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Graphic Police Shooting in Riverview, MO yesterday Aug. 19 - anyone see this?

Found this while loking for *live* feeds from tonight:

"KWMU has published a video of what appears to be one of the shootings that happened yesterday. This happened in Riverview, about 15 minutes outside of the center of the protests. We believe that it is important to be transparent in what information we gather and allow for you to make the decision yourself on what you want to see or not see.

The video is graphic, and contains images of someone being shot and killed. Viewer discretion advised, you have been warned."


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Bias, what are you talking about?!

No, our local paper isn't biased either right or left, they just see the left as being better than the right instead of the same:

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Update: Missouri Gov. Walks Back Call for 'Vigorous Prosecution'

Gov. Jay Nixon, D-Mo., called Tuesday for “a vigorous prosecution” in response to the Aug. 9 police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

But a spokesman for Nixon says the comment was misinterpreted and the governor isn't calling for police officer Darren Wilson to be prosecuted for killing the unarmed teen.

“The governor’s comments yesterday were not intended to indicate prejudgment in this matter," said Nixon press secretary Scott Holste in an emailed statement.

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Ferguson, MO Protest: FBI-COINTEL Black-Bloc looking Agent Provocateur caught attempting to Incite by throwing Bricks at Cops!

One silverlinging: the peaceful protestors, OUTED him and chased him out!! Great job by Kit Daniels of InfoWars:

Provocateur Caught Throwing Bricks At Ferguson Police

Published on Aug 19, 2014

Kit Daniels with Infowars.com encountered an alleged provocateur throwing bricks at Ferguson police while hiding about local residents.

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Volunteers a buffer between police, protesters

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — The tall black man walked up and down West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Missouri, working a bullhorn, imploring protesters to behave themselves.

"All right, y'all doing good!" Malik Zulu Shabazz told one group of young men. "Just keep it peaceful. Keep it peaceful, black man!"

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Ferguson: Capt. Ron Johnson Is Averaging About One Broken Promise A Day

FERGUSON, Mo. — Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson appears to have worn out his welcome among the demonstrators protesting the Aug. 9 police shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.

The firm, smooth-talking highway patrolman has been a press favorite and the subject of much local admiration and praise in the last several days. He has managed to hit a very man-of-the-people note in his many public statements.

However, Johnson has made two important promises — and one exceedingly minor promise — that turned out to be broken very quickly.

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Gov. Nixon Calls For ‘Vigorous Prosecution’ Of Darren Wilson

Not content with a regular prosecution or a vigorous investigation, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said he hopes that Ferguson, Missouri, police officer Darren Wilson will receive a “vigorous prosecution” in the shooting death of Michael Brown on Aug. 9.

“A vigorous prosecution must now be pursued,” Nixon said in a five minute video address posted to his website Tuesday.

“The democratically elected St. Louis county prosecutor and the attorney general of the United States each have a job to do,” said Nixon, a Democrat.

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Last Night America was Just 1 'Squeeze' Away...

It came this close... raised & pointed at civilians & journalists on a sidewalk. Captured by indy journalist RebelZ http://www.ustream.tv/z


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Ferguson, MO is a Psy-Op?

I posted this comment few nights ago, here:


The 'clash' has been coming for a long time now.

Most of us here at DP know it as well as anyone. We see the videos and read the stories everyday. We constantly see & hear about police brutalizing, traumatizing, and killing Americans, whether they be black, white, brown, young, old, fat, skinny, man or woman, senior citizen, or little baby in a crib. Not to mention dogs and pets of all kinds.

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Protesters Storm Governor’s Office In Downtown St. Louis, Demand Removal Of National Guard

At first the rioting was only in the “sleepy” St. Louis suburb of Ferguson. Now, the angry crowds have moved on to downtown St. Louis where moments ago a group of angry protesters rallied at Kiener Plaza.

and then marched on to Governor Nixon’s office chanting “the National Guard has got to go.”

Unfortunately for the protesters, they hadn’t made a prior appointment, and were therefore not admitted into the building:


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WP- Stonewall Jackson blocks justice for Michael Brown

For more than a week, we have watched and read with astonishment the stunning ineptitude of Ferguson, Mo., Police Chief Thomas Jackson. “We couldn’t care less” appears to be his and his department’s motto. Not about the residents of that tense Missouri town, not about state and local federal officials trying to keep a lid on tensions and not even about their own reputation. Each Jackson appearance is followed by an immediate facepalm. And little tidbits in the Sunday papers only add to the negative impression.

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Rand Paul needs your help with his police militarization statement

Executive Director of the Missouri GOP Matt Willis trying to trash Rand on Breitbart.

While it has been mostly positive about Rand's statement we need reinforcements to school
The Jeb Bush forces that are out in force trashing Rand.

Please comment here


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Ironic Photo from Ferguson

Doing my morning check of Net News I hit Drudgereport.com as usual and almost spit coffee out of my nose when I saw the front page picture from Missouri:


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Governor Nixon orders National Guard to Ferguson

FERGUSON, Mo. (AP) — Missouri's governor on Monday ordered the National Guard to a St. Louis suburb convulsed by protests over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teen, after a night in which police used tear gas to clear protesters off the streets well ahead of a curfew.

Gov. Jay Nixon said the National Guard would help "in restoring peace and order" to Ferguson, where protests over the killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown by a white police officer entered their second week. Police said they acted in response to gunfire, looting, vandalism and protesters who hurled Molotov cocktails.

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