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Tribute to Friends

To all Daily Paul Members

You are the greatest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I've learned, laughed, and cursed at the screen for hours thanks to the enthusiasm, love, blood, sweat, and tears of my DP Family. My journey to the truth would be a lonely one without you.





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Been awhile! People saying, "Good-bye?"

I haven't posted in a long while...dropped in from time to time but this is the first I have heard of the site ending soon.

Thanks Michael for the site! It has been fun. I wish it wasn't ending especially with the upcoming presidential campaign.

Take care all. See you soon!

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SunTrust Bank closes Gun Shop accounts

When American Gun & Pawn of Brooksville, Florida, received the following letter from SunTrust Bank, they were shocked and outraged:


Another, with local news footage:

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VIDEO: Cops Harass Legal Gun Owner, Confiscate Weapon

VIDEO: Cops Harass Legal Gun Owner, Confiscate Weapon

"This is what a police state looks like"

Published on Mar 24, 2015

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Thibodaux police officer, originally charged with DWI, pleads guilty to reckless driving in Florida

THIBODAUX (AP) — A Louisiana police officer originally charged with driving under the influence has pleaded guilty to reckless driving in Florida.

Florida State Attorney’s Office tells The Daily Comet Collier County Judge Vince Murphy ordered 33-year-old Varick Taylor Jr. on Monday to pay a $250 fine plus court and prosecution costs.

Samantha Syoen, a spokeswoman for the state attorney’s office, says Taylor had already completed a 12-hour driving course as part of the plea deal.

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Florida trooper in unmarked car hits motorcycle and tries to flee


This Florida State Trooper in an unmarked Monte Carlo, attempts to pull over a motorcycle with a questionable technique. The resulting traffic stop includes the police car pinning the bike against the shoulder barrier, after which the officer tries to evade the citizen filming the encounter.

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VIDEO: Cops Bust Into House, Shoot Unarmed Man In The Face

"No Knock" SWAT pot raid ends in death


Cops in Florida burst into a house rented by three twenty-something friends this week and immediately shot one of them dead, according to accounts, despite the fact he was unarmed and non-threatening.

Twenty six-year-old Derek Cruice was shot in the face and killed during the botched raid in Deltona. His shocked friends say he did nothing wrong, and described the act as “murder”.

More + Video:

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Florida city wages soviet-style crackdown on churches

A government crackdown on churches has Christians in Lake Worth, Fla., wondering if they live in the United States or the former Soviet Union.

Churches in Lake Worth, population 36,000, have been ordered to acquire a business license. As if the church has to get the government’s permission to preach and pray?

But wait. It gets worse, folks.

City officials were so concerned about one congregation that they dispatched a code enforcement officer cloaked in a hoodie to spy on a Southern Baptist church that was meeting in a coffee house.

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Video: Florida Highway Patrol Officer Tasers Old Man With His Hands in the Air

An FHP officer tugs on the door handle of the minivan, but it doesn’t open. Finally, it swings wide and an old man with thinning hair and glasses nervously sticks his hands in the air.

“Oh, God,” the woman watching says. “He’s just an old man!”

One officer spins the old man — who appears to be holding a black cell phone — and shouts, “On the ground!”

The other officer, in an FHP hat, shouts either “Let him go!” or “Let it go!” and then deploys his Taser on the man.

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Central Florida man killed by police serving search warrant

ORLANDO, Fla. (Reuters) - A 26-year-old Central Florida man died after being shot in the face early on Wednesday morning by a sheriff’s deputy attempting to serve a search warrant in a narcotics investigation, authorities said.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported in a press release that the victim, Derek Cruice, advanced on a member of the SWAT team as the officer was entering the house, leading to his killing.

The deputy who fired the shot was Todd Raible, 36, a 10-year employee of the sheriff's office, according to Davidson, who said no one was arrested.

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Drug Dogs, Students And Secrecy.

Pacetti Bay is the home of the Wild Cats and warrantless drug dog searches of students conducted by the St johns County Sheriff’s Department. The drug dog searches were brought to my attention when I over heard students talking about the searches and how as they exited their busses they were forced to line up with their backs along a wall, put their book bags at their feet and hold their arms up as the dog was brought along to sniff every student and their belongings.

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Officer investigated after pushing, slapping homeless man


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — Police have opened a criminal investigation into an officer who was videotaped pushing and slapping a homeless man at a bus terminal in downtown Fort Lauderdale — a city that made national headlines for its ban on feeding homeless people in some public areas.

In the video, Officer Victor Ramirez confronts a man who had been sleeping on a bench inside the open-air terminal. Ramirez shoves the man to the ground, then slaps him hard in the face and handcuffs him.

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Did Govt minimize Epstein scandal to save Hillary's 2008 campaign?

Warning - Palm Beach Police Dept. investigation reports are graphic.

The deal Epstein received is unheard of - looks like the corrupt Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office & the Federal prosecutors wanted this to go away quickly & quietly. I assume the State of Florida was right with them too. Interesting article comments.



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