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Doing my part to spread the word

i got the privilege to write an opinion piece in our local parish "newspaper".
In the hopes to spur a conversation and spread the message in my part of the world, i wrote an intro to libertarianism. check it out.


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Elephants hold up tipping tractor-trailer in Louisiana (pictures)

POWHATAN, La., March 25 (UPI) -- Louisiana deputies responding to a report of a stranded tractor-trailer said they were "astounded" to find two elephants keeping the vehicle from overturning.

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Confessions of a Prosecutor Who Sent an Innocent to Death Row

Glenn Ford spent 30 years on death row for a murder he did not commit. Sentenced to die in the electric chair, he was sent to a Louisiana penitentiary in 1985. "My sons, when I left, was babies,” he said. “Now they’re grown men with babies.” Earlier this month, he was released at age 64, but his story doesn't end happily. He has stage-four lung cancer. He is expected to die within months. And the state of Louisiana doesn't want to pay the $330,000 it owes for destroying his life, as The Shreveport Times noted in an editorial denouncing the state's behavior.

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Observation on Rand vs. Cruz

Just a quick observation on the reactions/comments about Ted Cruz.

When people hammer Cruz for being too moderate or off track with the constitution, theres no back lash from folks saying, "He's just playing politics."

I'm happy to see folks hold him accountable but why does Rand get the pass? Why is he just playing politics and Cruz is just an establishment stooge to some folks? I think the Paul brand has clouded the vision of people and are looking for a reason to excuse baby Paul for falling short of being a real principled liberty mind.

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Bandwagon libertarians are ruining a beautiful ideology

The LP is a growing movement for sure. THE fastest growing in fact. However, the "leadership" in the party, i speak toward the Louisiana LP in particular, have the wrong motives at heart. They seek to grow the party for the sake of numbers alone. The principles of what make libertarianism great are taking a backseat to pushing folks to run for office and inflate membership. This will be the downfall of a principled movement of liberty loving individuals.

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Student Blames Michelle Obama for Ruining ‘Taco Tuesday’

When second grader Richard “Trip” Klibert, 7, was unhappy with his LaPlace, La., school’s decision to nix the popular “Taco Tuesday” lunch menu, he did what any other go-getting kid would do — he went straight to the top.

The Times Picayune reported that the St. Joan of Arc student first consulted his teacher Margaret Cerami, who advised he take the issue up with the first lady. Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign — designed to combat childhood obesity — had sparked the culinary changes.

His note to Michelle Obama read as follows:

Dear Mrs. Obama,

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Cop shoots, kills (Another) homeless man seconds after arriving

Prosecutors have released surveillance video showing Monroe, La. police officer Jody LeDoux shooting and killing a homeless man within seconds of the officer’s arrival on scene. Raymond Keith Martinez was reportedly drunk when he was ejected from a local store and law enforcement was called to remove him, and "may" have reached for what shopkeepers say "may" have been a black cellphone when shot.


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in case you needed a laugh on a monday morning

watch the chief spyer and rights violator michael hayden try to call himself an unrelenting libertarian.


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Video Exonerates Man Set Up By Louisiana Cops And Prosecutors

If not for cell phone video, 47-year-old disabled veteran Douglas Dendinger could be going to prison — because of an apparent coordinated effort by Washington Parish, La. cops and prosecutors who falsely accused him of battery and witness intimidation.

As New Orleans’ WWL reports, Dendinger’s two-year nightmare began on Aug. 20, 2012, when he was paid $50 to serve a court summons on behalf of his nephew against Bogalusa police officer Chad Cassard in a police brutality lawsuit.

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What is the greatest lesson you have learned from our movement or Ron Paul?

I believe the greatest lesson I have learned is 'tolerance' for others. To view each other equally as human beings and respecting that individual as an individual.

What is the greatest 'thing' you have taken away from being involved in our movement?

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I'm really gonna miss hanging out here...

We accomplished so much together.

We started the Tea Party.

We raised millions through our organic MoneyBombs.

We pushed back against the system.

We got our guys elected.

We changed the Republican party forever.

We did that. Give yourself a pat on the back no matter what your involvement has been. Its the ideas that bring us together.

I hope this isn't my last post. If it is, just want to let all of you know that I love you and thank you. We overcame great odds against us. Our message is resonating better now than ever before.

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What is this?

So I was cruising reddit searching for posts about Mountain Dew Kickstart(this stuff is AWESOME) and stumbled across this sub. Anyone know anything about it?

I thought it was a sub about the band The Bravery and it ended up being a Ron Paul 2016 sub???


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Rep. Fleming: Libertarians Are Wrong About Legal Pot

“My libertarian friends suggest to us the old motorcycle helmet argument,” Rep. John Fleming, R-La., said, referencing the argument that the government has no business regulating the personal choices of individuals.

Fleming countered with his opinion that “we as taxpayers have a vested interest in what society does.”


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Mamou Police Dept. tasing video

Video of seemingly unarmed inmates being tased by Mamou Police officers at the city jail has surfaced on YouTube.

The clips on YouTube are two minutes long, but longer versions of the events were released to the media. News Ten received a DVD, complete with a note from an anonymous source.

"To whom it may concern:

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