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Atlas Shrugged Part III: It has to be said

I tried so hard to like it.....but it was terrible

When I saw part II in theaters, everyone applauded at the end. Part III not so much, a lot of grumpy grey haired individuals.

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The Official Week 1 NFL Discussion String

Did you guys see the Falcons pull out that win against the Saints?! Woohoo!! Let the NFL discussion begin!

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Georgia video journalist arrested for recording Republican rally

Within the hour, she would be screaming, bent double over a store counter in her black sun dress, with her arms twisted behind her and a deputy close on her haunches.

All because she had pointed her video camera at Republican candidates. Not a proud moment for a political party in need of female support.

AJC account here:

Eyewitness account by a fellow citizen journalist here:

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We Are Creating Change Explains Jeff Berwick

Jeff Berwick talks about liberty, creating change and previous leaders within the U.S. gov't (Condi Rice, GW Bush to name a couple) being shunned by the public and other governments. I really enjoy hearing his thoughts. Are you guys familiar with Jeff?

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Guardian article casting doubt on claim by lone Hamas official that Hamas kidnapped the three settlers. Link to an article that casts doubt on the claim by the only Hamas official (he is in Turkey by the way, not Gaza) to claim credit for the kidnapping of the three settlers. And regardless, Israel had killed scores of Palestinians in the weeks prior to the kidnapping. So this claim does not show that Israel was only defending itself.

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Jewish Harvard Grad Busted for Trolling Blogs with "Anti-Semitic" postings. False flag "Anti-Semitism"!

He posted vicious "anti Semitic" messages on various blogs, to make the pro Palestinian cause look hateful against "the Jews."

Great article detailing how he was caught. The Zionist apologists are quite shameless, eh?

Here are some other examples worth watching: Jewish Americans caught faking hate crimes!

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The REAL problem in Ferguson

Once the news surfaced that a young black man was shot by a white cop you would’ve thought Moses had parted the sea. Blacks on the street rioting, looting, and threatening the rest of America from the video cameras of willing news crews. Whites around town attempting to find ANY reason to side with the cops. “Well, that young man was HIGH on pot and had just robbed a convenience store!”

Yes, we know.

Neither of these is the real problem.

The REAL problem in Ferguson is that people are prematurely choosing sides without knowing WHAT in the hell really happened.

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Laura Ingraham Ignores Actual Timeline of Events, and Lies for Netanyahu in Radio Ad

I noticed this morning that Laura Ingraham is in a radio commercial for I have enjoyed her show in the past, but not any more. I will not tolerate being lied to. In this ad, she insists that Hamas "started this." Her claim is not backed up by the facts. Netanyahu shed the first blood, by bombing Gaza, killing 10 Palestinians, and arresting hundreds of others, in retaliation for a crime not committed by Hamas. And no, I don't support Hamas. One doesn't have to like Hamas to believe that it has the right to resist Israel's occupation.

Even a private Israeli think tank agrees that Hamas broke a long standing cease fire ONLY AFTER Netanyahu unleashed his Texas chain saw revenge for the deaths of the three settler teens.

Read the following to see why she and other pro Israel apologists are dead wrong: "The July 23 article 'Hamas Gambled on War as Its Woes Grew in Gaza" by New York Times reporter Anne Barnard wrongly states, "When Hamas sent a barrage of rockets into Israel, simmering hostilities, and back and forth strikes, erupted into war." That statement about the war's origin is pro-war propaganda. It has no basis in fact.

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The Daily Paul's Significance

The Daily Paul is an excellent gauge for what issues are important to well informed people. We have on this site some of the finest, well-read, well-spoken individuals who possess a vast knowledge of what is going on in the world that matters. None of these “fluff” distraction stories you’ll see on the six o’clock news make it to the front page of the DP.

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Noah's Ark: A Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear

A lion, a tiger, and a black bear have been best friends ever since they were rescued together as cubs.

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Spreading Libertarian Ideas Effectively: TX UnSchoolers, Canadian Anarchist running as Libertarian, AnCap Latina MSM Host!

Man, be THAT: what a beautifully inspiring couple!

Free Your Kids with Justin and Jessica Arman
Published on Jul 30, 2014

Can the ideas of liberty, self-ownership, peace, and free trade inform parenting decisions? Justin and Jessica Arman argue they can and should. The building block of any functioning society is the parent-child relationship. Justin and Jessica joined us to explain how these moral principles can be put into motion in the most vital relationship in society.

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Rand is the Best We've Got - Deal with it.

I know your gripes about Rand, I have them too. I know he’s not as staunch as his father, I know he’s trying to not step on too many toes for electability reasons, I don’t necessarily agree with him on Israel, and in my mind there’s NO guarantee he’s not going to screw us over if he gets in office.

But you know what?

So far I agree with 95% of what he says. NINETY-FIVE PERCENT. That’s more than any other potential candidate I’ve been in agreement with in my entire life with the exception of Ron.

And you know what else?

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Posse Commitatus Repeal-Actual: US Army 1st Amor, 3rd ID & 1st Cav training to ARREST & 'deal' w/ Americans during Civil Unrest!

So it earnest: from "Mission Creep"... to Mission Leap!!

US Government Targets African Americans for Fema Camps
Published on Jul 17, 2014

Alex Jones has been warning people of the use of FEMA camps by the federal government for over 15 years. Now the activation is starting. Illegal Aliens are being housed on bases all over the United States we predicted that back in 2011. We have released troves of video showing the military training with police.

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