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VIDEO: Breaking The Spell Of Wickedness - Sunday Morning Conversation W / Roy Masters

VIDEO: Breaking The Spell Of Wickedness - Sunday Morning Conversation W / Roy Masters

Video: https://www.fhu.com/sunday-conversations/

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20 years ago this genious was trying o relay political and moral messages...I've been a fan of 20 years! Thank God for that!

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Sunday Music..

Heard these guys the other day at the Kid Cudi concert. They are called Medium Troy. Their song called "Run" was pretty powerful and thought some people on here would enjoy it.


The lyrics are:

"Yo I say, Run Run Run
Here come the Po Po
And they like to carry guns.
They went and took Left Moon's Arm
They like to cause harm.

I want to see your Fascist State disarm
I want to see your Fascist State disarm
I want to see your Fascist State disarm
I want to see your Fascist State disarm

Well, as a child he was a mean one

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Pot smoking beer brewing organic gardening vegan hippies in Oregon embrace GMO and Monsanto?

Pot smoking beer brewing organic gardening vegan hippies in oregon embrace GMO and Monsanto.

I'm not buying it. I know these people. The results of the vote on measure 92 were delayed all night I assume because it passed, and extra time was required to fix it.

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Oregon has become the 3rd State to legalize Marijuana!

As of now Measure 92 is still to close too make an official announcement, however the link below gives the details of other measures and how they fared in Oregon.

UPDATE: Apparently now that Multnomah County has been counted, Measure 92 has been defeated by less than 30k votes, approx. 1% margin!



Peace and Love and Hemp!

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Measure 90 in Oregon!

Instead of voting on this measure, I merely wrote in the space provided: "there is no second party!" And there hasn't been for some time.


Peace and Love always.

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The stigma is vanishing!

Measure 91 in Oregon will most likely pass to legalize the recreational use of marijuana to those age 21 or older. For almost a decade I've been saying that some day "soon" marijuana would become legal...and you know why?

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Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death….I have grown!

Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Religion, Politics, Marriage, Abortion, 9/11, Death……..

After being here on the Daily Paul for over 7 years, I have really learned something. I have really grown. What brought me here was actually Alex Jones. About 10 years ago I stumbled upon some articles about 9/11, and that led me to researching that day on my own, that led me to infowars, I watched a couple of Jones’s really early films(Martial Law 2005), and then I discovered Ron Paul 2006/2007 I thought I knew it all. I thought that I have discovered the “Hidden Secrets” that nobody knew.

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Oregon 2014 General Election Open Thread

Oregonians and interested bystanders please bring your
information and opinions re: the Oregon 2014 general

Please let us know about worthy Liberty candidates we
may be unaware of.

I'm voting from abroad and could use some input on local
(Deschutes County/Bend) races, have decided mostly how
I'm voting but still uncertain about a couple races and ballot measures.

Can't (for example) bring myself to vote for Merkley or Wehby (US Senate) so am
trying do decide between Green and Libertarian as an alternative.

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Oregon rolls out legal-pot plan far different from Washington’s

Oregon voters will decide this fall whether to allow recreational marijuana use. The initiative calls for lower taxes and the ability to possess more pot than is allowed under Washington’s new law.

By Hal Bernton | Seattle Times staff reporter

PORTLAND — Matt Price sells 100 different kinds of edibles, tinctures, buds and other marijuana offerings to the patients who frequent Cannabliss, the medical dispensary he opened up in a historic brick building that once served as a fire station.

Unlike in Washington, Price’s medical-marijuana business is licensed by the state, and all the pot he sells is subject to mandatory testing and labeling.

The 28-year-old entrepreneur says he’s now ready for his next step — an expansion into recreational marijuana if Oregon voters pass a measure this fall that would legalize pot sales to anyone 21 years of age or older.

“We’ve had inspections,” Price said, referring to medical-marijuana dispensaries. “We’re already abiding by the laws. So being first up for recreational makes logical sense.”

The expansion of Oregon medical-marijuana marketers into recreational sales would mark a very different industry evolution than in Washington, where there is a sharp separation between heavily regulated pot shops open to all adults and a much bigger medical-marijuana trade with scant government oversight.

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Be very careful about the "Ebola" Fear Vaccine Agenda ...Read this different view

I was doing some reading about EBola and stumbled upon a kink that took me to this gentleman's blog. I was intrigued with his writing about this Ebola situation. He brings up some incredible points...
from his writing....
"First of all, we have the highly dubious marketing aspect of the whole event, in order to achieve an explosive effect.
Media outlets, taking their cue from the CDC, are using the term, “1st US Ebola patient,” when that is obviously false."

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Ending Marijuana Prohibition in Oregon - Measure 91!

I just RSVP'd to attend this lecture Wednesday, October 8th. You may know or recognize the name Rick Steves from Oregon Public Broadcasting, where his radio and television shows are shown often. I am not necessarily one for advocating the "legalization" of marijuana (as I'd rather it become decriminalized and free-of-taxation and regulation), but I feel the presentation might be beneficial.

The link below has been provided in case any other Oregonians are interested in RSVP'ing in order to reserve a spot of attendance.


Peace and Love always.

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VIDEO: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

This must go viral if America is going to survive!

VIDEO: The Ultimate Stress Reliever

Video: https://soundcloud.com/roymasters/roy-masters-meditation/s-p...

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Ghosts of War - preamble II

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the memories of grandfather-hood,
in the molecules of foreign silts and sands,
in her womb may come the military man.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
in the erosion of river stone,
in the patterns they weave at Arlington,
and the heavy spaces above.

The ghosts of war are everywhere,
at the veteran's side,
on the veteran's shoulder,
enlisted by breath,
enlisted in death,
broke away with the tide.

And the dead child is quiet,
the Lord lesser resilient,
and the wolves of the dim form in darkness,
the devils depart

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