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Meanwhile, back on Gilligan's Island...

The fools who "run" this show, this 3-ring circus, continue to go on supporting the UNfederal reserve and the COMPLETE demise of this country.


When Germany goes to the BRICs, we are gone.

This UNfederal reserve is a devious, criminal plan concocted by the globalist fascists who control the overlord corporate monsters. We know this, we do nothing, really.

Will we fight, as a people? Will we take flight, as a people?

Will we be herded as sheep to the slaughter?

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CONSENT of the Governed - With the Judge and others

Had time today to sit and watch the entire video. Very interesting.


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Need help naming the newest member of the Liberty movement...American Nomad has it!

American Nomad picked the name we thought best fit him. Thanks for everyone's input as i have the post bookmarked for future mutts. Please welcome to the Liberty movement "Inde" the wonder mutt!


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Even Chicago is sick of Rahm and Barack!

No one understands why we can't take care of our "own" first!

Our own veterans, our own children; The people are waking up EVERYWHERE!


Worst potus ever?

Well, Yes.

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Why the hell is everybody complaining about Obama?

The Senate SUCKS just as bad, if not worse!

The conservative news channels want to blame obama and, HELL YES, he IS to blame.

But lets don't forget the other branches of our worthless government. The other guys with the 12% approval, excuse me, 88% DISAPPROVAL rating.

The NOT so supreme court also SUCKS!

There are 545 people responsible for EVERYTHING WRONG with this country. Not just one although he sucks, clearly, without a plan.


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Pointed question about Executive Orders.

We applauded to see Connecticut citizens and New Yorkers thumb their noses at their State's unconstitutional gun laws.

When/If Obama foolishly creates EO's restricting guns, what will we Americans do?

Who will enforce these laws?

Where will they be enforced?

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VIDEO: Gun Makers Flee Northeast For ‘True Blood Second Amendment’ States

VIDEO: Gun Makers Flee Northeast For ‘True Blood Second Amendment’ States

By Cheryl K. Chumley-The Washington Times Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gun manufacturers are leaving the Northeast in droves, seeking out new production homes in the comparatively low-tax, Second Amendment-friendly South — and at a time when firearms sales have skyrocketed, industry data showed.

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Attacked by 3 cops in my driveway for not showing id!

First off some background info. I've been on the Daily Paul for a few years just reading stories, not really posting or commenting. My brother turned me on to it during 2012 elections. I spent alot of time reading and watching videos, especially since I was going through my 2nd divorce at the time. So it was a great place to retreat and learn that my problems were very minimal compared to many people in this country and around the world.

So Yesterday I was coming home from work. As I passed over a bridge about 100 yards from my house, I noticed several sheriff and state troopers talking to some younger guys canoeing around the area. I decide to go to the bridge, which I do on a regular basis, and see what's happening. I was prob around 100 yards from the action. Cars came by and asks me what's going on and I made general conversation with them about it.

I started filming and after about 30 seconds, one sheriffs deputy came by. He asked what's going on and I told him I was just chilling out. He didn't like that answer especially when he realized I was video taping it. When he asked for id and where I lived, I asked what's the problem. He got frustrated. At this point I decided to walk away, which later made me a felon, little did I know. He said he was going to arrest me and then proceeded to speed up and swerve toward me, so I jumped out of the way and started running, video still recording of course. He sped up and got out then did it a few more times. I told him I've done nothing wrong and to leave me alone. I made it to my driveway when 2 other sheriff deputies swarmed me.

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One good thing about music

Thought my DailyPaul buds would appreciate...



Also, be sure to check out my stuff which will soon have similar videos to go with it.


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New Transformers Movie TV Trailer has building imploding from Thermonuclear device.

Yeah, it looks EXACTLY like WTC 1 & 2 did when they were destroyed on 9/11.

In our faces or is this the new "normal" way for buildings to "collapse"/fall/be destroyed?

Anyone else notice this?

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I Lost My Best Friend

Three days ago, my best friend died after a decade-long bout with a rare lung disease. Fortunately, I was able to tell him I loved him and share a few meaningful thoughts with him before he passed.

This is just a reminder to take a little time today to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. In the daily rush of life, we too often overlook the people who mean the most to us.

Tell them you love them and care about them; it will make your own day much more meaningful.

I love you all at the Daily Paul. You enrich my life.

Free Silver

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Cop Suspended with Pay For Allegedly Stealing Make-A-Wish Foundation Gift from 3-Year-Old

According to reports, the officer, 34-year-old Ronald Harris, followed a Make-A-Wish Foundation volunteer to the Memphis International Airport where a meeting with the recipient family was to be held.

As the volunteer sat with the family, who was about to receive a bag containing t-shirts and a $1,500 gift card, Harris quietly approached and seized the items. Being noticed by the volunteer, Harris reportedly attempted to play the theft off as a mistake.

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Gunman was leftist that worked on Obama campaign and participated in left wing website...

Not liberty lovers, or Ron Paul supporters, and CNN will once again have to eat crow when this goes public on the right wing media. These people were not lovers of Liberty, but more likely far leftists trying to damage the liberty movement, and here is evidence of his participation on a far left website, his postings, and admittance of his association with the left wing and campaigning for Obama. OOOOOOOOOPS!


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100,000 Central American "children" escape to "America". Will they end up in a FEMA Camp?

Of course, we all know by now they weren't all "children" but that is par for the course.

Do you, reading this post, even believe in FEMA Camps? This will be a very interesting story to watch unfold. The conditions these refugees are being kept in seem deplorable. "They" can't continue to keep these children in a "warehouse" forever. Can they?


From the story...


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