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Religious Right Fears the GOP Can't Handle a National Convention in Las Vegas


—By Dana Liebelsonv | Fri Apr. 11, 2014
Mother Jones

Religious conservatives are urging the GOP to scratch Sin City off its list of potential locations for the 2016 Republican National Convention, the Dallas Morning News reports. According to the paper, advocates are concerned that Las Vegas' reputation as a gambling and prostitution haven will discourage conservatives from attending the event and that the city is a "trap waiting to ensnare" convention attendees.

"The GOP is supposedly interested in reaching out to conservatives and evangelicals. Maybe that’s just a front, but if they really mean it this is not the way to do it," James Dobson, founder of Family Talk, a Christian radio show that broadcasts across the United States, told the paper. "Even though Vegas has tried to shore itself up and call itself family-friendly, it’s still a metaphor for decadence. There's still 64 pages of escort services in the yellow pages."

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Ted Cruz: Congress Should Impeach Eric Holder If He Takes No Action On IRS Targeting Scandal

By Tony Lee | Breitbart
April 10, 2014

On the day the House Oversight Committee held Lois Lerner in contempt, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) said Congress should impeach Attorney General Eric Holder if he does not indict those like Lerner for their roles in the IRS's targeting of conservative groups.

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Bundy Ranch Scandal Tied to Harry Reid

It has been said that nothing ever happens in Nevada without Harry Reid "getting a piece of the action".

Numerous news stories and accounts of what is "really happening" have been posted all over the internet.

I have also expressed what "appeared" to be the situation:

{"Bundy owns a ranch....he has PAID for the grazing rights on "public land" for years..."Public Land" of the STATE of Nevada....the people of Nevada.
Bundy has a "contract" with Nevada to graze on STATE LAND.

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Potential US Sen Chris McDaniel wants to withdraw the US from the United Nations!

I was going to ask the question about the CFR myself, but there were too many people there to get my question in. Better yet, someone asked the same question and added the UN into the question.

The was asked “How do you feel about the UN or Council of Foreign Relations?”
He looks right at the camera and says:

“Who asked that? Is somebody in here watching me?”

Watch the video and see the full response.


Constitutional Clayton - Peace

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Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From Nothing

One of the great theories of modern cosmology is that the universe began in a Big Bang. It's backed up by numerous lines of evidence, such as the cosmic microwave background and so on. But what caused the Big Bang, itself? For many years, cosmologists have fallen back on the idea that the universe formed spontaneously; that the Big Bang was result of quantum fluctuations (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_fluctuation) in which the universe came into existence from nothing. But is this compatible with what we know about the Big Bang itself and the theories that describe it?

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Grand Funk Railroad, Gun Rights Tune!

“So, if you want your freedom son, Don’t want your country to be overrun, You got to keep America number-one…My daddy told me son, don’t let ’em take your gun!”

The song’s title is “Don’t Let Them Take Your Gun.” According to the article appearing today in the on-line version of TGM, written by Vincent DeNiro, editor-in-chief of Prepper and Shooter Magazine, it was produced by rock legend Frank Zappa and appeared on Grand Funk’s “Good Singin’, Good Playin’” album in 1976. DeNiro sent the story via e-mail to Bellevue gun rights guru Alan Gottlieb.

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Unarmed Tosh.0 Employee Shot and Killed by Incompetent LAPD Officers

Yet another tragic example of police misconduct in California. Three LAPD officers opened fire on two unarmed stabbing victims as they ran out of their apartment. Both victims were shot, and one died. The man who died worked for the Tosh.0 show, and had gone next door to help his neighbors who were being attacked. After officers shot both victims, they found the real criminal inside the apartment.


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Tiny spy cameras that they found in the NYC to steal info

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is warning New Yorkers to keep an eye out for hidden cameras installed in MetroCard vending machines that can steal their credit-card info.

The cameras record video as customers put their cards into the machine and enter their PIN or ZIP code.

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Schools Not Insulated From Violence, Despite Rules And Weapons Bans

As I rolled down my driveway and pulled onto the street Wednesday morning I turned the radio up and took a sip of coffee. A song was coming to an end as I reached to change the channel, knowing that I needed some music to get the blood pumping through my veins. The voice of a morning news broadcaster broke through the fading music as I reached for the stereo and froze my hand out stretched touching, but not pressing the seek button. I heard a shaky voice say, “we have reports of multiple stabbings at Franklin Regional High School.”

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List of websites that are vulnerable: Change passwords ASAP

Among the websites affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability:
Facebook, Instagram, Google, Yahoo, Amazon web services, GoDaddy and many more. For more information about the problem and a complete list of websites visit:


Heartbleed Coder: "Bug In OpenSSL Was an Honest Mistake" http://beta.slashdot.org/story/200595

NSA Said to Have Used Heartbleed Bug, Exposing Consumers http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-04-11/nsa-said-to-have-us...

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Hillary Clinton Has Shoe Thrown at Her. Again.

This isn't the first time Clinton has found herself on the wrong side of footwear. In July 2012, when she was secretary of State, Clinton's motorcade was pelted with tomatoes and shoes during a visit to Egypt. Apparently Clinton has a knack for avoiding flying projectiles: She wasn't actually hit by shoes or fruit back then either.


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House has ability to jail Lois Lerner without Holder's cooperation

Should John Boehner cooperate, the House of Representatives has the ability to jail Lois Lerner until January 2015. An editorial in the Washington Examiner explains:

Under the Constitution, the House can do that under its “inherent contempt” authority, which was initially exercised in 1795 during the First Congress and on multiple occasions thereafter. Lerner could be held until January 2015 when a new Congress is seated, which could issue another subpoena and throw her in the clink again if she still balks at testifying.

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Fed Dropped Jobless Target in Secret Meeting

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — Federal Reserve officials had a secret video conference call in early March and reached a general consensus that the 6.5% unemployment rate threshold for the first rate hike was outdated, the central bank said Wednesday.

A summary of the video conference was included in the minutes of the Fed’s March 18-19 meeting released by the Fed.

The central bankers were clearly worried that changing the forward guidance would impact markets.

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BUNDY Updates 24/7 Via TWITTER/Facebook and Text Links : twitter.com/bundyranch17

If you have a twitter account, please link up to this one created to pass on news and info about the Bundy Ranch!



The more who know whats up, the faster the Calvary can Arrive!

Many of you have been asking for a better way to keep informed and know what you can do to help.

If you go to http://bit.do/bundy you can sign up to get Emails and Text messages.

You will get messages directly from the Bundy's.

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Sheriff Mack Fires A Warning Shot

Important Update: Exclusive: Sheriff Mack Fires Warning Shot To Nevada Clark County Sheriff: It Is Beyond Lamentable That Clark County Has A Sheriff Who Will Not Keep His Oath Of Office.

Breaking News: We just recieved this press release from Sheriff Mack

Press release:
Coalition of Western State Legislators, Sheriffs, and Veterans Stand Vigil in Support of Embattled Nevada Rancher, Cliven Bundy ‘To Prevent Another Ruby Ridge or Waco”

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