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HOT! Sen. Rand Paul Wins NRLC 2014 Presidential Survey

NASHUA, NH – WPA Opinion Research (@WPAResearch) announced today that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has won this weekend’s Northeast Republican Leadership (@NLRC2014) Presidential Survey capturing almost 15% of the vote.

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Porcfest 2014 Early Bird Price ends at the end of Feb 2014

Early bird registration for the 2014 Porcupine Freedom Festival ends at 11:59pm on Friday, 2-28-14. Make sure to purchase your ticket before then so that you may get in on the early bird price of only $45. There's no reason for Ron Paul supports to pay full price to the biggest pro-liberty festival in the world, and you don't have to. Please remember to get your tickets before the clock strikes Saturday.

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2014 Liberty Forum from 2-20 to 2-23 in Nashua, NH

The 2014 Liberty Forum happens from Feb 20th to Feb 23rd in Nashua, New Hampshire at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The Liberty Forum started in 2007 with keynote speakers Ron Paul, John Stossel and Michael Badnarik.

This year, there will be many great speakers including: Jeffrey Albert Tucker, Amanda Billyrock, James Bovard, Bill Buppert, Thomas Drake, Mark Edge, Bruce Fenton, Ian Freeman, Mark Warden, Cody Wilson and Naomi Wolf. Of course, there any many other speakers and some speakers are still unannounced.

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:( Rmoney Is 2016 Frontrunner

It's official, this country is screwed

Mitt Romney Is the 2016 Republican Frontrunner
This is not an "Onion" story.

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Live Free and High: N.H. House Votes to Legalize Pot

After a passionate debate, the New Hampshire House of Representatives endorsed a bill Wednesday that would legalize marijuana in the state.

The vote was a nail-biter, with closely divided legislators initially voting against legalization 170-168 before choosing to vote again, the second time approving legalizing pot with 170 votes.

The bill, HB 492, would decriminalize possession of 1 ounce of marijuana by adults age 21 or older and allow residents to grow up to six plants. State-licensed stores would be authorized to sell marijuana.


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NH House kills license plate scanners

"CONCORD – The House voted overwhelmingly — 250-97 — to kill a bill that would have allowed police to use license plate scanners.


New Hampshire will continue to be the only state in the country to prohibit the use of the license plate scanner."

Full article here:

Here's the bill:

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BenSwann.Com - Kristin Tate Asks People: What Did Our Government Do Best In 2013? (VIDEO)

BenSwann.Com - Kristin Tate Asks People: What Did Our Government Do Best In 2013? (VIDEO)


8 hours ago | Politics, US | Posted by Kristin Tate
January 8, 2014

As 2013 came to a close, I found myself wondering, “What do Americans think our government did best this year?”

While I was in snowy New Hampshire over the holidays, I decided to hit the streets and ask people that very question. Here are the results:

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Man successfully defends his life without harming any life.

Paul Jensen of New Hampshire defends himself from carjacker.

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Updated: Drop Amanda BillyRock's Criminal Charges | No Victim, No Crime

Prosecutor James Sawyer: 603-524-2330

Amanda's Charges:
1) Disobeying an Officer
2) Resisting Arrest or Detention
3) Transporting an Alcoholic Beverage
4) Possession of a Controlled Drug
5) Driving Under the Influence

None of these so-called "crimes" involves any victim, but that doesn't matter to the police, who are currently working to put Amanda in a cage for what could be years. If you wish to call and ask them to drop the charges, I recommend you record it and send me a link to the video.

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Amanda Billyrock being held in Belknap County Jail

Amanda BillyRock, a vocal advocate and practioner of peaceful, consensual interactions, was kidnapped in the early morning hours of Sat., Dec. 14, 2013 by an unknown Laconia PD employee (603.524.5257) and is now being held at the Belknap Co. Jail (603.527.5480) on threats not yet disclosed.

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CFR and Fed Brainwashing Continues

We have slowly been uncovering the forces behind the 'transformation' of our educational system into a tool of the internationalists, globalists, foundations, and various celebrities and NGOs, via federal government programs.

In this article you will read how the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Federal Reserve are now openly playing a part in training teachers to utilize lessons that justify their existence and legality within our system of government.

We will have more on the specifics in future articles.

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Help A Ron Paul Supporter


Emily is competing in the Miss NH pageant this January 18-19th. This is the final year that she will be eligible to compete, she needs to raise enough money to cover the cost of the entrance fee and other expenses related to the pageant.

Her deadline is December 21st!

I hope we can get Emily to her goal and she can win!

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