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The Enemy

The Enemy

He tossed and turned again that night,
Up as usual before the light,
I saw him sitting at his place,
A troubled look on his face,
A quiet man and often grim,
And again that look came over him,
But one morning at the break of day,
He said the things he had to say.

Son, I thought it was all worth fighting for,
But I’m not so sure anymore,
And all that stuff about country and glory,
Well, now I sort of doubt that story,
But what bothers me so unbearably,
Is the one they called the enemy.

He was just a young man like me,
The one they called the enemy,

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Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Our Fear Feeds The Beast

Fear is contagious,
Stop and be courageous,
This is all a lie,
Millions won't die,
A plague hasn't been released,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

Get up and leave the cave,
Stand up and be brave,
Of all the dangers, it's the least,
Our fear feeds the beast.

Hypnotized by the screen,
This is sad and obscene,
We're shackled and distracted,
It's planned and manufactured,
For THE MAN, it's a feast,
Our fear feeds the Beast.

We're idling in the mire,
Adding fuel to the fire,
Fulfilling His desire,
THE MAN is a liar,
It's time for this to cease,

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FEMA Conducting Pandemic Drills in Region 2-New York Amidst Ebola Crisis

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

In yet another curious coincidence surrounding the recent Ebola crisis, it appears that FEMA has been preparing for the appearance of a pandemic of deadly disease in the near future all along. 

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People Are Dying of Ebola - or are They?

People are dying from Ebola, or are they? How do we know that? Below is an excellent, well-written blog by Jon Rappaport. "Death Doesn't = Someone's Opinion about Death."

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The Invisible Threat

The Invisible Threat

The invisible threat,
The worst one yet,
That guy with a beard,
He's to be feared,
The turban on his head,
He wants us dead,
He hates us, that's for certain,
Pay no attention to THE MAN behind the curtain.

The invisible threat,
The worst one yet,
That commie is a devil,
Hiding at every level,
He might even live next door,
He wants us dead, that's the score,
He hates us, that's for certain,
Pay no attention to THE MAN behind the curtain.

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NYPD Tells Comedian to ‘Shut the F*ck Up’ While Arresting Man During Stand-Up Show

For some reason, the NYPD decided to barge into the Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater in the middle of a comedian’s set to arrest an audience member.

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Anyone watching the stock market?

Has anyone been keeping on an eye the Dow Jones as of the last week?

Since the FED has stopped buying bonds the Dow has dropped 670 points in the last 3 market days.

Is this the beginning of the next great crash?

I'm not totally up to speed when it comes to the stock market but this seems like it's not going to stop.

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US eyes sale of NY's Waldorf hotel to Chinese firm

U.S. officials said Monday they are reviewing the Oct. 6 purchase of the Waldorf by the Beijing-based Anbang Insurance Group, which bought the hotel from Hilton Worldwide for $1.95 billion. Terms of the sale allow Hilton to run the hotel for the next 100 years and call for "a major renovation" that officials say has raised eyebrows in Washington, where fears of Chinese eavesdropping and cyber espionage run high.

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Almost Everything We're Told is a Lie

Almost Everything We’re Told is a Lie

Almost everything we’re told is a lie,
He told them they wouldn’t die,
The falsehoods continue, even still,
Corrupting the heart, mind and will.

We’re the progeny of primeval slime,
Having kids is a crime,
Our very breathing is a sin,
Global warming could do us in,
Our carbon footprint is a shame,
Depleted ozone, we’re to blame.

The criminals and their creeds,
Depopulation is plucking weeds,
Thomas Malthus: We’re the plague,
Time to exit from the stage.

9 11 and the war on terror,
Not enough security is the error,
Join the military, it’s real great,
Killing foreigners is not hate.

Brake for animals, be no cynic,
While driving to the abortion clinic,
That’s okay, we’ve been told,
Our mind is in a stranglehold.

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The Most Egregious Lies

The Ebola hoax has brought to my mind, once again, how much I have been lied to my whole life. Almost everything that I was taught in school, almost everything that I read in newspapers and books; almost everything that I saw on TV was a lie. The number of lies, hoaxes, and fabricated reality could fill volumes. I'm going to list some of the most egregious lies that I once actually believed.

1. The official version of 9/11
2. Hussein's weapons of mass destruction nonsense
3. The Reagan Revolution
4. The Civil War was about slavery
5. The Tonkin Gulf Incident

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Chinese company snathces up NYC’s iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel

In a record-breaking sale, a Chinese insurance giant is buying New York City’s iconic Waldorf-Astoria hotel for nearly $2 billion. The purchase comes as China remains the leading foreign buyer of US properties, and what some experts call the largest transfer of wealth in history, with centuries of accumulated American capital being scooped up by Chinese investors. RT’s Marina Portnaya takes a closer look...

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Bolgorod, 1943 (Caution: Graphic Realism)

Bolgorod, 1943 (Caution: Graphic Realism)

They said that victory would be truly grand,
But they never could understand,
What a shattered, dying soldier felt in that infernal land,
As he watched a cat eat his severed hand.

They couldn’t know, they couldn’t guess,
How tanks rode over human flesh,
They didn’t see the gross, ghastly, grisly, tank treads,
Greased with blood and gore and flattened heads.

They didn’t see the youth with half a face,
In that godforsaken place,
Who died trying to speak his lover’s name,
But the word never came,
Phantom lips make no sound,

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VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox News' 'Hannity' 10/06/14

VIDEO: Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox News' 'Hannity' 10/06/14


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Naomi Wolf questions Veracity of IsIs 'Beheadings' & Obola's AFRICOM 'fighting' Ebola, The Left declare her Persona Non-Grata!

Off the Res! they say, for merely dare questioning the official govt-terrorists' own conspiracy theory narrative. Frankly, come to think of it, there's never been an incident where govt provided more proof than the independent non-govt humans researching...anything. Literally, "The pot calling the kettle black!"

Here's another:

Naomi Wolf, FaceBook | October 4 at 8:58am · Edited ·

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