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CO State Senator pushes bill to give FEDs arrest state powers. Also runs for CO County Sheriff.

Ends up getting charged with 3 felonies and 2 misdemeanors while running to be a local CO county sheriff and as a sitting state senator.

"King was handed a summons in Grand Junction on Wednesday listing felonies of embezzlement of public property, forgery and theft and misdemeanors for second-degree forgery and official misconduct. The charges carry potential prison or jail sentences if he is found guilty.

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APNewsBreak: Gun law based on flawed estimate

(Still, Brian Malte, senior national policy director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said his group applauds Colorado for passing the law.)

"The bottom line," he said, "is even if one, or five, or 10, or 10,000 or 20,000 people are being blocked, that's less dangerous people walking around with guns."

Security and safety are priceless. What's 3 million dollars and your liberty?

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Meet Lily Tang Williams: a Libertarian Candidate who left Communist China, now runs to remind Americans WHY She came to America!

Via Mat "Go Ron Paul! Peace!" Larson:

Colorado Libertarian Candidate for House Lily Williams Speaks About Life in Communist China

Mat Larson
Published on Jul 21, 2014

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Rand Paul-Sheep In Wolf's Clothing?

We all have been noticing how Rand has been making some decisions and doing some things that are annoying us. He is saying and doing things that go against what his dad preached and what the liberty movement seems to be about. On the other hand he sometimes says and does things that make me think "he gets it"

My question is, Do you think Rand Paul is trying to play politics to win the white house rather than have a principled stand?

I think he might be, and I'm not sure its a bad thing. See his father took the principled stand. Thats why I fell in love with him. "He cured my apathy" but Ron's goals were different. I'm not sure he was ever playing to win, he was playing to change the conversation, and spread the message. He did a fantastic job. If he made compromises like Rand he wouldn't have been successful. Rand has different objectives then his father does. It appears that he has been interested in the white house ever since he joined the senate. He has been essentially in campaign mode since he took the senate seat. I wonder if he is doing what it takes to get to the white house, and when there can efforce a principled stance. He can impliment his libertarian idology once preseident.

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DailyPaul demographics

A couple weeks ago I asked the Dp why it appears that most of the DP members are men. I was of course using very little factual information, more just my interpretation of the "voice" of the members comments, and the subjects that were discussed. Lots of generalizations going on, thats why I asked. After receiving loads of comments, a lot of Dpers mentioned that they were woman. More than I expected. Several even mentioned that they were grandmothers. I have to admit, and I a mean no offense, that I was shocked.

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Why is the Daily Paul all Men?

Im just curious but if i had to guess, men outnumber woman 9 to 1 or more on the DP (this is what I have approximated). Why do you think this is so? Do you find men to be more liberty minded than woman? Or is this a "good ol' boys club"

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Anyone familiar with tendon or nerve injuries?

I am NOT seeking a medical diagnosis.

Happy Secession Day everyone!

I have a quick question regarding my hand. This isn't an emergency or anything, I'm just curious about whether or not to see a doc.

On Monday, I went up to Divide, Colorado and rode my motorcycle on the trails up there. To make a long story short, I pushed the limits and busted my ass (well... my arm/hand).

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Why is crime skyrocketing in Denver with legal pot?

The stats show an increase in drug crime. How is that possible when you legalized pot?

Another stat is last year through May there were 89 Disturbing the peace/Disorderly conduct offenses, in 2014 there are 595. That is a 600% increase.

Criminal trespass 169 vs 593.

Simple assault 1,212 vs 1,790.

Drugs Narcotics Violations 887 vs 1,076.

Liquar law/drunkeness 11 vs 76.

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CNN Outraged Over Armed Waitresses At 'Shooters Grill' Restaurant

Notice the uninformed/ fear-mongering questions this "reporter" asks...

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Ignoring regulations

As an act of civil disobedience.

Floated an idea of a local news source today. At first I thought "No, we can't do that, there are too many regulations"... but then I was like "F*&5 those regulations"


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Butterball Abuse - baby turkeys ground up alive!

DON'T WATCH THIS VIDEO. It's too horrid. I'm only posting it in case anyone knows people who buy Butterball turkeys so they can pass it on to them.

And please sign the petition below. Petitions don't often work, but they're still worth a try!


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Ex-Officer Convicted of Killing Beloved 'Big Boy' Elk

Ex-Officer Convicted of Killing Beloved 'Big Boy' Elk

A former police officer accused of killing “Big Boy” — a huge elk beloved by a Colorado community — was convicted Tuesday of all nine counts against him.

A jury in Boulder County found Sam Carter guilty of illegal taking of big game, attempting to influence a public official, forgery and tampering with evidence, among other charges, said Boulder County prosecutor Stanley Garnett.

The elk’s death and Carter’s arrest had sparked outrage in Boulder, along with marches and prayer vigils.

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Tim Kelley, high-profile Denver cop, busted for child porn

Colorado's pedophile police problem persist.

Tim Kelley has worked on a number of high-profile cases during his nineteen years with the Denver Police Department, including the murder of Denver Broncos cornerback Darrent Williams on New Year's Day 2007.
Now, however, Kelley, 49, is receiving press coverage as an alleged perpetrator of crime, not a law enforcer. He's been accused of possessing child pornography.

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Samuel Carter, ex-Boulder cop, found guilty in killing of neighborhood elk

Back in January 2013, we told you about the arrest of two Boulder police officers, Samuel Carter and Brent Curnow, on charges related to the shooting and killing of Big Boy, an elk beloved by members of the Mapleton neighborhood. Authorities suspected they bagged the elk as a trophy, then lied about it.
Curnow took a plea deal in the case, but Carter went all the way to trial -- and he has now been found guilty of multiple counts. We've got photos, video, the original arrest report and details of the verdict below.

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