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The Obamas

The Obamas

Seems a bit harsh and one sided but the writer has made a good case.

The below summary of Barack and Michelle Obama's 6 - year reign in the White House is by far the best I've ever read as it squarely hits the nail on the head.And it took a black female reporter writing it to make it as effective as it is. A white man's account would be instantly criticized by the liberal media as pure racism. But, how can anyone scream Racist when an exacting description of the Obamas is penned by a well- known journalist of color?

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Jewish Holiday

Jewish Holiday

Obama, not feeling well and concerned
about his mortality, goes to consult a Psychic about the date of his

Closing her eyes and silently reaching
into the realm of the future she finds the answer.“You will die on a Jewish

“Which one?”Obama asks nervously.

“It doesn’t matter”, replied the psychic.
“Whenever you die, it will be a Jewish holiday!””

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Help California Fight Medical Fascism! Oppose SB 277 - Say No To Forced Vaccinations

From Autism Action Network:

CA: Take Action, Vaccine choice for your children is on the line
Cracks appearing in assault on your rights

"Senate Bill 277, which would eliminate vaccine choice rights in Califronia, in a highly unusual move was assigned to three separate committees for review in the State Senate. This indicates that there is significant opposition within the Senate itself to the bill. And that means if we keep up the pressure our chances of killing this bill are much better than they were a few days ago.

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what community policing should be about.

When Chris Magnus first moved to Richmond, Calif., in 2006, he would hear gunshots at night, sometimes very close to his house. That would be disturbing to anyone, but it was especially so to Magnus, as he had just been hired to be Richmond's new chief of police.

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Jesus, apostles observed Passover, not Easter

Jesus, apostles observed Passover, not Easter

Passover is not just a Jewish holiday, explains a video series by a Christian teacher of Hebraic roots.

It is one of the "Feasts of the Lord" ( the Bible, all of which have special meaning and significance for all believers in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The feasts were commemorated by Jesus and His apostles – and continued to be observed by Jesus' followers in the first century even after His death and resurrection.

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Caught on Hot Mic – Janet Napolitano Says “We Don’t Have to Listen to This Crap”

Before I get to the meat of this post, let me provide a little background. Late last year, I covered how the former head of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was pushing through a 28% tuition hike within the University of California system so that administrators can get huge pay raises. Naturally, students weren’t all that pleased and decided to get creative with their protesting. Big Sis didn’t like this one bit.

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How to be rude with a socialist

Socialist : what's your problem with socialism?

You : the problem is that it just doesn't work, because it simply can't work.

Socialist : why is that?

You : because in a system where you force people, by law, to either (a) sit in the cart or (b) to keep pushing it, in parts or whole, you indefectibly end up having ever more people jumping in the cart, until there's nobody left willing to push it at all. Hence, my point.

Socialist : and why is that?

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10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis

10 Charts Which Show We Are Much Worse Off Than Just Before The Last Economic Crisis

By Michael Snyder, on March 18th, 2015

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Saint Patrick - The Real Story Of His Life & Time From Tragedy To Triumph

Saint Patrick - The Real Story Of His Life & Time From Tragedy To Triumph

By William Federer

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City of San Diego Sues Monsanto For Polluting Bay With PCBs

The City of San Diego and the San Diego Unified Port District filed suit against chemical giant Monsanto Monday for polluting the city’s bay and tidelands.

According to the lawsuit, Monsanto knowingly hid the well-documented health issues linked to polychlorinated biphenyls, commonly referred to as PCBs, in order to continue using compounds such as Aroclor.

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(Opinion) Here is Why The Fed Cannot Take The Risk of A Stock Market Bubble Burst Before Another Year (3/2015)

By Lance :

(Fast forward to minute 18 for his Economy Watch)

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Stock Super Bubble Setting Up For Crash (3/2015)

By Mike Maloney :

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The Final Implosion of Rand Paul

Rand Paul has gone into a full on schizophrenic break. Contradicting statements he just made weeks ago in Iowa, Rand Paul has embraced the Tom Cotton wing of the Party.

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