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Next: Wild horses targeted for roundup in Utah rangeland clash

By Jennifer Dobner | Reuters
April 11, 2014

ENTERPRISE, Utah - A Utah county, angry over the destruction of federal rangeland that ranchers use to graze cattle, has started a bid to round up federally protected wild horses it blames for the problem in the latest dustup over land management in the U.S. West.

Close to 2,000 wild horses are roaming southern Utah's Iron County, well over the 300 the U.S. Bureau of Land Management has dubbed as appropriate for the rural area's nine designated herd management zones, County Commissioner David Miller said.

County officials complain the burgeoning herd is destroying vegetation crucial to ranchers who pay to graze their cattle on the land, and who have already been asked to reduce their herds to cope with an anticipated drought.

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What is Character?

I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of the website Art of Manliness, but even though it sounds funny, it is quite good.

I thought you all would like to read an article from that site called What Is Character? Its 3 True Qualities and How to Develop It

Here's the link: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/06/25/what-is-character-i...


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DOJ: Albuquerque Police 'Executing' Citizens

Following release of report, rights groups calling for removal of mayor and police chief

bt Lauren McCauley, staff writer Common Dreams

Residents of Albuquerque, New Mexico are marching on the police department Saturday to demand retribution against the city's mayor and police chief for their role in the police force's documented "execution" of citizens.

The march comes after the Department of Justice slammed the Albuquerque Police Department for their frequent use of excessive and lethal force in a damning report released on Thursday.

Though, according to advocates, abuse by local law enforcement has been systemic for years, calls for increased scrutiny of the APD were amplified following the police shooting death of James Boyd, a homeless man suffering from mental illness, on March 16.

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Alex Jones on Nearly Every Commercial Break Today on the History Channel

I know, I know. Shouldn't even be watching this questionable channel. But I am a sucker for Modern Marvels and a few other shows not actually pertaining to history on that channel.

I've been doing my Taxes (Ugh) while having History Channel on in the background for the last 5 hours or so. I have seen Alex Jones nearly every commercial break talking about the NSA. I guess he is featured on an episode of "America's Book of Secrets" about Big Brother.

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Rand Paul reacts to “SNL” skit by playing the role of DJ on Twitter

"Saturday Night Live" depicted him as a DJ at Coachella and the Kentucky senator decided to embrace the joke

SUNDAY, APR 13, 2014 05:30 PM EDT

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Ross Anderson : "Security Engineering" — The Book

Via Cryptome, April 9, 2014 :

"It's beautiful. This is the best book on the topic there is."

Bruce Schneier

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Edwin Vieira, Jr - Article V Convention: A Titanic Irrelevance

By Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., Ph.D., J.D.
April 7, 2014 | NewsWithViews.com

The more I inflict upon myself the details of the on-going, extensive, and increasingly acrimonious debate about the supposed merits or demerits of what is called an “Article V Convention of the States”, the more my mind returns to the scene I have imagined taking place on Titanic. Having struck the iceberg, the great liner is down fifteen degrees by the head, and sinking fast, while in the Grand Salon her designer Mr. Andrews, Captain Smith, and a gaggle of marine engineers are discussing a new ship, to be built according to a new design which supposedly will obviate the flaw in Titanic that contributed to her demise. While in theory this discussion might have been very illuminating to the participants, it obviously would otherwise have been an irrelevance which could have saved neither Titanic nor a single soul who went down with her.

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Cars Seized as Carpooling Now Illegal in Some Cities

Ridesharing - also known as carpooling - involves members of the public contacting each other via a smartphone or PC internet networking service and arranging to ferry each other to various destinations for fees. The practice in informal form is almost as old as the automobile itself, but in the digital age app-enabled ridesharing has seen an explosion in interest, threatening the commercial taxicab industry and the city officials who depend on that industry for revenue.

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Free for Kindle: How to be Anonymous Online - A Quick Step-By-Step Manual

This manual is what you need to become Anonymous Online in the next two hours... and I mean really Anonymous!
*Learn why Bitcoins are NOT Anonymous!*
"From a MicroSD card, I can boot my computer at home, work or wherever without logging in, revealing my location, leaving data behind or displaying my activity for monitoring. I can access virtually anything from anywhere, Anonymously, then stick the SD card back in my phone and go."

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It’s all about Ukraine: An overview by Alina Duboshyna

MuckrakerNews.com is proud to introduce a new addition to our news team, Alina Duboshyna. Alina is a Ukrainian journalist, and she'll be covering all events in that region. We all know that much of the news Americans receive is filtered (either willingly or by political pressure), and by adding international journalists to our team we aim to provide American readers news that is unfiltered and non-propagandized. This is also a great opportunity to present many viewpoints from around the world, not just US-centric. We maybe be small, but we're growing. Liberty is great. :)

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Obama Says He May Or May Not Let the NSA Exploit the Next Heartbleed

The White House has joined the public debate about Heartbleed. The administration denied any prior knowledge of Heartbleed, and said the NSA should reveal such flaws once discovered. Unfortunately, this statement was hedged. The NSA should reveal these flaws unless 'a clear national security or law enforcement need' exists (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/13/us/politics/obama-lets-nsa...). Since that can be construed to apply to virtually any situation, we're left with the same dilemma as before: do we take them at their word or not?

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Feds End Siege On Bundy Ranch

The federal government announced Saturday it will no longer enforce a court order to remove about 900 animals from a stretch of land in rural Nevada over a decades-long dispute regarding grazing fees.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/u-s-stops-fight-nev...

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