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Obama's New War Fails to Wow War Inc. Stocks

Let's correlate Barack Hussein's announcement of the Third Iraq War with stock prices of the biggest weapons manufacturers. Did stock prices surge on the threat of enormous war profits? Generally, yes. But then stocks generally sunk lower than pre-announcement prices. Why? Could it be that investors don't trust Obama as their Warlord-in-Chief?

CACI International Inc. Army communication tech. Up a dollar on 9/10, down $1.50 today.

Halliburton Co. [Dick Cheney’s gas trucks.] Up forty cents on 9/10, down a dollar today.

Navistar International Corp. [Army trucks.] Up fifty cents on 9/10, down seventy cents today.

ManTech International Corp. [Army surveillance.] Up thirty cents on 9/10, down two bits today.

Hewlett-Packard Co. [Army intranet.] Up a few cents on 9/10, continues to slide today.

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State Police Looking For Car Connected To Threat Against President

State Police from the Bridgeport and Bethany barracks were working with the U.S. Secret Service Friday to find a silver 2014 Volkswagen Jetta believed to be driven by a man who made a threat against President Obama.

State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance confirmed that state police are working with the Secret Service.

Vance said he could not provide additional information.

The Secret Service was looking to a question a man in relation to the possible threat.

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The Men Who Would Kill the World

Anyone who's not heard of Senate Bill 2277 "the Russian Aggression Provocation (sic) Act (RAPA)" ought to get to know it and quick. Sponsored by Sen. Bob Corker, it is co-sponsored by twenty-six other senators, all Republicans. These are the men who would kill the world:

Sen Alexander, Lamar [TN] - 5/1/2014
Sen Ayotte, Kelly [NH] - 5/1/2014
Sen Barrasso, John [WY] - 5/1/2014
Sen Blunt, Roy [MO] - 5/1/2014
Sen Burr, Richard [NC] - 5/1/2014
Sen Chambliss, Saxby [GA] - 5/6/2014
Sen Coats, Daniel [IN] - 5/1/2014
Sen Cornyn, John [TX] - 5/1/2014

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Sandy Hook - The Strange Case of Jonathan Reich

Jonathan Reich, a 22-year-old man residing in Avon, New York was arrested in May 2013 for several phone calls he made in January 2013 to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver II and other parties involved in the December 14, 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. As most readers of Memory Hole are aware, Carver was Connecticut’s controversial chief medical examiner who allegedly oversaw the autopsies of the Sandy Hook shooting victims, then guffawed through a brief press conference with reporters from national media outlets and hasn’t been heard from since.

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Peanut Butter Cookies with Chocolate Kiss

My cousins (age 7 & 9) want to make Peanut Butter Coolies with Chocolate Kisses. They saw the recipe in Ron Paul Family Cookbook. The recipe calls for the cookies to be baked for 8 minutes at 375 then put the chocolate kisses on the cookies and bake for another 5 minutes. My worry is the chocolate is going to completely melt. Has anyone tried the recipe? I usually have good luck with the Paul's cookbook but this time I'm not sure.

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Ron Paul endorses Walter Reddy for CT. State Senate


Walter Reddy is a Republican candidate for State Senate in Connecticut’s 26th District.

Walter is a Connecticut native, graduate of Wilton High School, and still calls Wilton and Fairfield County home.

As a Constitutional scholar, Walter served as a senior adviser on the board at the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies. NHCCS continues to attract some of the finest Constitutional attorneys, authors and legislators from around the country to their events.

New leadership in Hartford is needed to provide a healthy environment for jobs and a prosperous economy in Connecticut. As a small business owner, Walter understands the difficulties business owners and employees face in Connecticut with the current burdensome taxing and regulating.

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Nader: "Time for a Real Tea Party - in 2016!"

Here's something interesting from ordinarily progressive firebrand Ralph Nader. In honor of his new book, "Unstoppable", he's toned down the usual criticism of Tea party conservatives and libertarians and discusses how the next phase of the Tea Party -- the one borne out of Ron Paul libertarian activists, co-opted by the GOP, and finally vaniquished by the same once it outlived its usefulness -- can be brought to new life and vigor in time for the 2016s.

From the Nader Page at

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Connecticut Senate Candidate endorsed by Ron Paul Needs Liberty Minded Assistants for Signature Drive in May 2014

The Walter Reddy for State Senate campaign is signature petitioning for the August 12th Republican Primary in the 26th District of Connecticut (Bethel, Redding, Ridgefield, Wilton and Westport.

We will be collecting signatures STARTING May 27th and finishing June 10th.

Our focus will be on Republicans and Unaffiliated voters that believe in our Constitutional Rights and Freedom!

For more info, call (203) 644-2525

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Walter Jones (R-NC) surives brutal AIPAC assault - Adelson & Kristol humiliated

Walter Jones, NC's 3rd Congressional District representative and long-time ally of Ron Paul, has survived a brutal purge funded by AIPAC, Sheldon Adelson, and Bill Kristoll.

Pat Buchanan's blog | Walter Jones Repels a War Party Attack

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Two Incidents in Musical History Today

What is happening in Connecticut you might ask?
Two Things:
Paul Simon arrested...but not taken into custody(?)

"Singers Paul Simon and his wife Edie Brickell were arrested over the weekend in Connecticut after police investigated a "family dispute," the New Canaan Police Department said...."

"The Music’s Over: Iconic Connecticut Ovation Guitar Factory Closes After 47 Years"...

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Networking In Hartford, Connecticut

Ok guys and gals, I haven't been on here since 2012. If I missed the correct forum thread to post this in, please provide some direction.

I just moved to Northeast Hartford, CT, and am looking for others to network with.

Any step in the right direction is much appreciated.

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VIDEO: College Suspends Student For Asking Governor Challenging Questions On Gun Control

Found guilty of harassment and making threats for explaining anti-gun legislation was killing his ammo business

Jake Hammer | Apr 2, 2014

Watch the video. It’s entirely exculpatory.


Excerpted from The Daily Caller: A Connecticut community college suspended a student veteran for his aggressive questioning of Democratic Gov. Dannel Malloy during a public forum, prompting a First Amendment advocacy group is to condemn the college for its flagrant disrespect for free speech and due process.

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VIDEO: Head Of Conn. State Police: "No Plan In Place Nor Has There Been Any Execution To Go 'Door To Door'

VIDEO: Head Of Conn. State Police: "No Plan In Place Nor Has There Been Any Execution To Go 'Door To Door'


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