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VIDEO: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

This must go viral if America is going to survive!

VIDEO: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Video: https://soundcloud.com/roymasters/roy-masters-meditation/s-p...

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Ghosts of War - preamble II

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the memories of grandfather-hood,
in the molecules of foreign silts and sands,
in her womb may come the military man.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the erosion of river stone,
in the patterns they weave at Arlington,
and the heavy spaces above.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
at the veteran's side,
on the veteran's shoulder,
enlisted by breath,
enlisted in death,
broke away with the tide.

And the dead child is quiet,
the Lord lesser resilient,
and the wolves of the dim form in darkness,
the devils depart

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Richard Attenborough and me!

All I know of this man is two things:

1) This scene from Ghandi (directed by Attenborough) ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GG_4UaCD8E ... one of the most powerful scenes in history;

2) The grandfather and ingenuity behind Jurassic Park (my favorite movie ever (through the eyes of an 18 year old));

Rest in much peace and thank you for these memories.


PEace and LOve always......

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- a head of state or officer in supreme command of a country's armed forces.

- an officer in charge of a major subdivision of a country's armed forces, or of its forces in a particular area.

Nowhere in formal definition does it imply or is there the implication that Commander-in-Chief coincides with competency-in-action, sensicality-in discernment or reason-in-administration and delegation.

Simple definitions remove liabilities and project them onto those who have granted the position so barren and elusive by definition.

Peace and Love always.

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Rand Paul Vindicated

Liberals are gaga over Rand Paul's supposed gaff when at an Iowa luncheon his table mate is approached by a young Latina woman wanting to talk about DACA and after introductions Rand is motioned to by an aide, gets up, grabs his beer and leaves.


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It's not World War III -

Let me just start by saying this will not be a long thread. In fact, I merely want to address two points and then I’ll let you all brew on the points so made. I cannot believe how many times I’ve heard talk of World War III. We seem to be listlessly drawn to a subject that would surely be an end to many things in our lives. Why do we focus so much on matters that only materialize into and manifest fear and distrust?

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I haven't lived this life for stars and stripes!

I haven’t lived this life for stars. I haven’t lived it for stripes. The fact is I have lived in ignorance of how they have been molded in order that my subservience to them is legislated and conditional. I was always that kid who found the reciting of the pledge of allegiance quite strange; I was always that kid who felt discomfort in removing my ball cap and placing it over my heart before it being acceptable to sing, “The Star Spangled Banner”; I was always that kid who questioned the procedures and those who told me I had to do something in order to be respectful. Respect is earned, not to be expected due to the position one may hold, i.e. parent, judge, sheriff. You would certainly not expect someone to be respected for the foundational fact that they bore life, especially if that life was beaten in fits of vice and rage.

I do not understand the bloodshed we endure in order to raise flags on plots of land. I do not understand how bloodshed justifies celebration of and honor to them. I do not understand many things, but how we justify death in order to raise cloth over earth and pronounce it the station of humanitarianism is a very mysterious and irrational thing indeed. Who are these people? Who can ascertain peace with centuries of murder and pillage? Who can ascertain peace as restorative when murder is legislated and voted for by inconsistent and unworthy representatives of mankind?

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VIDEO: Why The End Is Coming Soon by Roy Masters

VIDEO: Why The End Is Coming Soon by Roy Masters

Video: http://www.fhu.com/8325_special.php

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Better Than Your Cooler : Meet the Coolest ! ... (Kickstarter)

By The Coolest Cooler, 7/10/2014 :

Darn. The feature list never ends with the Coolest !

I think I'll want one ! :)


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Tax Filing in 2015!

I have noticed something quite interesting over the past few years, even to a decade back, upon filing taxes. There was a time not so long ago when our, if any, tax return supplemented our income. For the past several years any return, which we've only had one in four years, is used to catch-up to the place we were one year ago.

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I actually felt happy today.

I'm feeling inspirational right now. I don't but infrequently catch that star and traverse it for only being able to catch it. I have been asking myself lately why shouldn't I feel anything but love and compassion for the little boy in my life who has Aspergers. I have found myself questioning everything about the most-likely diagnosis he is given, yet only questioning everything in defense of my most valued life. But what kind of parent would I be if I chose to ignore who he is in order to think about what someone else may want him to be?

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The Faint of Conscience!

I have made the choice to abandon my submission to the local newspaper as a letter-to-the-editor. Over the past year I have submitted numerous letters in the hope that they would spark or help assist the liberty movement so often spoken of here at the DP and so highly regarded by us all. In the end my contributions have materialized into mementos, rather scribblings of a man who feels his anger at the system has been exhausted.

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Court Rules No Fly List Process Is Unconstitutional and Must Be Reformed

Court Orders Government to Give Plaintiffs in ACLU Lawsuit a Chance to Clear Their Names
June 24, 2014
CONTACT: media@aclu.org
PORTLAND, Ore. – In a landmark ruling, a federal judge struck down as unconstitutional the government’s procedures for people on the No Fly List to challenge their inclusion. The decision came in an American Civil Liberties Union lawsuit brought on behalf of 13 Americans who found themselves on the list without any notice, reasons, or meaningful way to get off it.

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Oregon Obamacare Board Member : "... the Public has nothing." CIO : "... I believe we have a beautiful system..." (11/2013)

By Daylight Disinfectant :

You have had 2 years and 700 million taxpayers dollars Mr. Karjala. How much more time and money do you need?


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