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What is Character?

I'm not sure if any of you have ever heard of the website Art of Manliness, but even though it sounds funny, it is quite good.

I thought you all would like to read an article from that site called What Is Character? Its 3 True Qualities and How to Develop It

Here's the link: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/06/25/what-is-character-i...


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Jim Rogers On Economic Collapse And The US Debt‬ (VIDEO/AUDIO)

Jim Rogers On Economic Collapse And The US Debt. Jim Rogers - US Debt is MUCH bigger than declared!

(For some reason the audio cuts out between 4mins-15mins.)


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Piggy 26 the new GM pig for your plate

Piggy 26 may not be the first GM animal for FDA aproval, but will soon follow. If your animals are getting sick from GMO feeds it makes more sense to replace the animal with GM animals than the feed. TOTAL INSANITY!


The first genetically-modified animal approved for human consumption is likely to be a fast-growing GM salmon produced by Aquabounty Technologies of Massachusetts.

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Janet Yellen: Don't touch my Sacred Cow!

Could that be what Janet Yellen was thinking when the House of Representative grilled her over Ron Pauls Bill to Audit the FED?

"Mrs. Yellen’s demeanor noticeably changed when that sore spot was exposed. She made it clear that in no manner whatsoever would the Fed ever allow an in-depth government audit to “second guess” the sacred monetary policy conducted behind closed doors by the Fed’s Open Market Committee (FOMC)."

See more at: http://americanfreepress.net/?p=15794#sthash.2qCsfrsZ.dpuf

Does this mean Ron Paul's Bill is dead forever? LOL!

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Daily Paul App...?

Can someone please make a Daily Paul App?!! I feel like a LOT of people would benefit from this and use it all the time! It would also be another outlet to spread the word or freedom via sharing an app!

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Cop Beats Man In Wheelchair In Duluth Minnesota (Video)

Cop Beats Man In Wheelchair In Duluth Minnesota (Video)


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New Scientific Study: Monsanto's Roundup 1000x more toxic to humans

A new study reveals Roundup used in it's current form is much more toxic to humans than once thought. When Roundup was approved it was only tested with the active ingredients (glyphosate), inert ingredients were not included. In fact this is how all pesticides and herbicides, and fungicides are tested. Roundup is deemed safe by the EPA up to 13 ppm, it used to be 6 ppm. But since Monsanto has changed it's inert ingredient the EPA had to raise the toxicity level to 13 ppm. The real toxicity level should be 3 ppb, this is a big difference.

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Ken Ham vs Bill Nye the Science Guy 2-4-14

Just wanted everyone to be aware of a very exciting debate coming up. As much as I prefer that fellow freedom activist Kent Hovind debate Bill Nye the Science guy on Creation vs Evolution, Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis is going to do it. This could be good!


I'm excited!

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May Day May Day

I think May Day would be a perfect day to send a message. The Government has gone way beyond being 'just.' The lawlessness and disconnect is fast approaching disrepair! So, I call upon the people of America to stand up on this May Day in protest to the Government. Buy nothing and don't work 05/01/2014. Start spreading the news! Let's try and make it a Nation wide event. I will be doing it with or without everyone.

Maybe, just maybe something like this could at least show some resistance and an united front against tyranny.

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