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Gov't Covering up Ebola in South Carolina?

Take it with a grain of salt. Just saw this on Inofwars this morning...

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What is my 'Status'?

I am about to enter a world that is both mind blowing scary and promising at the same time. I'm about to go to Court.

I've heard a great deal and read a little about this Sovereign Man idea, I like it, but people who use it seem to go to jail. I don't like that. So I pulled out my handy dandy Black's Law Dictionary 9th Edition and I looked up the CAPITUS DIMINUTIO definitions. I see that they are all about one's 'Status'. So I looked that up.

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A message for all you folks that film cops (UPDATED)

I am not a cop and am in no way affiliated with law enforcement. Having said that, I have mixed emotions about these Libertarian "activists" that film cops in public places just for the hell of it. I KNOW it's your right. I KNOW it's legal, but I think law enforcement members deserve respect just the same as a private citizen and all too often, I don't think the motives of these activists are pure. Common sense would tell you: don't F with the cops. Do cops always act accordingly and not abuse the law?

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I Love the Atheists, Christians, and Religious Fundamentalists

Seems like there’s been an awful lot of intolerance, hatred and trolling going on at the Daily Paul lately. I dread looking at the comment section anytime a topic has been posted having to do remotely with anything religious.

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Ebola can travel in airborne particals paramedics are warned

I read this site every day but this is my first post. I am a paramedic in Georgia and recently we were told to watch this video about ebola. They are telling EMS workers that ebola can be aerosolised through vomit particals, or through the mist in a breathing treatment. We are advised to not intubate them,and to forgo the breathing treatments. This is obviously in stark contrast to what the general public is told about the transmission of ebola. This is the video that details it.

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No charges against SWAT officers who maimed toddler during raid

Georgia law enforcement officers responsible for a bungled SWAT raid that left a toddler burned and disfigured will not face criminal charges, a grand jury has decided. The case is now being reviewed by federal officials.

News of the decision first broke on Monday, when a 23-person grand jury in Habersham County, Georgia, called the investigation “hurried and sloppy” but chose not to indict any officials involved in the SWAT operation’s planning or execution, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

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Let Me Vent about Affirmative Action

I work at a fairly large consulting firm in the U.S. and when I joined the workforce several years ago I had no idea what the effects of affirmative action were. It’s an idea that sounds great – give the little guy a chance and we’ll all be on a level playing field, right? Not so much.

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Drudge link: Can California Make It Rain With Drones?

A very weather modification friendly piece, introducing how cloud seeding could save California. Cleverly tucked next to a article on someone taking pictures of the new apple facility, because of drones...or something.

"Secret APPLE construction site photographed by drone...

CA to use to make rain?"

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NOTHING is getting better in this country

I’m so depressed. Is it just me or does it seem like NOTHING is getting better in this country? The wars, the debt, the crime, the police brutality, government overreach, etc… It seems like for the last few years things have continued to spiral downward and NO end is in sight. Think of the scandals that have come to light in Washington – the NSA, DOJ spying on reporters, Lois Lerner and the IRS, Fast and Furious and Eric Holder, etc…WHERE IS JUSTICE? WHY AREN’T PEOPLE GOING TO PRISON?

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Woman arrested for possessing spoon covered with dried Spaghettios

Posted on September 25, 2014 by Site Staff

GAINESVILLE, GA — An innocent woman had several months of her life destroyed when she was arrested and charged with a felony because of a spaghetti-encrusted spoon found in her possession.

Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, had no criminal history and insisted that “there’s no way in hell” that there could have been any drugs in her possession during a traffic stop in July. Nonetheless, a Gainesville police officer honed in on a spoon that was “on her or near her” in the vehicle in which she was riding as a passenger.

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Atlas Shrugged Part III: It has to be said

I tried so hard to like it.....but it was terrible

When I saw part II in theaters, everyone applauded at the end. Part III not so much, a lot of grumpy grey haired individuals.

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The Official Week 1 NFL Discussion String

Did you guys see the Falcons pull out that win against the Saints?! Woohoo!! Let the NFL discussion begin!

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