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3D Print your Way to an Organic Salad... inside an Apt in NYC... or Ottawa, Canada! - OpenSource HydroPonics!

Shot at the 5th Annual World Maker Faire, Queens, NY, Sept 20-21, 2014:

Open Sourcing 3D Printing Hydroponics!
Published on Sep 29, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski talks to the inventor of the Free 3D-Printable Hydroponics System, which is open sourced and available to you now.

To find out more about the invention check out:

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Individual Reality

Individual Reality

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's nothing but absurd,
Learn the forbidden word,
It's time to break free,
From the herd mentality,
Let the collective go,
Discover your sovereign ego.

Left vs. Right,
Black vs. White,
Straight vs. Gay,
Heard every day.

The group isn't real,
No matter what you feel,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

You say it wasn't fair,
Though you weren't there,
That's just group philosophy,
Holier-than-thou history,
Infiltrated psychology,
Producing victimology,
It's only you and me,
Individual reality.

It's not even true,
Red vs. blue,
Us vs. Them,
Republican vs. Dem,
Blue vs. gray,
Heard every day.

Leave that flock of sheep,
Wake up from your sleep,
"You didn't build it" is a lie,
Discover your freeborn "I".

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Every Battle Is Verdun

Every Battle Is Verdun

The cowardly commanders, while safe and sound,
Having already put thousands in the ground,
Gave yet another piercing yell,
"Over The Top!" and into hell.

And again, boys not yet men,
Charged into the Devil's Den,
Crawling under barbed wire,
Cut to pieces by machine gun fire,
Sinking in craters of blood and ooze,
While commanders smoked and drank their booze.

Eventually 360 Englishmen of World War 1,
Refused to go over the top at Verdun,
Bravely taking a stand,
Against the senseless, suicidal command.

And in their quest for martial fame,

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Groundhog dies after de Blasio fumble

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped groundhog Chuck during a Groundhog Day celebration at the Staten Island Zoo. The groundhog died a week later after suffering internal injuries.

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Someday, when the world blooms once more,
Bright and free like days of yore,
Babes will play near the wolves' den,
The lion and the lamb will be friends again,
No one will hurt or steal or kill,
There will be peace on earth and good will,
Weapons will become farming tools,
And deserts transformed into glistening pools.

Someday, when the world blooms once more,
Nations will learn war no more,
Love will fill each mind and heart,
The world will have a brand new start,
Death and dying will be no more,
Someday, when the world blooms once more.

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Someone explained to me that Metacognition means thinking about one's thinking. That is we are all on the DP. There came an occasion or several occasions when we got past cognitive dissonance and confirmation bias and started to really think about our thinking. It was a gradual process for me. A John Birch Society member introduced me to the importance of the Constitution and what the CFR, Trilateral Commission, UN, etc., are really about. I started to revise my thinking then.

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Do Something Now!

Do Something Now!

Do something now,
You really know how,
Be the change you want to see,
Lift yourself and humanity.

Read a book and learn some more,
Like Ron Paul's Revolution or 1984,
Self-educate then educate,
Make a sign and demonstrate.

Practice non-aggression in all you do,
Tell them Big Brother's Watching You,
Please don't wait or hesitate,
Do something now, it's getting late.

Have love in your heart, don't be mean,
Resist the evil war machine,
Protect life in every way,
Stand up and have your say.

Let the world be your school,
Live The Golden Rule,

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Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers Still Enthrall Them

Teachers still enthrall them with the story,
Of Ulysses and his glory,
How he saw the world, conquered every foe,
And set a Goddess' heart aglow,
How he tricked the Trojans with a wooden horse,
Returned to Penelope, of course,
All like some wonderful, exciting game,
Living happily ever after with fortune and fame.

The Iliad is usually omitted,
Especially the atrocities committed,
Of Priam weeping bitterly for his son,
Of Hector's body defiled,
Of multitudes beguiled,
Of the annihilation of an entire city,
Of so many slaughtered without pity.

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VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity - 9/17/14

VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity - 9/17/14

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Then and Now: What Happened?

During the 60s and 70s one illegal, unconstitutional war tore this nation apart.

Now multiple illegal, endless, unconstitutional wars are commonplace and only a handful of people try to stop them. What happened?

Is it because of the additional 50 years of indoctrination and desensitizing? Was all that outrage expressed during the Vietnam era really a result of the draft? Is this phenomenon another manifestation of embracing a culture of death? What has happened between then and now????

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In My Dream

In My Dream

In my dream the new president sat at his desk for the first time. The room was a confusion of voices as journalists bombarded him with questions and advisers proffered unsolicited advice.
"What are you going to do about Syria," a young woman asked accusingly.
"Mr. President," someone said, "arm the moderates."
"Are you going to support the Federal Reserve's new stimulus?" a reporter inquired in a predatory tone of voice.

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The Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen

One, two, three, four,
Soldiers marching off to war,
Oblivious of the cost,
Of the on-going holocaust,
Blindly following the hellish lead,
Of each one on his somber steed,
Unthinkingly obeying the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of the apocalypse.

Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama,
Perpetuating the death and drama,
Speaking of weapons not there,
Creating images of Armageddon to scare,
We're in Iraq! There's no turning Back!
Kill those backward people!
Drop those bombs, my Sheeple!
You'll spread freedom, we promise you this!
So say the four lying horsemen of the apocalypse.

Don't listen to those widow makers,
Those presidential undertakers,
Spread the word far and wide,
Stop this maddening genocide,
Don't believe the lying lips,
Of the four horsemen of Iraq's apocalypse.

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Government Arresting People For Anti-obama Facebook Posts!

If this is true, we will all see each other in a FEMA camp.
Nothing is beyond what is going to happen.

From The Rutherford Institute:

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Waking Up

Waking Up

Politicians and their lies,
Drones in the skies,
Obama and Obama-lite,
The false paradigm of Left and Right,
The N.D.A.A. and The NSA,
Keeping the boogeymen away,
The endless wars are so obscene,
Like some sick and twisted dream.

I'll take the red pill, not the blue,
I'll face what's real and not untrue,
I reject the mainstream media's bogus stream,
It has no more substance than a dream.

Poison in the water and the food we buy,
Chemo and radiation so we will die,
The Georgia Guide Stones laid it out,
Six and a half billion to be wiped out!
I'm at wits' end and ready to scream,
Let's wake up from this dream!

I first heard the lies about 9/11,
While still asleep watching channel 7,
To change the world we have to see,
We live in a fabricated reality,
We've been asleep in a matrix, that's for sure,
Waking up starts the cure.

Copyright 2014 by Edward Moran

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My name is Ulfilas

And evidence of potential taxable income for the past year was unfortunately destroyed in my house fire yesterday. So we will consider it a loss and write it off.

What? You say I can't do that?

Well it worked for Donald Rumsfeld 13 years ago, why not now?

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