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Probe sought into Missouri prosecutor's actions in Brown case

Reuters) - Four St. Louis-area activists are seeking a court-ordered investigation of the prosecutor who oversaw the grand jury that declined to indict a white police officer who killed black teenager Michael Brown last August.

The group filed a petition late Thursday asking the Missouri State Circuit Court to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch's conduct and possibly seek his ouster.

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Brawl erupts at St. Louis Missouri meeting over black teen killing case

Reuters) - A meeting aimed at easing tensions between blacks and police in St. Louis erupted into a brawl Wednesday night, underscoring the ongoing anger that persists in the area after the August police killing of an unarmed black teen.

The meeting, held at St. Louis City Hall, was focused on seeking public comment for how and why a civilian review board should provide oversight for police.

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Springfield Missouri Police officer suffers serious injuries from gunshot

Springfield police say an officer is being treated for serious injuries after being shot early Monday on the city's north side.

Police say the officer was responding to a "check person" call near the intersection of Glenstone Avenue at Chestnut Expressway around 1:30 a.m. That's when a man pulled a gun and shot the officer. That officer is in stable condition at a hospital, according to the department.

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Mayor Calls 911 To Report A Robbery, Police Show Up, Beat and Arrest Her

Kinloch, Missouri – Theda Wilson, the former mayor of a Missouri town says that she was assaulted by police after she called 911 to report a burglary in her apartment complex.

“In the back of my apartment I called 9-1-1 thinking they were going to help,” Wilson said.

Unfortunately, “help” is rarely what actually arrives when the police are called, as Wilson soon found out.

As the police arrived, Wilson approached them and let them know that a suspicious person was seen going in and out of a nearby building. That is when police told her that she was under arrest, and instead of explaining anything they moved to physically apprehend her.

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St. Peters drops charge against Ron Paul backer arrested at unruly 2012 GOP caucus

St. Peters drops charge against Ron Paul backer arrested at unruly 2012 GOP caucus

ST. PETERS • Nearly three years after a Republican presidential nominating caucus broke up in chaos, the city has dropped a trespassing charge against a Ron Paul supporter arrested for videotaping the event.

The charge against Kenneth Suitter, 58, of St. Charles County, was dropped last week. Matt Fairless, an attorney for the city, cited "prosecutorial discretion" but did not further explain the decision.

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Dad Posts Meddling Note Sent Home by Teacher over Packed Lunch

An fed-up Missouri father posted a photo of the letter he received from his daughter's substitute teacher who criticized the girl's lunch.

One problem: the teacher didn't see her whole lunch.

Dr. Justin Puckett was asked to sign a note sent home with his daughter Alia after the teacher saw her eating marshmallows and chocolate at lunch earlier this week.

He refused to do so, and posted it online instead, saying that it was just the latest in what he sees as a growing trend of overreaching by authorities.

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Death by Cop. Warning Graphic and Infuriating!


Sorry if this has been posted before, but I hadn't seen it. I figured I'd share anyway since it appears there's not much time left to share things around here.

Too bad the free market approach to law enforcement will never fly.

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My Path to Paul, DP and Beyond

I wanted to get a final post in before the close, whenever that will be. I found this site a little over 3 years ago, although it feels like it's been more than ten. That year leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election seemed to go on forever. But it was exciting and this site was like having a direct feed into the action. It was incredible. It also makes me think of when I first heard of Ron Paul. It was actually during the lead up to the 2008 Presidential Election. I was in a much different place at that time. I had been slowly falling out of the clutches of Fox News for a few years after Fahrenheit 9/11 had been released. I was still trying to believe we were the good guys but it had all lost it's luster.

I saw Ron Paul in one of the debates in 2008 and that was my first real exposure to hearing his ideas. It's hard to recall anything in particular that he had said but I remember it being so different from what the others on the panel were saying. I remember thinking, this guy is just off his rocker. And I remember thinking this without really assessing what Ron was saying but more-so just because it was so opposed to the views of the rest of the field. I remember walking away from that debate thinking there's no way that guy could ever get elected.

At some point around that same time frame, I had several experiences that kind of blew up my world. My wife and I attended the Landmark Forum. I didn't want to but my wife was really interested in what she was told about it and she persuaded me to attend reluctantly. I'll say this. I don't like how they operate from a business perspective but the ideas they taught during the seminar were game-changing for me. We met some great people during that seminar and one of them was actually a middle-aged gay man that was either HIV positive or had full-blown AIDs. We ended up hanging out with him a few times and he mentioned the film Zeitgeist. My wife and I ended up watching that and between that movie and watching Aaron Russo's Freedom to Fascism, my whole vision of reality had de-materialized in front of my face.

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I am Aaron Russo

In rememberance of a fallen legend please post "I am Aaron Russo" as a tribute to this great man who changed so many lives.


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Missouri leaders sought Ferguson Police chief's resignation

ST. LOUIS (AP) — Some of Missouri's top leaders tried unsuccessfully to pressure Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson to resign after the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, interviews with several elected officials and records released Friday show.

Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III told The Associated Press that top state officials had several meetings where they applied pressure on the city to force Jackson to resign. Missouri House Speaker John Diehl and U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill confirmed they both attended a fall meeting to discuss whether Jackson should be forced out.

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In Missouri, flames of the Civil War and fires of Ferguson are linked

When NAACP demonstrators marching from Ferguson, Missouri, to the state capital, Jefferson City, passed through Gasconade County last month, they found anything but a warm welcome from the residents of Rosebud, a tiny town of about 400 in the eastern midsection of the state. A Confederate flag was raised. Some left fried chicken, watermelon and 40-ounce cans of beer.

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Monsanto earnings fall on lower corn seed sales

Monsanto earnings fall on lower corn seed sales

January 7, 2015 8:44 AM

ST LOUIS, Mo. (AP) — Monsanto said Wednesday its earnings fell 34 percent in its first fiscal quarter as South American farmers cut back on planting corn, reducing demand for the company's biotech-enhanced seeds.

Read Mure: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/monsanto-earnings-fall-lower-c...

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Ferguson protesters stall opening of Missouri Senate session

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — The start of Missouri's legislative session was interrupted Wednesday by demonstrators who chanted and unfurled banners in the Senate while protesting the fatal Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown.

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, who was presiding over the chamber, said demonstrators were violating Senate rules of decorum and ordered proceedings suspended while police cleared people from the visitors' galleries. The Senate resumed after about 30 minutes, but no one was allowed to return to the visitors' section.

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Business Owner Follows Robber to Next Target, Shoots Him (video)

Police say a business owner in St. Louis followed a suspected armed robber after he fled his store and confronted him at a nearby Walgreen`s where he announced another robbery.


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Washington Post: Biggest revolt against a speaker since 1923

The Washington Post is saying this is the biggest revolt since the 1920's and that Boehner is whipping for his own votes - a big sign of weakness.

Call now - the vote is right at noon.


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