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This Land Is Their Land

Hilarious spoof of "This Land is Your Land", by Hosanna Myers (friend of Tom Woods over in Kansas) satirizing the Nevada/Bundy/BLM debacle :-)


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Freedom Dating Site Needs Owner

Hey clan,
Approximately 1-2 years ago I began developing a Dating Website platform in hopes of serving the liberty movement. I have since then completely customized the site to provide a turnkey launch. For those who are curious, it's a skadate platform with custom code that allow for organizing events and unique forums based on location.

Other projects and demands keep me from launching and subsequently maintaining the site.

I'm asking $1000.

Advanced apologies to Michael if this isn't appropriate but I glanced the post guidelines and couldn't find an applicable prohibition :/

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Shalom - My Air Force Story

You know, I had a dream. I dreamt I was home. I've had that same dream hundreds of times before. This time, I wanted to find out if it's really true. Am I really home? -- The Best Years of Our Lives (1946)
To The Interested,

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Support A Local Dairy Farm Survive!

I have been a customer of IWig, a local dairy farmer for the past couple years. Their products including their delicious ice cream and milks have been a treat for my family in those times. I have also watched them grow to begin to sell their products in their brick and mortar store in Lawrence, KS and provide a healthy alternative for local restaurants for their ingredients.

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Rand Paul is One Sly, Cheeky, Son-of-a-Gun

Today was revealing for the Senator from Kentucky. After the scandal in New Jersey and the Robert Gates revelations, Rand Paul looks to be skating through these political waters like Chazz Michael Michaels.

President Obama basically steals Rand's Economic Freedom Zones idea and calls them "Promise Zones." But you know what Rand does? He embraces the idea of lower taxes and shows up at the President's speech, showing his ability to work beyond partisan lines. He even finds a way to drag McConnell along, symbolizing how Rand is dragging the Old Guard over to the libertarian way of thinking.

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Cops Threaten to Kill Man’s Dogs for not Letting them Illegally Search his Home

“we’re gonna bust in your door with a battering ram, we’re gonna shoot and kill your dogs…… and then we’re going to ransack your house”

A Kansas City man says he’s been terrified since an encounter with police on Monday evening. He says officers came to his home in southeast Kansas City looking for people he’d never heard of and when he refused to let them inside, things turned ugly.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cops-threaten-kill-mans-dog...

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Having a blast

Hey, I get a little weary of saving the world from self destruction here and there so I thought I'd post something fun. Don't fraternize much on the gun forums much anymore as too many neo cons.

Tonight, in the mail box came an as new original Colt 1911 70 series 9mm Luger barrel with the original collet bushing, link and pin. This I mightily fought and bled for on Ebay last week.

Yanked the 38 super barrel out of my series 80 Colt, pulled out an alreasdy acquired Colt 9mm Luger magazine, stuck the 38 spring back in it, and loaded her up.

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"Republic Wireless" Review

OK so I have seen ads for this wireless company for the last couple years but never gave much thought to it until recently. I wanted to change providers and look for some better rates when I remembered the name Republic Wireless. Needless to say with a name like that I was interested. The service is a hybrid that uses WiFi whenever available and when not available uses the Sprint network or any of Sprints roaming partners for both data and voice.

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Obama's Cousin, Milton Wolf to challange Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas Primaries

Milton Wolf, a Tea Party activist and distant cousin of President Barack Obama, will challenge three-term Kansas U.S. Senator Pat Roberts in the 2014 Republican primary election, Wolf's campaign said on Tuesday.

Wolf, 42, a radiologist, will make the formal announcement on Tuesday evening, according to his website. Campaign manager Ben Hartman confirmed his candidacy.

"If you think that the career politicians in both parties have failed America, join us," Wolf said on his website. "We are building the Wolf Pack - an Army of Davids to defeat the Goliaths..."

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Will the House or the Senate Cave First?

Seems this game of CR/Obamacare/Budget-Debt-ceiling will continue for a few months...

It'll go back and forth with supposed "partisan" majorities in each house fighting it out. At some point it ends and "each side" will give something up. (Every time this happens, the people lose on both sides and the corporate interests win on each side, but that's a whole 'nother post.)

My question is who "wins"? and which issue do they "win" on? and who loses? It's all theory this far out... and I'm curious to hear/read what you think.

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Journalism Professor Hopes for Death of NRA Members’ Children After Navy Yard Shooting

Journalism Professor Hopes for Death of NRA Members’ Children After Navy Yard Shooting

by Anthony Gucciardi
September 19th, 2013
Updated 09/19/2013 at 4:58 pm

A professor of journalism from the University of Kansas says that not only is the blood of the Navy Yard shooting on the hands of the NRA and its members, but that he hopes for the death of their children.

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