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Bank gives Sandy Hook title to Lanza's house at no cost & will be demolished

NEWTOWN -- A construction company with ties to Newtown has offered to demolish Adam Lanza's home at no cost, First Selectman Pat Llodra announced Tuesday.

Representatives from Plainville-based Manafort Brothers are expected to meet with town officials this week discuss the details and possibly set a demolition date for the 36 Yogananda St. property, the home where Lanza lived with his mother before he took her life and killed 20 students and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Vaccination Agenda Used by Democrats to Divide Republicans. Effort to exclude libertarian and individual liberty factions.

Vaccination Agenda Used by Democrats to Divide Republicans. Effort to exclude libertarian and individual liberty factions.

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Nullify the federal government.

There must be a way to have a court decide in front of a jury or whatever that the federal govt does not exist or any govt for that matter. Is that even possible?

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Destruction Slated for Second Sandy Hook Crime Scene (Lanza home)

(Why would the Lanza family and/or the bank agree to sell the home to Newtown for $1 ?)

The Newtown Legislative Council voted Wednesday, January 21 to demolish the home of Adam Lanza and preserve the location as open space.

The Council’s move comes just sixteen months after a similar decision to demolish Sandy Hook Elementary School and upon strong advocacy by Newtown Selectman Patricia Llorda.

The decision was made following almost no deliberation by council members.

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Sandy Hook Commission Aims To Ban All Guns ‘That Can Fire More Than 10 Rounds Without Reloading’

The panel of “experts,” created by Governor Dan Malloy, convened last week to discuss preparations for their final report which will address numerous school security issues, including law enforcement and emergency response, safe school design and operation and mental health and wellness.

Among the recommendations considered will be a ban, not only on so-called assault weapons, but on handguns as well, as discussed at a meeting last March.

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A question in preparation for the "State Of The Union" speech.

When the President, ya know, the guy who presides over the Federal Government, makes his annual propaganda speech tomorrow known as the "State Of The Union" speech, who will ask the question: Do we live in a country or a union? For if it is one country, why would there be any mention of a Union, and if it is a union, a union of what?

The truth of the matter is that the answer is painfully obvious to anyone with working eyes and an intact intellect as it appears in the name itself: [U]nited States.

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Newtown Families' Wrongful Death Suit Against Town And School Board

It's about time, don't you think? Finally, two of the families of students killed in the Sandy Hook massacre have mustered up the courage to sue the pants off the local government which failed to protect their children. This should put an end to conspiracy theorists who keep pointing out that the lack of any lawsuits after the tragedy in such a litigious society is evidence that no tragedy occurred. Check out the article below to learn how much money they are demanding for the lives of their dead kids.

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New Canaan PD to stop issuing pistol permits

The New Canaan Police have suspended issuing temporary state pistol permits until the state makes it easier to find out if an applicant has a history of mental illness. A flaw in the application process compromises public safety, Chief Leon Krolikowski said on Thursday, Jan. 8.

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CT Resident Who Filed Sandy Hook Federal Lawsuit Now Missing

For over one week now—since December 30—William Shanley has been incommunicado, failing to respond to emails or telephone calls. Shanley is the author, onetime filmmaker and Connecticut resident who filed a $1 trillion pro se federal lawsuit against big media for fraudulent and sensationalized coverage of the December 14, 2012 shooting event at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown Connecticut.

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Sandy Hook Report: "6-foot tall Lanza was anorexic, weighing only 112 pounds"

A Connecticut agency investigating the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre finds that the killer, Adam Lanza, did not "snap" but was obsessed with mass murder and had carefully planned the attack.

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Drunk teacher ‘wet himself’ during class in front of students

“So this guy got wasted and assaulted a student, yet was not arrested? So much for school safety,” Jake Hobart wrote. “Looks like they need to pay more attention to their staff instead of harassing kids who draw stick figures with guns.”

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'Kelo' Ruling, and Retiring Hero, Inspire Filmmakers

Marcia Coyle, Supreme Court Brief (The National Law Journal), October 29, 2014

The U.S. Supreme Court soon may be the subject of a casting call for the movie version of one of its more controversial rulings.

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ISIS member rapes neighbors pitbull

So many things wrong here ...
LOL ~ the ammunition is in my car locked in my glove box.

Thanks goodness Monday is almost done I don't know if I can take much more !!!

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Public Health Emergency Declared In Connecticut Over Ebola: Civil Rights Suspended Indefinitely

We warned a week ago of the various possibilities surrounding an Ebola outbreak in America, and today we get some degree of confirmation of a medical-based martial-law coming to the US. Governor Dan Malloy has declared a Public Health Emergency in Connecticut, authorizing the "isolation of any individual reasonably believed to have been exposed to the Ebola virus." Simply put, as we noted previously, the State of Public Health Emergency allows bureaucrats to detain and force-vaccinate people without due process - despite not one single case being found in CT.


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