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Theater shooting victim's parents sue ammo seller

DENVER (AP) -- The parents of a woman killed in the Colorado theater shootings filed a lawsuit Tuesday accusing four online retailers of improperly selling ammunition, tear gas, a high-capacity magazine and body armor used in the attack.

The lawsuit alleges it was illegal and negligent to sell the gear to James Holmes, who is accused of killing 12 people and injuring 70 in the July 20, 2012, attack.

It says the companies had no safeguards to keep dangerous people from buying their goods.

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John Bolton runs first presidential ad

I don't want to repost it. But it was basically all about how we are all in danger from the rest of the world.

Guy doesn't even know how responsible he is for how much the world hates us.

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Documentary for your intelligence: "Crimea for Dummies"

99% of western media would love for you to think that Crimea is a waste land now after Russia's "invasion", well lets just see how it has turned out after their secession.

"Miguel Francis, a Los Angeles film school graduate, travels to Crimea to discover how life there has changed since it was reunited with Russia. He explores the beautiful peninsula’s history and cultural heritage, as well as taking in some of Crimea’s tourist attractions while talking to locals about their attitudes to becoming Russian citizens."

Click to roll film!

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Colorado candidate gets death threat after questioning Sandy Hook massacre

DENVER (Reuters) - A candidate for a county commission seat in Colorado said on Friday he received a death threat after questioning whether the 2012 school shooting that killed 20 children in Connecticut was a hoax.

Thomas Ready, a Republican candidate for commissioner of Pueblo County, made the comments during a debate this week with his opponent, Democratic incumbent Sal Pace. A video of the exchange was posted online by the Pueblo Chieftain newspaper.

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TSA Demands to Conduct Full Body Pat Down on Man After His Plane Already Landed

I have never seen the TSA request for a full body patdown or additional screening AFTER the passenger has landed. It is amazing how incompetent they are.

Also, I am new here and can't get the youtube Embed to work...

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Revolution Calling, Tisha Casida Moneybomb

Revolution Calling, The Time is Now ,Tisha Casida 2014 Colorado's 3rd Congressional District, We can WIN with your help NOW, Please Consider Donating Today, info , tired of establishment? especially gop establishment??? Then this is how you do it!! For Liberty

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New Soul Singer from Denver

This is a buddy of mine and he's really starting to hit it big. Here is a great music video from him out of Denver. High production quality. It really lets you focus on the art.

I know the kid, he's got a great heart. Good moral compass. I love the fact that in this video his original attempt at the music industry is as a teacher character. One of respect. His lyrics are inspiring toward self construction and not like so much what we see today in pop culture with distraction toward deconstruction of others.

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There was a North vs South. Now there is a West vs East.

The eastern states have enjoyed an immense amount of wealth and property ownership. Just look at all that land. I visited Wisconsin the other month for my fiancé's family reunion. Caught an awesome bass kayaking with no federal permit. Her aunt owned a plot of land that used to be a camping ground. Apparently if you lived in the camping ground for 10 years it was yours but you had to build a house. These personally built houses were awesome and so efficient.

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Action Alert, Tisha Casida Excluded From Debates, Info To Act!

the monopoly is at it again, EXPOSE THE CORRUPTION , CALL,MAIL, or SHOW UP whatever you can do to change this corruption. EXPOSE IT, info,numbers on graphic on fb link below

Tisha Casida is being excluded from 2014 debates, please call and write and whatever you can do to expose this corruption, Colorado ,

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"That's when I expected to be shot"

DENVER -- The parents of Michael Brown told CBS News' Mark Strassmann they'd had a conversation with their son about how to deal with police. They say they told him to respect and obey police officers.

Many parents of black children have had the same talk. But it is not one that Alex Landau's parents thought they needed to have with him.

Landau vividly recalls the night five years ago when a traffic stop on a Denver street ended with an officer's gun at his head.

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How to fight tyranny and get 25% richer in just 5 minutes

Claim exempt on your federal income taxes.

Badabing! You are richer and not enabling tyranny.

Next level. Bartering.

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Others in your local area are wanting to hear about liberty.

The most success I have seen recently is how appreciative the people are locally when you aggressively pursue liberty and bring up local issues.

What we all know is that the federal government is beyond repair or accountability.

But at the local level you still have the power to restrain the government and to even implement sheriff protection and state legislation to counter/nullify federal actions.

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Amagi Metals will not accept dollars after 2016

Amagi Metals, an online dealer in precious metals and coins, announced today that they will stop taking US dollars for payment at the end of 2016.

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Help: Colorado MMJ assistance requested.

I am looking for any members that are in Colorado and versed in the laws and mechanisms in place. The questions I have are medical in nature and not business.

Please contact me via PM here.

My apartment in Pueblo fell through at the last minute, for no good reason. Which leaves me back at square one.

Specific information I am looking for:

1) Best city.
2) Best dispensaries for "recreational" sales.

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