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Oregon May 20 Primary - ongoing thread

Ongoing thread for discussion. updates, etc. for the upcoming
Oregon Primary - May 20, 2014.

I reside overseas but have always voted in Oregon (since 1972!).
Since 2012 - as my handle suggests - I have been registered Republican
even though I think I only voted for two Republicans in that year's
general election.

Hey, our votes might even get counted so let's hear from Oregon
DP'ers about who you're supporting, campaign events events and such!

My picks so far (Republican primary):


Darren Karr


(Second choice)

Bruce Cuff

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Lake Oswego Businessman Planning Three Nonprofit Organizations

Nick Bunick, an author and major developer of Lake Oswego's west side, is looking to purchase the controversial West End Building.

Bunick has submitted a $20 million offer for the city-owned property, located along Kruse Way Boulevard. Bunick's offer follows the collapse of a $16.5 million purchase agreement with Kensington Investment Group, a San Francisco-based hotel and retail investment firm.

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The 'chain of command' should be fixed and documented

State diagrams for All governmental systems.It seems that even our government could benefit from one of us regular people doing this job for them. Almost every day we get to see a new video of a government agency with confusion over who has jurisdiction on a specific cause.
Remember "We the People" or associated citizens of every singular Free State should be at the top of every list made. Maybe that would start a few extra good conversations. The effort just might remind the governors and elected sheriffs of their actual stance in the chain of command.

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"It’s for the Children! Honest, No… Really!"

By "Citizens For A REALLY Safe Ashland", March 2, 2014 :


"Enjoy" :


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Oregon 2nd District Republican challenger Dennis Linthicum comes out in support of Bundys

Linthicum is challenging incumbent Boehmer toady Greg Walden - lots of ranching, farming, logging and public lands issues in this district so it will be interesting to see how this plays out there.

From Linthicum's statement:

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An Hour with Senator Wyden

I caught much of an interview of Senator Wyden on Think Out Loud yesterday. I am listening to the rest now.

This isn't just for Oregonians although it is clear that he always does things with Oregon in mind. Senator Ron Wyden has been an Oregon Senator since 1996. He recently became the chair of the Senate Finance Committee. So, it might be worth your while to see what he is up to.

The interview touches on many, many issues. I have to say the NSA and Intelligence part was the most passionate I have ever heard him be. I even heard him use their own words against them saying we have to look at the "patterns" of their behavior. He was evasive when it came to talking about Snowden though.


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Response from Senator Jeff Merkley!

It's always the same template response. Why the hell do I even bother writing to those who never read my concerns anyway? Can someone enlighten me?

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns regarding a potential ban of pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (p5p) as a dietary supplement. I appreciate hearing from you.

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Who is Andre Watts?

For those here at the Daily Paul who have an astute interest in the Baroque/Classical/Romantic eras of music, I thought it would make for a good thread to post information either about your/one of your favorite concert musicians or composers and a link or two or three to some pieces containing their performance or involvement.

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The Shift (Part I): Focus

What subscription is there today that does not feed a distractive focus? What prescription is there today that does not cripple the corrective one? My fifteen minutes of local recognition have come and passed. I have submitted numerous letters to any number of recipients, many of which were directed to the CEO’s or person(s) in positions of influence and vestment, only to receive template responses, informal and side-stepping of the direct concerns therein stated.

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Anyone ever think that the idea of "fighting climate change" is ridiculous?

The more that I think about it, the more the entire premise seems ridiculous. I'm no scientist so I guess I can't try and convey my point of view by pointing out the fact that new studies suggest that the average earth surface temperature was substantially higher a few thousand years ago, or that none of the horrifying predictions made over the last few decades have come anywhere near true, or even that the temperature doesn't seem to be going up.

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Words of inspiration and reflection!


The spirit is wearied when the past be viewed with longing…

longing will brooding turn,

reason withdrawn – and purpose

and every following event you will but a happenstance accredit,

a life of lonely play…

where even God must cower the roots of all things,

Source forsaken.


Look not upon the past despairingly…

do not see past as such – as your conception is,

gentle eminence of Self is near,

but only to admit…ephemeral points of enlightenment eternally await

with you, aside you

and before you knew Time.

Peace and Love to you all.

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Hopeful for a moment!

Orange flickers...

embers holding the light of a star-cluster,
hopeful for a moment,
that they do not hide in the light,
that they claim a pulse,
that they have come...

Peace and Love always.

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Why I'm not going to be an organ donor.

I had to get a new drivers license the other day and I got to thinking about the whole organ donor thing. I decided not to mark myself as a donor because of the way the system works. Organs are worth a very large amount of money, that money goes to the hospital when they harvest your organs after your death. I would just like to know why the most private of property on earth is treated like it belongs to the public. We should be able to do with our organs as we so choose.

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Go Buy a House That You Can't Afford.

It may directly oppose our fiercely self-reliant sensibilities to suggest that it would be wise to put ourselves into debt. But we may be staring directly into an opportunity today to obtain present assets with real capital value in exchange for future assets that are most certainly going to be worthless before the contractual obligations are fulfilled. In other words, inflation is going to erase all of our debts.

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The ONE time I felt proud to be an AMERICAN!


A true Human Being! Shame on this country and those who claim to represent it!

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