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Alex Jones & Former Gov. Jesse Ventura: Infowars (2/24/15)

Alex Jones and former Gov. Jesse Ventura go head to head on 9/11 attacks, censorship of the internet, invasion of Iraq, Jesse says initial invasion of Iraq was a mistake, hypothetical conversation, if the US was invaded by another country.


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It's NOT Just Vaccines!

Posted by Zen Honeycutt on February 12, 2015

Every day now there is a piece on the news about measles and the anti vaccination scare. Heated discussions have divided family, friends and neighbors. I experienced this myself when my neighbor and I disagreed about required vaccination ( I will not vaccinate my children any further because they are auto immune deficient and I am aware of the risks) and she did not invite my kids to her kids birthday party for the first time in years. They were very sad. I was very sad. I am pretty sure she is very sad...we were good friends. Now we are not.

This issue is dividing us..and threatens to divide us even more with talk of state and federal mandates. I hear, if pushed, federal mandates will cause families to not just avoid people at birthday parties, many will leave the country rather than vaccinate. Families will be torn apart, possibly for the rest of their lives.

The problem with this issue is that no one in the media is talking about the whole issue. The whole issue is not that vaccines are or are not hurting our kids. That is only part of the issue.

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GMO + Vaccines = Biopharming

Biopharing began in the 1990's with a little known company called Epicyte located in San Deigo CA.. The USDA gave a $20 million grant to Epicyte to develop a gene that would make people sterile. In 2001 the company succeeded!

"Antibody Creation on Corn Patented

Biotech: Technique makes disease-fighting proteins from crops and may make millions for Epicyte Pharmaceutical.

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The brainwashing of America spreads across the continent

Brainwashing, it seems, is contagious. The American people have been brainwashed and it has spread to Canada. People believe that poison-drenched food is normal, while organic food is somehow weird and different.


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MIT scientist: 50% of all Children Autistic 2025, Thank You Monsatan!

If this doesn't shock you into reality that GMO's are deadly, there's no hope for you!


Roundup is going to kill us all if we allow Monsatan to take over the vege supply, like they plan.

Monsatan taking over Garden seeds like soy and corn: http://www.monsanto.com/newsviews/pages/vegetable-seed-resea...

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GMO & Roundup Seralini Study


If your at all concerned about your and your families health you need to watch this video.

This video proves how big a lye Monsato's 90 day rat study on the same corn really is. No rat became sick until the 4th month. To eqaute that to human years it comes out to be about 10 years, we only been eat GMO's for 8 or 9 years. We've been on the Glyphosate kick much longer.

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GMO Food — It's Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Russell Blaylock

Over the last decade, as genetically modified, or GMO, foods have increasingly taken over our food supply, we've been learning more about their dangers to our health.

Now, one courageous doctor is pointing to mounting evidence that leaves no doubt — GMO foods are even worse than we were told.


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Let's be clear Vaccines don't cause autism

GMO's cause autism and a miriad of other diseases, the vacines only trigger autism or other diseases. When your body is in a compromised state of illness from eating all types of junk food and processed food it doesn't take much to make you sick.

To understand why GMO's can cause autism or other illnesses you need to look at how it is grown. Glyphosate is used as a weed killer in the corn and soybean fields, and the way glyphosate works is the hidden cause.

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Glyphosate found in Feeding Tube Liquid, Given to Babies & Children

Moms Across America's New Glyphosate Test Reveals World's Number 1 Herbicide Found in Feeding Tube Liquid, Given to Babies & Children With Complex Medical Diagnoses
Some scientists believe that this case of detecting high levels of glyphosate residue in feeding tube liquid is appalling and with the evidence of bio-accumulation in human tissues (10) there is a dire need for long-term independent scientific testing and an official moratorium on glyphosate usage.


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Minnesota’s New GMO Labeling Bill Could Change Everything For Monsanto

When you think of GMO labeling initiatives, you probably don’t immediately think about the tucked away Midwestern state of Minnesota. But in a move that could very well beat out states like California and New York in finally achieving a full-fledged GMO labeling law system, Minnesota legislatures have introduced brand new highly-backed GMO labeling legislation that is shaping up to be quite promising.

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Canadian beekeepers sue Bayer and Syngenta over neonicotinoid pesticides

Canadian beekeepers are suing the makers of popular crop pesticides for more than $400 million in damages, alleging that their use is causing the deaths of bee colonies.

The proposed class action lawsuit was filed Tuesday in the Ontario Superior Court on behalf of all Canadian beekeepers by Sun Parlor Honey Ltd. and Munro Honey, two of Ontario's largest honey producers, the Ontario Beekeepers Association announced Wednesday.

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