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ACLU: Arizona Law Makes Bathtub Baby Photos a Felony

An Arizona law that won unanimous approval in the state legislature this year could send parents to prison with a felony conviction if they share bathtime baby photos, according to a federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

State lawmakers passed the law to punish hackers and jilted exes who distribute so-called “revenge porn” - a term for intimate images shared among lovers that are later circulated more broadly, maliciously and without the subject’s consent.

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Shock A Snake Bite and You Can Heal Yourself

Electic Shock on Venomous Bites

Recent Research

Recent, yet to be published research, shows there is a striking difference between morbid sequelae for patients receiving conventional treatment and for the patients receiving the electroshock treatment. The effectiveness of electroshock treatment of snakebites is clearly shown by the clinical data. In addition there is a good correlation between the promptness of treatment and speed of recovery.

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Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce resigns over birth control comments

'You put me in charge of Medicaid, the first thing I’d do is get Norplant, birth-control implants,' former Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce said

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The Greatest Speech Ever Made

With all the war propaganda I feel this is due again. We need to step up the message of peace and liberty. The war drums are pounding extra hard if you haven't noticed. Start the talks whether at church, work or school. If you stay silent they win. This is a fight get dirty. We must be smarter and stand on the truth as we know it.

Heck I challenge you to email this link to as much people as you can in your email contacts. Share it where ever you can. Heck anything in the name of peace.

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Blessed Are The Peacemakers

I am proud to know many of you here fight and struggle for peace. There is no better solution for our families. Thank you to everyone who calls out the wicked ways of men and offers solution that bring healing. Thank you to those who have drawn a line on your heart and do not settle for violence. Peace and strength to all in the fight.

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Is This Guy Crazy or Are You Crazy?

This guy is in prison, and I kinda understand why.

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Do I Need A Marriage License From The State?

I'm getting married in January, whooooo wheeeee! This is going to be a fun celebration but my fiancé and I were talking about the license from the State. I despise the State and was wondering why I need their permission to marry my fiancé. Anyone have any thoughts?

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Countdown till Matt Papke Win for Tempe City Council

I think he is going to win. What do you think? we will know in a Hour!

Preliminary Unofficial Results
August 26, 2014
Primary/Special Election

Results from the August 26, 2014 Primary/Special Election
will be released after the polls close at 7 p.m. as follows:

After 8 p.m., results will be available and posted online for
early ballots only. Throughout the evening, results will be
available that combine early ballots and ballots cast at
polling places.

Preliminary unofficial results will be released as received

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Some real life Friday Humor

My wife works in the shipping and receiving department of a major retail hardware store here in our home city. She sends back to the distributors and manufacturers whatever the customer returns to the store.

She told me yesterday when I picked her up that someone returned a soaker hose because it had holes in it...

Have a great weekend! - Ed in Phoenix

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Liberty Marketplace Classifieds

Do you make stuff?
Do you have old stuff?
Do you want to trade stuff?
Do you want to clean out the closet?
Do you have extra seeds from the garden?
Are you looking for a tool, to trade or borrow?

Well post it here and do it smart.
You and only you are responsible for your transactions.
Flourish and fight for Liberty!

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Shocker! (OK, Not Really...): PHX Hoplophobe gets an actual Brain Doctor arrested...LIED about It: NEVER pointed his AR Muzzle!

Of course, Ernie Hancock's close friend, libertarian philosophical kin, USMC vet, AZ r3VOL, and lawyer, Marc Victor represented Dr. Peter Steinmetz, and will fully clear him :)

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