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Say Something Nice about the President

No, I’m not a shill, just trying to keep my sanity. If you look at previous posts you’ll see that probably every single one is about how much I dislike the current state of this country and where it’s headed. Some days, like many of you, I’ve had to zone out from the news in order to maintain a positive attitude.

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Man Killed in Drug Raid Was Face Down When Shot in Head, Says Family's Lawyer

"David Hooks, the Georgia man killed in a SWAT raid on his East Dublin home in September, was shot in the head and back while face down on the ground, according to his family's attorney, Mitchell Shook, who cited EMS and hospital records as evidence."

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Why do Things Keep Getting Worse?

Nothing gets better, liberty continues to fade and congress, for whatever reason, is compliant. I read the article posted on the DP

(thank you, Ed Thinking, for posting). In the last few years we’ve witness one piece of legislation after another getting written, thrown before Congress and passed. The House’s new budget bill comes to mind which allegedly funds Obamacare and immigration in spite of Americans opposition.

I don’t understand what’s going on here.

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Has Rand Paul read the classified 28 pages from the Congressional Inquiry into 9/11?

If he has not read them, why hasn't he? If he has, why won't he call for their declassification? Rep. Walter Jones has read them, and he said that it implicates foreign governments (notice its plural) in 9/11. He said he was shocked that a certain ally was involved. Gee, I wonder to which nation he was referring. Why would he be shocked if it was Saudi Arabia? I doubt very much he would be shocked by Saudi involvement. Who thinks SA is a true ally?

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I Feel So Guilty

I feel so guilty.

The last few days I've listened to more Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Fox News, and even tonight watched Bill O'Reilly. I never do that.

It's not because I like Fox, or any of these clowns. I agree with very little of what they stand for (and what they stand for is very little). It's because of this Gruber thing. They're onto it, ripping into Gruber like junkyard dogs and I revel in the mayhem. I want to see Gruber taken down and humiliated. I want to see the administration and everyone associated with it who supported the Affordable Care Act eat crow. I feel like I did in the year 2000 when I was a neocon and watched Fox News endlessly. I feel sick. Blah.

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Cal Tech Professor Punished for Alleging that her Israeli assistant passed on NASA Rocket Secrets to Israel

This woman naively reported very suspicious behavior only to be punished for her concern. She actually thought the school officials would support her, but when your superior is a friend of an Israeli scientist, you might have trouble getting anyone to look into your allegations. She caught her research assistant red handed! And still, SHE was the one punished.

As with Israel's role in 9/11, this will probably get pushed under the rug. Even most media sources aren't highlighting the Israeli connections. I wonder why.....

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VIDEO - Gum-chewing, limo-eschewing Obama riles some Chinese

Is this really happening? To be honest it saddens me. The U.S. is losing its dignity.

BEIJING — Ahead of an economic summit in Beijing, billed as the biggest international event in the Chinese capital since the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, authorities demanded that residents brush up their typically brusque manners. The Communist Party launched a six-month campaign to make Beijingers behave in a more civilized fashion to welcome the world.

Turns out the rude one, in the eyes of some Chinese Internet users, was the most prominent guest.

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Liberal MSNBC Hosts Extremely Disappointed in President's Remarks. Are we in the Twilight Zone?

I was watching Morning Joe this morning on MSNBC with Mika Brezinski and Joe Scarborough (former Florida congressman), two of the most LIBERAL TV pundits on air. Joe is admittedly a neo-con but as much as he praises the President I would argue he's an extreme liberal.

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Can the Daily Paul Chat Room be Recommissioned for Tuesday's Election?


It'll give us a platform to discuss the results!

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VIDEO - Houston Pastors Hit with Subpoena Stand Ground Against Mayor

Pretty interesting - these pastors despite their differences in religious beliefs came together Sunday and took a stand against the Mayor of Houston.

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Atlanta City Council approves law to regulate Art on Private Property

So this caused a stir a few months back in Atlanta. There was an uproar in the community here because the city has a HUGE arts community (murals in particular). So they did what Government does best, stall and pass later in secrecy. This "law" they're passing will give the government the right to define "art" lol.

Next week I'll be speaking in front of the council against this law. Wish me luck.

Sec. 16-28.025. - Public art.

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Do you support peeling away layers of onerous federal regulations?

Ted Metz is running for Insurance Commissioner in Georgia. He's part of the Liberty movement, and can use your support.

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Ryan Dawson Exposes We Are Change's Luke Redowski In this interview with a member of We Are Change, Ryan discusses Luke Redowski, the main activist, but not the founder of We Are Change. Seems Luke has been using donations to We Are Change for personal benefit. He also details the lack of meaningful attention from Luke and Alex Jones to the real agents behind 9/11.

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Edward Snowden is Becoming More Dangerous Every Minute.

I watched the interview with Snowden by Harvard Law professor Lawrence Lessig (thank you, DP member “telepathic” for posting). It was fascinating.

Ask yourselves a question: One year ago would Snowden have been interviewed by an academia member from an American university, much less an esteemed institution like Harvard? The answer is – no, and the reason is simple. After information detrimental to the NSA was released in 2013 by Snowden, the Feds put forth quite an effort to demonize and vilify Snowden in whatever way they could. Government officials, military leaders, politicians, and every other tax-dollar parasite you can think of were on the same side with the exception of few. Without the public knowing what the fallout from the 2013 revelations would be, one could understand why contact with a whistleblower like Snowden may prove to be taboo.

The shockwave of negative notions regarding Snowden propagated by our government hit the media. Instead of the term “whistleblower” (which Snowden has obviously earned the title of) the media resorted to the pejorative, “leaker.” After all, the term “whistleblower” had heroic connotations and a hero Snowden was not in the eyes of Federal Government parasites. To them he was a traitor, a villain who cowardly refused to “man up” as frat-tastic John Kerry put it to come home and face a fair trial.

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