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Media not picking up missing teen story

Have you seen this missing teen? Destiny Desiree Faulkner, 17, hasn't been seen since last Thursday, and her loved ones are concerned for her welfare. The Sun, Iowa teen is the victim of domestic violence, which is documented in photos of her with a black eye (shown on flyer). The black eye came from the missing teen's boyfriend in an incident that took place on Dec. 2. No media sources are picking up this story, which is absolutely shocking considering this young woman could very well be in grave danger.

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County making nice profit selling e-cigs to inmates

NASHVILLE — The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office has made a hefty profit selling vapor cigarettes to inmates.

As most people know, e-cigarettes are battery-powered, designed to deliver a nicotine-powered punch to traditional smokers, except through aerosol.

One might wonder when Dickson County, west of Nashville, might begin selling non-alcoholic beer to inmates in the commissary?

But until and if that happens, Don Hall, the county’s director of Accounts and Budget, said Dickson officials will enjoy the e-cigarette windfall.

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Seattle Politicians Want Pot Delivery Services To Stop Operations

Marijuana is legal in the state of Washington, but that little inconvenience won’t stop politicians from throwing people in jail for breaking the state’s marijuana distribution regulations. As we learned yesterday with breweries in Texas, just because a substance is legal, does not mean it can always be distributed in the manner customers’ demand. That would make too much sense!

Up until now the Seattle Police Department has decided not to take action against marijuana-delivery services, even though the person making a marijuana delivery is technically guilty of a felony under current laws.

Whether it’s the distribution of beer or marijuana, the legality of a substance alone does not equal a free market in that industry.

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Headline correction: “Ted Cruz makes his mark" #CRomnibus

The differing treatment of Ted Cruz and Elizabeth Warren pretty much sums up the state of implicit media bias.

Compare these two headlines from The Hill regarding Warren’s attempt to cajole the House into defeating the CRomnibus, with Ted Cruz’s similar effort in the Senate.


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RINOS Beware: Sean Hannity Yanks Karl Rove Off The Air!

Why did Hannity cut Karl Rove off? Well he was in the middle of defending Boehner’s total sell out to the Conservative movement, for one. But to be fair, no explanation was given, so we are left to only wonder.



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Iowa to allow residents to use a smartphone instead of a driver's license starting next year

Iowans will soon be able to use a mobile app on their smartphones as their official driver's license issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

The app, which will be provided to drivers at no additional cost, will be available sometime in 2015, DOT Director Paul Trombino told Gov. Terry Branstad during a state agency budget hearing Monday.

"We are really moving forward on this," Trombino said. "The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation."

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Ron Paul: Abolish CIA & NSA, Remove All Troops Stationed Overseas

by JORDAN SCHACHTEL | 11 Dec 2014 | Breitbart

In the wake of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s CIA torture memo release, former Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) has suggested that America should get rid of its premier intelligence agencies and bring all of our troops back home.

Paul’s pacifistic world-view is articulated in his Voices of Liberty op-ed, where he states, “all of our wars--we would come home from the 150 countries where we have troops stationed,” in recommending a government shutdown that defunds overseas operations.

In Paul’s view, America should not be a world leader, but instead only focus on internal matters. The threats posed by actors such as ISIS and Al Qaeda exist simply due to grievances generated from America’s activities overseas, according to Dr. Paul. He has in the past blamed the 9/11 attacks on blowback from the United States presence overseas, and not the terrorists’ jihadist ideology.

In advocating for a government shutdown, the former Congressman said, “abolish the NSA, the TSA, the CIA and all spying on American citizens.”

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Now Austria Wants its Gold Back

The hits keep coming. Add Austria to the list of countries that want their gold back.

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Ben Swann.com - Agent Provocateur? Masked Cop, Uncovered by Oakland Protesters, Points Gun at Freelance Photographer

By: Barry Donegan | Dec 12, 2014

At a police brutality protest in Oakland, CA on Wednesday, an undercover California Highway Patrol officer, who allegedly wore a bandanna over his face and encouraged protesters to engage in violence, pulled out his service weapon, after the angry crowd outed him and his partner as police officers, and aimed the pistol at demonstrators and a photographer who was covering the event for the San Francisco Chronicle.

On Wednesday, a police brutality protest spontaneously emerged in the Oakland, CA area in response to recent revelations that grand juries failed to indict the officers responsible for the controversial deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. The demonstrators met on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley and marched throughout the streets of Oakland. According to KTVU, the group of around 150 to 200 protesters initially disrupted PayPal founder Peter Thiel’s talk at Berkeley before leaving campus and marching downtown. The crowd of demonstrators swelled in number as it moved through the city.

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Will The Bursting Shale Oil Credit Bubble Bring Down The Markets?

Oil Drops Below $60 a Barrel – The Implications

Are Lower Prices the Result of a Directive from The U.S. to Saudi Arabia to Harm Russia?

Or is Saudi Arabia Lowering Oil Prices to Cripple the Competing U.S. Shale Oil Industry?


A Black Swan Emerges Covered in Cheap Oil


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Dick Cheney on Torture

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Unmasking Charlatans

by Shayne Wissler

What is a charlatan? This term, like its cousin “cult”, is readily definable in simple terms, but in our era, hard to fully apply in real life, not because the terms themselves are difficult, but because our culture is so rotted with charlatans and cults that any definition offered would be shouted down by the masses who love them. For example, consider the fact that not all religions can be true. This means most of them (if not all of them) are cults run by charlatans. That’s a lot of snookered people to get angry and dismissive when you smash their false idols!

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The Prosecution of an American President

I watched this DVD last night: The Prosecution of an American President by Vincent Bugliosi.

It’s incredible. I have ordered multiple copies for Christmas presents at this website:


The title is self-explanatory.

Bugliosi has also written a book under the same title. I ordered my copy from Amazon.

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