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John Bolton: 'Reagan would be rolling in his grave to hear Rand Paul praise him'

“Being incoherent is a problem,” John Bolton said last night of Rand Paul’s column on what he’d do about Iran’s nuclear program.

Rand Paul wrote a column yesterday called Where I stand on containing Iran, defending his foreign policy positions with regard to Iran and aligning himself with former President Ronald Reagan. But John Bolton said he found the column as incoherent as the remark that led to the article:

'Being incoherent is a problem and that’s what his op-ed was and that’s what the remark that originally provoked it was. He was asked about what to do about Iran’s nuclear weapons program and he couldn’t quite get it out whether he really wants to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons or how he intends to do it or what he intends to say about it.'

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Ron Paul: Bitcoin Is Not 'True Money'

Ron Paul: Bitcoin Is Not 'True Money'

APR. 17, 2014, 1:44 AM

Ron Paul detailed his thoughts on Bitcoin in one of two posts he wrote on the question-and-answer site Quora Wednesday. While the former Republican presidential candidate and congressman expressed support for the cryptocurrency, he also said it is not "true money."

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/ron-paul-bitcoin-is-not-true-...

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NYC Unapologetically Disbands Muslim Spying Unit

There is good news and bad news stemming from New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s decision to shut down the department’s division that was responsible for tracking and cataloguing the actions of the city’s Muslim population. From the NY Times:

The New York Police Department has abandoned a secretive program that dispatched plainclothes detectives into Muslim neighborhoods to eavesdrop on conversations and built detailed files on where people ate, prayed and shopped (Writer note: plus logged conversations), the department said.

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WaPo: Ron Paul touts Rand as a presidential "frontrunner"

Former congressman Ron Paul (R-Tex.), in a new fundraising e-mail for his Campaign for Liberty, plays up his son's status as a "frontrunner" for president in 2016.


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How to Deal with a Bully According to a Nebraska Elementary School

Fifth grade students at Zeman Elementary School in Lincoln, Neb., were recently sent home with a “flyer” outlining how they should handle bullies. The instructions were apparently deemed so ridiculous by parents that the school district quickly issued an apology and the “inaccurate information” was pulled.

That was after the nine “rules” for dealing with bullies went viral, of course.

Here are some of the more questionable ones:

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Missouri Senate Panel Approves Nullification of Federal Gun Laws

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo., April 16, 2014 – By a 5-2 party-line vote yesterday, a Missouri senate committee passed House Bill 1439 (HB1439), the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act. This is an “emergency” bill that seeks to nullify virtually every federal gun control measure on the books, “whether past, present or future.” Introduced by Rep. Doug Funderburk (R-St. Charles), it previously passed the state house by a vote of 110-36.

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Peter King: Rand Paul Isn't ‘Capable’ of Having ‘an Intelligent Debate’


In the latest round of the Peter King–Rand Paul squabble, the New York congressman doubted the Kentucky senator’s interest, or even ability, to have a reasonable debate on the issue of national security.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, King accused Paul of “expedience paranoia” by taking fears of drones and the National Security Agency to a “hysterical level.”


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Rand Paul Op Ed in WaPo: Where I stand on containing Iran

By Rand Paul
April 15, 2014

I am not for containment in Iran. Let me repeat that, since no one seems to be listening closely: I am unequivocally not for containing Iran.

I am also not for announcing that the United States should never contain Iran. That was the choice I was given a few months ago and is the scenario being misunderstood by some in the news.

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U.S. Supreme Court to Consider Ban on Campaign Lies

WASHINGTON -- Negative campaigning and mudslinging may be a fact of life in American politics, but can false accusations made in the heat of an election be punished as a crime?

That debate makes its way to the Supreme Court next week as the justices consider a challenge to an Ohio law that bars false statements about political candidates during a campaign.


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Suspect in planting of hoax bomb at Boston Marathon route due in court

Suspect in planting of hoax bomb at Boston Marathon route due in court

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U.S. Drone Strike Kills New Zealander, Australian In Yemen

Al Jazeera: New Zealand and Australia were drawn into the global debate on drone strikes Wednesday after confirming that a citizen from each country had been killed in U.S. strikes in Yemen.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said the men were killed along with three known Al-Qaeda operatives during a drone strike in November. The New Zealander had attended a rebel training camp and was under surveillance by intelligence agencies, Key said.

He added that drone strikes by the United States were justified in some circumstances.

"I think they are legitimate, at certain times, where countries are trying to contend with very dangerous situations and they are trying to deal with those terrorists without putting their own people in harm's way," he said.

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Private Property, the Least Bad Option

Joseph S. Diedrich | April 14th, 2014
Center for a Stateless Society

Libertarians tend to see two worlds: one with private property that works reasonably well, and one without that farcically implodes. What they often miss, however, is that this dichotomy is conditional. Private property isn’t morally meritorious or great in itself, but only insofar as it is the best and only way to avoid conflict given the reality of scarcity in the physical world. Private property is unavoidably coercive, and should therefore be a convention only where absolutely necessary.

Private property is a coercive stricture. It is not coercive in the sense of putting a gun to someone’s head or stealing wealth in the form of taxes, but coercive in the sense that it circumscribes, dictates, and restricts our interaction with the natural, physical world. The realities of scarcity coerce us into choosing between private property and dismal alternatives.

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Government Can Kill You And Legally Lie About It

"A Bay Area federal judge says the Obama administration can keep secret a memo spelling out the legal rationale for a 2011 drone attack in Yemen that killed a U.S. citizen and alleged terrorist mastermind. The Justice Department was entitled to withhold the memo on the grounds of national security and lawyer-client confidentiality, Chief U.S. District Judge Claudia Wilken of Oakland said Friday."

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Derrick Grayson applauded for education leadership (TMOT)

April 15, 2014 Alpharetta, GA – The founders of the Georgia volunteer citizen organization, About Common Core, honored Conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Derrick Grayson, as the only candidate in the Senate race to receive the Education Freedom Award at a ceremony held in downtown Alpharetta yesterday. Grayson set himself apart from the rest of the candidates, by signing a pledge and vowing to repeal Common Core. Grayson stands firm on the principles of bringing education back to the states, where the power is given back to teachers and parents.

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