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Standing up

Before reading on, please answer the question – How did the United States get in the shape it is today?

The answer that you provided to yourself was likely akin to – “because the People never stood against the encroachment of the government.”

I often hear people say, “I can’t _____________________ because I’m fearful of the consequences,” “I can’t stop ________________ because…,” “I must do __________________ because…,” etc. Yet those same folks yearn for change and seem perplexed why nothing ever changes.

What does it mean to stand up? Supposing you abhor ballet, would you consider caving into your significant other’s requests for a trip to a ballet as standing up? No, absolutely not. Standing up always entails potential consequences. Standing up, in that situation, would be saying something like, “No, I’m not going to the ballet. It makes me throw up a little and gives me nightmares,” despite the possibility of ending up in the doghouse.

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The City State

Thought this would be a good one to share:

The City State
By Bionic Mosquito

I continue with my review of The Rise and Decline of the State, by Martin Van Creveld. The introduction can be found here.

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Teens Launch Phone App to Keep Tabs on Police Brutality

August 19, 2014 | RT.com

Police brutality may seem like a subject best handled by lawmakers and political advocates, but three teenagers from Georgia are hoping to shed light on the problem and promote good behavior with a new app they’ve developed.

Called “Five-O,” the app has been designed specifically for mobile phones and encourages users to record and document every encounter they have with police officers. By doing so, users can submit ratings for local law enforcement, allowing people to see how each area’s police departments stack up in terms of civil behavior.

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The Hell That is the Obama White House

The Hell That is the Obama White House

Red State
By: David Horowitz (Diary) | August 18th, 2014 at 04:58 PM

Note from Erick: Please welcome to our front page the always awesome David Horowitz.

Let me begin by acknowledging that this inspirational title is lifted from a tweet by screen actor James Woods. And now I will explicate his tweet.

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Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns

Expensive, but pretty cool. May give yall some DIY ideas. Check out the manufacturer links in the article.

Hiding in Plain Sight: Furniture to Hide Your Guns (AllOutdoor.com)
Custom-made furnishings that look great while concealing firearms and other valuables.

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Missouri Governor Exchanges Militarized Police For The Military

In the days following the shooting of an unarmed black man by a Ferguson Police officer, the Ferguson Police Department received criticism for their heavily militarized equipment and aggressive tactics. These actions included arresting reporters and bombarding a news crews with tear gas. In an attempt to restore order, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon brought in the Highway Patrol. Missouri Highway Patrol Capt. Ronald S. Johnson’s tried to ease tensions by walking amongst the protesters and listening to their grievances.

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* POLITICO* Ron Paul: Local police not 'warriors'

* POLITICO* Ron Paul: Local police not 'warriors'

By JONATHAN TOPAZ | 8/18/14 1:39 PM EDT

Former Rep. Ron Paul on Monday called for the elimination of the Defense Department program that has transferred billions of dollars in surplus military equipment to local and state agencies.

“It should be gotten rid of,” the Texas Republican said on MSNBC of the Pentagon 1033 program, which has come under increased scrutiny because of the equipment used by St. Louis County police forces in Ferguson, Missouri.

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Rob Schneider Blames Parkinson's Drugs for Robin Williams' Death, "One of the Side Effects is Suicide"

Actor Rob Schneider has blamed his good friend Robin Williams' tragic death on a drug he was taking to combat the early symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Schneider, 50, who has been friends with the Mrs. Doubtfire star for the past 20 years since they first met on Saturday Night Live, took to Twitter on Thursday, Aug. 14, to talk Parkinson's drugs and the role they played in his pal's death.

"Now that we can talk about it. #RobinWilliams was on a drug treating the symptoms of Parkinson's. One of the SIDE-EFFECTS IS SUICIDE!" he wrote.

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Israeli Theft AGAIN?

As if the theft of ammo by the Israeli military wasn't enough...it was only the "Tip of the Proverbial Ice-Berg":


"For the last 15 years, at least $77 million in sophisticated counterfeit $100 bills have flooded into the country from Israel."

For those who may be skeptical of the Israeli Government's "involvement" in this activity?
Here's a very telling quote:

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: The Coming Race War Won't Be About Race

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar |Aug. 17, 2014

Ferguson is not just about systemic racism — it's about class warfare and how America's poor are held back, says Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Will the recent rioting in Ferguson, Missouri, be a tipping point in the struggle against racial injustice, or will it be a minor footnote in some future grad student’s thesis on Civil Unrest in the Early Twenty-First Century?

The answer can be found in May of 1970.

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Are curfews libertarian?

Over the weekend Missouri Governor Jay Nixon instituted a curfew from midnight to 5am. The curfew didn’t exactly go over without incident. Many protesters did not agree with the curfew and in a show of defiance they stayed out past the midnight curfew. St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that a person was critically injured in a shooting and police used tear gas during the early hours of Sunday morning.

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