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VERY Nice Birthday Editorial for Dr. Paul!

by Justin Raimondo, August 19, 2014

Ron Paul is 79 today

Libertarians owe him a great debt, one which can never be repaid. Without him, it’s more than likely that our movement would’ve either gone off the rails, succumbing to opportunism of the worst sort, or else slipped into obscurity, never to be seen or heard from again. Thanks to him, neither of those dreadful scenarios occurred.

What happened instead was the almost miraculous growth and development of libertarianism into a viable national movement, with “mainstream” media forced to sit up and take notice. Now we are told we may be approaching the “libertarian moment” — by the New York Times, no less! — and 90 percent of the credit (maybe more!) goes to Ron and the movement he inspired.

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Ron's Birthday Is This Weds., Aug. 20th! Happy Birthday, Ron!

Our Fearless Leader's birthday is Weds., Aug. 20th. Let's all give a shout out of congratulations to dear Ron!!!

The following is astrological stuff I pulled off the internet for those born Aug. 20th. Some of it is eerily on target!

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John McAfee 'crashes' DefCon 21! Starts a Complaint Website...about Anything; Open-Source "Justice" sought!

Keep an eye on their "Politics/Government/Law Enforcement" section: it shall pile up! Oh yes, it shall! xD

Antivirus pioneer John McAfee creates startup to help the little guy

Above: John McAfee, founder of McAfee | Image Credit: Dean Takahashi
August 8, 2014 5:49 PM
Dean Takahashi

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Bundy Ranch - Open Letter to Sheriff Gillespie

August 6, 2014

To Sheriff Doug Gillespie, Clark County Nevada Sheriff's Department,

In a recent press conference, you mentioned 1) the BLM lied to you and 2) Bundy brought armed men to the ranch for protection.

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ReasonTV: Can Burning Man Survive Grover Norquist?

Published on Jul 30, 2014
Will Burning Man—the annual week-long festival held at the end of summer in the Nevada desert—survive a terrifying challenge that goes to the very heart of its ethos of radical self-expression?

As 50,000 freaks, trippers, and visionaries start prepping for a week of fun and sun, anti-tax activist Grover Norquist has announced he will be attending this year’s Burning Man.

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Oklahoma City Video Trial to Start Monday. Interesting Angle & Suit!

Long ago, when I was a much younger wacko, we spent many meetings looking at the details of OKC & realizing this was another case of our gov't at work covering up the truth. I thought this was another dust covered travesty, like Waco. But, there is a trial starting on Monday that might bring out some truths.

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Lost Malaysian Plane & One Shot Down - The Same! Doubt It? Look At This! Staggering!

Yesterday, I posted those two videos by the Border Agent, Zack Taylor, that blew me away. If you haven't watched them, go view them next, awesome.

This morning, I read this report & was even more staggered by the implications. It ALL makes sense.

Watch this, all the puzzle pieces about the lost Malaysian airliner & the one shot down come together!

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Watch These Two Videos About The Border

These two videos are mind-boggling & eye-opening!
Zack Taylor is a career U.S. Border Agent & after you hear him speak, all of this will make sense.

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Weird Al made a video for US!

Weird Al is releasing a new album this week, & he's made a music video for ea. song. This one is a take-off on Lourde's "Royal," called "Foil." One third of the way in, it turns into a video for "us," and you'll LOVE it!!!

(Thanks Jdayh for the youtube)

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Cops Use Traffic Stops To Seize Millions From Drivers Never Charged With A Crime

Cops Use Traffic Stops To Seize Millions From Drivers Never Charged With A Crime

Nick Sibilla Nick Sibilla , Contributor

License, registration—and your cash.

A deputy for the Humboldt County’s Sheriff Office in rural Nevada has been accused of confiscating over $60,000 from drivers who were never charged with a crime. These cash seizures are now the subject of two federal lawsuits and are the latest to spotlight a little-known police practice called civil forfeiture.

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Nevada Sheriff Says Cliven Bundy Must Be Held Accountable For Standoff

Nevada Sheriff Says Cliven Bundy Must Be Held Accountable For Standoff

by FOX NEWS | JULY 6, 2014

A Nevada sheriff has said that rancher Cliven Bundy must bear responsibility for actions that led to a standoff between federal agents and militia members earlier this year, but added that the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) must reconsider some of its methods used prior to the confrontation.

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Ex-New Mexico Gov. Johnson named pot company CEO

Ex-New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson named CEO of Nevada-based marijuana company

cannibis sativa inc.

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Independence Day Moneybomb for David VanDerBeek!

From July 4th - July 6th David VanDerBeek will have a moneybomb with a goal of raising $5,000 for his campaign for Governor! David VanDerBeek is the ONLY candidate in the Nevada Gubernatorial election dedicated to nullifying Obamacare, repealing Common Core, and legalizing industrial hemp! To contribute to the moneybomb please visit To learn more about David VanDerBeek please visit

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