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Alcohol interlocks as a standard feature on all cars

Over 15 years, as older cars without a so-called alcohol ignition interlock come off the roads, sobriety-screening systems in new vehicles could avert more than 59,000 crash fatalities, more than 1.25 million non-fatal injuries and over $340 billion in injury-related costs, the study in the American Journal of Public Health concludes.

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I like that O'Malley guy

With his late father in mind, Shawn O’Malley hopes for big-league chance with Mariners
by Bob Condotta | The Seattle Times

PEORIA, Ariz. — The only person who might have wanted Shawn O’Malley to someday wear a Mariners uniform more than Shawn O’Malley was his father, Rich.

“He was a huge Mariners fan,’’ says O’Malley, a utility infielder and non-roster invitee to the team’s major-league camp. “He’d been a Mariners fan through thick and thin. He was at the game when Edgar (Martinez) hit the double (to win the 1995 ALDS against the Yankees). So it’s really cool now that I’m here.’’

O’Malley only wishes his father was, as well.

Rich O’Malley, a former star football player at Richland High School who raised his family in Kennewick, died of a heart attack in July 2013 at age 55.

His father’s death came in the middle of a crossroads season for Shawn O’Malley, a fifth-round pick of Tampa Bay in 2006 out of Southridge High in Kennewick. O’Malley had not made it past Class AAA with the then-Devil Rays, two shoulder surgeries helping stunt his progress.

At the end of the season, his contract with the Rays having run out, his father’s death still fresh and having also gotten engaged, O’Malley thought about giving up baseball.

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BenSwann.Com - After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document used to Justify Invasion of Iraq

BenSwann.Com - After 12 Years, CIA Releases Classified Document used to Justify Invasion of Iraq

PoliticsInternationalUS | By: Rachel Blevins Mar 20, 2015

On the twelfth anniversary of the day President George W. Bush declared that the United States was invading Iraq, a new version of the classified document used to justify the war was released.

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POLITICO: Rand Paul challenges Hillary Clinton on Saudi money

POLITICO: Rand Paul challenges Hillary Clinton on Saudi money

By MIKE ALLEN 3/20/15 2:55 PM EDT

In New Hampshire on Friday evening, Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) plans to call on Hillary Clinton to return any money the Clinton Foundation received from Saudi Arabia or any countries that abuse the rights of women.

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Virgina Jail Denied Deaf, Homeless Immigrant a Sign Language Interpreter for Six Weeks

Has anybody had a rough couple days this past week? Maybe work has been beating you down lately or you’ve had some car troubles that left you with some unexpected costs. Whatever happened that is causing grief I have a story to share with you today that will snap you out of your self-loathing trance. It will not be possible to feel sorry for yourself any longer after reading about the terrifying experiences of Abreham Zemedagegehu in a Virginia prison.

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Rare Tennessee Williams story published for first time

NEW YORK (AP) — As she takes in the despair of her in-laws' one-room apartment in A Streetcar Named Desire Blanche Dubois exclaims, "Only Poe! Only Mr. Edgar Allan Poe could do it justice!"

Years earlier, Tennessee Williams channeled Poe for an entire story.

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Russia Adds No Gold To Its Reserves in February

Russia has halted its gold buying binge for the second month in a row, choosing to sell its U.S Treasury Bonds and to hold its gold.


Russian treasuries vs gold 2013 smaulgld 2

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Thoreau on What It Really Means to Be Awake

Thoreau on What It Really Means to Be Awake
by Maria Popova

“I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.”

“The secret of success is… to be fully awake to everything about you,” Jackson Pollock’s father wrote in his beautiful 1926 letter of advice to his teenage son. But how does one become fully awake to the world, especially in our world, through which we increasingly sleepwalk on autopilot, in a trance of productivity? (How awake are we, really, when we’ve stopped bowling over in awe at the everyday miracle of clouds? Or the unexpected glory of wildflowers on the city sidewalk?) Wakefulness — that embodied attentiveness to life as it lives itself through us — seems as mysterious as our nocturnal escape into dreams, and often more elusive.

That’s what Henry David Thoreau (July 12, 1817–May 6, 1862) explores in a beautiful passage from Where I Lived, and What I Lived For another timeless treasure from the same Penguin Great Ideas series that gave us Seneca’s indispensable The Shortness of Life.

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Defcon 3 Alert? Or B.S.?

There are quite a few links and videos out there related to America switching to "defcon 3"... however, I'm having trouble verifying any of this information - and as we all know, we can't trust the media to tell us anything.

With the recent NATO coup' in Ukraine, and tensions with Russia rising, something like this wouldn't surprise me.

What I'm getting to, is I'm asking my fellow Paul supporters to do what they do best... research and find out what is going on, or if it is nothing at all.

I appreciate any info you all come up with, and I'm sure others will as well.

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Marshawn Lynch on Obama's Mandatory Voting Proposal

(CNN) The president whose major policy achievement is mandatory health insurance thinks maybe voting should be mandatory, too.

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Obama Federalizes Police Forces in Six US Cities: COPS Program

Markus Wolf the Stasi Nazi would be proud. You do know that Bush brought him in to start DHS. Systematic deployment.

Their slogan is "building relationships, solving problems" uh-huh?

"Stay tuned for more information about the COPS FY 2015 funding opportunities!"


Obama Federalizes Police Forces in Six US Cities

In his most recent attempt to centralize the federal government’s grip on America, Obama has launched his “21st Century Policing” pilot program, COPS, in six cities across the country.

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Four States Are Close to Passing Legislation to Allow Constitutional Carry

Second Amendment supporters use the term constitutional carry when referring to the right to carry handguns without the requirement of a government permit. The phrase reflects the view that the Constitution is the law of the land, therefore states do not have the right to pass laws that violate the natural rights protected by the Constitution, and in this case the Second Amendment.

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De-Dollarization Accelerates As More Of Washington's "Allies" Defect To China-Led Bank

The global de-dollarization trend continues as it appears the UK’s move to join the China-led Asian Infrastructure Development Bank has indeed shown other US “allies” that spurning Washington’s advice is actually acceptable and concerns about the institution’s “standards” may simply be a diversion aimed at undermining China’s attempt to exercise more influence in its own backyard. Here’s more from the NY Times:

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Bailout is Back: Fannie and Freddie Likely Need “Additional Treasury Investment” After Derivatives Losses

Bailout is Back: Fannie and Freddie Likely Need “Additional Treasury Investment” After Derivatives Losses

Mac Slavo
March 19th, 2015

There is trouble again for federal mortgage backers and bailout queens Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, whose failures helped to trigger the housing market collapse and subsequent 2008 economic crisis.

The government enterprises are again turning their lowest profits since the recovery, thanks to derivatives losses – where most of the mortgage lender money is invested:

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