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73-year-old gets 75 years for trying to reclaim former ranch

HAMILTON, Mont. (AP) — A 73-year-old man who threatened from behind bars to forcibly take back the western Montana ranch he lost in a 1979 divorce has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for intimidating and stalking its owners.

The sentence ends the long-running case against John Fesler Lance II, who was so defiant in his claim to the property that he spent nearly 30 years in prison for threats over its court-ordered sale and then confronted the owners as soon as he was free.

Lance told the judge Wednesday that if he were released, he would again try to take back the ranch.

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Killing of unarmed Montana man by police found justified

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A jury at a coroner's inquest determined Wednesday that a Montana police officer was justified in shooting and killing an unarmed man high on methamphetamine during a traffic stop.
he ruling came after Billings Police Officer Grant Morrison testified he feared for his life when he fired the three shots that killed 38-year-old Richard Ramirez.

The five-year police veteran said he became convinced that Ramirez had a gun after the man reached for his waistband during their 30-second encounter last April in a high-crime area of Montana's most populous city.

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Tim & Chuck Baldwin could use a little "Liberty Love"...

To the DP family...

It's come to light that the Flathead County, Montana Prosecutor's Office and the Flathead County Drug Task Force has been caught, red-handed, trying to get a client to fire Tim Baldwin (a Constitutional attorney) because they don't like him. They were messing with a man's life and threatening him and his wife that he'd go to prison for 20 years on drug charges if they didn't fire Tim Baldwin, as their attorney.

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I need banking advice

I know this has been discussed a lot. The main thing I see is "get your money out now". But what if you have to keep a small amount in a bank; what would you use? A local state bank or a local credit union? (Currently I am in a local credit union.)

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Looking for writers in Montana (or anywhere)

Hello fellow DailyPaulers.

We the people need to take back the media from the propaganda machine.

We're (Muckraker, Inc - looking to start another grassroots newspaper in Montana. The goal, like our other regional papers, is to expose local and state corruption, write about regional politics (including third parties and ballot access), and legislation and executive policies that hinder individual liberty. Of course, the paper will include national and international topics, local business spotlights, and the arts.

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Whitehall residents find Gold flakes in their drinking water

Two Whitehall residents say they're finding gold flakes in their tap water and that it's raising concerns about what else might be in the water.

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115 pounds of marijuana found in vehicle at mile marker 420

Montana Highway Patrol troopers found 115 pounds of marijuana in a vehicle near Park City after pulling the car over for a traffic stop.

The incident occurred at mile marker 420 of Interstate 90, Undersheriff Chip Kem said in a press release.

According to Kem, the trooper “developed suspicions that the vehicle contained illegal drugs” during the stop and called the Stillwater County Sheriff’s Department K-9 deputy.

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Obama’s stormtroopers raid USA Brass in Bozeman
Obama’s storm troopers raid USA Brass in Bozeman
Armed fed raid in Montana
By Jordan Moore, KTVM Reporter,
POSTED: 11:18 AM Mar 27 2014
UPDATED: 6:19 PM Mar 27 2014
The FBI raided Bozeman based USA Brass Thursday morning. We were tipped off by a viewer who told us federal agents were on scene by 9a.m. Throughout the morning we saw agents from the FBI, EPA Criminal Division, and Bozeman Police come and go from the Bozeman business.

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Montana Candidate For US House "Shoots Down Gov't Drone" In Ad

Matt Rosendale is a state senator in Montana and is one of five Republican candidates running for Montana's at-large seat in the House. In an ad for the upcoming primary Rosendale demonstrates his dislike of federal government overreaching and spying by picking up a rifle and "shooting" down a "government drone".


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2A Project: Tyranny vs Liberty - Connecticut Gun Control

Have Yall Seen These? It would seem like there are folks
in Connecticut that still love the Constitution...

So we made these...

Tyranny vs Liberty - Connecticut

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9 Nuke Commanders Fired at Malmstrom AFB in Montana

More signs that a nuclear false flag is in the works?

The US air force fired nine mid-level nuclear commanders Thursday and will discipline dozens of junior officers at a nuclear missile base in response to an exam-cheating scandal ...

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Absolute Beauty

Absolute Beauty

May have been around before.

Video by Scott McKinley Productions, Produced for Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation for Ad cideovampaign. Licensed music by Kenny G..

This short video won Grand Prize - Best of Show at International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula Montana! The majority was shot on location in Yellowstone National Park, Grand Teton National Park and The National Elk Refuge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

ClickInt'l Wildlife

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