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Edwin Vieira, Jr - Article V Convention: A Titanic Irrelevance

By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
April 7, 2014 | NewsWithViews.com

The more I inflict upon myself the details of the on-going, extensive, and increasingly acrimonious debate about the supposed merits or demerits of what is called an “Article V Convention of the States”, the more my mind returns to the scene I have imagined taking place on Titanic. Having struck the iceberg, the great liner is down fifteen degrees by the head, and sinking fast, while in the Grand Salon her designer Mr. Andrews, Captain Smith, and a gaggle of marine engineers are discussing a new ship, to be built according to a new design which supposedly will obviate the flaw in Titanic that contributed to her demise. While in theory this discussion might have been very illuminating to the participants, it obviously would otherwise have been an irrelevance which could have saved neither Titanic nor a single soul who went down with her.

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Cars Seized as Carpooling Now Illegal in Some Cities

Ridesharing - also known as carpooling - involves members of the public contacting each other via a smartphone or PC internet networking service and arranging to ferry each other to various destinations for fees. The practice in informal form is almost as old as the automobile itself, but in the digital age app-enabled ridesharing has seen an explosion in interest, threatening the commercial taxicab industry and the city officials who depend on that industry for revenue.

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Free for Kindle: How to be Anonymous Online - A Quick Step-By-Step Manual

This manual is what you need to become Anonymous Online in the next two hours... and I mean really Anonymous!
*Learn why Bitcoins are NOT Anonymous!*
"From a MicroSD card, I can boot my computer at home, work or wherever without logging in, revealing my location, leaving data behind or displaying my activity for monitoring. I can access virtually anything from anywhere, Anonymously, then stick the SD card back in my phone and go."

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It’s all about Ukraine: An overview by Alina Duboshyna

MuckrakerNews.com is proud to introduce a new addition to our news team, Alina Duboshyna. Alina is a Ukrainian journalist, and she'll be covering all events in that region. We all know that much of the news Americans receive is filtered (either willingly or by political pressure), and by adding international journalists to our team we aim to provide American readers news that is unfiltered and non-propagandized. This is also a great opportunity to present many viewpoints from around the world, not just US-centric. We maybe be small, but we're growing. Liberty is great. :)

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Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed

The White House has joined the public debate about Heartbleed. The administration denied any prior knowledge of Heartbleed, and said the NSA should reveal such flaws once discovered. Unfortunately, this statement was hedged. The NSA should reveal these flaws unless 'a clear national security or law enforcement need' exists (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/13/us/politics/obama-lets-nsa...). Since that can be construed to apply to virtually any situation, we're left with the same dilemma as before: do we take them at their word or not?

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Feds End Siege On Bundy Ranch

The federal government announced Saturday it will no longer enforce a court order to remove about 900 animals from a stretch of land in rural Nevada over a decades-long dispute regarding grazing fees.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/u-s-stops-fight-nev...

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Rand Paul Explains His Controversial Comments About Dick Cheney

Bret Logiurato | April 12, 2014 | Business Insider

DOVER, N.H. — On Friday, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul addressed comments he made in 2009 about former Vice President Dick Cheney that made headlines this week after Mother Jones posted video of the controversial remarks Monday.

In the clip, Paul seemed to suggest Cheney wanted to invade Iraq to benefit his former employer, Halliburton. The comments drew increased attention to Paul's unorthodox libertarian foreign policy views.

After making a speech at a New Hampshire Republican Party rally in Dover, N.H. Friday, Paul told Business Insider his comments have been mischaracterized. He backtracked a bit, saying he wasn't trying to question Cheney's motives. However, he said the general appearance of a "conflict of interest" lingers when people like Cheney go back and forth between the private sector and government.

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Mexico's National Voter IDs Part Of Culture

Mexico's National Voter IDs Part Of Culture

By David Agren, Special for USA TODAY

MEXICO CITY – Office worker Ana Martínez lined up at 7 a.m. on a recent Sunday to renew her voter credential, a document required at a polling station to vote.

But voting was not the main reason she was getting it. The free photo ID issued by the Federal Electoral Institute had become the accepted way to prove one's identity — and is a one-card way to open a bank account, board an airplane and buy beer.

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A 'WAR' Over Water?: Bundy Ranch, the Federal Government, and the Nevada Water Tipping Point

A 'WAR' Over Water?: Bundy Ranch, the Federal Government, and the Nevada Water Tipping Point

By Monica Morrill
April 12, 2014

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Freedom Summit: New Hampshire Republicans Get Preview of 2016

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Here in a state where presidential politics are never far from anyone’s mind, three Republicans who are considering a run for the White House — Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Mike Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor — pitched their views on Saturday for how conservatives can retake power in Washington.

It was an unusually early event for such an overt discussion of 2016, even by today’s accelerated electoral calendar. Not only is the next presidential election still more than two and a half years away, most states have not even held their primary elections for the midterm elections this year.

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Rand Paul: Hillary Clinton 'as bad or worse' than President Obama on government surveillance

by Dana Davidsen

(CNN) – Presidential politics were in the air Friday in New Hampshire as Sen. Rand Paul took direct aim at potential 2016 rival Hillary Clinton.

The Kentucky Republican said Clinton, the former secretary of state and Democratic senator, is "as bad or worse" than President Barack Obama on issues of government surveillance.

Making the case that the GOP should be ardent defenders of the Fourth Amendment, Paul said the youth vote can be won on issues of government infringement on Americans' privacy

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Flight 370 Co-Pilot Tried to Make Cell Phone Call AFTER Plane Went Missing

Malaysian Flight 370 co-pilot tried to make a phone call from his cell phone after the plane diverted. Investigators apparently know who he was trying to call, but are not saying.

The co-pilot of missing flight MH370 made a call from his mobile phone while the aircraft flew low over the west coast of Malaysia, it was revealed today as the U.S. denied reports the plane landed at a military base on the remote island of Diego Garcia.

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The Cattle have been released, Infowars video feed!

The Infowars video feed from Bundy Ranch Is Back up, and running. We are waiting for the Cows to be released!

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