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Please Take Part in my Rand Paul Poll!

We all know Rand isn't Ron. There are several things we as Libertarians take issue with that Rand advocates. Support for Israel, limited military action, endorsement of Mitt Romney (ouch). Whatever, you get the idea.

Yes, he's cozied up to Cory Booker, Mitch McConnel, and some other folks that we on the DP wouldn't necessarily like to rub shoulders with.

HOWEVER, IF the election were today and you had to vote, would YOU vote for him? Let's assume for argument's sake that Rand is the Republican candidate going up against a Democrat.

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U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu issued subpoena in court challenge to Louisiana residency

U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu has been issued a subpoena for Friday's Baton Rouge court hearing over her Louisiana residency, though the Senator has not seen it yet.

"We have not yet received any kind of request, and we expect the court to quickly dismiss this tired claim," said Fabien Levy, Landrieu's communications director, of the case.

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Funny thing happened on the way to the Daily Paul!

Came home this evening prepared to start the Andouille making this weekend. Made some two weeks ago and sold all of it for $8.00 per pound. All of my BMW motorcyclist customers wanted more. Lol!

Now to the interesting part! When I Google'd Ghost Pepper Andouille what came up first of all was the Daily Paul. Damn, Guess I am the first to come up with this combination.

I must tell you that I have come up with the first combination of seasonings to make a good ghost pepper Andouille. Not too hot. Makes the nose run but doesn't make you sweat. The smokey flavor of the peppers along with the hickory or especially the Pecan smoke makes this especially enjoyable.

Just wanted to let you all know that I found this search to be most gratifying.

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Border Problem vs False Flag Probability!

Besides myself how many here have been counting the days that the three letter agencies could be supplying/helping entities bring a serious false flag operation into the country. Seems to be a extra good way to build the complacency.

What better way could they go ahead and finish the Constitution completely? Just wondering!


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My partner (72 years young) died yesterday and I didn't really know where to post this but

it is business and current events in my life. Yesterday I lost my business partner, mentor and very best friend. He left for a bike trip to Labrador last Thursday with a stop in Knoxville for business. His friends of 30+ years met up with him on Sunday and they continued on their trip.

I got word from his son yesterday around 5-6 that he went off the road and died at the scene in Newfoundland. This places great sadness on me for he was the most amazing businessman I have ever met. He taught me there was such a thing as morals and ethics in business. I will miss him greatly.

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Governor Says: Hostile Takeover Necessary

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal on Saturday night accused President Barack Obama and other Democrats of waging wars against religious liberty and education and said that a rebellion is brewing in the U.S. with people ready for “a hostile takeover” of the nation’s capital.

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Cop Shoots Unarmed Great-Grandfather at Family Picnic

HOMER, LA — Two police officers crashed a family cookout to harass a man who was not wanted or suspected of any crimes, then shot the man’s elderly father and allegedly planted a gun on him, according to numerous witnesses.

This incident took place in the town of Homer, home to only 3,800 residents. The poor, northern Louisiana town had made it a priority for its 8-cop roster to get “tough on drugs.”

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Jindal finally gets it right!

Yesterday Gov.Bobby Jindal announced he is pulling Louisiana out of Common Core and PAARC. This is something the libertarians and tea party have been apposing since the get go and finally the governor felt the pressure and acted. political postering maybe but ill take it.


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Government Spending analogy (just for fun)

We have four people elected.
-A welfare czar
-A warfare czar
-A Federal deserve chair
-A wall street rep

Ok we get the game hungry hungry hippos and place it on the table.

Each ball represents a trillion dollars. Go!!

No matter what the result, "we the people" lose. We don't get a hippo to save us from taxes

What you think, have any analogies to share?

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Louisiana Lawmakers Vote To Give Themselves Exemption To Gun Bans

Louisiana Lawmakers Vote To Give Themselves Exemption To Gun Bans

Members of Louisiana legislature have right to carry concealed weapons in public buildings


Louisiana lawmakers have voted to ease restrictions on gun bans in public buildings. Specifically, they voted to allow Louisiana lawmakers to carry concealed weapons into public buildings, as an amendment to an existing law that prohibits anyone from being able to do that. The bill was proposed by State Senator Bret Allain, who said lawmakers need the exemption because “they often face threats of violence.”

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Rothschild Zionism vs The Illuminati Occult

I can never get a clear and honest debate over this. Does anyone know the truth? I have been led to believe that Zionism is the true evil that controls the world. The Benjamin Freedman speech in 1961 is just so convincing.

Then you have the illuminati folks which haven't really convinced me (yet) of "occultism" and Satan worship being a conspiracy in Hollywood etc.

I would like to see some of the best videos preferably, so I can clearly see the two sides or many sides for that matter.

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Vets Forced From Nursing Home by Obama Exec. Order

Some military veterans are being forced to leave their nursing home. It’s an unintended consequence of President Obama’s executive order in February to raise the minimum wage for new federal contract workers from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour.

Sandy Franks, public affairs officer at Shreveport’s Overton Brooks V. A. Medical Center, explains that nursing homes that have contracts for subsidized care from the Veterans Administration become federal contractors. If they cannot afford to raise their wages, their contracts will not be renewed.


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What I learned at a Committee on Criminal Justice meeting yesterday.

Yesterday, i went to the Louisiana state capitol with some of my fellow libertarian committee members to sit in on a committee meeting where theyd be discussing a few bills being brought up about our 2nd amendment rights. the first was one that was giving the legislators and other govt officials exemption from the 2nd amendment infringement on concealed carry in restricted areas and another that would make louisiana the 5th state with constitutional concealed carry (concealed carry without permit).

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