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VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File W / Martha MacCallum - 2/25/15

VIDEO: Senator Rand Paul Appears on Fox's The Kelly File W / Martha MacCallum - 2/25/15

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Power and the Ruling Class

Seems accurate to me. This is an educating unifying clip if presented decently.

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Will This Be The New Housing Bubble?

Will This Be The New Housing Bubble??

Fannie and Freddie are approving 3% down loans.

by Clea Benson
12:00 AM PST | November 14, 2014

Nov. 14 (Bloomberg) -- Mel Watt, director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency, has set off a political tempest.

The cause: 3-percent down mortgages.

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Police officer, aiming for dog, accidentally shoots his sergeant in Brownsville NY (video)

A police officer accidentally shot his sergeant after firing at a pit bull inside a Brooklyn apartment building.

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Hey kids! Let's get it on...

You know, every ten years or so our country and some other little country,
We start firing all of our newest weapons
At each other for some reason or another, right or wrong,
Like it or not, it happens, and when it happens
People get shot and when people get shot,
They show it on tv a lot every night at six o clock
And you don't even have to be eighteen to see it you don't even have to be in first grade,
First grade where they teach the kid pride
They tell him he'll need to thrive,
In a world where only the strong will survive,
So he's taught the art of more

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NY officer charge with manslaughter in stairwell shooting

On the surface, the police shooting of an unarmed man in a housing project stairwell in Brooklyn seemed like a freakish accident.

The officer, Peter Liang, told his superiors that his gun had gone off unintentionally, the bullet rattling off a wall and into an unsuspecting man’s chest, killing him. Even the New York City police commissioner, William J. Bratton, said there was no suggestion that the officer intended to shoot the man, Akai Gurley.

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Rand Paul: Hillary's 'Disastrous' Libya War Is to Blame for Middle East Chaos (VIDEO)

Rand Paul: Hillary's 'Disastrous' Libya War Is to Blame for Middle East Chaos (VIDEO)


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Response on Benghazi

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NYPD Officer Who Shot Brooklyn Man Indicted by Grand Jury

A rookie New York City police officer is expected to surrender Wednesday to face criminal charges in the November shooting death of an unarmed man, according to a city official and a lawyer involved in the case.

A grand jury in Brooklyn returned an indictment today against Officer Peter Liang, who was 18 months out of the police academy when he shot and killed Akai Gurley in a dimly lit stairwell of a Brooklyn public housing project.

Police have said Liang fired by accident.

At the time of the shooting, Police Commissioner Bill Bratton called Gurley “a total innocent.”

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CNBC Anchors Stunned: ‘There is No Economic Recovery’(VIDEO)

Investor launches into breathless rant about REAL financial situation

Published on Feb 10, 2015
Mizuho's Steve Ricchiuto on CNBC


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It's hard to say at the close of day,
"Goodbye my friend, my love, my dear,"
We all must go; no one can stay,
The time to part draws near.

We're here today and gone tomorrow,
But there's a balm for that word "goodbye,"
It's knowing that, despite our sorrow,
Our love will never die.

This goodbye, I know, is not the end,
Not at all my friend, my love, my dear,
We'll meet again around the bend,
Though the time to part draws near.

We have traveled so far, side by side,
It will be different now along the way,
We're here and there like the tide,

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MMS attacked while vaccines applauded

As we discuss the usefulness of vaccines, are there alternatives ?
MMS cured my lymes disease, and all virul outbreaks I may have had.
Yet FDA wants this man in jail.
Support If you can.
Awareness is our biggest asset

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ALN - Gun Store Targeted by Town

It seems a board member for the Town of Alden, NY has targeted DD's Ranch Gun Store to comply with amendments to its home occupancy law.

These four videos are some highlights during the towns board meeting with the public. Concerned citizens asked pointed transparency questions to investigate the matter.

Four videos, 1 to 5 minutes in length.

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New York policeman charged with assault

New York (AFP) - A New York police officer was charged with assault in Brooklyn on Tuesday after allegedly stomping on the head of a suspect lying on the ground, officials said.

The indictment against a serving officer follows protests across the United States demanding legal reforms after a series of police killings of unarmed black men passed without censure.

Joel Edouard, 37, was charged with one count of third-degree assault, one count of third-degree attempted assault and one count of official misconduct in connection with the July 23 incident.

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Drudge poll ! Show Rand some love !

With Ron Paul we dominated the online polls can we still do it ?

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