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This is what the fracking industry is bringing to North Dakota.

Sexual Assault in the Bakken Shale “Man Camps”

Former Rosebud Sioux Tribe Police Chief Grace Her Many Horses took a temporary job working in the Bakken Region near Newtown, North Dakota. This Bakken Basin stretches from Montana to North Dakota and it is rich in shale oil supplies.

“When I first got there some of the things they talked about, in any of these areas, was they told the MEN ‘Don’t go out and party. Don’t get drunk and pass out. Because you’re going to get raped,” she said without hesitation.

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My Letter To Harry Reid

May 1, 2014

The Honorable Harry Reid Lloyd D. George Building, Suite 8016
United States Senate 333 Las Vegas Boulevard South
522 Hart Senate Office Building Las Vegas, NV 89101
Washington, D.C. 20510-2803

Bruce R. Thompson Courthouse The Honorable Harry Reid
Suite 902 Searchlight, NV 89046
400 South Virginia Street
Reno, NV 89501-2193

RE: Senator Harry Reid…ET. Al

Dear Senator Reid,

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North Dakota Libertarian Candidate for the House has a money bomb today.

Greetings, A quick note to say my friend Jack Seaman, Libertarian Candidate for the US House of Representatives, has a money bomb today. please retweet and forward his info which you can find here.

Thank You,

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I would like your input on my initiative measure

I have set up a website

I think that if I can get this measure on the ballot here and maybe other states could do the same.

That this could be one great big thing that could save our state if not our country.

I want to keep it simple so as not to get bogged down with controversy. Or give ammo for those to oppose it.

But this is to put all our elected officials and governments city, county, state, and country. back in our "We the People" control.

For if they do not follow there oath there would be a penalty.

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Competitive Debates

How did the colonialists defeat the British Empire? They collectively came together to stop the egregious act as a whole. If we are to truly change this country back to our founding principles/documents than we need to stack the deck. 2016 I believe is our only/last chance to have an ideological/political revolution. It is going to require maximum effort, the British are coming, the British are coming....

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“four billion tons of white bullsh*t.”

Fargo, ND – Local resident Todd Fox has been detained for “reckless endangerment” and “illegal use of high-powered fire-breathing weaponry” for attacking snow with his flamethrower. Fox reportedly became so fed up with the week-long blowing snow epidemic in his area that he decided to KILL IT WITH FIRE.

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Jack for North Dakota

New libertarian candidate in ND running for our single seat in the House.

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MRAPs Update: add Stutsman County, ND to the list of DHS occupied American Territories getting $600K new-ish Toys of Oppression

Stutsman County North Dakota Gets an MRAP

By Robert Farago on October 12, 2013

Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser, sits Thursday with the armored personnel carrier. (courtesy

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Liberty Crew on Grand Theft Auto V

This is a bit ironic as someone who believes in the non-aggression principle lol, but for you video gamers out there, there's a liberty-oriented crew (basically a Clan) forming for the upcoming game, Grand Theft Auto 5 (releases September 17th). You can join us here, rock on!

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Help with Letter to the Newspaper!

Hello, my name is Mike and I'm a former State House candidate in North Dakota from 2012.

Nowadays, I still stay involved, haven't given up the fight, as none of us should... One of the things I like to do is vent out to the local newspaper any time the collectivists dictate their wills on all of us.

I need your help! I plan on writing an op-ed on a local issue. Namely, our town (home of University of North Dakota) is a college town that... likes to drink (surprise!). So now, college and government officials got together and want to look at impacting the culture by legislation.

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USAF strips 17 Nuke-launch Officers: These are Whom 'We handed over' the Fate of Mankind to?

Can y'all imagine if any one of these guys went 'postal?'

US air force strips 17 officers of power to launch nuclear missiles
Nuclear missile unit's deputy commander says it is suffering from 'rot' within its ranks in leaked internal email

Dominic Rushe and agencies, Wednesday 8 May 2013 10.35 EDT

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Victory For Life: North Dakota Lawmakers Define Beginning Of Life At Conception, Outlaw Abortion

Victory For Life: North Dakota Lawmakers Define Beginning Of Life At Conception, Outlaw Abortion

Bill declares that life begins at conception. Voters to decide separate "personhood" amendment.

Michael Winter | USA TODAY8:58p.m. | EDT March 22, 2013

North Dakota lawmakers Friday completed action to outlaw almost all abortions, voting to define life as beginning at conception.

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