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If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

I'm making a plan. If its Jeb vs. Hillary, I'm leaving the U.S.

Where would you go and why?

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Pointing out the obvious on immigration?

It doesn't take a genuis to realize Obama used executive action because he knew he could get away with it.

Obama knew the right would bitch and moan but ultimately do absolutely nothing about it.

Typical DC strategy. The GOP knew they couldn't sell any kind of immigration reform to its constituents without huge fall out. The left knew the GOP wouldn't do anything about it because they wanted it anyway.

In the end, the GOP gets cover by bemoaning what the president does and the president looks like a good guy.

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When Rand Paul announces his bid for nomination, where are 'google rand paul' results going to go?

From 2007-2012 if anyone googled Ron Paul, the DailyPaul was often at the very top of the results.

I was often puzzled at why the Ron Paul campaign didn't assign one of its staffers to post and communicate here. Even if it was done as a random screen name with no official affiliation with the campaign. It seemed silly to me and a complete disconnect with the base. The disconnect was glaring to me and Im just a random dude. If the campaign can leak to the media.. why cant they use us too?

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I'm not leaving Dex, not yet.

It seems the common factor our community has is moving on.

We are losing some of the best and brightest minds from a site that made history over and over again. Over 7 years of up to the minute experience.

I have an idea that can grow our community and make DP as exciting as 07. It will limit the amount of moderation and take relief off Nystrom.

We can use a third party system to invite new members. Make a certain level they must attain elsewhere to prove theyre not a troll, spam or anything else. Make sure the people we are attracting are those who want to achieve the same goals as all of us. Submit the best comments... add to the commentary. Be an asset because they are an asset to our growth.

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MUSIC: Jason Isbell, Southeastern

This an an album about redemption and coming clean. My wife and I have been Jason Isbell fans for a few years now. He was awarded Americana Songwriter, Song of the Year, and Album of the year in 2014 for the release of his 2013 album "Southeastern". A true modern masterpiece.


He is getting big now...and tickets are costing more but my wife and I had a chance to see him in a local venue when this album first came out (within a week). We were directly under his mic an arms reach away. :)

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My daughter just won V.P. of her school

I'm so stoked and proud. She didn't even tell me she was running. Her bestfriend is president. I can't believe I'm this excited.

'The revolution is alive and well.'

Thank you Dr. Paul. We will be volunteering for Rand.

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Sheriff Commits to not Participating in "No Refusal" Checkpoints


Gene Kelly has been the Clark County Sheriff since forever and has a lot of respect locally. It's common to say, "I vote a straight Republican ticket, except for Gene Kelly, of course."

That's why I was surprised the county was participating in this "no refusal" checkpoint. Well, it turns out Gene Kelly is having nothing to do with it anymore.

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Ohio Liberty Voter Guides

A helpful list assembled by the Ohio Liberty Coalition:


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Moms Demand Action Picketing Outside Kroger Headquarters Wednesday, October 29th



According to the attached article, Moms Demand Action is planning a picket outside the Kroger Headquarters in Downtown Cincinnati tomorrow...

I work a few blocks away and plan on taking an extended lunch to hopefully check this protest out.

Here's where you all come into play:
(1) What questions should I ask some of those demanding action, and
(2) What would be a clever sign to bring with me?

-Kentucky Cuz

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Rand Paul 'You help me, I'll get it done.'


I believe Rand has the ability, faith and resolve to lead America to a better place.

This video shows Rands resolve. He is up against two hostile critics. Or at least 'skeptics'. The leadership portion to me is to accept the hostile rhetoric and offer a wise step forward to unite people. Count how many times Rand is asked to speak first... or waited to speak first.

Great leaders are good listeners. Rand is mild mannered and seeking to unite people.

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Ohio Justice Judy French rules against Ohio Constitution 100% of the time, for donors 91% of the time

Via the Ohio Liberty Coalition:

The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today shared research previously prepared for various citizen groups demonstrating that Ohio Supreme Court Justice Judith French ruled for constitutionally limited government on zero of the eight critical occasions examined, while Justice Sharon Kennedy has ruled so on five of those eight occasions; and Justice French has ruled in favor of her top 20 campaign contributors, when they have appeared before her, 91 percent of the time, while Justice Kennedy has ruled so 88 percent of the time.

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Time for Some Ebola Humor

I don't really know what to make of all of the Ebola madness going in other than a song parody. If you like the Oak Ridge Boys you will hate this.



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Listening: There's trouble on the road ahead. A lawman wants me dead.

With all the crap in the world, we have to remind ourselves...There's Sunshine!

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Protesters Occupy Police Station, Demand Justice For Man Shot By Police In Wal-Mart

Beavercreek, Ohio – A group of John Crawford supporters are demanding that Beavercreek, Ohio, police chief Dennis Evers meet with them and are now occupying the local police station. The group of young people is affiliated with Ohio Students Association and Freedom Side, an economic and racial justice network.

The students have decided to escalate protest tactics in the wake of the grand jury failing to indict the officers involved in the killing of John Crawford III.

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