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Wall Street Banks Slash Fifty Thousand Jobs

During 2014, a total of 20,000 workers lost their jobs at Brian Moynihan’s Bank of America, while a further 10,000 were cut at Michael Corbat's Citigroup, formed from two companies in 1998. Meanwhile, 10,000 jobs were lost at Jaime Dimon’s JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley reported last week.

And even Goldman Sachs did not escape the cuts - suffering a double-digit decline in revenues.


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Rand “Paulusses and Minuses" -The “Other America,” Mitt Romney, No Campaigning With Ron

Today being Martin Luther King Day, Sen. Rand Paul published an opinion piece on Time.com citing the injustices perpetrated on the “other America” and referenced the fight which black Americans have had to undertake to achieve equal liberties. In a Monday edition of “Paulusses and Minuses” I’ll look at that and a couple other late items from last week.

The Uneasy Coexistence of “Two Americas”

From Rand Paul’s Op-Ed in TIME:

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The Truth "Behind" The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op

The Truth "Behind" The Charlie Hebdo Solidarity Photo-Op

Tyler Durden's pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 01/17/2015 23:45 -0500

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Ron Paul's Idea Times 400 Million!

Congressman Ron Paul’s 1982 suggestion that the United States mint gold and silver coins was adopted in 1986 when the U.S. Mint began producing gold and silver coins for the first time since 1934 and 1970, respectively (while the U.S. ceased minting 90% silver dimes and quarters in 1965, 40% silver half dollars were minted from 1965-1970).

Since 1986, over 400 million American Silver Eagles have been minted for investors and collectors.

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NSA develops cyber weapons, ‘attacker mindset’ for domination in digital war – Snowden leaks

NSA develops cyber weapons, ‘attacker mindset’ for domination in digital war – Snowden leaks

Published time: January 17, 2015 23:37

Mass surveillance by the NSA was apparently just the beginning. The agency is now preparing for future wars in cyberspace, in which control over the internet and rival networks will be the key to victory, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal.

Read more: http://rt.com/news/223731-nsa-digital-war-snowden/

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Charlie Hebdo Hypocrisy

"For now I just wanted to talk about the elevation of Charlie Hebdo itself to a heroic level, as if it were some grand symbol of free speech and the power of western democracy over the third-world savages. You've already seen media and governments all over the West using it as such, organizing massive marches through Paris, "I Am Charlie," and even a gag-inducing "display of solidarity" from a couple dozen blissfully rich, soulless oligarchs from around the world.

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Charlie Hebdo Shootings: False Flag?

by Paul Craig Roberts | January 14, 2015

The Charlie Hebdo affair has many of the characteristics of a false flag operation. The attack on the cartoonists’ office was a disciplined professional attack of the kind associated with highly trained special forces; yet the suspects who were later corralled and killed seemed bumbling and unprofessional. It is like two different sets of people.

Usually Muslim terrorists are prepared to die in the attack; yet the two professionals who hit Charlie Hebdo were determined to escape and succeeded, an amazing feat. Their identity was allegedly established by the claim that they conveniently left for the authorities their ID in the getaway car. Such a mistake is inconsistent with the professionalism of the attack and reminds me of the undamaged passport found miraculously among the ruins of the two WTC towers that served to establish the identity of the alleged 9/11 hijackers.

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7-11 Franchise opportunities for Vets. One free franchise contest deadline Jan 25, 2015

If you're a business-savvy military vet with a knack for creating videos or know a friend that does, this is an opportunity that shouldn't be overlooked.

7‑Eleven® is giving away a franchise to one deserving U.S. MILITARY VETERAN.

If you're a U.S. military veteran, we want you! And to show just how much, we're giving away a 7‑Eleven convenience store franchise* to one deserving (and incredibly lucky) vet. It could be you!

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Rand Paul Gets a Gift Not Made in America

By Jeremy W. Peters
January 16, 2015

Senator Rand Paul is now the proud owner of the ultimate smoking jacket: a custom-made, navy blue hemp blazer.

At a diner stop in Las Vegas on Friday, a fan of the senator’s surprised Mr. Paul with the blazer as a gift. It fit like a glove. And that was no coincidence.

The fan, Dannion Brinkley, said he had asked Mr. Paul’s staff for the right size, and they obliged. So when Mr. Paul, Republican of Kentucky, showed up to glad hand with voters, Mr. Brinkley was waiting.


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Here is what I found concerning inpatient and outpatient care when under Medicare

Here is what I found concerning inpatient and outpatient care when under Medicare

By Susan Jaffe June 18, 2014

Some seniors think Medicare made a mistake. Others are stunned when they find out that being in a hospital for days doesn’t always mean they were actually admitted.

Read more: http://kaiserhealthnews.org/news/observation-care-faq/

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Holder limits seized-asset sharing process that split billions with local, state police


Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Friday barred local and state police from using federal law to seize cash, cars and other property without proving that a crime occurred.

Holder’s action represents the most sweeping check on police power to confiscate personal property since the seizures began three decades ago as part of the war on drugs.

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Republicans to limit 2016 presidential primary debates

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)—The Republican National Committee said Friday it has approved nine debates for the 2016 presidential primary elections.

The limit comes in reaction to the 41 debates during the 2008 and 2012 presidential primary seasons. The party previously had discussed limiting debates.


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There's a Problem in the Silk Road Trial: the Jury Doesn't Get the Internet!


The trial began this week for Ross Ulbricht, the 30-year-old Texas man accused of being the m​astermind behind the dark net drug market, Silk Road. But as the jury began hearing testimony in the case, it was clear the technological knowledge gap would impede the proceedings.

Judge Katherine Forrest said righ​t off the bat when the case began that “highly technical” issues must be made clear to the jury.

"If I believe things are not understandable to the average juror, we will talk about what might be a reasonable way to proceed at that time," she said.

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Off the Grid? Or Make Your Own Grid?

By Brian Berletic

"There are many reasons people want to get "off the grid." From unstable energy prices, to environmental concerns, to even just a search for independence, the list is long and diverse. Just as diverse are attempts to "get off the grid." But as one community in Thailand is proving, sometimes building your own grid is just as good, maybe better.

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Pope Francis is an Ignorant Hypocrite Regarding Free Speech

Let me start by saying that I know many people who visit this website are people of faith, and many of those people are likely to look to the Pope as a leader and guiding light of their religion. Naturally, those people have every right to hold the man on high. However, recent remarks from Pope Francis bring into question a basic freedom, and that cannot be allowed to stand without reproach. To wit:

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