

Cuz, Freedom and 'Murica. Also, National Security and For Your Own Protection, probably.

Three years ago, The Los Angeles Times published a feel-good story on the Little Free Library movement. The idea is simple: A book lover puts a box or shelf or crate of books in their front yard. Neighbors browse, take one, and return later with a replacement. A 76-year-old in Sherman Oaks, California, felt that his little library, roughly the size of a dollhouse, "turned strangers into friends and a sometimes-impersonal neighborhood into a community," the reporter observed. The man knew he was onto something "when a 9-year-old boy knocked on his door one morning to say how much he liked the little library." He went on to explain, "I met more neighbors in the first three weeks than in the previous 30 years."

Since 2009, when a Wisconsin man built a little, free library to honor his late mother, who loved books, copycats inspired by his example have put thousands of Little Free Libraries all over the U.S. and beyond. Many are displayed on this online map. In Venice, where I live, I know of at least three Little Free Libraries, and have witnessed chance encounters where folks in the neighborhood chat about a book.

I wish that I was writing merely to extol this trend. Alas, a subset of Americans are determined to regulate every last aspect of community life. Due to selection bias, they are overrepresented among local politicians and bureaucrats. And so they have power, despite their small-mindedness, inflexibility, and lack of common sense so extreme that they've taken to cracking down on Little Free Libraries, of all things.

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Sinus Cleanser

Check this stuff out. And no affiliation BTW. I read an interview with doctor who recommend this product. I get the concept and think it's a good idea. I bought a bottle. I don't think I'm doing it properly, but it does seem to be helping. I have noticed, at times, that my sense of smell is better than it has been in the past. Who knows. Maybe others will be interested in trying this.


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John McCain: ‘I’m Ashamed Of My Country...'

Arizona U.S. Sen. John McCain said something on CBS’s “Face the Nation” Sunday about the U.S.’s handling of the ongoing standoff between Russia and Ukraine that surprised host Bob Schieffer.

“I’m ashamed of my country, I’m ashamed of my president and I’m ashamed of myself that I haven’t done more to help these people,” McCain said. “It is really, really heartbreaking.”

McCain was expressing his frustration with how the U.S. and major European powers like France and Germany have failed to stop Russian president Vladimir Putin’s advance on Ukraine.

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The Fair DUI Flyer: Loophole helps drivers skip DUI checkpoints

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Some attorneys say there’s a legal loophole that drivers can use to get through sobriety checkpoints and not speak with officers. It’s called the Fair DUI Flyer. Thanks to social media it’s gone viral.

Florida attorney Warren Redlich posted video on YouTube of him passing through a sobriety checkpoint with his self created flyer. A ziplock bag hangs out of his closed window displaying his driver’s license, insurance card and registration and his flyer that reads I will remain silent, comply with state law but am not opening my window.

At that checkpoint in Boca Raton, and another checkpoint in Miami that he posted video of, he is waived through without speaking a word to officers.

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Rand Paul: ‘Mistake’ for Giuliani to Question Whether Obama Loves America

And, while Paul had nothing in particular to say about Giuliani, he did say, “I think it’s a mistake to question people’s motives. It’s one thing to disagree on policy.”

Paul said he’s not interested in questioning whether Obama’s a “good American or a bad American,” because while he may blame the president’s foreign policy for making the U.S. less safe, he’s not going to question whether Obama’s “well-intentioned.”


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Kentucky Governor to Rand Paul: Pick One Office to Run for in 2016

by Fred Lucas | Feb. 21, 2015

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear told TheBlaze that his state’s junior U.S. senator Rand Paul should pick one office to run for in 2016.

The Democratic governor opposes any change in state law to allow Paul, a Republican, to be on the ballot for both the Senate and the presidency.

Under Kentucky law a candidate cannot appear on a ballot for two separate offices. That presents a problem for Paul who plans for run for reelection to the U.S. Senate and will reportedly announce his candidacy for president in April.

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Menominee (WI) tribe considers growing, selling marijuana

Friday, February 20, 2015 3:50 p.m. CST

KESHENA, WI (WTAQ) - Now that a big casino in Kenosha is out the window, a Menominee Indian lawmaker has a new idea to help the impoverished tribe -- growing marijuana.

Craig Corn tweeted Friday that it's time to move forward on what he calls a "new economic endeavor" and he declared ... "We are gonna fast track an effort to legalize marijuana."

Last year, the U.S. Justice Department told federal prosecutors not to prevent tribes from growing or selling pot on Indian lands, due mainly to the legalization of the drug in Colorado.

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A responsibility to "ensure" health and safety?

I will be responding as I cannot hold back. I am not looking for argument and I am not pro-vaccine or anti-vaccine, I am pro-facts (as Ron Paul has said). I will not be labeled a conspirator for facts and my willingness to disseminate those facts.

Since I cannot link, search "Albany Democrat Herald Rights & Responsibilities" to see the letter to the editor I am challenging.

Peace and Love always.

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