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Obama administration intervenes against West Coast dock workers

By Jerry White 
16 February 2015

President Barack Obama intervened over the weekend in the increasingly tense confrontation between West Coast dockworkers and the cargo shipping companies and terminal owners organized in the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA). The White House dispatched Secretary of Labor Tom Perez to oversee talks for a new five-year labor agreement.


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President Paul? Wall Street on high alert

His ‘audit the Fed’ push makes him dangerous in the eyes of finance execs.

By Ben White and Katie Glueck
2/16/15 5:06 PM EST

Rand Paul traveled to Des Moines, Iowa, recently and delivered a sure-fire applause line. “Anybody here want to audit the Fed?” the Kentucky senator asked. “Anybody feel that the Fed’s out to get us?”

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Rand “Pauluses and Minuses" - College Record, Military and ISIS, Scrap the Tax Code

Rand continues to be active in the media as we inch closer to the inevitable announcement that he is officially pursuing the GOP’s nomination for the presidency. Let’s see how he graded on the Paulus and Minus scale this week!

Rand Paul’s College Record

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Value of Silver vs. the Amount of JP Morgan Fines

JP Morgan Paid More in Fines to Settle its London Whale Fraud Allegations than ALL of the 2014 American Silver Eagles Are Worth

jp morgan fine vs american silver eagles

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In Ten Days Homeland Security Funding Could Be Cut-off

I remember when President George W. Bush announced the creation of the “Office of Homeland Security” and the appointment of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as the first head of the OHS. It was in October 2001, and the nation was still reeling from the attack on September 11, 2001.

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Why in the midst of success I've decided to leave the US.

By Travis Boyd, 2/17/2015:

This was a difficult post to write, as I prefer the message of optimism. However, I think it’s an important one for the liberty-minded entrepreneurs out there, and it really shows the lateness of the hour in the US [...]

Read on:


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Police questioning techniques make it easy to elicit false accusations

"Horrified psychologists discontinued a study into how police interrogation tactics can create unshakable false memories of crimes; but it turns out that police questioning tactics are even better at elicting false accusations of crimes that never even occurred."


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Joshua Prince Mops the Floor With CeaseFirePA (video)

Joshua Prince Mops the Floor With CeaseFirePA (video)

Attorney Joshua Prince makes a complete fool of CeaseFirePA's gun rights hating Shira Goodman. They're debating Pennsylvania's Act 192 which allows people to proactively sue municipalities which enact gun control laws in violation of the state's preemption statute. Enjoy!


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Federal judge in Texas blocks President Obama's executive actions on immigration

federal judge in south Texas issued an injunction Monday temporarily blocking a program President Obama announced in November that would defer deportation for about 5 million immigrants living in the United States illegally.

The injunction and an accompanying 123-page order issued by U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen in Brownsville bar federal immigration officials from implementing Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, or DAPA, and expanding Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

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Ron Paul supporter Vince Vaughn on Affirmative Action

As you all know Vince Vaughn was a big supporter of Ron Paul and campaigned for him, so here is a recent quote from him:

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Charlie Sheen for President 2016!

They've gotten so awfully embarrassing at creating worthy news they've chosen to replace Donald Trump with the next-in-line media-case, and as so chosen a man who publicly lost his mind, wherever to.
I guess I kinda lost mine when I chose the rabbit hole.

Peace and Love always.

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The Shanghai Gold Exchange has already delivered 315 Tons of Physical Gold in 2015

SGE feb 6 2015

Perspective on How Much Gold The Shanghai Gold Exchange is Delivering Annually:

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"Hackers" tied to NSA exposed thanks to Snowden and Kaspersky

"CANCUN, Mexico — In 2009, one or more prestigious researchers received a CD by mail that contained pictures and other materials from a recent scientific conference they attended in Houston. The scientists didn't know it then, but the disc also delivered a malicious payload developed by a highly advanced hacking operation that had been active since at least 2001. The CD, it seems, was tampered with on its way through the mail.

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Nigel Farage of UKIP Crosses the Pond to Speak at CPAC

“I am very excited to be coming to speak to so many freedom-loving individuals at CPAC this year – and I consider it an honour to do so,” Farage said in an emailed statement to Breitbart News. “In Britain, we are fighting against the creation of a client-state, against rampant corporatism, against a career political class that services vested interests and has forgotten about the world outside of their cosy, Westminster bubble. I understand that in the United States, the fight isn’t all that different.

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Will Jeb’s Foreign Policy Sound Similar to George W.’s During 2000 Campaign?

Likely presidential candidate Jeb Bush is attempting to distance himself from his older brother’s foreign policy blunders. It appears his strategy for doing this will be surprisingly straightforward. Apparently, he will refuse to talk about the Iraq or Afghanistan wars, or any other militaristic intervention undertaken while G.W. Bush was president.

At least that’s the way it appears based on recent comments.

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