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I need Help with an Economics class!

I have an extra credit assignment this week on what the current inflation rate is. So obviously i'm going to give my professor the generic Consumer Price Index figure which is at about 2% but I also want to add extra more "honest" figures.
Can anyone help with with links and sources of more accurate inflate rate figures to refute the ones that these corrupt organizations want us to believe? Thanks

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Man dies after being Tasered by police in Florida

MIAMI (Reuters) - Authorities in Florida are investigating the death of a man who was shot with a Taser stun gun by a police officer while resisting arrest, sheriff's deputies said on Monday.

The Columbia County Sheriff's Office in central Florida said a 91-year-old woman reported a suspicious person in the yard of her Lake City home on Sunday evening, and that the man threw a metal pipe at her when she challenged him.

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Jeb Bush's Pot Proposal

Jeb Bush(R-FL), with an eye on the 2016 race for the White House, has ruled that the war on drugs must NEVER end.

Newsmax Reports: "Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush has slammed the ballot initiative legalizing medical marijuana, claiming it will tarnish the state's prestigious reputation as a tourist and retirement mecca.

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Common Law Grand Jury

The Peoples Grand Jury, of Common Law, was formed yesterday morning at 10am, at the Dixie County FL Courthouse. This is the first time in 80 years. We also issued two True Bills.

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Today is my 7 year anniversary on the Daily Paul!

I have thought a lot about what I want to say for my anniversary. So here it is. It may fare well, or it may fade away into the pages of the PAUL. But I believe that it may be an idea whose time has come.

I've read several nice posts and comments lately about how much @XYZ loves the folks on the Daily Paul. And, comments by #$^%& about how they would love to get together with other Daily Paulers if "Micheal would just call for a reunion" (sigh)

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Is War Really a Racket?

Please imagine that one day, looking out your window, you note that a construction crew is building a brick wall around a neighbor’s house across the street and down the way. On subsequent days you note further progress and become perplexed over what your neighbor’s motivation might be. The wall is high and unpleasant looking. It surrounds the home, but for a few meters in the front. You become irritated at this unsightly mess and the damaging effect it has on the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

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Google Seeks To Dismiss U.S. Antitrust Lawsuit More than Android

[Note: This weird thread is discussed in more detail, here.]

Google Docs as most men and women know is an exceptional document tool which can be used to produce and share with a variety of men and women over the Net. Google Docs comes with a range %google% - %http://www.google.com% of packages providing the user possibilities to produce and share different Workplace documents like Word, Spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations on the web.

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VIDEO: 9-1-1 Dispatcher’s Insane Instructions To Woman Whose House Was Being Robbed: “Put Down The Gun”

VIDEO: 9-1-1 Dispatcher’s Insane Instructions To Woman Whose House Was Being Robbed: “Put Down The Gun”

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44SftSVt1x4

Mac Slavo
August 5th, 2014

We’re not sure what they’re teaching 9-1-1 emergency operators these days, but the bad advice given to one individual seeking emergency services might just get you killed.

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Dog walks 30 miles home and rejected - now in 11,000 sq ft mansion w/Wrigley gum heiress

Ma Kettle is an arthritic senior Lab who walked 30 miles to try to get home -- only to be rejected by her former family once she arrived.

The dog had seen a country song's amount of sadness already. Ma Kettle's previous owner -- who called her Lady -- died in 2012, leaving her homeless. She was adopted out of the Chautauqua County Animal Shelter, in Kansas, but then given away again for not getting along with a new puppy.

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Fla. mom arrested for allowing son to play at park gets free legal defense

The heavy hand of Florida law enforcement slapped cuffs on a single mother last week for the crime of letting her son play at a neighborhood park by himself.

Charged with child neglect, Nicole Gainey faces up to five years in prison. If convicted, her 7-seven-year-old boy could end up in state custody.

Think the arrest is a small town one-off? Think again, says John Whitehead, a constitutional attorney for the Virginia-based Rutherford Institute.

There are no unusual circumstances in this case, he told Watchdog.org. It could pretty much happen to any family, he said.

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Florida woman arrested after buying allergy medicine

TALLAHASSEE, FL — A woman says that she was arrested and imprisoned after she bought some allergy medicine from a local pharmacy.

The ordeal of Mickey Lynn Goodson occurred in July of 2010, but was recently brought to light in a federal lawsuit.

Ms. Goodson says that when she suffered seasonal “allergy flare-ups”, she asked a pharmacist what she might take to suppress her symptoms. Because of Florida’s draconian drug laws, coupled with Gadsden County’s overzealous enforcers and prosecutors, the woman’s medical issues would stem into a costly legal nightmare that lasted over a year.

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Mom Charged With Felony For Letting Son Walk To Park Alone

A Florida mother says she is bewildered after she was arrested and charged with child neglect for letting her son walk to a nearby park alone.

“I’m totally dumbfounded by this whole situation,” Port St. Lucie resident Nicole Gainey told WPTV.

Gainey thought nothing of letting Dominic, her 7-year-old son, walk to Sportsman’s Park on Saturday.



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John Joseph of the Cro-Mags

and author of MEAT IS FOR PUSSIES sez:

Help kids with cancer. I'm racing Florida Ironman Nov 1st - Please Donate and RETWEET charity link! http://ctf.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=1...

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Adrian Wyllie in Court Right Now Fighting Against Real ID - Clearwater FL

The Florida Libertarian Candidate for Governor who Voluntarily surrendered his drivers license to challenge Real ID is in court RIGHT NOW. From his facebook post yesterday:

UPDATE ON STATE V. WYLLIE: The State Attorney has filed a Motion To Strike my Motion To Dismiss. They have mounted a weak challenge on the basis of criminal procedure and jurisdiction. In my opinion, they are grasping at straws. I'm drafting a countermotion now, which should easily dispel their arguments.

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Only in Florida ~ 'Crazy' cat attacks, traps couple inside Volusia County home

"I just called about my crazy cat. ... She tore me and my husband up," the woman said. "We're ripped up."

The woman told the 911 dispatcher that she may have accidentally stepped on the cat, which she's owned for four years.

"She freaked out. ... She's got us locked in our bedroom," the woman said. "She's never been like this."

The woman told 911 that the cat was not current on its shots.

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