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Liberty representatives...Where are they concerning Cliven Bundy?

What Cliven Bundy and his family are going through with the BLM is definitely a HUGE liberty issue, a tyranny vs. freedom issue. Where is Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie et et in the media denouncing what the BLM is doing and how it could most definitely lead to bloodshed?

Hell, Rand wrote a book titled "Government Bullies"!!!!

Where are these guys?! This kind of issue is EXACTLY the kind of issue these guys should be speaking out loudly about.

Where are they?!

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Medical Debt

Yesterday I got a fun letter in the mail regarding some medical debt that I carry. It was from the Kentucky Revenue Service. It appears now that medical debt no longer goes to a collection agency, but rather gets sent to the IRS here and then they strong arm you to pay or face high interest rates or fines. They have already added $180 on a $435 bill in interest and fees and if I don't pay in the next 5 days it will go up even further.

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Raw Milk Could Become Available Under Proposed Legislation

By: Joshua Cook Mar 27, 2014

Congressman Thomas Massie (Republican–KY), Congresswoman Chellie Pingree (Democrat –ME) and a bipartisan coalition of 18 other lawmakers have introduced legislation to improve consumer food choices, including access to raw milk, and to protect local farmers from federal interference. The two bills – the Milk Freedom of Act of 2014 and the Interstate Milk Freedom Act of 2014 – are the first in Massie’s series of “food freedom” bills he plans to introduce.

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How I beat a patent troll

Drew Curtis, the founder of, tells the story of how he fought a lawsuit from a company that had a patent, "...for the creation and distribution of news releases via email." Along the way he shares some nutty statistics about the growing legal problem of frivolous patents.

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CONFIRMED: Kentucky Senate passes bill that would greenlight Rand Paul’s run for president

CONFIRMED: Kentucky Senate passes bill that would greenlight Rand Paul’s run for president

Douglas Barclay, Rare Staff
Posted on March 19, 2014 12:27 pm

Tuesday in Kentucky, lawmakers in the state senate passed a bill that will allow Republican Senator Rand Paul to run for two offices at once. While Paul isn’t specifically named in the legislation, he was reportedly pushing for it.

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Cannabis - Math - And the biggest reason for the war on Cannabis / Hemp / Weed / Whatever

In 1893, Rudolf Diesel published a paper called: The Theory and Construction of a Rational Heat Engine. In it, he clearly indicates locally grown seed oils as the primary fuel source for his unique, long lasting engine. (He later demonstrated this at the 1900 Worlds Fair in Paris when he ran his engine on a concoction made primarily of peanut oil) Originally intended for the operation of large machinery at remote farms and in factories, the potential was huge. Mechanized transportation was still in its infancy and at the time, limited to animals, ships and trains.

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(BenSwann.Com) It’s official: Kentucky legislators move to clarify law so Rand Paul can run for President and Senate in 2016

(BenSwann.Com) It’s official: Kentucky legislators move to clarify law so Rand Paul can run for President and Senate in 2016

Michael Lotfi Mar 13, 2014

FRANKFORT, March 13, 2014– Kentucky lawmakers are moving to change state law, which could prohibit a federal candidate from appearing on the same ballot twice in a general election. Primary elections appear to be excluded from the current state law, so much ambiguity has surrounded US Senator Rand Paul’s (R) options.

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It is brought to light that Mitch McConnell's campaign ad is greatly improved when set to almost any soundtrack.


The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

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Senate committee approves bill to let Rand Paul run for re-election and president in 2016

A revised bill that would allow U.S. Sen. Rand Paul to run for re-election and the presidency on the same Kentucky ballot in 2016 was cleared by a state Senate committee Wednesday, picking up one Democratic vote along the way.

State Sen. Morgan McGarvey, D-Louisville, joined Republicans on the Senate State and Local Government Committee in voting to send the proposal to the full Senate after it was changed to specify that the bill applies only to candidates running for president or vice president of the United States.

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Rand - Socon?

Received this in an email from Rand Paul rand.paul @ as far as I am concerned, this puts him in the same category was Cruz or Santorum. If he runs for Pres in 16, I really can't see myself pulling the lever for him...


For over 40 years, nine unelected men and women on the Supreme Court have played God with innocent human life.

They have invented laws that condemned to painful deaths without trial more than 56 million babies for the crime of being "inconvenient."

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Mitch McConnell on the Tea Party: "We are going to crush them everywhere."

What do you think of this, Daily Paul?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) says he isn't worried about tea party-backed candidates challenging GOP incumbents in this year's midterm elections.

"I think we are going to crush them everywhere," McConnell told the New York Times in an interview published Saturday. "I don't think they are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country."

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2014 CPAC Straw Poll Results, Rand Paul Wins With 31%, Cruz 2nd with 11%

"You May think I'm talking about electing Republicans. I'm not. I'm talking about electing lovers of Liberty."
~Rand Paul, CPAC Straw Poll winner 2014.

Thanks to Dper azrozz for the results video below. Original thread here:

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Ben Swann Money Bomb

It's a good cause. I'll be back on payday this Thursday.

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Apocalypse, Man: Ever wonder what happened to Michael Ruppert?

From the website Vice:

Most people were first exposed to Michael C. Ruppert through the 2009 documentary, Collapse, directed by Chris Smith. Collapse was one of the scariest documentaries about our world and the fragile the state of our planet. It was also one of VICE's favorite films from the past ten years.

Michael was forced to leave the LAPD after claiming that the CIA was complicit in selling drugs across America, and he quickly became one of the most original and strident voices to talk about climate change, government corruption, and peak oil through his website, “From the Wilderness."

Following the release of Collapse, Michael’s personal life underwent something of a collapse itself and he paid off all his debts, left behind all his friends, and moved with his dog Rags to Colorado, planning to commit suicide.

VICE caught up with Michael in the middle of the epic beauty of the Rocky Mountains at the end of last year. We found a man undergoing a spiritual rebirth—still passionate about the world and with a whole new set of apocalyptic issues to talk about.

Apocalypse, Man is an intimate portrait of a man convinced of the imminent collapse of the world, but with answers to how the human spirit can survive the impending apocalypse.

Part 1

Parts 2 - 6 below:

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