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Bluegrass Battle – Rand Paul's feud with a powerful Kentucky Republican


This article appears in the September 6, 2014 edition of National Journal Magazine as Bluegrass Battle.

This past March, Kentucky's state Senate took a vote that was rather important to Rand Paul. The U.S. senator and his allies were seeking to undo a state law that prohibits someone from appearing on the ballot twice at the same time—say, both for president and U.S. Senate. This is a problem for Paul because the Republican is widely expected to run for the White House in 2016 while also seeking reelection to the Senate.

The state Senate in Frankfort is solidly controlled by Republicans, so it was no surprise that the bill passed by a wide margin, with debate lasting only 20 minutes. Yet there was one odd thing about the vote: A single Republican broke ranks with his party to oppose the measure. His name—Sen. Chris Girdler—is less important than his allegiances: Girdler is the former top state operative for the longest-serving member of Kentucky's congressional delegation, Republican Rep. Harold Rogers, and he is widely seen as Rogers's proxy in the Statehouse. Girdler did not return my calls for comment, but in Kentucky's political circles, there was little doubt as to why he'd taken such a public stand against Paul.

"It was on direct order from Hal Rogers," alleges David Adams, who managed Paul's 2010 primary campaign. "No doubt about that." Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear, who is close to Rogers, was more circumspect when asked about Girdler's vote. "I noticed," Beshear told me, repressing a smile.

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The 5 Most Insane Examples of Chinese Counterfeiting

U.S. military equipment, dinosaur bones, and even entire Apple stores can be custom copied for you in China. 30% discount!


billions of fake cigarettes are produced each year in China

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Thomas Massie: Redacted pages from 9/11 report could change opinions on foreign policy

by Nick Storm
09/11/2014 11:48 AM


After reviewing redacted pages from the official Congressional inquiry into the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie, R – Vanceburg, says the pages could change opinions about the role of the United States in middle eastern conflicts.

Describing the pages as “very profound,” Massie along with several other Congressmen are urging President Obama to declassify the pages, and provide more information to the public.

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Kerry and Obama Not On Same Page Regarding ISIS Policy

It appears that Secretary of State John Kerry and President Obama might not be on the same page regarding their policy toward utilizing ground troops to combat ISIS in Iraq.

Stripes.com reported on John Kerry’s ambiguous statement:

Kerry made the comment during a news conference after a day of meeting with Iraqi officials, who he said hadn’t requested or shown any desire to have U.S. troops or forces from any nation in Iraq to confront the Islamic State, the extremist organization that’s now in control of more than a third of the country’s territory.

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Lawless saint paul police arrest man for picking up his children

Or actually in all reality for refusing to follow an unlawful order. Can I ask, what happens to police officers who illegally detain you? Nothing. Not a damned thing. That's whats wrong with this country.

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Solution: Letter of Marque to go after ISIS

Congress should issue a Letter of Marque to go after ISIS - "The issue of marque and reprisal was raised before Congress after the September 11 attacks by Congressman Ron Paul. The attacks were defined as acts of "air piracy" and the Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001 was introduced, which would have granted the president the authority to use letters of marque and reprisal against the specific terrorists, instead of warring against a foreign state. The terrorists were compared to pirates in that they are difficult to fight by traditional military means."

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Ted Cruz was "booed off the stage" at an event hosted by a purportedly Christian organization.

Cruz, the keynote speaker at the new "In Defense Of Christians" organization's dinner in Washington DC, had offered the crowd--a number of whom were Christians from the Middle East, including Palestinian Christians--public support for Israel. After doing so, some members of the crowd booed at Cruz, and they persisted until he left the stage, noting their hatred and saying he can't stand with them if they don't stand with Israel.


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The Odessa Massacre

Inside the Odessa Massacre
Stephen Lendman exposes whitewashing:


Ukraine is the epicenter of European fascist reemergence. May’s Odessa massacre revealed its ugly face. Kiev bore full responsibility. What happened was no-holds-barred barbarism. … Premeditated mass murder was committed as planned. …

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Excuses, Excuses, The Fed Has Plenty of Them For a Lackluster Economy

Excuses From the Fed for a Lackluster Economy Abound- not enough inflation, an aging population & people hoarding money

Janet Yellen blames on an aging/retiring work force for a declining labor participation rate.

This contradicts the United States BLS data that shows that some of the best job growth has been for workers over 55.

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VA Employees Arrested For Running Coke Ring Out Of VA Medical Center

Two Veterans Affairs Medical Center employees were arrested last week for using VA facilities to smuggle and deal cocaine, the Department of Justice recently announced.

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Justin Amash: "time for republicans to stop listening to Dick Cheney"

Former Vice President Dick Cheney met with House Republicans Tuesday morning after returning from their August recess, warning lawmakers about how grave the threat of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists is.
But some anti-interventionist Republicans were not thrilled about Cheney’s foreign policy views returning to prominence in the party.
Rep. Justin Amash, R-MI, fresh off of his victory of a contentious Republican primary, was one of them.

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Congress Sticks Its Nose Into The Ray Rice Situation

TMZ Sports is reporting that 12 Congressmen from the House Judiciary Committee have sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for some reason or other to demand that he come clean on exactly what he did or didn’t see in regards to the video of Ravens running back Ray Rice knocking his wife unconscious in the elevator of an Atlantic City casino prior to Rice’s initial 2 game suspension.

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Infamous Speed Trap Town of 1,000 Issues Over 11,000 Tickets in One Year

The Salt Lake City Tribune has an interesting story about a Florida town which well-known for its speed traps, and a startling ticket:resident ratio. First, some background on the town of Waldo, FL:

The north Florida town of Waldo has long had a reputation as a speed trap, and it’s no wonder. A small segment of highway that runs through Waldo requires drivers to speed up and slow down six times: 65 mph becomes 55 mph; 55 becomes 45; then goes back to 55; then back down to 45; to 55 again and eventually, 35 mph.

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