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“Trigger The Move” Mondays – 3,767 Pledges To Go


The Freestate project is currently at 16,233 pledges.  There are 3,767 pledges to go until the move to New Hampshire is "triggered".

You can make the pledge, or learn about the FSP at

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Save Our Swiss Gold - New Lampoon The System cartoon

The Swiss citizens get to stand up to Central Bankers and Politicians on Nov. 30, 2014 and vote YES to the "Save Our Swiss Gold" referendum. Will this be the first step away from fiat currency and back to Sound Money?

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Rand Paul Supporters in NH

Rand Paul is running for president and to win the liberty movement needs to be organized. I was thinking people in NH (my state) who intend to support Rand should start to get organized now. This will give Rand Paul an advantage over the other candidates. Would anyone be interested in making a Facebook group or maybe making a specific place where this process can begin? Any ideas?

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Scott Brown is probably going to lose.

What do the free staters think about this?

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Riot in Keene at Pumpkin Fest?!

I'm not there but I've heard there is a "riot" that broke out in Keene at the Pumpkin Fest, with the local thugs calling it a "Level 2 Emergency with Mass Casualties??"
Sheesh! Does anyone know what's going on?

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Save Our Swiss Gold - Set For Vote November 30 - Will it Pass?

Will The Swiss Gold Referendum Pass?

Swiss ballot initiative "Save Our Swiss Gold" is being promoted by the Swiss People’s Party and would require the Swiss Natonal Bank to maintain 20% of its reserves in gold, to repatriate all Swiss gold from abroad and to ban selling any Swiss gold.

Does it have any shot of passing?

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Jim Rickards and Janet Yellen star in "Currency War Games"

Will Yellen take Rickards advice and step away from the Currency War? Maybe she needs to play some tic-tac-toe to learn that she just can't win.

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New Hampshire: A Hotbed for Liberty

New Hampshire: A Hotbed for Liberty
By Shem Kellogg

The United States was once a constitutional republic, and today New Hampshire is on the forefront in the battle to return the U.S. to its original principles of state sovereignty, limited federal government and individual liberty.

The year Thomas Jefferson was elected President, eleven out of sixteen states didn’t have direct popular election for President, and no state had direct election of US senators. The voters chose their state representative, a man whom they personally knew, and he then voted for the upper-level offices.

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Free State Project

How many here are familiar with this project?
I have been casually watching for a year or so now.
It's fascinating.
I recently took my wife to New Hampshire for vacation and we loved it. What a refreshing change from New York State!

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Tell Sal Russo to Mind His Own Business!

Please send Sal Russo and his TPE Bus a little love note about why he has no business coming to NH and endorsing Scott Brown. If he does it here, he may do it in YOUR state.

You can add anything we missed here:

Comments, questions, rants and raves to

Tea Party 2007 Originals!

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What NOT to do as a Ron Paul Republican

For those of you who don't know me, I am a Ron Paul supporter running for state representative in New Hampshire: I am less than one month away from my primary. Ron Paul Forums has been generous enough to offer the campaign its own subforum in the "Defenders of Liberty" section, alongside Rand Paul and others:

I am using it to involve users who sincerely care to help me, convince them that my race is winnable, and demonstrate that I am committed to winning. My hopes are that my race will encourage other activists to run for office.

Since I filed to be on the ballot, I have been receiving candidate surveys and other items in the mail. I have been sharing these and my responses to the surveys in the forum.

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Need a video for my internet project - any takers, any pointers?

I worked on it for a few years and it is patented. The concept is a bit difficult to understand in the beginning mainly because we are conditioned to the current problem-centric world. Solutions are developed around specific problems and we are used to constantly adapting to these ever changing and ever growing solutions. It is like going against the popular belief and we run into initial friction with this concept (Have you ever experienced this situation?)

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Chris Cantwell: Politically Correct Libertarianism Must Die! Libertarianism Definition Hijack Rebuke 2.0!

Politically Correct Libertarianism Must Die!!
Christopher Cantwell
Published on Jul 16, 2014

The Libertarian Brutalism Facebook group was deleted today, because politically correct libertarians can't mind their own business. Well, I've got a few things to say to these people.

Indeed, I motherfrakkin' concur with this motherfrakkin' message!



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