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Drudge Front Page: WaPo: Rand Paul’s delicate balancing act

By Karen Tumulty and Robert Costa | April 5, 2015

When the presidential buzz began building around Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) a couple of years ago, the expectation was that his libertarian ideas could make him the most unusual and intriguing voice among the major contenders in the 2016 field.

But now, as he prepares to make his formal announcement Tuesday, Paul is a candidate who has turned fuzzy, having trimmed his positions and rhetoric so much that it’s unclear what kind of Republican he will present himself as when he takes the stage.

“He’s going to get his moment in the sun,” said David Adams, who served as campaign chairman for Paul’s insurgent 2010 Senate campaign. “What he does with it from there will have bearing on the Republican Party.”

There are at least two areas where Paul has moved more in line with the conservative Republican base, somewhat to the consternation of the purists in the libertarian movement: adopting a more muscular posture on defense and foreign policy, and courting the religious right.

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Can’t Make This Up: Rand Paul Will Announce For President At The Galt Hotel In Louisville!

I just could not resist the ironic humor of Senator Rand Paul announcing for President at the GALT Hotel (It’s actually the Galt House Hotel and it looks like the kind of place I plan to take Nina for our 25th Anniversary in 2018 Lord willing!) in Lousiville, Kentucky. Might give “Going Galt” a new meaning.

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Doug Wead: The difference between Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

So what’s the difference between presidential candidates Rand Paul and Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz is running against Barack Obama. Rand Paul is running against Hillary Clinton. One represents the past. The other represents the future.

Both men are U.S. Senators running for president in 2016. Rand Paul is from Kentucky, Ted Cruz is from Texas. (Rand Paul is expected to announce on April 7, 2015.)

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins - "Confessions of an Economic Hitman"


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Outrage! Bad cop...bad, bad cop

he said "I do this every day" while robbing him! He even says "I'm not stealing this"




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US State Dept Spokesperson Jen Psaki goes speech catatonic

US State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki goes speech catatonic when called on obvious hypocrisy by reporter:

Lee: Okay. Well, you - I mean, there are U.S. planes flying over there all the time.

Psaki: Sure, there are.

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Withdrawals of Gold on the Shanghai Gold Exchange Devour Nearly an Entire Year of Global Gold Mining Production

The Shanghai Gold Exchange delivered another 45 tons of gold for the week ended 3/27/2015. To date the exchange has delivered 610 tons of gold. Annual gold mining supply is about 2600 tons.


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Vote For Rand Paul On Fox Poll


so far it's
2%Jeb Bush

16%Scott Walker

30%Ted Cruz

37%Rand Paul

15%Other Candidate

(7097 votes)

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New Executive Order Gives Government Legal Authority to Seize An Individual’s Funds Without Prior Notice

For someone who once taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School, President Obama sure knows how to walk all over the Constitution. Barack Obama’s latest assault on the Constitution comes in the form of an Executive Order that would prohibit donations to the likes of Edward Snowden and allows for the government to confiscate an individual’s funds without notice.

The Executive Order is titled “Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-enabled Activities.” The EO declares a national emergency to deal with the threat of

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General Mills Forced To Remove Artificial Chemicals Amid Failing Sales

Americans voting with their dollars see yet another victory


Mega food-processing powerhouse General Mills has been having a tough time – along with all the other junk-food providers. Owner of food brands and products such as Hamburger Helper, Cheerios, Lucky Charms, and Pillsbury, General Mills is being forced to make many product shifts in order to please the health-conscious wave riding over nearly every major food corporation.

Read more: http://www.infowars.com/general-mills-forced-to-remove-artif...

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Who Can Beat the Amerikan Statist Idiot? The French Statist Idiot, Of Course! Yup, France Makes Employing Skinny Models A Crime

Via Reason :

Models who don't meet certain government-imposed weight requirements have been banned from French runways and advertisements, under a new law approved by the French parliament Friday. Modeling agencies and others who employ these models could be fined €75,000 or face six months in prison [...]


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Great Series: Hope for the Homeland

As things in our society begin to crumble here a series of 28 audio messages titled "Hope of the Homeland" by David Asscherick to give you some hope for the future. The speaker is personal friend of mine, he is actually a big fan of Ron Paul by the way:
01. What Does the Future Hold.mp3
02. The End of the World-Is it Here, Near or Mere Fear.mp3
03. Revelations Answer for Human Suffering.mp3
04. The Greatest Battle Ever Fought.mp3
05. The Fulcrum of the Ages.mp3
06. Revelations Antichrist Exposed-Part 1.mp3
07. Revelations Antichrist Exposed-Part 2.mp3

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J.C. Watts to endorse Rand Paul

J.C. Watts to endorse Rand Paul

When Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky kicks off his campaign for president on Tuesday, one of the people who will endorse him and share the stage is former Representative J.C. Watts, one of the few black Republicans to have served in Congress.

Mr. Watts is expected to be a vocal surrogate for Mr. Paul, who has made clear he is trying to show he can broaden the Republican Party’s base to newer voters.

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