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Florida City About To Make It Illegal For Homeless People To Have Possessions In Public

By Scott Keyes | April 21, 2014 | Think Progress

A backpack. Spare clothes. A notebook. Some keepsake photos. Crackers.

Though they may not have a home in which to secure their stuff, homeless people still have possessions like everyone else.

Yet the city of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is on the cusp of passing a new regulation that would make it illegal for anyone to store their personal things on public property. Specifically, it would empower police to confiscate any personal possessions stored on public property, provided they have given the homeless person 24-hours notice. If the homeless people wish to retrieve their items, they must pay the city “reasonable charges for storage and removal of the items,” though that fee is waived if the person is able to demonstrate he or she cannot afford to pay. The city may dispose of any possessions not retrieved within 30 days. One of the driving factors behind the measure, according to the legislation, is the city’s “interest in aesthetics.”

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Meet Bill Wohlsifer, Florida’s first Libertarian candidate for Attorney General.

If elected, Bill Wohlsifer will be

Florida’s First Attorney General to support an end to the War on Drugs
Florida’s First Attorney General to advocate that the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision in United States v. Windsor, provides sufficient grounds to challenge Florida’s Article I, Section 27, Constitutional ban on same-sex marriage
Florida’s First Attorney General to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in Florida (Bill wrote the Cathy Jordan Medical Cannabis Act)

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Blanchard Moneybomb

Liberty candidate running for U.S. Congress needs our help. He has a moneybomb running TODAY through Sunday!



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Florida Senate Passes Warning Shot Bill

The Florida Senate gave final approval on Thursday to a bill that would allow gun owners to fire warning shots to ward off attackers in dangerous situations.

Opponents of the law, who have been pressing for stricter gun control in Florida, called the measure irresponsible and warned it could make gun-owners become trigger-happy.

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Rand Paul considering expanded whistleblower laws for contractors



Paul's remarks prompted by Snowden's statements on protections for government contractors

Apr 06, 2014

ORLANDO, Florida (CNN) —Speaking to a libertarian-leaning audience Sunday about ex-contractor Edward Snowden, Sen. Rand Paul said he's thinking about ways to "expand the whistleblower statute to government contractors."

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A woman gets a visit from CPS for having an opinion.

A woman's advocacy for medical marijuana for her son, who suffers from a rare form of pediatric epilepsy, results in an investigation by the Child Protective Services.

Renee Petro's advocacy on behalf of her son resulted in CPS agents arriving at her home - where an investigator then isolated and interrogated her 9 year old daughter, and terrified the whole family.

They found zero evidence of Petro providing marijuana to her son - because she didn't. She simply advocated for the right to do so.

More: http://www.unitedforcare.org/activist_alert_outrageous

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Black Hawk Helicopters Flying through Ft Lauderdale in the middle of the night. (3/24/14)

There are several videos by different people on Youtube. Here is one of them.


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Stand Your Ground, Pop-Tart gun measures clear Florida House

One proposal seeks to extend "stand your ground" immunity to people who fire a warning shot or threaten to use other deadly force in cases of self-defense.

The second bill would prevent children from facing severe punishments for playing with simulated weapons in schools. It specifically permits the use of pastries as pretend pistols.

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An Open Letter to Florida Power and Light CEO - Smart Meters

The letter below was sent to Florida Power and Light Chairman/CEO James L. Robo this week upon reviewing FPL’s policy to “opt out” of Smart Meter technology for an “enrollment fee” and subsequent monthly payments. Such payments amount to mob-style extortion that utility customers are forced to pay, simply to remain free from potential harassment or harm.

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FBI Manipulated the Media Today and Spread a Big Fat Lie.

Florida state attorney denies reports FBI agent in Todashev shooting cleared

Florida state prosecutors on Friday denied that they had cleared an FBI agent who shot dead a friend of the Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev while interrogating him.

The FBI is understood to have concluded that the officer who shot Ibragim Todashev, 27, was left with no alternative but to fire in self defence after being struck on the neck with a metal pole.

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NRA Does Not Oppose Weakening 'Stand Your Ground Law' in Florida (Video)

NRA Does Not Oppose Weakening 'Stand Your Ground Law' in Florida (Video)

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObQ-bmSi4oY

Kurt Nimmo
March 20, 2014

Florida’s Stand Your Ground self-defense law tested during the George Zimmerman trial is under assault in Florida. Marion Hammer, a former NRA president who is one of the chief architects of the law in Florida, is not opposed to changes to the law. She has served as the NRA’s lobbyist in Tallahassee for more than three decades.

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Boycott The Daily Beast

Since they like to run baseless accusations and attack Ron Paul... I will not post the link because clicking on it only makes it show up more prominently in the search engines. Best to ignore it and the daily beast as well!

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Does Ariel Sharon's death presage the return of Jesus

I read about Rabbi Karudi's death note several years ago. Opened one year after his death, written in Hebrew, Rabbi Karudi states that he has met the messiah, his name is Jesus, and that Ariel Sharon's death would mark the beginning of his return. Ariel Sharon died this past weekend after spending more than 7 years on life support with 24/7 security

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Orlando Cops’ Fatal ‘Knock and Talk’ Tactic Leads to Lawsuit

Orlando police take the alleged sale of marijuana in their city very seriously. They use a tactic called “knock and talk,” where cops try to get residents to open their doors voluntarily so they can snoop around for evidence of wrongdoing. Sounds kind of skeevy, right?

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