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Police State: Pure Michigan

DNR thug gangs rule over the lowly citizens. Turn that off! You will be arrested.


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Justin Amash: "Americans are becoming more libertarian, and so will congress"

Is the libertarian message winning? Coasting toward a major electoral victory next week, freedom-friendly Congressman Justin Amash certainly thinks so—even if Washington, D.C. isn't listening yet.

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Republican Congressional Nominee George Brikho to Open Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center, Saving Lives While Bolstering Mich


Republican Congressional Nominee George Brikho to Open Medical Marijuana Provisioning Center

Saving Lives While Bolstering Michigan’s Fragile Economic Recovery is Brikho’s Goal

9th District Republican Congressional Candidate George Brikho is moving forward with his plan to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Madison Heights, a move that he hopes will advance his political, humanitarian and entrepreneurial goals.

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The UN is in Detroit Investigating Human Rights Violations.

Officials (minus blue helmets) from the United Nations are in Detroit investigating Human Rights Violations due to the city water shut offs.


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Local Township Meeting Promptly Adjourned When Citizens Start Talking About Politics (Union Twshp MI)

Union Township supervisor adjourns meeting mid-public comment

By Randi Shaffer, The Morning Sun

POSTED: 10/09/14, 5:12 PM EDT

Union Township’s supervisor drew the ire of some local residents when he closed the public comment portion of Wednesday night’s meeting early after expressing displeasure in the way the conversation was going.

“I can adjourn the meeting any time I want,” Supervisor Russ Alwood said after pounding the gavel during Union Township resident John Zerbe’s allotted three minutes for public comment.

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Justin Amash is 'Lobbyists' Worst Enemy' according to Washingtonian Mag

Washingtonian magazine this week released its fifteenth biennial survey on the best and worst of all the Congresscritters roaming our great nation's swampy capital.

The publication takes a jab at them:

Despite approval ratings lower than Vladimir Putin's, the men and women of the 113th Congress have continued to debate, investigate, raise funds, and campaign with ebullience. Seeing as little if any legislation arises from their activities, it's apparent that if there are winners and losers, hits and misses, the average citizen isn't privy to the scorecard.

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Detroit Homeowner Offers To Swap East Side Home For New iPhone 6

Some people are willing to give up just about anything to get their hands on a new iPhone 6 — including their home.

A real estate listing says a homeowner is offering to swap a two-story brick colonial on Detroit’s east side for a new iPhone 6 or a 32gb iPad.

The 2,400 sq. ft. house at 11954 Laing, is located in a neighborhood near Kelly Road and Morang Avenue. The home is described as an “investor special,” with three bedrooms, one-and-a-half baths, a finished basement and two-car garage. A ceiling fan is among the home’s other listed features.

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First Bipartisan Gubernatorial and Senatorial Debates To Be Held October Third

Detroit, MI – Speculation on whether or not the top of ticket candidates will debate has ended. Michiganders will have there first opportunity to see two gubernatorial candidates present their case in the same forum. As an additional bonus, two candidates for United States Senate will be facing off in the same forum. The Tri-County Political Information Awareness Community Forum, sponsored by World Changers Political Action Information Team will commence on Friday October 3 at First Baptist World Changers, 22575 WEST 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI 48219.

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Looking for a Video I once saw

I once saw a video I believe was on this site.. maybe 4 5 months ago?
My Time perception may be off...

Anyway it was an animated video and it talked about the history or some such of countries and how they are just a grouping of territories that a thug controls.
It may have started by talking about dems and repubs.. all very hazy I only have that small fragment left in the memory banks.
It was fairly short and animated and talked about as mentioned what countries really are.
My search was fruitless.

If it rings a bell with someone and they can find it, please post the link!

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Libertarian Picks Up Peters Debate Invitation After It Is Discarded By Land

[The user "scotaboman" is Scotty Boman]

Berkley, MI – This Monday (September 8, 2014) Libertarian United States Senate candidate Jim Fulner hand delivered invitations to his Democratic opponent Gary Peters , and his and Republican opponent Terry Lynn land, requesting their participation in debates with him.

It has come to the attention of the Jim Fulner campaign that Representative Peters has invited former Secretary of State Land to a series of debates that she has not yet agreed to.

A number of Michigan media personalities have claimed that she like they will not as the more Michiganders hear Land speak; the less likely they are to vote for her.

Jim Fulner would like to notify Gary Peters that he is willing and able to debate anytime and anywhere that his schedule permits.

It is Fulner’s opinion that debates open to all candidates on the November ballot would be best for Michigan. “If Gary Peters is willing to debate other balloted candidates, even with Lands absence, it will be better for us all and only further show Land’s cowardice.” said Fulner.

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Buzuma Vote May Determine Outcome Of Governor’s Race

LANSING, MI – According to a recent poll of conducted by Public Policy Polling, the percentage of likely voters casting their ballots for Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Mary Buzuma exceeds the difference between the votes to be cast for Democrat Mark Schauer and Republican Rick Snyder.

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Justin Amash: "time for republicans to stop listening to Dick Cheney"

Former Vice President Dick Cheney met with House Republicans Tuesday morning after returning from their August recess, warning lawmakers about how grave the threat of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists is.
But some anti-interventionist Republicans were not thrilled about Cheney’s foreign policy views returning to prominence in the party.
Rep. Justin Amash, R-MI, fresh off of his victory of a contentious Republican primary, was one of them.

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The Pleasantly Perfect Pumpkin Patch

This is a follow up to my dailypaul gardens thread.


As some of you know, this summer I was quite busy tending to a lot of acreage and multiple gardens. I took on a lot at the beginning of the summer, and it kept me quite busy.

This summer the zucchini did the best. This is one example of the numerous massive zucchini plants that has appeared in the vegetable garden.

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