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When seconds count, police are minutes away

Denver Woman's 13-Minute-Long 911 Call Ends With Fatal Gunshot

A Denver woman who spent nearly 15 frantic minutes on the phone with a 911 dispatcher was killed Monday night by a bullet to the head before help arrived.

The gunshot was the last sound 911 dispatchers heard on their call with Kristine Kirk, 44, which lasted for approximately 12 to 13 minutes, said Denver police officer Raquel Lopez.

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Marijuana Vending Machines

Usually you hit the vending machine after you've smoked pot, but now in Colorado there's a vending machine that sells weed-infused goodies.

The ZaZZZ by American Green, called the state's first marijuana edibles vending machine, was officially unveiled Saturday at Montana's Smokehouse barbecue in Avon, Colo., Fox 31 reports.

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and like that; Colorado gets a candidate who is ub3r libertad!

"For the second time in a short congressional career, U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton will have to fight off a challenger in a Republican primary on June 24. David Cox, a libertarian conservative who thinks House Republicans like Tipton aren’t being radical enough, got 33 percent of the delegate vote Friday at the Republican 3rd Congressional District Assembly in Broomfield."

I once spoke face to face with incumbent Scott Tipton and asked him if he would cut any military spending. Flat out he said no.

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What I've learned from legal marijuana in my state.

Hey guys, this article "3 studies that show cannabis grows brain cells" set me on a writing tangent that I thought I should share.

Everything in this post has been learned by me in the past 3 months while the stores have been open. It takes a scientific outlook on the new things we are learning now that research can be legally conducted.

The endocannabinoid system is a system that acts upon literally every other system in your body. It regulates homeostasis of the bodily functions, in other words, it keeps every system in your body within certain parameters necessary for proper function. When cells get low on fuel, they send signals to the brain telling them the body needs an intake of food. The brain then releases a small amount of anandamide (endocannabinoid), and you literally give yourself the munchies. That happens every time you get hungry.

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Any way to get these folks a pro bono lawyer for this property being stolen by the state or Colorado

Anybody have a lawyer for these folks, or maybe set up a chip in type account to fight the State of Colorado.

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TEDxBoulder: The surprising story of medical marijuana and pediatric epilepsy

Introducing "Charlotte's Web" or otherwise known as "The Hippies' disappointment."

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A libertarian principle is competition. CO is kicking your ass :)

I know we lost the super bowl but we have other bowls packed :). We recall legislators who are against the 2nd amendment. We have a candidate who is tougher the Ron Paul (David Cox). We even are opening up all the federally closed lands. We have a native saving buffaloes. We have the Denver Airport that evil persons will try to use as a sanctuary. They should know they are on alert and their transgressions will not be forgotten.

Colorado has the mana and the abilities. Better catch up or we will succeed :)

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If Justin Amash ran for presidency would enough of you posers be republican delegates for him?

Or will you stop crying about Rand?

lol, jk..

But it will be interesting to see who the non-2party candidates will be.

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District of Criminals is fluoridated 100%. Coincidence?

We are at 70% fluoridated population in CO. A bill to stop the fluoridating practice in CO has been initiated by petition.

I think we have to be even more creative than that. Perhaps class action lawsuits?

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VIDEO: Colorado Public Middle School Takes Students on a Field Trip to the Shooting Range (BenSwann.Com)

VIDEO: Colorado Public Middle School Takes Students on a Field Trip to the Shooting Range (BenSwann.Com)


Samuel Eaton | Mar 27, 2014

PUEBLO COUNTY, Colo. – KRDO is reporting that a group of middle school students from Craver Middle School had the chance to see firsthand what it’s like to fire a gun while learning about gun safety .

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So Much for Freedom in Colorado: Forced Vaccination Bill Passed

Parents will have little choice over whether or not to have their children vaccinated in Colorado now, due to a bipartisan measure passed by Colorado’s House Health, Insurance and Environment Committee this past Thursday. Parents who intended to claim the ‘opt out’ available in a current rendition of Colorado’s current law, due to religious or personal beliefs, will find it much more difficult to do so.

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Colorado House Passes Forced Vaccination Bill

Can't believe this is happening in the once Great Nation of the USA. So very sad.

"House Bill 1288 completely ignores the fact that many vaccines have been proven dangerous to young children, and can even cause death and infertility. Parents and doctors also offered hours of testimony to House representatives, but to no avail. The bill was proposed by State Rep. Dan Pabon (D) as a means to make sure that parents weren’t just opting out of vaccines for ‘convenience,’ as he mentioned in a statement given to the Denver Post."

Read more:

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A thread about food

First some motivation.

Then a Vice series with a prescient host.

When it gest down to it. It will always be about food. Make it fun..

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The Republican Party has less than a month to determine if it lives or dies.

All the states are in their inner-workings of the mid-term elections. And by saying Mid; I mean the off-presidential election year when all the hype of the last elections gave us our current president.

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