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Deciphering the Immaculate Contraption

Coming back from a family reunion in deep WNC and coming through W Asheville to see other relatives, my family happened upon "The Immaculate Contraption". My son insisted we stop and he took multiple pictures of it, which I have finally finished deciphering for you today. We had a good laugh here when, after much consternation in deciphering, I burst out laughing and shouted "I think I'm beginning to see what he's saying here!!!"

I think y'all will really find this contraption interesting and humorously enlightening. I could almost bet Doctor Professor may be a member of the Asheville R3vol. :)

The Quest of Archemephelon

The Quest of Archemephelon photo IMG_4468.jpg

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Best libertarian movie scene

Hey everyone just thought I would share another great movie with my fellow liberty lovers. This 1993 movie Demolition Man, starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Sandra Bullock and even Jack Black.

Below is a short clip of one of my favorite scene's played by actor Denis Leary, please watch and enjoy.

PS try to ignore the last minute and a half of this short clip.

Please feel free to post your favorite libertarian movie scenes.

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North Carolina, 1961: Major Disaster Narrowly Averted

Just revealed, a major disaster was narrowly averted in N. Carolina in 1961.

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Use the bankers system to break out?

So here's my thought process...I have no debt currently and about 50k available in credit cards...what if I max out all my credit cards on silver and then never pay them back. File chapter 7 if necessary! When silver goes parabolic I will be officially out of the banker system! Credit is just another scam by the bankers to keep us in line while they abuse it and us every time they sign us on to more debt daily...I'd like feedback on this plan. If it's stupid tell me why. Thanks everyone!

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Bravo, Rep. Walter Jones ! Primary Win Sends Neocons Packing

From David Stockman

Rep. Walter Jones, 20-year Republican of North Carolina, is one of America’s most courageous and honest politicians—putting him in a company that is virtually non-existent inside the beltway.

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Walter Jones Wins - beats former Bush official

Walter Jones, endorsed by Ron Paul beats Karl Rove backed and former George Bush official in the GOP primary.

Good News!

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NC Alert! Polls are open

Attention North Carolinians, the polls are open and Dr. Greg Brannon needs your support. He is by far the best candidate for the position according to Dr. Ron Paul himself.

Let's get out there and show Greg Brannon the support he deserves and cast your vote for him!

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PPP: Momentum is with Greg Brannon as support spikes to 28%, runoff against Tillis within reach

looks like Brannon could actually win this thing if it gets to a runoff, which is starting to look more likely. Rand will be in North Carolina today also to give Greg a boost.

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NC Senate Primary Tomorrow May 6th - Calling all NC Voters

I beg every one of you reading this in NC, please go out and vote tomorrow. This is an actionable event that you can be a part of and having Brannon in the Senate would be huge for both NC and for people that actually care about what the Constitution says.

Please vote for Greg Brannon on the Republican ballot!

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Dias de Via Primal:A Journey

My DP friends, very soon I will be making a lifestyle change. I have decided to give the primal lifestyle a shot. After seeing Tom Woods and Judge Napolitano, I am convinced that Primal can have a positive effect.

My Story:
For most of my life I have been relatively healthy. Not supremely athletic, nor possessing a great deal of stamina, but never sickly. Within a year of graduating college, I had gained over 30-40 pounds(I was 5'5 and weighed 210lb) and was diagnosed with asthma. Last year I had to have my appendix removed, the recover which led me lose the pounds I needed to lose.

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Brannon Fraud Charges

Hey DP,

I'm from the great state of North Carolina, and I come from a family of lawyers. Don't hate me, I can't help it. Anyways the guy has been convicted of fraud I'm pretty sure. I'll look into it with my folks if no one else has any info on it, but personally I'm not too sure about the fella if he's got this kind of background.

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Rand Paul to plunge into North Carolina Senate race, campaign for Greg Brannon

By MANU RAJU | 4/30/14 2:55 PM EDT

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul is making an 11th hour plunge into the North Carolina Senate race, aiming to boost his preferred candidate and block the GOP establishment’s favorite, state House Speaker Thom Tillis, from scoring a clean win in Tuesday’s primary.

The Kentucky Republican and potential presidential candidate said in an interview that he will stump on Monday for Republican Greg Brannon, a libertarian-minded candidate who is trying to ride a tea party wave into a runoff against Tillis, who is backed by the party establishment and is reportedly expected to receive the endorsement of Jeb Bush. Tillis is looking to avoid a runoff in North Carolina and quickly unite the party in the critical Senate race against Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan.

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Can Mr. Jones stay in Washington?

By Peter Hamby
Thu April 24, 2014

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4/23/2014 - 2nd US Senatorial Debate in NC, Greg Brannon

Greg Brannon will be debating again tonight on WRAL.

Here's a quote from last night I think everyone here can get behind:

"the Constitution has three crimes: treason, piracy and counterfeit. The Fed does all three.”

Don't know if there's a live stream for it but here are the channels it will be on for North Carolinians.

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