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The Guardian: Idaho police shoot pregnant woman, in 15 seconds, with an AR-15 rifle (VIDEO)

The Guardian: Idaho police shoot pregnant woman, in 15 seconds, with an AR-15 rifle (VIDEO)

Dashboard and body camera footage obtained by the Guardian show police officers shoot Jeanetta Riley, a 35-year-old woman with a history of mental health problems who was wielding a knife outside a hospital in Sandpoint, Idaho. Riley died from the gunshot wounds. All officers on the scene have since been cleared of any wrongdoing, and the family has received no apology over the incident..

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Using Magic Against The Police State

Given All The Crap Going On These Days With The Cops, I Found This Refreshing.

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Hitching Post Files Lawsuit to prevent performing samesex marriages

For thousands of couples in Idaho, saying “I do” was made much easier now that same-sex marriage is legal in the Gem State, but not everyone is supporting these couples' rights.

One place in particular is the Hitching Post, which is taking its battle – and the City of Coeur d'Alene – to court.

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Anybody seen this? Are Ebola News Reports Fake? (video)

What do you all think?
Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS!
(sporadic bad language alert warning...)
Been a long time since I've posted something. But, I have kept up on reading posts. :)
Anyway. I saw this video... and the first thing I did was check if anyone put it up here. No one did (I can't find it at least. .)

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no future without roots

Natal : Relating to birth

Native: Belonging to by birth

Naive: Acting as one born yesterday; artless

Naiveté: Quality of being childishly simple

Nature : The essence of a person or a thing

Natural: Relating to nature

Nativity : The process of being born; a coming into the world

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Rand Paul: Time To ‘Destroy ISIS Militarily’…you're a dirtbag, Rand Paul!

The U.S. created ISIS and the U.S. tortures far more people than ISIS will ever torture or kill. Listen to your dad, Senator Paul. Get out of the Middle East and leave these people alone.

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Congressman George Hansen is dying!

Perhaps the 2nd greatest congressman behind Ron Paul, George Hansen is expected to pass as family arrives before life support is removed. He took on the IRS, OSHA, EPA, statism, went to jail and traitor Ronald Reagan refused to pardon him and George Hansen was the man who fearlessly and repeatedly made public his findings when investigations turned up government corruption and citizen abuse. Ron Paul always spoke highly of this great patriot.

God Bless the Hansen family!

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Idaho’s GOP convention adjourned without electing chairman, Ron Paul delegates are blamed for chaos

Idaho’s state Republican Party convention degenerated into a fiasco Saturday after attempts to disqualify up to a third of the delegates attending appeared to be succeeding – and the convention adjourned without electing a chairman, setting a platform or doing any of its scheduled business.

“For three weeks I’ve tried to broker a deal to prevent what happened today,” 1st District Idaho Congressman Raul Labrador told Idaho Public Television just after the convention adjourned. Labrador was the convention chairman and wants to be the next Majority Leader of the U.S. House.

“It’s hard to blame all this on Raul Labrador, but on the other hand, this does not strengthen his credentials for a national leadership position, either,” said BSU professor emeritus Jim Weatherby, a longtime observer of Idaho politics.

Far from uniting the deeply divided party, the gathering in Moscow deteriorated into dysfunction – though the GOP holds every statewide office in Idaho, every seat in the congressional delegation and more than 80 percent of the seats in the state Legislature. The outcome wasn’t promising for Labrador, whom many looked to as the healer for the fractured party just a day after he announced that he’s running for Majority Leader of the U.S. House. Instead, he ended the convention facing jeers and walkouts from his own party members.

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What do people think of Raul Labrador as possible majority leader?

Many of my libertarian\Ron Paul friends are calling for Congressman Raul Labrador of Idaho's 1st district to become the new majority house leader. I use love him and still like him over many of the other congress people but he does have a few bad votes such as short term debt limit increase and CISPA once (though he did vote against it the second time). He doesn't consider himself a libertarian but rather a very conservative republican with libertarian leanings such as Rand.

Some recent vids on him

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Idaho GOP Primary Today: Let's meet the "Crazy" Candidates

Very Entertaining...
Don't forget to Vote...

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Is it possible to be a libertarian and have a government job?

Libertarianism is based on the nonaggression principle. That means anyone who receives a paycheck from the taxpayer is anathema to this principle as he receives his paycheck by force and theft. Anyone who makes his living from the government is a bureaucrat. Public school teachers, cops, city, county and state workers, and the biggest employer of all - federal workers. Are these workers de facto anti-libertarian?

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Support Christian Fioravanti for Idaho Senate 2014

We need to elect liberty-minded individuals to office nationwide! Our state legislatures are extremely important to protecting and preserving our rights as citizens.

In Idaho, Senate District 1, we have a solid candidate with the Constitution Party, Christian Fioravanti. Please give him your support!

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