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Man Charged with 'Obstruction of Justice' in Georgia For Refusing Illegal ID Demand Wins, Has Criminal Case Dismissed

Man Charged with 'Obstruction of Justice' in Georgia For Refusing Illegal ID Demand Wins, Has Criminal Case Dismissed By Witless Prosecutors

By Martin Hill
February 25, 2015

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Former officer shoots Georgia sheriff and deputy, three others dead:

A former police officer shot a Georgia county sheriff and his deputy when they intervened in a domestic dispute in which three people were killed, local media said on Monday.

Habersham County's Joey Terrell and Deputy Bill Zigan had been called out late on Sunday to a house in Clarkesville, northeastern Georgia, where they had found a woman dead in the garage, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) reported, citing the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Neither men had life-threatening injuries, AJC said.

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VIDEO: Mother Asks Cop To Help Son Stay Out Of Trouble, Cop Chains Him To A Pole, Beats, Electrocutes Him

VIDEO: Mother Asks Cop To Help Son Stay Out Of Trouble, Cop Chains Him To A Pole, Beats, Electrocutes Him

Fired Deputy now faces felony charges

Posted: Fri 10:13 AM, Feb 13, 2015

A mother in Richmond County, concerned that her son was falling into bad company, asked a local Sheriff’s deputy to help set the 12-year-old boy on a straight path by talking to him. Instead, the cop opted to handcuff the child to a pole and beat him senseless.


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Albany GA Outrage: Cop Slams Pregnant Mom to the Cement, Kills Pre- Born Baby

A law suit is being filed by a mother who was grabbed by the neck and slammed to the ground. She was pregnant at the time and subsequently miscarried, she also sustained other injuries, including a knee contusion, neck spasms, muscle pain and bruising.
The mother requested the right to return home after 5 hours of waiting on the department, who had a minor son of hers under arrest. The response was shocking, to say the least.

Read more at:

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Press Release: Derrick Grayson 2016 Exploratory Committee

"Georgia doesn’t need another political “Yes” man; Georgia needs a Representative that will adhere to “100% of the Constitution, 100% of the time.” I am deeply concerned with the apparent disregard of the core principles this nation was founded on. The erosion of personal freedom and liberty as a result of federal policy and legislation is alarming. Instead of encouraging job creation, current policies promote a culture of dependence on big government and welfare programs. Our current representatives have effectively diminished our economic and world leadership and by doing so have shifted world influence.

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Words of Wisdom

That I think Daily Paul'ers subscribe to;

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Ask your doctor if Liberty is right for you

A pharmacist once told me that there are no such things as 'side effects'. Drugs have effects or they don't. How many effects they have on you and how much is variable depending upon many factors. A 'side effect' is simply an effect that the doctor is not prescribing, but will likely occur anyway. Today 'side effects' usually have a negative connotation.

So what are the Primary and Side Effects of Liberty? Positive and Negative.

Ask your doctor if Liberty is right for you.

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Help, looking for a video

About a year ago I came across a youtube video that posed the question

"What if a predominantly Muslim country led a coup in the US that led to a puppet government that was at odds with Christian values."

Much like the US and GB led a coup that led a puppet government in Iran.

Have any of y'all seen that video? Can you point me to it?

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Vaccines, another paradigm to consider

What several doctors and officials downplay or ignore is that Viruses are RNA. DNA is made of RNA. DNA and RNA are made from the same stuff.

A few years back I watched a video about viruses and how they interact with Life. While many viruses damage cells, their are some that are required for reproduction in some or all mammals. Can't recall if it was all mammals or not. There is a certain virus that must be present in order for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus wall. If the virus is not active, the uterus wall will reject the zygote as foreign.

Retro-viruses also play a key role in Life. They are instruments of evolution, and are used today to change pieces of code/DNA to correct genetic disease. Where scientists once thought some large portion of our DNA (60% or something) as 'junk', there is a new line of thought that the junk is actually natural retro-viruses built up over the eons.

While I think there is some value in using vaccines to help those in danger of catching communicable diseases and solving genetic issues, I think that healthy people should be very careful in having Human manipulated RNA purposely introduced to their DNA. The road to discomfort and sometimes death is often paved with good intentions.

Is it safe? Are computer viruses 'safe'?

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How do you use Liberty?

There were a ton of good answers to Michael’s question, and that leads me to another question, how do we use Liberty? For this question I’ll define Liberty as the exercising, the use, of how we all defined Liberty.

I want every person on this planet using some form of Liberty. We should use it daily, weekly, yearly, and every moment of the day. I’m not really sure to how use it all that well myself. The best of my abilities in using Liberty are not all that impressive right now. I’m pretty sure what Liberty is, but I’m not sure exactly how to show someone else how to use it . How can I convince others to use it when I can’t show them something worth seeing?

There are exercises and regular activities that flex, stretch, and strengthen our muscles. Humans had 602 or something like that when I was in grade school, now we have over 640. Think of your Rights like the muscles in your body. These Rights like our muscles have a near infinite number of combinations that produce a wide range of reach and ability.

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1000 ways to Liberty

There are more than 1000 ways to Liberty. I have just made a list of 26. How many ways can you come up with?

  1. Liberty through Practice
  2. Liberty through Invention
  3. Liberty through Innovation
  4. Liberty through Exercise
  5. Liberty through Apprenticeship
  6. Liberty through Independence
  7. Liberty through Mastery
  8. Liberty through Public Schools
  9. Liberty through Homeschooling
  10. Liberty through Economics
  11. Liberty through Politics
  12. Liberty through BBQ’s
  13. Liberty through Trade
  14. Liberty through Farming
  15. Liberty through Aquaponics
  16. Liberty through Law
  17. Liberty through Timing
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Government Approved Shoes

I want you to imagine a cartoon in a newspaper.

It has two frames side by side and the caption over all of it says “Government Approved Shoes”.

The left hand frame is labeled ‘Two Party System’ and has a person showing off a big robotic heavy looking shoe that is much larger than the foot that is in it, but a tight fit. It has braces that go up the leg, then surrounds the waist at the hip. From there it thickens into a metallic spine that is surgically connected to the person’s actual spine. It then continues across the shoulders and down the arms to hand operated two pronged pincers. Connected at the top is a open helmet with all kinds of rods and tubes connected to the person’s skull. Get as wild as your imagination can take you.

If you look at the bottom of the frame, you will see that the shoe is chained to a boulder with ‘Government’ painted on it graffiti style. There is also a power cord, just a bit shorter than the chain, running from the shoe to a power socket in the ‘boulder’.

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Can you Wield Liberty?

Wield - hold and use (a weapon or tool).

Synonyms - exercise, exert, hold, maintain, command, control

Use - "he has wielded power since 1972"

"Can you ‘exercise, exert, hold, maintain, command, control’ Liberty?" "he has wielded liberty since 1972"

Liberty IS Power.

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Fix the Law dotcom


You offered to let me make use of '' in our cause for Liberty. I replied that I'd have to do some pondering on how to make practical use of it before I could accept such a gift. I believe I can make good use of it towards the cause of Liberty.

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How does the Fed profit if it gives 90 per cent or more of its post expenses earnings to the Treasury?

I am trying to understand how the Fed profits from its control of our monetary system. I have a vague idea how it benefits individuals and member banks, even if the Fed turns all or 90 per cent of its profits over to the Treasury to increase revenue. I would guess that the ability of big banks to sell Treasuries back to the FED is one way, correct? Another benefit would come from the ability of member banks to access the Fed's discount window, which allows these banks to accumulate basically interest free money, correct?

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