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FOREX Brokers Going Under On Swiss Bank News

Numerous FX Brokers Shutter After Suffering "Significant Losses" Following SNB Stunner

In a re-run of the catastrophic trading losses that occurred around the Russian Ruble collapse last month (as we described here and here in great detail), two FX brokers (US-based FXCM and New Zealand-based Excel Markets) announced tonight that they “can no longer meet regulatory minimum capitalization requirements," due to "significant losses" suffered by clients. For FXCM these losses mean a $225 million negative equity balance and they are actively discussing alternatives with regulators. For Excel Markets, it is over... "we will not be able to resume business...Client positions will be closed within the next hour."


Largest Retail FX Broker Stock Crashes 90% As Swiss Contagion Spreads

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India Set to Drive Silver Demand

Silver and India canstockphoto

While silver is not revered like gold in India, there is a strong tradition of use and demand for silver in jewlery, silverware, coinage, adornments, fabrics and industry.

More Indians with more money to buy more silver

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Rand Paul says his father will not be campaigning with him

Another reason why the DP in its current form should be archived.

From Slate:

...But the son is not the father. To make that clear he has said his father will not be campaigning with him. Sen. Paul’s foreign policy views are less confrontational and isolationist than his father’s are, and he is running a more traditional campaign, assembling constituency groups, not just relying on tribal loyalism. At Murphy’s, Paul talked to small government legislators, at the gun club it was Second Amendment enthusiasts, and at Founders it was education activists. You could almost see the chart on which the careful constituent tending had been mapped out.

It’s also important to keep his dad in Texas because the son is promoting newness as an attribute of his campaign. Almost every likely GOP candidate is presenting himself as the solution to The Problem: how to reverse the trend where Republicans lose the popular vote in presidential elections, something that has happened in five of the past six contests. For Paul he is the solution because he thinks his message of limited government at home and limited engagements abroad will attract untraditional GOP voters.

Full article:

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Cryptozoologists Discover Mythological Creature!: 'zionistus forus ronpaulus'

Zionists for Ron Paul (apparently active during 2012 campaign)


Whaa...? Did You know this existed? ...

Americans who support a sovereign Israel AND Ron Paul and his foreign policy absolutely do exist.
Ron & Rand Paul are NOT anti-Israel. They are anti-foreign aid, non-interventionist, and anti-globalism. They are pro-sovereignty, pro-trade, and pro-peace.


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The Troubling Truth about the Middle east wars

A well argued explanation of all that is wrong with current US (and Western) foreign policy by Andrew J. Bacevich, professor of history and international relations emeritus at Boston University.
I'm sure Dr Paul would agree wholeheartedly.


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Defense in Silk Road trial says Mt Gox CEO was the real Dread Pirate Roberts!


The defense team for Ross ​Ulbricht, the 30-year-old man accused of running the online black market Silk Road under the pseudonym Dread Pirate Roberts, just dropped an unexpected new theory: Mark Karpeles, the CEO of failed Bitcoin company Mt. Gox, is the real Dread Pirate Roberts.

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My blog and the Ark

As the Ark prepares to close, I thought about doing a DP original, but instead decided on a wordpress blog.

I hope to have at least 1 article a week from now until I get too busy or tired to do it.

So behold my thoughts and random musings.

Today, I wrote a reply to the recent twitter fight Justin Raimondo had with RPI's Daniel McAdams and Reason's Matt Welsh:


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Protest about race relations shuts down rt 93 near Boston, ambulance diverted (patient survived)


The Massachusetts State Police now say a total of 29 people were arrested after protesters shut down Route 93 heading into Boston during the rush-hour commute Thursday morning.

"They caused a serious risk to public safety," the state police said in a tweet.

The highway has since reopened, but the police expected residual backups.

This article says they "handcuffed themselves to concrete" which isn't entirely accurate -- they stuck their arms in the barrels, and had concrete poured in, so they couldn't be removed.

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Florida Considering Using GPS Tracking Systems to Taxing Drivers Per Mile


... it looks like drivers and commuters in Florida could see some major changes in the way they are charged for driving on its roads. The state is debating several new taxing options, one of which includes the use of GPS tracking devices in order to accurate log the number of miles driven by each vehicle.


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Rand Paul blasts Common Core in New Hampshire swing

(Reuters) - Republican U.S. Senator Rand Paul took aim in New Hampshire on Wednesday at Common Core national education standards as he looked to strengthen ties with voters in the first-in-the-nation primary state before an expected 2016 White House run.

With its libertarian leanings, New Hampshire is seen as hospitable territory for Paul's small-government beliefs. His father, former Texas U.S. Representative Ron Paul, finished second in the 2012 New Hampshire primary, trailing only former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who went on to clinch the nomination.

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Rand “Paulusses and Minuses" - Hillary C., Chip Englander, Americans on Disability and Judicial Activism

Another week of “Rand Paulusses and Minuses” looking at Rand Paul’s moves and assigning them a positive (Paulus) or negative (Minus) assessment.

Rand Calls Hillary Clinton a War Hawk

BennSwann.com has a full writeup about Rand’s appearance on “Meet the Press,” but in a nutshell, Paul is continuing to empty rounds into the Clinton camp, and targeting one of Hillary’s weakest points when it comes to winning independents and on-the-fence Dems.

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Missouri Politician Proposes Tax On Firearms To Pay For Body Cameras On Cops

A Missouri state lawmaker has introduced two bills in the Missouri House of Representatives that would require uniformed police officers to wear video cameras while on duty. Many consider forcing police officers to wear body cameras to be a positive step that will serve to impede police abuse, but the devil is in the details of the law. The body cameras would be funded by a new statewide tax on firearm and ammunition sales.

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Chinese Savings vs. American Spending

Thought you guys should read this and think about how differently might a society that saves weather out economic downturns. Written by Peter Wong, Executive Director at The Lion Rock Institute - Hong Kong's sole free market think tank.

Link: http://mises.org/library/chinese-savings-vs-american-spending

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Swiss National Bank Abandons Franc/Euro Peg - Gold Skyrockets

The Swiss National Bank this morning announced that it was abandoning the Franc Euro peg and was taking its interest rates further into negative territory.


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