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Burning Man Organizer planning 30 Day Festival Across from Bundy Ranch to Blatantly Mock the Defiant Rancher

Organizer of the annual Burning Man event in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, Sean Shealy, is planning a 30 day 'Bundyfest' featuring 250 bands directly across from Bundy Ranch.

“For years, we paid permitting fees to hold Burning Man on the beautiful Playa in Northern Nevada,” reads the Bundyfest Facebook page. “But now, Cliven Bundy has shown us a NEW WAY! ABSOLUTE FREEDOM! Bundy has declared the entire area surrounding Bundy Ranch as a TOTALLY RULES-FREE ZONE! ANYTHING GOES! WOO-HOO!!!”

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Reid and Buffett Solar Energy Connection

Below is a post from the Bundy Ranch I came across yesterday (I removed the poster's name since I am not sure I should post it). Today I searched the archives of Las Vegas Review-Journal back in July of 2102. This is what I found. I also sent info in hopes that they will research this further, write an article and hope that Drudge Report links it to their website.

UNREPORTED OTHER THEN BE ME: but if anyone wants to know why they decided to take down the Bundy's now at this time, here is the answer:

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Nevada Assembly Woman Michele Fiore Won't be a "Victim of a Stupid Law"

Off-color comments continue to be a specialty of Nevada Assembly Republicans. In a speech to fellow Republicans on Nov. 5, Las Vegas Assemblywoman Michele Fiore did a good job as Jim Wheeler’s last-minute replacement when she made untoward remarks about her colleagues and said she carries a gun with her in gun-free zones.

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Identifying Mercenaries Violating US Citizens' Rights - Bundy Ranch

After the whirlwind of activity in Nevada this past week, it became blatantly obvious the US Government contracted several “hired guns” (mercenary groups/individuals) to do the Elitist Government’s biddings.

WHO ARE THESE GUYS? Help identify each of them. Chances are EXTREMELY high, these individuals are not your average, everyday BLM agent. All equipped with cool Oakley sunglasses, and freshly groomed facial hair, almost straight from the fields of Afghanistan. Who are these “contractors”?

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Good article about Bundy & Rand Paul - Go Comment!

Thank you Mr. Poulos for writing a very sane article about this situation. Almost everyone in the USA does not understand the Equal Footing laws & how Nevada came into the Union. It was entirely different from the eastern states & Alabama challenged these guidelines in the Supreme Court & won when the Federal Gov't tried to steal their land when they became a state. It's not about Bundy refusing to pay fees. He'd GLADLY pay the fees if they weren't unlawful when you get down to the nitty gritty of the constitutionality of it all.

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Harry Reid named as bribe recipient

A Utah businessman is rocking both state and national politics after claiming Utah Attorney General John Swallow helped him broker a deal with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to make a federal investigation into his company quietly disappear, the Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Jeremy Johnson was allegedly told that the price would be $600,000, and claims to have made an initial payment of $250,000 when he was slapped with a federal lawsuit. Now he says he wants his money back.

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Harry Reid invites Alex Jones for clean energy summit Las Vegas

In a surreal turn of events, Harry Reid has created an invitation for "National Clean Energy Summit" in Las Vegas Nevada for September 4 AND invited none other than Alex Jones as one of the attendees for the event!

He sent out this invitation on April 14 morning - well after Bundy conflict cooled down! Isn't Alex Jones among the list of Domestic Terrorists category according to Dirty Harry? That's what he said in that event in Las Vegas, couple of days after this invitation he created.

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Harry Reid’s Facebook Page Just Got Obliterated…

This is generally what happens when you walk over Americans' freedom...

Despite reported efforts to silence conservative viewpoints, social media sites like Facebook remain the most accessible forum through which the public can express its views. Developments regarding the Bundy Ranch situation, for instance, have been shared extensively by users despite the fact that many mainstream media sources have largely ignored the story.

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who some reports suggest has a financial interest in the Bureau of Land Management’s action against the Bundys, recently indicated that the situation is “not over,” leading many to prepare for a federal raid on the historic ranch. In response to the announcement, patriots on Facebook proved they are not only capable of using the site to spread important news; they also provide plenty of pointed criticism of those they feel deserve it.

Update: I finally broke down and logged into Facebook - Holy cow, it's far worse that this article describes (LOL)

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The BLM Impoundment Plan, Who Prepared It, and Their Scrubbed Contact Information

After digging around the BLM Nevada website [before it went down!], I stumbled across a document titled:

Environmental Assessment - Gold Butte, Mormon Mesa, and Bunkerville Flats Temporary Land Closure, Placement of Temporary Corrals, and Impoundment of Trespass Cattle
(82 pgs - 27MB)

Here are few sections from that document and a list of the people who prepared it. Below, you can see that their contact info was scrubbed from BLM's website.

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Harry Reid reaped $1.1 million from sale of land he didn't own

WASHINGTON — Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid collected a $1.1 million windfall on a Las Vegas land sale even though he hadn't personally owned the property for three years, property deeds show.

In the process, Reid did not disclose to Congress an earlier sale in which he transferred his land to a company created by a friend and took a financial stake in that company, according to records and interviews.

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Flashback: Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch

Flashback: Sen. Reid Breaks Ground for Nevada Solar Farm Near Bundy Ranch

The senator’s plan for solar farms in Nevada wasn’t just limited to the shelved project near Laughlin

Kit Daniels
April 14, 2014

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Obama Administration Approved BLM Cattle Impounding According to Documents on BLM Website

Go here:

Click on the link that says, Federal Register Notice for Temporary Closure on BLM Managed Public Lands

The Department of the Interior is headed by the Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel.

This scandal appears to be connected to one of President Obama's cabinet members!

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