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The Intercept

Anybody been looking at the Intercept since it has come out. It's got some pretty good content on it.


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Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday the 13Th will see three rare celestial events

Solar eclipse, Supermoon, Spring equinox: Friday the 13Th will see three rare celestial events

ANDREW GRIFFIN | Monday 16 March 2015

As the eclipse plunges the UK and other places into darkness this Friday, two other rare if less spectacular celestial events will be taking place, too: a Supermoon and the Spring equinox.

Read more: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/solar-eclipse-supe...

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Russia and China Reduce U.S. Treasury Holdings Again in January

Russia and China reduced their U.S. Treasury holdings again in January.

Belgium tops up their U.S. Treasury holdings by $19.2 billion.

Russia now holds only $82 billion worth of US T-Bonds down from $131 billion a year ago.

China now holds $1.239 billion down from $1.275 billion a year ago.


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Venezuela: President Maduro granted power to govern by decree

The measure was approved by the National Assembly, where Mr Maduro has a majority.

He requested the approval of the Enabling Law after the United States issued new sanctions against Venezuelan officials.

The opposition says he is using the incident to amass power and divert attention from the economic crisis [...]

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Hospital Errors are the Third Leading Cause of Death in U.S.

Washington, D.C., October 23, 2013 – New research estimates up to 440,000 Americans are dying annually from preventable hospital errors. This puts medical errors as the third leading cause of death in the United States, underscoring the need for patients to protect themselves and their families from harm, and for hospitals to make patient safety a priority.

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Religion has a special disablity and special protection from Government for a reason.

The framers of our Bill of Rights thought religion should always have a special category of protection from government. Michael McConnell Director of the Constitutional Law Center at Stanford Law School explains:


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Snowden at SXSW: Be very concerned about the trickle down of NSA surveillance to local police

I just had the privilege of attending a small conversation session with Edward Snowden and a number of technology and policy leaders at SXSW. He spoke for about an hour on a range of subjects related to his disclosures, possible federal legislation—good and bad—coming down the pike, and specific issues at the intersection of technology and privacy.

And totally unprompted, to my extreme delight, he repeatedly raised the spectre of the trickle down of mass surveillance data to the state and local police. I couldn't agree more with him that this is a central and largely undiscussed problem.

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Rand “Pauluses and Minuses" - CARERS Act, REDEEM Act, AR Ammo, Gay Marriage, Arming Kurds, Clinton Emails

It was a very busy week last week in all things Rand, so I’ll keep my breakdowns short, as there are a lot of items.

Rand Teams With Cory Booker and Katherine Gillibrand for Bill Legalizing Medical Marijuana

I wrote a full article on the Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act earlier last week, so I’ll quickly recap and encourage you to read the full article.

In a nutshell, the bill will: legalize medical marijuana on a federal level, cease the raids and prosecution of marijuana dispensaries, aid in research by reclassifying the “drug” from Schedule 1 (no medical value) to Schedule 2 (value), which frees research from much of the the red tape maze it currently has to navigate, and also enables those currently fighting prosecution for medical use to provide a solid legal defense.

It’s a no-brainer - PAULUS!

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The Orwellian Re-Branding Of “Mass Surveillance” As Merely “Bulk Collection”

By Glenn Greenwald

Just as the Bush administration and the U.S. media re-labelled “torture” with the Orwellian euphemism “enhanced interrogation techniques” to make it more palatable, the governments and media of the Five Eyes surveillance alliance are now attempting to re-brand “mass surveillance” as “bulk collection” in order to make it less menacing (and less illegal). In the past several weeks, this is the clearly coordinated theme that has arisen in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand as the last defense against the Snowden revelations, as those governments seek to further enhance their surveillance and detention powers under the guise of terrorism.

This manipulative language distortion can be seen perfectly in yesterday’s white-washing report of GCHQ mass surveillance from the servile rubber-stamp calling itself “The Intelligence and Security Committee of the UK Parliament (ISC)”(see this great Guardian editorial this morning on what a “slumbering” joke that “oversight” body is). As Committee Member MP Hazel Blears explained yesterday (photo above), the Parliamentary Committee officially invoked this euphemism to justify the collection of billions of electronic communications events every day.

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"The Washington Post Will Kill Us All"

" Posted on March 16, 2015 by David Swanson http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/washington-post-will-...

“War with Iran is probably our best option.” This is an actual headline from the Washington Post.

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VIDEO: Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 3/16/15: Iran Fighting ISIS – Is it Really a Problem?


Written By Ron Paul
Sunday, March 15, 2015

As Iran continues to take an active role in helping Iraq fight ISIS, many US neocons are upset that the US military is not over there on the ground doing the fighting. They want Americans believe that only another US invasion of Iraq – and of Syria as well – can defeat ISIS. But what is wrong with the countries of the region getting together and deciding to cooperate on a common problem?

While the entry of Iranian-backed Shi’ite militias into ISIS-occupied areas may not be ideal – there is bound to be revenge killings and sectarian fighting – it is far more likely that the ISIS problem will be solved by the countries in the region than by US bombs and ground troops. Our bombs will continue to make the problem worse because it was our bombs that helped create the problem in the first place. What the neocons who lied us into the Iraq war don’t like to admit is that there was no ISIS problem and no al-Qaeda problem in Iraq and Syria before we invaded Iraq.

ISIS is an idea, not a country or an army, which is why the US declaring war on ISIS makes no sense. It is clear that if we really want to defeat ISIS, the last thing we should be doing is bombing and sending troops back to Iraq and into Syria. Our bombs and involvement in the region only serve to recruit more fighters into ISIS. To make matters worse, many of these radicalized fighters come from Europe and even the US. What happens when they go home?

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Braving Gun Rights Haters' Nails: Lower Merion Township, PA Family Open Carry Rally (video)

Braving nails placed in the street by our car tires by gun rights haters (one wonders if there is no low they won't stoop to) we protested the fact that Lower Merion, PA won't repeal their local gun ordnance despite the fact that it's in violation of the state's preemption law.


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US Aggression: Acts of War

US War Aggression

… This is not a conspiracy but a well-designed military plan to take down Moscow. They are playing with fire. …

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Cops are freaked out that Congress may impose license plate reader limits

Despite the fact that no federal license plate legislation has been proposed, the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) has sent a pre-emptive letter to top Congressional lawmakers, warning them against any future restrictions of automated license plate readers. The IACP claims to be the "world's oldest and largest association of law enforcement executives."

As the letter, which was published last week, states:

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