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RI Proposes New Bill to Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol

“Prohibiting the cultivation and sale of marijuana to adults has proven to be ineffective, unfair, and costly policy for the state of Rhode Island,” reads the Senate version of a bill that would tax and regulate marijuana in Rhode Island. The House version will be introduced at an event Thursday, 3:15pm at the State House.

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"Drive Wise"... All State Insurance's new data collection device.

Apparently All State Insurance is now giving discounts to people who install this in their cars. Has anyone else seen these? Has anyone installed one? I am curious about it. My father received it in the mail a few weeks ago and Im interested in seeing if anyone has anymore info regarding it. Thanks!


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Security Through Absurdity latest novel includes my DP experience

I want to announce this BEFORE this site goes offline. I've been here for almost 7 years. I did the the whole thing. Boston TeaParty; The DC March; RonVoy; the Rally for the Republic; I'm in the documentary FOR LIBERTY; started a book club/discussion group called FREEDOM IS FUNDAMENTAL that lasted over 3 years with over 100 members on MeetUp; got involved with the local GOP; collected signatures; got elected and went to the last RNC to represent Ron Paul.

When I got home from that whole mess I started writing. I had never written before and all sorts of stuff started tumbling out of me. I gave it to the publisher and they broke my story down into a trilogy. The first book of which is already in the DailyPaul books store.

LITTLE YELLOW STICKIES - about my time working for a defense contractor as a marketing communications specialist. (NOTE: almost every single thing in that book is true) Shadows of Power author James Perloff endorsed that book.


The next book, BUBBLES WILL POP, is about how I slowly "woke up" after quitting that job during the housing collapse. References to the Daily Paul and Ron Paul are included in this book - but all names have been changed and I think Daily Pauler's will see exactly what is going on. It will be out for public consumption on Thursday 1-15-15. Michael Nystrom, after amazingly bumping into me in Boston, ended up endorsing that book.

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Rick Adams; "The Radio Avenger" from RBN

...has got himself a YouTube Channel!


Rick Adams can be heard on Saturday's for 2 hours, 1pm-2pm central time


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This Rhode Island governor candidate won 22 percent of the vote. He only spent $35.

Ive been a Healey fan for years.. Great to see such a good turnout for him.

Bob Healey did not win the Rhode Island gubernatorial race. No one expected him to, seeing as he didn't plan to raise any money during his campaign.

He did, however, win 22 percent of the vote — 10 percent more than the last Brown University poll had projected -- while Democratic candidate Gina Raimondo beat Republican Allan Fung 40-36.

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Governor Candidate Smokes Weed in Campaign Ad


Candidate for Rhode Island governor Anne Armstrong actually tokes up IN THE COMMERCIAL campaign ad. Most of her claims about "smoking weed" are unfounded, granted. But how much has the public narrative changed that we actually have government candidates toking up on camera AS AN AD???

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Rhode Island candidate lights up in ad: ‘We’ve been lied to’ by the government about pot

A gubernatorial write-in candidate in Rhode Island highlighted her support for medical marijuana in a new campaign video by admitting to using it and smoking from a small pipe on camera.


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Security Through Absurdity, Book One: Little Yellow Stickies

The first book in my series is now available on Amazon. It's called SECURITY THROUGH ABSURDITY, Book One: LITTLE YELLOW STICKIES. It's a fictionalized version of what I saw or experienced while working for a defense contractor during the lead up to Desert Storm. I have to admit, I am hiding behind fiction. But I hope people will read it. Especially people at the Daily Paul. I want everyone to pay special attention to the scenes having to do with 9/11 and PROJECT LISA, and the DARK WINTER EXERCISE. My motto here is : IT'S ALL TRUE EXCEPT FOR THE PARTS THAT ARE FAKE.


I wrote the series with the intent that, maybe, it might be a good thing to give to a family member. Maybe the book might be a good jumping off point for discussion. That it might be easier to talk about a fictional character than to talk about real life.

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Proposed Rhode Island Bill Would Effectively End Grow Rights for Patients and Caregivers! Call your Representative ASAP!

RI AG Peter Kilmartin has, once again, offered a bill that would, in effect, bring an end to growing MMj by patients and their caregivers while empowering the compassion centers. AG Kilmartin’s bill is identical to his 2013 bill except that it is more extreme in three ways:

1. It reduces the amount of permissible plants by 75% (the 2013 bill tried to reduce plant limits by 50%)

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WHOA! State Senator’s Response to Second Amendment Concerns: “Go F*k Yourself” (VIDEO)


Pro-gun control Rep. Josh Miller in foul-mouthed retort

Paul Joseph Watson | Infowars.com | March 25, 2014

Pro-gun control State Senator Josh Miller (D) has a message for second amendment advocates who are concerned the legislation he is backing would turn them into criminals; “Go f**k yourself”.

Infowars correspondent Dan Bidondi approached Miller and other lawmakers at the Rhode Island State House where a slew of anti-second amendment legislation was set to be heard later that evening.

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Why Was The American Peoples Gold Confiscated In 1934 ? The Real Reason ?

My answer { With a little help from Jim Sinclair } is:

Because at the international level in 1933/34 and back to {1792} to 1971 U.S. paper dollars were "Redeemable" in physical Gold.

As the U.S. slowly ran out of physical Gold because of this practice, Mr. Roosevelt declared that Gold was no longer to be used as money by " We the People", in the USA.{1934}

However, in my opinion, since Gold is no longer used as money, confiscation of Gold/Silver is no longer a threat to the American public, who may hold physical Gold.

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7th Grader suspended for 2" Arcade Toy Gun KEYCHAIN! More Anti-Gun Hoplophobic Hypochondria

WATCH 7th Grader Suspended For Gun Keychain Size Of Quarter

Published on Sep 28, 2013

A 12-year-old boy was suspended Thursday after a gun keychain barely larger than the size of a quarter fell out the student's backpack at a Rhode Island middle school.

The seventh grade Shawn Feinstein Middle School student, Joseph Lyssikatos, said the small toy he won at an arcade fell out of his backpack before a classmate picked it up and starting showing others, according to WCAU-TV.

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Limbaugh says it’s time to turn off Fox News

Limbaugh says it’s time to turn off Fox News
Republican shock jock Rush Limbaugh covers his face as an ex-Marine calls him a "Nazi" during a radio segment in 2009. Screenshot via YouTube.

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On This Date in History: Gaspée Affair June 9, 1772

"I'm the Sheriff of Kent County with a warrant for your arrest!"


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