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RandPac, CPAC and YAL have a great sense of humor!

This morning I recieved an email from these fine folks.

Rand Paul / RandPac
CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee)
YAL (Young Americans for Liberty)

They were offering discount rates to the CPAC event next month in D.C..

There was a side note in the offer; and I just had to share their sense of humor!

NOTE: This offer is not valid for neo-conservatives, establishment Republicans, or Rick Santorum

Hah! Those crazy kids at YAL!

Liberty Now!

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Armed Man assaulted by vigilante at Florida Walmart

A simple errand turned violent for Clarence Daniels this week when he went to Walmart for some coffee creamer and wound up in a chokehold.

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Another successful Silver barter! Silver is Money!

Recently, I had cut down a 35' Carrotwwod tree in my front yard.
I did it all by myself! I'm not lazy or weak!

Afterwards, all that remained was a huge stump and the giant bough section.
I needed someone to grind the stump and bough away.

I had contacted several stump grinders.
They were very expensive!
One guy quoted me 375.00!!!
Wow! Last year, I had a guy offer to cut down the whole tree for 300.!

Funny thing, the 375.00 quote included a military and senior discount!
Well, I didn't think it was very funny!

I caught up with a fella grinding a stump in the neighborhood and asked him for a quote.
He came over later and quoted me 125.00.

I asked him if he wanted paper dollars or real money...
And that started the conversation!

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My Congressman, Curt Clawson; a man of few words! Letter to local GOP members...

This is a letter that Curt sent to us on the eve of voting for a new Speaker of the House.
Short and sweet. Now is a good time for change. Nice.

But, he left us in the dark.
Surely he wouldn't vote for Goehmert.

Of course, our freshman Congressman Clawson is "famous" now.
Because he voted for Senator Rand Paul!

Curt and I at a local GOP meeting.

Just thought I'd share. :-)

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I wish this song was obsolete

Unfortunately, it's all too timely in this country today.
Love, love, love this song by Richard Shindell called "Fishing" about an INS interrogator speaking to a "good citizen or poor campesino."
"Make no mistake.
This fountain pen
Could put you on a plane by ten"
Hope you enjoy it as much as I
Would love to hear your thoughts

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Disney cruise officials say 4-month-old was too young, forced family off ship in foreign country

NAPLES, Florida - The family cruise to the Bahamas was going great, until four members of the group were asked to pack up their things and disembark in Nassau.

North Naples resident Dave Berg boarded the Disney cruise ship out of Miami on Dec. 30 with 31 family members. Berg said his mother-in-law is sick with cancer and the cruise was part of her bucket list.

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Kids left in car for hours after adults arrested, Broward authorities say

Three young children spent seven hours alone in a car in a Wal-Mart parking lot after their parents were arrested and accused of shoplifting at the store, authorities said.

According to the Broward Sheriff's Office, Tosheba Hope, 30, and Gerald Moultrie, 24, were arrested about 7 p.m. Monday at the Wal-Mart, 3001 N. State Road 7, and accused of grand theft.

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Congressman Curt Clawson 'The Outsider' casts his speaker of the House vote for Rand Paul

Curt Clawson called himself 'The Outsider' when running for Congress in Florida District 19 last year. It looks like he may be true to his word.


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50-Year-Old White Man Carjacked, Bashed In Head With Hammer 13 Times By 2 Blacks = No Hate Crime, No Media, No Protests

50-Year-Old White Man Carjacked, Bashed In Head With Hammer 13 Times By 2 Blacks = No Hate Crime, No Media, No Protests
By Martin Hill
January 5, 2015


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Store owner installs surveillance cameras to spy on police

Surveillance is for our own good.

By having everything that we are doing monitored, we can be sure that we (who have nothing to hide) will be safe.

At least, that's the logic many authorities offer us, as they spy, pry, and vilify anyone who might feel suspicious.

What happens, though, when you suspect the authorities of behaving suspiciously? Is it all right to spy on them?

Miami Gardens, Fla., convenience store owner Alex Saleh decided he'd try. He'd become vexed at what he saw as police harassment of his employees and even his customers.

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Florida police engaged in sex sting entrapment scam

An investigation into police sex stings conducted by Florida police found over 1,200 cases in which officers routinely entrapped innocent victims, stole their property, and came close to ruining people’s lives.

As part of a year-long investigation, the Tampa, Florida-based news station 10 Investigates found through court records that part of the Central Florida Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) task force spent hours on predator sting operations. Officials also violated arrest rules to inflate arrest totals, and stole property from alleged perpetrators.


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Passive Aggressive Nanny State Police Employee @ Hillsborough 12-27-14 dui checkpoint

we really have to do something about the SIDEWALK being closed for DUI checkpoints...

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On the day after Christmas the North Carolina State Wolfpack and the University of Central Florida Knights will square off in the Bitcoin Bowl at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In several short years few will recall the game itself, especially not those on the Trop's Party Deck. But, historians will note that 2014 was the year that a major American college football bowl game was named for a post-national cryptocurrency associated with techno-libertarians and anonymous transactions.

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Florida police officer killed; suspect charged with murder

TAMPA, Fla. (Reuters) - A veteran Florida police officer was shot and killed while on duty early Sunday by a man described as transient, according to law enforcement officials, who gave no motive for the suspect now charged with murder.

Officer Charles Kondek, 45, was gunned down in Tarpon Springs, about 30 miles northwest of Tampa, after responding to a call for service around 2 a.m. EST, the Tarpon Springs Police Department said.

The officer later died of his injuries at a local hospital, the police department said.

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