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Vaccine Exemption Gets a Little Trickier In TN - Update: Situation Resolved

So I went to register my kid for kindergarten. He's in special public pre-K right now for speech and occupational therapy. He's the only child that I don't homeschool because he needs intervention that I can't provide.

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House Bill Bans Fake Guns — Not Real Guns — Near Schools

House Bill Bans Fake Guns — Not Real Guns — Near Schools

Ban included in larger bill that would nix any local laws prohibiting people with gun permits from taking guns to parks


The Tennessee House of Representatives passed a bill Monday night that makes it illegal to take a squirt gun — but not a real gun — within 150 feet of a school.

The new ban was included in a larger bill that would nix any local laws prohibiting people with gun permits from taking guns to parks.

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Beware the Ides of March...Liberty Music video "Save Me"

"Save Me" by Furious Primates to be released March 15th via the web... it was done with the help of numerous inspired Friends of Liberty...something tells me it's gonna be something you'll wanna see. Stay tuned! Check out our tunes and follow us on Facebook/Twitter...


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Help - Diverticulitis and more?


I am nearly 33 years old, have always been in what I thought was good health. Two years ago the insertion point of my IT band on my knee was overworked on a long hike and I have not been able to do activities that I love, such as jogging, hiking, etc. ever since. I can still walk, but even doing that for more than half an hour causes lateral knee pain.

This led to a more sedentary lifestyle. Irregular work hours and sleeping habits further contributed to a decline. I tried to eat a variety of vegetables but didn't always eat well. I still stayed around 145 lb, but unknown to me, my insides were falling apart.

On MLK Day, I had my last full meal. After several days of lower left and side abdominal pain, I went to the doctor. He prescribed 7 days of antibiotics:

Flagyl 500mg 3x/day
Cipro 500mg 2x/day

After testing negative for kidney stones, I was told I likely have diverticulitis and prostatits, but was given no advice on how or what to eat, what to do, how to proceed. He said if there was no improvement in 3 or 4 days to come back.

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Woman, Visiting Family Member in Jail, Held Against Her Will, Forced to Strip for Prison Guards

Nashville, TN– A lawsuit filed on Thursday against Corrections Corporation of America, the largest private prison management company in the US, alleges that a visitor at a South Central Correctional Facility in Clifton, Tennessee, was forced to expose her genitalia to prison guards to prove that she was menstruating after she attempted to bring a sanitary napkin into a visit.

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What is Michael Really Up To? I Think He's A Closet Prepper...

and is preparing to relocate to some South American country until the crap hits the fan...he's just keeping a low profile about it as to not let us or the authorities in on it? I mean, since he won't tell us what he's really up to, we might as well have some fun speculating!

Any other theories?

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The "RASI" are paying the price in France.

I heard this on an alternative source of media. A French journalist was broadcasting live on the events unfolding and used this to explain why policeman were targeted and specifically killed.

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Sturgill Simpson - The Ron Paul of Country Music

Within a Country Music genre that is filled with "Bro Country" stars with pop lyrics filled with no other than drinking, partying, and driving your truck around looking for women. Sturgill Simpson is a throwback with an amazing sound and lyrics that actually have meaning.

Although his Metamodern Sounds in Country Music Album has received critical acclaim, he has been completely blacked out by radio across all genres (country, rock, etc).

With lyrics like this, it's not surprising that the Illuminati controlled media won't touch it.


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Neil Keenan Update | Making History & New Beginnings

I have heard talk of the Dragon Family from a British website I used to read called Russian analyst to pass time at work, and now more talk of the same. Global accounts uncovered. 4 story 16 acre vault opened and US gold uncovered? Anyone heard of this? Be sure and watch the 3 videos below, as I am anxious to see video of the internal portion of the vault, and learn whom this "treasure" belongs to?


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A Joke?

One day my friends and I started making up crappy jokes.
Sometimes really good ones would come but mostly cheap complicated puns.
Either way cool because they were original. The session lasted several years but has since dwindled.
All in all we could've made our own joke book with a solid 500 or so jokes. But alas we didn't.
We still text new ones that Pop up from time to time so between phone history and memory that's what's left.

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Cops being turned against the public, targeting Constitutionalists, and Liberty lovers.

A friend of mine that is a police officer locally brought it to my attention that they watched a training film. He did not know where the video came from, but it was pointed directly as those that hold the Constitution as the supreme law of the land. Here is the video that was shown to represent "all" Constitutionalists.


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How we, the people lost JFK, MLK, and RFK and what we got in return.

On November 22, 1963 our entire country was assassinated when JFK was killed in a coup and overthrow of our Nation's highest office.

The people didn't want LBJ, we wanted JFK, but we got Johnson and WAR instead of Kennedy and PEACE and wasn't that just grand?

On April 4th, 1968 the soul of our country was assassinated when Martin Luther King was killed in Memphis by a "lone assassin", a two-bit bum, who then traversed the globe on the run. We, the people of ALL colors didn't want Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton to be our spiritual guides, we wanted Martin Luther King but we got the charlatans, instead. These charlatans have become "rich" in the trappings of earthly treasures but sorely lack the richness of God.

On June 5th, 1968 our last, great hope, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated as he sat on the cusp of being elected by the people to be our next President.

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County making nice profit selling e-cigs to inmates

NASHVILLE — The Dickson County Sheriff’s Office has made a hefty profit selling vapor cigarettes to inmates.

As most people know, e-cigarettes are battery-powered, designed to deliver a nicotine-powered punch to traditional smokers, except through aerosol.

One might wonder when Dickson County, west of Nashville, might begin selling non-alcoholic beer to inmates in the commissary?

But until and if that happens, Don Hall, the county’s director of Accounts and Budget, said Dickson officials will enjoy the e-cigarette windfall.

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