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Now on Yahoo: Exclusive: Couple Discusses Rough Encounter With Police (video)

Dave and Madeleine Herman were driving in the early morning on Interstate 69 in northern Indiana when cops started following them. The Hermans were driving with their infant child, so Dave was cautious about dealing with strangers. Dave stepped out of the car after a three-mile pursuit and asked for their identification. The cops then tased and arrested Herman while Madeleine recorded the ordeal. He is being accused of resisting law enforcement, among other charges. He joined RTM for an exclusive interview to discuss his side of the story.

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VIDEO: Little Girl Dies 48 Hours After Taking Flu Shot Injection

VIDEO: Little Girl Dies 48 Hours After Taking Flu Shot Injection


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Is there a web developer in the house?

Hello all! I need some help on my personal website. I have a site with links to other third party pages for my blog(Wordpress), my photos(gallery) and my videos. I set the site up in Dreamweaver. Here's what I WANT to accomplish:

1.) Have a photos, video and blog page with the same headers etc that I have on my other pages. So basically I don't want links to third parties. Visitors being able to comment would be awesome!?!

2.) I would like to be able to upload photos and videos via my iPhone.

3.) I would like to have a mobile version of the site.

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(Update) Rooster Question!

Ok, new to the chicken game... I have 5 chickens, and am in serious denial about 1 of them being a hen. "Over easy" as he/she has been dubbed has baffled the minds of our family for months now.

Over Easy is about 5 months old, and doesn't crow. Is she a he? Any feedback would be incredible!


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Money Confiscation Legal?

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DIY Chicken Coop... Followup; "What do you do to experience life... all the way?"

A few weeks back there was a post here about how "you" experience life. Well, I said I build things sometimes. Anyways, I just finished my coop. First time chicken owner, in about 3 more weeks, my glorious flock will move from the basement into this. Looking forward to the eggs! With anything else, I'm sure I'll have to "improve" some things after the first few weeks to work out the kinks. Just wanted to share as the last screw went in yesterday. Thanks to all at the DP for the inspiration!

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Positive Propaganda

I get tired of bad news so I'm trying to create some good news.
Thank you for being awake.
Thank you for your support.

@SpreadnLuv on Twitter

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Good deed of the day: Save money on Printer Ink, I really haven't bought a ink cartridge in years for my business. Do THIS!

Ok, so hopefully this helps someone as much as it has myself. I bought a Brother MFC-240C printer ( So truth be told, the scanner is slow, the print quality is sub par, really, lets admit it, it is an incredibly cheap printer. But, I only print black and white, and do it all of the time. So here is the tip.

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Indiana grandmother's house raided by SWAT team

after neighbor uses her wireless internet to trash-talk and post threats towards the local police.

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Video: Swat Team Raids Innocent elderly Woman's Home; Lawsuit Filed

An elderly woman's home was raided by police after she was suspected of making anonymous online threats against the Evansville police department and Chief Billy Bolin.

The 68-year-old woman, Louise Milan was in the house with her 18 year old adopted daughter when police shattered a glass door and burst in after throwing flash grenades inside.

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