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Ron's still got it - in SPADES!

What I posted on the site:

All I know is that I have a visceral response to Ron Paul. When I hear him speak I think, "There's someone who's telling the TRUTH!" Rand just seems watered down. Also, I was a national delegate who unbound & helped nominate Ron Paul in 2012. Didn't know he was nominated, did you? But, he was. Rancid Prepus & the RNC wouldn't even let Ron give the nomination speech to which he was entitled. What has Rand done about this? Just gotten even cosier in bed with the RNC. Remember the saying about lying down with fleas?

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132-year-old Winchester rifle found propped against desert tree in Nevada

In a gravelly voice, it may recite a yarn of weary settlers swaying on horses' backs in the parched, rocky Nevada wilderness. It may talk about riding in a saddle holster across neighboring Utah more than a decade before it became a state of the union.

Great Basin National Park workers found the Winchester Model 1873 propped against a tree in the desert in November.

National park staff taped the butt of the Winchester Model 1873 rifle to the gun to keep them together.

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Law Enforcement Is Fifty Years Behind Aviation

Law Enforcement Is Fifty Years Behind Aviation
by William B. Scott.

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Nevada Rancher Bundy Waits as FBI Probes

(Review Journal) – Life on the ranch six miles downstream of this Virgin River hamlet has been peaceful in the six months since hundreds of gun-toting militia members from across the nation rallied in support of defiant rancher Cliven Bundy.

Without firing a shot that day, April 12, they persuaded federal agents to let them release more than 300 of Bundy’s “trespass” cattle that Bureau of Land Management agents and contractor cowboys had gathered in a corral.

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Bundy Family: We need your help now, please UPDATED 11/6

Update from Nov. 6th:

I hope I didn't cause too much concern with my last email.
We have had people calling and asking if they need to come to the ranch.

We do not need anyone to come to the ranch. There is nothing to do here
except work the ranch. We are not expecting anything to happen here.

We are asking for you to send some letters and emails.

I am going to ask you to do it again, this time we would like you to
share your opinion on the matter with the State of Nevada and our
county Commissioners and county Sheriffs.

We want them to start acting like a State.

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Urban Terrorists

Listen to the video there, calling robbers "terrorists" and the police dude calls them "urban terrorists".

That area must be really bad for everyone to be scared to go outside (as the reporter says).


Link would be more appropriate if it were wtftv - ha

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Officer Safety Corner: Sovereign Citizens on Traffic Stops

By Thom Jackson (Captain; Nevada Highway Patrol)

"Note: Many people in the United States adhere to a sovereign citizen ideology. Most of them do not commit any crimes, and their views are constitutionally protected. This article discusses only the criminal element among the sovereign citizen movement."


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Bundy UPDATE: Paraded @Jail like TrophyKill, Feds wanted MURDER/directly warned: "WILL be RubyRidge & Waco!" FedMerc Sniper MIA!

What really happened at the Bundy Ranch: Cliven's son Ammon Bundy interviewed by Ernie Hancock for THREE hours and forty two minutes; the world knew not how truly close it came to having rounds flying BOTH ways:

2014-10-27 Hour 2 Ammon Bundy from Ernest Hancock on Vimeo.

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WeAreChange at Burning Man 2014

"The Revolution That Is Burning Man?"
Published on Oct 9, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski goes to Burning Man in 2014 and talks to the people there about life, government and spirituality.

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Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill coming for a vote

Please contact your representatives & ask them to PLEASE vote for this bill!!!

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Why did Bachman and Paul want Sorenson so badly, they were willing to break the law & bribe him?

I don't know anything about Iowa & I have no idea why Sorenson's help would be so valuable in Iowa. Also, what does it say about a guy who gambles with his COMPLETE future for less than $100K?

Also, didn't both Paul's & Backman's campaigns know they'd torpedo themselves if the payola ever was leaked?

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Iowa newspaper article on Sorenson, has the court docs - veddy interestink!

This is a good article as it's from his home state. Be sure to read the comments.

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Harry Reid's Alma Mater Removes His Name from Building

Southern Utah University has decided to do away with its Harry Reid Outdoor Engagement Center. Not the building itself, but the current Senate majority leader’s name on the building due to his unpopularity as well as unfulfilled promises in donations.

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