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He Supports All The Troops

He Supports All The Troops

He supports all the troops,
He's glad to see them go,
He fills them with patriotic fervor,
And sets their hearts aglow.

He conjures up a marching band,
He makes them all feel proud,
He tells them to take a stand,
And say the pledge aloud.

He tells them of the enemies,
Those filthy, evil foes,
Those foreign devils must be stopped,
And so his story goes.

Then they go in their prime,
To kill and fight and die,
Cut down before their time,
While loved ones wonder why.

His tales of glory,
Are just a story,
From forth his fetid breath,
They lead to sorrow,
And no tomorrow,
Just endless, dreaded death.

Copyright 2014 By Edward Moran

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Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Paul! Thank you for everything. Have a great birthday, and many, many more! God bless you.

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It Was No Dream

It Was No Dream

Sights and sounds were all around,
Within the chambers of my mind,
And I tried to hold on to what I found,
And what I hoped to find.

Then as the darkness in the room,
Gave way to light slowly rising,
Remembrance removed all the gloom,
With memories so surprising.

And as I lay in my bed,
I recalled a mighty rally,
Bring them home! End the Fed!
We want peace in the valley!

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How Can We Make 2016 Different?

It seems obvious that presidential elections are rigged. In 2012 there was blatant voting fraud, media blackout, and arbitrary delegate rule changes to insure that Romney, not Ron Paul, would get the Republican nomination. I suspect that Romney was chosen to be, in effect, Obama's Vice President in case the latter were to become unelectable. We know that there aren't significant differences between those two. My question is, how can we make 2016 different and legitimate, providing someone like Rand or the Judge campaigns for the presidency?

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VIDEO: Miracle On The Hudson

VIDEO: Miracle On The Hudson


This is amazing . . . computer generated from the black box . . .

In the Hudson River!

Click here: #t=109

This is unreal – check it out

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Back to Iraq - Movie Trailer

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AnCapistan just got 'Glenn Beck-ed' by Eric 'I Hate RP, Love the Fed' Bolling of Faux's The 5: Just declared Himself an AnCap?

"We may be overly capitalists, anarcho-capitalist. I know I am. I’m proud of it." - Eric Bolling

Truth, or Fiction? At 3:24min mark:

Gutfeld: Why Millennials Are OK With Socialism
Published on Jul 16, 2014

Fox News Host Eric Bolling Declares: “I’m An Anarcho-capitalist”

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Lauren Bacall

Lauren Bacall died this morning. She was a great actress. RIP

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Trail Blazers

We are fortunate to now have many alternative sources spreading truth and the message of liberty. Who were the trailblazers who paved the way? Of course, Ron Paul has educated and awakened multitudes throughout the years. Who else? Bill Cooper? Father Coughlin? The John Birch Society?

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We bury my Mom today and still on the Daily Paul.

Submitted by tony m on Mon, 08/11/2014 - 06:54. Permalink

The Daily Paul has been a connection to the influence of Ron Paul. Both have changed my life to a better person.

Today, we bury my Mom. She is 89, my Dad is 93. They showed up to see Ron Paul speak in 2011 in East Aurora, NY. They surprised me. I wish i took a picture of them there.

I have been, not that great of a caretaker for them, more like a emergency guardian for when things go bad with them in their home.

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The next O.J. trial...Tony Stewart not charged...yet!

Recently it was announced by the Sheriff's department investigating the incident that resulted in the death of 20-year old Kevin Ward Jr. in a dirt car race last night in New York. Word came out within the hour that: “At this moment there are no facts or evidence that would support a criminal charge or indicate criminal intent.”

My thoughts, Tony Stewart has a temper, a past, he is a strong competitor, and he has a lot to lose...and this media pushing the war agenda needs a distraction; so, I think they'll make this into another O.J. trial and public smear campaign, instead of treat it like an extremely unforeseen isolated incident that could've have never been anticipated, nor will it be forgotten.

All that can come of this is that every racing venue the world over could dare to restrain a wrecked, angry, determined-to-retaliate driver from expressing their sore displeasure on an active racetrack mere moments after they are involved in any altercation, period. All the demonization of Tony Stewart, and the lust for his wealth that I predict is bound to come, should be frowned upon and rebuked by the "consumers" who will have it thrust upon them via every media outlet from sports channels to political pundit round tables.

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NYPD Cops: Chokehold Didn’t Kill Eric Garner, ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’ Caused His Death (VIDEO)

NYPD Cops: Chokehold Didn’t Kill Eric Garner, ‘Anti-Police Rhetoric’ Caused His Death (VIDEO)


Leaders of two police unions had some strong words


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Whispers of secession growing for Upstate New York

Evidence of the polarizing effect of the current presidential administration is everywhere. From the border crisis to Obamacare and Hobby Lobby, extreme views from both sides of the aisle have the average American caught in an ideological crossfire of both misinformation and disinformation. Evidence of the President’s overreach can be found in the Supreme Court’s ruling against him in twelve straight rebukes of his executive orders.

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When She Breathed Her Last

When She Breathed Her Last

She was murdered as she fled,
Armed thugs shot her dead,
But no one cried when she died,
When she breathed her last.

It was easy to find,
The helpless target from behind,
But it was hard to hear Congress cheer,
When she breathed her last.

It was said she was apprehended,
Her killers thanked and defended,
But it was just Miriam and her baby,
When she breathed her last.

She was killed in her car,
Five bullets from behind,
But no one cried when she died,
When she breathed her last.

God help us. No one cried,
When she died,

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VIA Cavuto - Border Agent: 'Morale Is At an All-Time Low Right Now' (VIDEO)

VIA Cavuto - Border Agent: 'Morale Is At an All-Time Low Right Now' (VIDEO)


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