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Aaaron "No Motive" Alexis. ReviewManify Breaks it Down


ReviewManify points out important things in this video. MSM called this video "chilling". It's a man running around with a shotgun in an empty hallway. No shooting, just creeping around.


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Mitch McConnell Gets on the 'Rand' Wagon (half-way), Backs End to Congressional Exemption: Do We Trust Him? (No)

Nothing has been said in this article, anyway, about the idea of exchanging Congressional Subsidies for an increase of the debt ceiling. McConnell told former Education Secretary Bill Bennett on Bennett's Radio program that he supports the amendment proposed by Senator David Vitter. The amendment, mentioned by Ted Cruz in his 'filibuster' attempt, would remove the government employees subsidies from The Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Act, commonly known as Obamacare.


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Senate Floor: Sen. Paul Joins Sen. Cruz On DEFUNDING Obamacare (VIDEO)

Senate Floor: Sen. Paul Joins Sen. Cruz On DEFUNDING Obamacare (VIDEO)


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Obama Hides Aid For Criminals In Immigration Bill

Obama Hides Aid For Criminals In Immigration Bill

Neil Munro
White House Correspondent
10:04 AM 09/23/2013

The White House is trying to hide unpopular provisions in the Senate’s immigration bill that would allow immigrant criminals to stay in the country and would increase the inflow of low-skill refugees from war-torn countries, says a top White House official.

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Rand Paul To Introduce Amendment Outlawing Obamacare Exemptions For Government Employees


“I think Congress should never exempt themselves from a law”

Steve Watson | Infowars.com | Sept 23, 2013

Senator Rand Paul has announced that he intends to introduce a constitutional amendment that would force all federal employees off taxpayer funded personal health-care plans and onto Obamacare health insurance.

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Takes The Fall: Lois Lerner Out At IRS

Takes The Fall: Lois Lerner Out At IRS

Associated Press
23 Sep 2013, 3:53 PM PDT

Facing a possible firing, the Internal Revenue Service official at the center of the agency's tea party scandal retired Monday, ending one chapter in a ruckus that has engulfed the tax-collection agency since spring.

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*Update* IRS Head Lois Learner, At the Heart of the Tea Party Scandal, Retires, and Will Keep Pension Worth Over $50,000

The head of the IRS during the Tea Party Scandal will retire, presumably maintaining full retirement benefits. (Editorial comment: this 'piece of work' will, of course, certainly receive her 'retirement benefits in spite of her actions. So... my suspicions were totally confirmed today! See update from the Daily Mail!)



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Navy Yard Shooting Was A False Flag, May Have Involved Craft International

Skip ahead to 3:30 into this video, and you'll hear the Park Police Chief say that there may be two other shooters (a third shooter already being deceased); one being a white male in a khaki/tan military uniform with a beret hat, something "like a naval uniform", with a handgun. Another being a black male, 50 years of age, wearing an olive/drab colored military-style uniform. She says they are both wearing military style uniforms.


So 3 shooters? At least two of which are in military style, tan uniforms...

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Remove the Second Amendment and learn Tai Kwon Do

The video, reportedly filmed this past week on Constitution Day, depicts Media Research Center reporter Dan Joseph interviewing individuals near our nation’s most historic monuments in Washington, D.C.

“Can you name three amendments, any of the amendments, to the Constitution,” Joseph asks one person.

“Yeah, the first, second and the third,” the man replies, later adding “I’m clueless, I’m drawing a blank right now.”

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2013 German Election is Sunday(today)

What is the Libertarian/UKIP of Germany?

Who is the German Ron Paul?

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Radios Failed During Navy Yard Attack, Emergency Responders Say

Radios Failed During Navy Yard Attack, Emergency Responders Say

By Kevin Bogardus - 09/19/13 05:38 PM ET

Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders.

Union officials said police and firefighters resorted to using their cellphones and radios from D.C.’s emergency responders to communicate with each other during the attack.

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Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity - September 19, 2013 (VIDEO)

Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity- September 19, 2013 (VIDEO)


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*NEWSFLASH via Drudge*: Nobamacare: House Votes to Defund Obamacare, Boehner claims: Victory for Common Sense

With a Sept. 30 deadline, Congress is trying to move fast. Democrats are calling this a stunt, Republicans are saying nobody really wants Obamacare anyway. Voting was almost directly along party lines: 230 to 189, and Democrats wasted no time deriding the action, Nancy Pelosi (D-Ca) was quoted, saying, "It is a wolf in wolves' clothing." Funny, that's what many of us wondered about the law itself when we heard Nancy Pelosi say: "We have to pass the law to see what is in it!"

This is one of the best reasons to pass The Read the Bills Act yet, I wish Senator Tom Coburn had followed through on his threat. Maybe someone with more intestinal fortitude will do it for him.




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Liberty Rising: BOOM! House Passes Bill, 230 - 189 To DEFUND Obamacare

Liberty Rising: BOOM!! House Passes Bill, 230 - 189 To DEFUND Obamacare

By Stephen Dinan-The Washington Times
Updated: 11:37 a.m. on Friday, September 20, 2013

House Republicans passed their stopgap funding bill Friday to keep government open while terminating the new health care law, setting up a final showdown next week with Senate Democrats and President Obama who have firmly rejected that.

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ALERT! (Update: Vote In 20 Minutes) House Vote To Set The Stage On Government Shutdown

ALERT! (Update: Vote In 20 Minutes) House Vote To Set The Stage On Government Shutdown

By Michael A. Memoli
September 20, 2013, 3:00 a.m.

WASHINGTON - The House of Representatives has voted 40 times to repeal or curtail the Affordable Care Act since Republicans took control of the chamber in 2011 - and each time the Democratic Senate has swatted away their bills.

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