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White Flags mysteriously appear atop the Brooklyn Bridge

Early this morning New Yorkers noticed and took to Twitter that White Flags had replaced the usual stars and stripes atop the Brooklyn Bridge. "Who have we surrendered to?" asked one.

The flags are 12 feet by 18 feet in size, and would take quite a while to switch out.

The NYPD, et.al. is supposed to have surveillance on this bridge, yet they cannot say who did it.


They have since been taken down, more to the story...

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Major Blow to Obamacare

The DC District Appeals Court has said that *some of* the Obamacare tax subsidies are illegal (the ones given through the federal exchange).

The hilarious thing is that it is not something that was declared to be unconstitutional, but rather it was something that is in the statute itself. The writers of the statute were so dumb that they ONLY wrote that tax subsidies would be available to people who buy insurance on a STATE exchange, but not on the FEDERAL exchange (they thought every state would just go along with it, no problem).

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The Grim Reaper Report : Raw Numbers in A Picture, in "That" Region of the World, as of July 21, 2014

Who or what are you going to blame?



Israel? Hamas? Jews? Muslims? Religion in general? ...

Go ahead. Take your pick.

Here's mine :

I blame NATION BUILDING, only a facet of ( GLOBAL ) SOCIALISM.


Because I have MEMORY :

War in the Vendée


And yeah, A LITTLE EARLIER than just back in 1913 and on, if anyone noticed...

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Venezuela's Breathtaking... Air Tax (7/18/2014)

By Mac Margolis, for BloombergView, 7/18/2014 :

"For Venezuelans fed up with life under 21st-century socialism, checking in at Maiquetia International Airport in Caracas is a breath of fresh air. That's exactly what the gatekeepers of the Bolivarian Republic had in mind when they dreamed up the latest levy on the wallets of companeros on the wing.

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Internet Sales Tax, a Last Ditch Effort..

The Washington Post- "Online sales tax is back — and this time, it might actually have a shot at passing"

C4L's Norm Singleton- "Dirty dealing to pass the Internet Tax Mandate this week?"

Senators of the 113th Congress

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Verizon Offers Free Gifts To Customers Who Consent To Surveillance

Verizon Offers Free Gifts To Customers Who Consent To Surveillance

Wireless company in middle of NSA scandal offers gift cards for your web surfing and location history


Verizon Wireless is launching a rewards program this week for subscribers who consent to having their everyday movements tracked.

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The World Health Organization calls for the decriminalisation of drug use

The United Nations' leading health agency, the World Health Organization, has called on countries around the world to end the criminalisation of people who use drugs. The call was made in a report published this month that looked at policy responses for dealing with HIV among key populations – men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, people in prisons and other closed settings, sex workers and transgender people. The WHO's unambiguous recommendation is clearly grounded in concerns for public health and human rights.

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Dissatisfied Man Sends Wife Horrific Sex-Life Spreadsheet

"Told'ya it was weird stuff..." :

Via MadWorldNews :

After being repeatedly denied sex from his wife, a man decided to start keeping track of all the times she denied his advances. He compiled all the information in a spreadsheet over the course of a month, then he emailed the data he had accumulated to her work email.

Spreadsheet - along with the wife's take on it(!) - visible at :


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Canadians sound off on Israel War Crimes

We discuss the situation in Gaza. How is it that a nation engaged in committing atrocities can hide behind atrocities committed against them during WW2? Israel uses the Holocaust as a defense shield to deem anyone antisemitic who disagrees with their open air prison that is called Gaza. We denounce the actions of the Nazis and the actions of the current Israel government. The Israelis need to stop treating the Palestinians like Jews in a Nazi Death Camp.

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Justin Trudeau next Crime Minister of Canada ?

We discuss the top prospect running for Crime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau. How he wants to be dictator of a Country he doesn’t believe in, a country he wants to abort, and if you aren’t down with globalism and Agenda 21 he will call you a “piece of shit” in parliament. We also talk about the charade that he is “pro pot”. Justin Trudeau is not pro pot, he and his globalist UN overlords are pot Nazis. http://angrybeaverradio.wordpress.com/2014/07/21/justin-trud...

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Japan Building Huge Drone Fleet

DEFENSE ONE: For decades Japan has been the world’s playground for design innovation. But now it may become ground zero for the future of something far more hostile: military drones.

The country has positioned itself as one of the unlikely players in the escalating global race for military drones, a move that’s controversial both at home and abroad. A veteran Japanese politician even warned that the country’s re-armament looked like “a kind of pre-war revival.” The United States has aided Tokyo in its efforts to re-arm, deploying two unarmed Global Hawk long-range surveillance drones in May to a base in Northern Japan, which infuriated both China and North Korea.

Japan is now in a position it hasn’t been in for nearly 70 years, when it gave up its right to engage in conflict outside its borders. The country is engaged in a bitter dispute with China over a set of islands that sit on resource-rich sea beds that each claims as its sovereign territory.

Japan is the third largest economy in the world, and the implications for both global peace and commerce could be widespread.

Japan is not so quietly building a huge drone fleet

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David Patterson, Libertarian Kentucky Senate Contender, Closer to Making November Ballot

By Phillip M. Bailey | WFPL
July 19, 2014

The Libertarian Party of Kentucky is close to completing its effort to have a candidate on the ballot this fall for U.S. Senate.

The Libertarian Party announced Thursday that its candidate, 42-year-old David Patterson of Mercer County, appears poised to be able to take on Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes and Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell, providing voters with a third option.

Independent and third party candidates are required under state law to obtain 5,000 registered voters' signatures to be on the ballot. Independent Ed Marksberry announced this week he was giving up his effort to obtain signatures.

Libertarian Party leaders announced they have collected at least 4,000 signatures toward their target goal of 8,000.

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Washington Post: The Criminalization of Everything, Parenthood Included.

This stuff is starting to make it out into the MSM press. That is a good sign.

By Radley Balko | July 14
Washington Post

A couple of themes we explore here at The Watch are the increasing criminalization of just about everything and the use of the criminal justice system to address problems that were once (and better) handled by families, friends, communities and other institutions. A few examples from recent headlines show those themes intersecting with parenthood.

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USA Today: On photography, cops need to get a clue - Photography is NOT A CRIME!

by Glenn Harlan Reynolds | USA Today

Last week, Buzzfeed reporter Benny Johnson went to work on a list of the seven ugliest federal buildings in Washington, D.C. But what he found was even uglier than the buildings: ignorant, heavy-handed law enforcement officers who told him — wrongly — that he couldn't photograph the ugly architecture.

Johnson repeatedly confirmed with the media-relations folks at these agencies that it was OK for him to photograph the buildings — as it is for any member of the public — but word hadn't filtered down to the guys with guns.

Johnson writes: "After I took this photo of a public walkway in front of the (Department of Energy) building, four armed guards surrounded me and my bike. I was ordered off my bicycle and told to hand over my camera. 'Where is your identification? Why are you taking photos of our building?' an officer asked me. I explained my role as a reporter and asked what rules I had broken. 'You are suspicious, and we are in a post-9/11 world,' he said. The four officers surrounded me right here, directly in front of the building entrance."

Here's the thing: They had no authority to do this.

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