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Jewish Supremacist Settlers (Colonizers) Torch Palestinian Mosque in Israel in string of attacks Gosh darn A rabs just need to stop hatin on those Jews! Ungrateful anti Semites!

Of course, this is not reported on Surprisingly, I found it on Usually yahoo has a pro Israel bias, but I actually found this article and two others there that placed Israel in a true light this morning.

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Derrick Grayson applauded for education leadership (TMOT)

April 15, 2014 Alpharetta, GA – The founders of the Georgia volunteer citizen organization, About Common Core, honored Conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Derrick Grayson, as the only candidate in the Senate race to receive the Education Freedom Award at a ceremony held in downtown Alpharetta yesterday. Grayson set himself apart from the rest of the candidates, by signing a pledge and vowing to repeal Common Core. Grayson stands firm on the principles of bringing education back to the states, where the power is given back to teachers and parents.

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Ben Stein Lies for Jonathan Pollard and Israel on CBS Sun. Morning Show

Ben Stein told a number of lies yesterday morning on the CBS Sunday Morning Show, on behalf of Jonathan Pollard and Israel. In a pre-taped video, he railed against the "media's treament" of Jonathan Pollard and John Kerry's push to revive the peace process. He is right that the peace process is absurd, but not for the reasons he argued. But let's get to his lies.

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Ron Paul supported Senate Candidate Paul Broun climbs to Double digit lead in GOP Senate Primary race.

With nearly every Tea Party organization in Georgia backing him, Paul Broun who had been tied for first in the Georgia Senate GOP primary race has moved to a double digit lead.

See today's story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution

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TMOT is RISING in the polls!

I just saw a poll for the Georgia Senate race released on March 19th, that shows TMOT (Derrick Grayson) going from LESS than 1% in the last poll to now 4%!

Libertarians continue to show they can draw in the people that don't normally vote GOP. Even with 4%, he was able to pull in the 2nd most 18-34 voters. TMOT also had 34% of the Hispanic vote!

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I Can’t Finish House of Cards (and Should’ve Stopped Breaking Bad)

Don’t worry – no spoilers here.

Disgusting. Unrealistic. Waste of time. – That’s my summing up of House of Cards (second season) on Netflix.

Yeah, the first season was great, a little bit over the top but pretty good overall. Loved it.

Onto the second season. I’m a few episodes in and…really? Seriously? The disgusting, macabre nature of the show was beginning to turn me away.

Why do shows nowadays revolve around people’s sexcapades?

And I should’ve stopped watching Breaking Bad. The last few episodes were just downright disturbing.

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Meet Derrick Grayson (TMOT): An exclusive interview with Georgia’s ‘only constitutional conservative’

Meet Derrick Grayson: An exclusive interview with Georgia’s ‘only constitutional conservative’

By Sarah Westwood, Communities Digital News
March 24, 2014

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Is Rand Paul taking us for granted in shifting closer to the Neo-Con Right?

I know that this movement is desperate for political victory, but are we so desperate that Rand knows he can shift to the neo-con right, without losing us? I am here to say that I will not support Rand Paul if he continues with this neo-con light agenda. Please, if you support Rand, and "stand with Rand," tell us how you reconcile what Rand has recently proposed with what Ron Paul has taught us about the MIC. I think there is still time to send Rand a message. We are not to be taken for granted.

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The problems those who defend your rights have with the loudest Libertarians

Problems those who serve this country with threat to their lives have with the loudest Libertarians.

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Derrick Grayson: Drive Time Zen

Derrick Grayson is running for United States Senate in the state of Georgia, ZEN IN THE CAR T.V. took the Liberty of covering his position in only the way they can do. Enjoy, Drive Time ZEN.

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Malaysia Flight 370 Solved - It's D.B. Cooper

One of the few successful hijackers in history. He's come back because that stash of cash from 1971 is depleted.
If you haven't read about him it's a fascinating story:

And btw, this is posted under the HUMOR category.

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Derrick Grayson (TMOT) Savannah Georgia Senate Debate March 29 2014 LIVE Stream

Georgia Senate Debate (5 of 7) streamed LIVE. Saturday March 29th, 2014 6:00pm at the Savannah Arts Academy 500 Washington Ave, Savannah, GA 31405.

Attend The Debate

Text: Send 20.14 to
to 729725

The Campaign:


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TMOT: Savannah Showdown Money Bomb + Debate 3/29/14

Money Bomb for TMOT! And are there any DPers close to Savannah who can attend the debate March 29th?

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Zen In The Car T.V.: Sons Of Thunder

In this episode of ZEN IN THE CAR T.V., Hiram L Madge and Christopher Hill of the Constitutional Security Force, GA. Chapter, deliver thunderous speeches on the steps of Atlanta's Capitol Building.

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