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Networking In Hartford, Connecticut

Ok guys and gals, I haven't been on here since 2012. If I missed the correct forum thread to post this in, please provide some direction.

I just moved to Northeast Hartford, CT, and am looking for others to network with.

Any step in the right direction is much appreciated.

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VIDEO: College Suspends Student For Asking Governor Challenging Questions On Gun Control

Found guilty of harassment and making threats for explaining anti-gun legislation was killing his ammo business

Jake Hammer | Apr 2, 2014

Watch the video. It’s entirely exculpatory.


Excerpted from The Daily Caller: A Connecticut community college suspended a student veteran for his aggressive questioning of Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy during a public forum, prompting a First Amendment advocacy group is to condemn the college for its flagrant disrespect for free speech and due process.

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VIDEO: Head Of Conn. State Police: "No Plan In Place Nor Has There Been Any Execution To Go 'Door To Door'

VIDEO: Head Of Conn. State Police: "No Plan In Place Nor Has There Been Any Execution To Go 'Door To Door'


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Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments

“The cops are having the threats…. they are scared,” he told us.

According to Cinque, Officer Joseph Peterson, who made comments in interaction on Facebook while off duty that he would “give my left nut to bang down your door and come for your gun…” has been placed on 24-hour guard due to threats on his life. This information came directly from Police Chief Kevin Halloran.

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Paul Family Friend Walter Reddy Running For Connecticut State Senate

Walter Reddy is a grass roots Ron Paul Republican running for State Senate in Connecticut's District 26. He is running against an incumbent and needs as much local and national exposure as possible in order to win the primary and then the general election.

Walter was one of the earliest supporters of Ron Paul's campaign for President. He is also the person who invited Rand Paul to speak at Fanueil Hall in Boston--an event often quoted by Ron and Rand as the pivotal moment that started the modern day tea party movement.

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Conn Cops: We will NOT Comply

Hopefully this is true. Please post if you know more about this situation. This is the kind of brave action that is needed against these tyrants. Molon Labe!

"Tyler Jackson has emailed me an interesting story, soon to appear online (I'll link to it once it does)-- the gist is that the head of the Connecticut Peace Officers' Assn has released an open letter stating that the police will not "be party to the oppression of the people of the state by enforcing an unconstitutional law." So far 250 LEOs have cosigned the letter."

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Tens of Thousands Declare Civil Disobedience - Connecticut Gun Owners - Molon Labe

I support the gun owners in Connecticut. We must use Civil Disobedience to make a point.

How dare anyone in the "government" attempt to take away any owner's weapons. We run the Government, they are the employees.

Time to let them know who does run America.

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Famed Sandy Hook Connecticut State Policeman Lt. Vance Says Opposing Gun Grab Is Un-American (audio)

In Lt. Vance's own words, "...I am the master...."
Please contact Lt. Vance directly at (860) 685-8290 and give him a piece of your mind.

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Sandy Hook: Free Homes and “Big Bucks” Incentives for Leaders and Players

These incentives include real estate transactions, wherebyvaluable homes were deeded to Newtown’s three Selectmen and to other participants for the sale price of $0 dollars on 25 December 2009, which may be the only real estate transactions on Christmas in the nation day, where they constituted very special and high-value-at-no-cost “Christmas presents”. The “survivors” have already raked in $27 million in donations to split. And now we have a new report that 200 Connecticut State Police are going to be rewarded for essentially “doing nothing”.

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Tens of Thousands of 'Felons' Flout Connecticut Gun Registration Law

Hartford Courant
Everyone knew there would be some gun owners flouting the law that legislators hurriedly passed last April, requiring residents to register all military-style rifles with state police by Dec. 31. But few thought the figures would be this bad.

Most conservative estimates place the number of unregistered assault weapons well above 50,000, and perhaps as high as 350,000.

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