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Rand Paul: McCain Wants '15 Wars More'

Rand Paul: McCain Wants '15 Wars More'
By Andrew Rafferty

Republican Sen. Rand Paul escalated his ongoing foreign policy feud with John McCain on Monday while arguing this his non-interventionist military views are supported by a sizable amount of GOP presidential primary voters.

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Rand Paul Slams Benghazi “Cover Your Ass” Report

Rand Paul Slams Benghazi “Cover Your Ass” Report

“They will continue to cover up. I will continue to seek the truth”
Steve Watson
December 1, 2014

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has issued a blistering response to the House Benghazi report released late Friday, on Thanksgiving weekend, which exonerated anyone from blame for the 2012 terrorist attack on the US consulate in Libya.

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VIDEO: Rand Paul Blasts Obama Executive Actions, Cites Internment Camps 11/21/14

VIDEO: Rand Paul Blasts Obama Executive Actions, Cites Internment Camps 11/21/14

Speaking In Lexington Kentucky: "We shouldn't allow that much power to gravitate to one individual."


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Louisville airport says no to Uber

Looks like the government is at it again interfering with a private citizens right to contract services from a private vendor.

Tech-driven ridesharing companies -- like Uber and Lyft -- are banned from picking up customers at the airport because they don't have a contract with the airport authority. That ban is just now being enforced and it's leaving unhappy."

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Rand Paul's pro-liberty record: Updated 11-15-14

Rand Paul's pro-liberty record: Updated 11-15-14

Filibustered CIA nominee John Brennan over Obama’s secret drone killing policy of American’s on US soil

Filibustered the Patriot Act Re-authorization

Introduced a bill that would end warrant-less domestic drone surveillance

Opposes the NDAA (Sections 1021 & 1022 added by Obama that allows for Indefinite Detention of American Citizens at gitmo without trial)
TYT: Obama Insisted on Indefinite Detentions of American Citizens

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Democratic Controlled State House (KY): Will Rand Run For President?

With a Democratic-controlled KY House, will Rand Paul consider running for president and Senate at the same time?

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Kentucky looks at primary change that would help Rand Paul

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Sen. Rand Paul and Kentucky Republicans are exploring the possibility of turning the state’s presidential primary into a caucus instead — a move that could allow him to run for both his Senate seat and president in 2016.
The preliminary discussions have begun in the wake of Kentucky Democrats retaining control of the statehouse in Tuesday’s elections. Democratic leaders of that chamber have already vowed not to change the law, hoping to force Paul to abandon his Senate seat in order to pursue the White House.

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PopCorn Time: MSDNC YapFest; Madcow has an On-Air ANTI-Rand Rant Melt-Down Conniption...and Tweety Mathews DEFENDS Rand!

Oh the desperation! All MadCow offers, is 100% BS opinion (simply living up to the documented fact of 85% of airtime liars that is the MSDNC z-grade yammery), doesn't substantiate a single assertion/declarative statement: "I think..." "I don't think..." "He has no..." - is all, a la 'He's irrelevant!!

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Do you think third party candidates should be included in debates?


I know quite a few in the community refuse to have Facebook accounts, but I came across this poll/question posted by Lex 18 (Lexington, Ky News Station) this morning in my news feed:

Simple question regarding the Kentucky Senate Race- Do you think third party candidates should be included in debates? The comment section is essentially 100% for inclusion of David Patterson, our Libertarian Candidate for Senate here in Ky.

I just figured I'd share this with you all. I know it's difficult to remain optimistic at times, but this definitely put a smile on my face.

This is also my first post, so take it easy on me!

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Grimes’ campaign workers caught on hidden camera: "It's a lying game”

Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate Alison Grimes has vehemently and repeatedly claimed to oppose President Obama’s coal and environmental policies in what has become an increasingly significant campaign issue. See what her campaign workers have to say.

Part Two: Top Grimes donor: “She’s going to f**k ‘em as soon as she gets elected” .

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Expect Blowback: Don Rasmussen, Fmr RP2008 Consultant wants to "purge" R3VOL of Heretics à la Jack Hunter 2.0; 'Cause: $AIPAC!

This is a response to an intentionally obnoxious OpEd polemic by Don Rasmussen on The Daily Caller today titled The Ron Problem: Rand Paul Must Publicly Denounce His Father To Win The GOP Nomination. Pardon me, before you read on, the following may be peppered with the occasional...

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Alison Lundergan Grimes Leads Mitch McConnell in Latest Kentucky Poll

by James R. Carroll | October 8, 2014

New poll shows Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell trailing Alison Grimes

After two polls in his favor, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has slipped behind Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes in his re-election bid, according to the latest Bluegrass Poll.

Grimes, Kentucky's secretary of state, now leads the five-term senator 46 percent to 44 percent among likely voters, the survey found. Libertarian candidate David Patterson had 3 percent support in the poll, while 7 percent of likely voters said they were undecided.

While Grimes' advantage is within the poll's margin of error, it represents a 6-point swing to the Democrat since the survey was last conducted in late August.

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Grimes Vs McConnell

I'm wondering if Grimes would be worth a vote. I know that i'm not voting for McConnell at all, but why im posting this is to ask you guys, other than compromising with the minimum wage with her, what else would i (as a libertarian) would have to compromise with her?

I know it doesn't get much worse with McConnell, but would i just be helping another evil get in office? I'm starving for more info on grimes.

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When will the dollar collapse? (Trying to Time a Gift)

Our Expectation for the Economy
Over time, as our debt rises, creditors will become less enthusiastic about financing our spending. Washington's approach to this problem will probably be to print more (instead of spend less). Supply of dollars will rise.

Over time, as our economy remains lackluster, foreign investment in our assets will decline - as will demand for dollars (in which those assets are denominated).

Bottom line: increased supply and decreased demand will bring severe devaluation to the USD.

My Question
I am planning a gift of precious metals to someone important. I do not want them (necessarily) to sell the precious metals now (with the values relatively low).

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