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Pre-empting freedom in Oklahoma

As long as people were only wearing masks to rob banks, drug stores, and convenience stores, masks were not illegal. But now that people are wearing them while protesting, we need a law against that!


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The Cover-up Former Counterintelligence Officer Calls For Re-look At Oklahoma Bombing's "many Unanswered Questions"

John R. Schindler, a former professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, where he taught courses on security, strategy, intelligence, terrorism, and military history, before joining the NWC faculty, spent nearly a decade with the super-secret National Security Agency as an intelligence analyst and counterintelligence officer.

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Can Duane Crumbacher restore Liberty in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma has a really good guy running for State Senate in District 48, a leaning Democrat, largely minority district. This race will be a good test of bringing the Liberty message to a new audience.

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School Lockdowns

Hello DP, I am still fuming right now. My local community college just had a lockdown drill. This is not abnormal for my school. However, this time the reasoning for the lockdown drill was a group “protesters” that were “attempting to start a riot.” They had actors holding signs and yelling while police stood by. At this point the announcement came over the intercom for the lock down, and all the students were told to hide in a back room.

I’ve been asking myself: Why would they go through the trouble to create this fake scenario? Is this a demonstration of force against the First Amendment? Maybe an example of what will happen to you if you protest here? No one would have the opportunity to capture evidence of police misconduct if they were all quickly ushered into a back room.

I openly shared these concerns with the 40 or so students and faculty while we were locked in a dark room together. Most of them realized how ridiculous the entire situation was, but they were still quite apathetic about it. I attempted to ask the police captain some questions but I didn’t get much out of him he just replied with: “maybe you should come by my office sometime, but I’m going to be busy for the rest of the day.” I am still unsure if this invite was genuine or if the captain was simply deflecting. What questions should I ask this guy if I get another chance? What would you do DP Community?

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Dude rips into panhandler when he sees her driving 2013 Fiat (video)

Not all panhandlers are scam artists. But some are, and one way to get yourself busted pretty quickly is to drive your 2013 Fiat to your, er, "job" and get spotted by the same guy who saw you begging earlier. (and gave her money daily)

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OKC Mayor Is GOP Favorite: He FORBID Bikini Football, But Happily Welcomed Satanic Black Mass

OKC Mayor is GOP, Establishment Favorite: Cornett FORBID Bikini Football, But Happily Welcomed Satanic Black Mass
By Martin Hill
September 22, 2014


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Tulsa- Police officer charged with first-degree murder in 19-year-old's death

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — A Tulsa police officer was charged Monday with first-degree murder in the off-duty shooting death of his daughter's boyfriend earlier this month.

Shannon Kepler was charged in the Aug. 5 death of 19-year-old Jeremey Lake. Kepler, a 24-year-veteran of the force, also was charged with one count of shooting with intent to kill because prosecutors say he shot at his daughter during the alleged confrontation in which Lake was killed.


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Tulsa Cop Couple Jailed For Murder of Boy Who Dared Walk With Their Daughter

Tulsa's finest back at it again...this is one crazy couple with badges..turns out they shot at their own daughter for daring to run after the murder of her friend. Obviously the city did the usual thing and suspended them with pay. Nothing new here.

TULSA, Okla. (AP) — Two Tulsa police officers who are married have been arrested in the fatal shooting of a 19-year-old man who was walking with their daughter, authorities said.

Jeremy Lake was found shot to death Tuesday night on a street near downtown, Tulsa police department spokeswoman Jillian Roberson said.

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Mark of the Beast, According to Garp

After commenting on the topic "Mark of the Beast" - From the Book of Revelation, I was asked to entertain the OP with my thoughts, even if it was "just for funsies". http://www.dailypaul.com/323211/the-mark-of-the-beast-from-t... Rather than clutter up what they have going on, I decided to put my thoughts in a clear manner. These are, MY THOUGHTS and you have every right to not read them, so please choose wisely.

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James Garner dies aged 86

From theguardian.com:

The actor James Garner has died at the age of 86, Los Angeles police have confirmed.

Garner was best known for his primetime television roles as a wisecracking frontier gambler on Maverick and as an ex-con turned private eye on The Rockford Files.

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Debt Based Money : You Love It.



Tired of Debt? The Protection : Fixed Debt against Hard Assets


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Oklahoma County Sheriff's DUI Checkpoint on Twitter

A quick briefing, and the equipment is warming up for our DUI checkpoint tonight. Join us on Twitter as we "live tweet" this event our handle is @OkCountySheriff. Stay safe folks and please don't drink and drive.

You can find more on their facebook page or on twitter.


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Oklahoma primary... what a disappointment.

Oklahoma held primaries today. You have to be registered either D or R to vote. The primaries are voted by party affiliation. Well, I am registered R so I run right up to my precinct and vote. I voted for only 1 incumbent. 85-87% of the people voted for the incumbents. It makes me sick, sick, sick.
We had 2 really great candidates that did so poorly. Randy and Dax, you did get my vote!
I'll be voting for all the Indies on the ballot if I am still in Oklahoma in November.
(one small bright point is that we do have to show ID in Oklahoma.)

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