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It couldn't get any more corrupt than this.

Romney and Jeb Bush to Meet in Utah

"...raising the possibility that the two former governors will find a way to avoid competing presidential campaigns that would split the Republican establishment next year,..."


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I Gave an Obama Voter a Taste of their Own Poison.

This actually happened a couple of months ago but I was smiling about it today so I thought that I'd share.

So there were these two guys at work in the corner. I didn't really know either of them. The first one is about 40 years old, short, white, has a nasally whiny voice, and complains about the evil tea party all of the time. I will call him Obama fan boy from here on out (I still don't know his name, maybe Matt?).

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Everything about Honeybees!

Last year I tried Honeybees for the first time so I can't say that I am some sort of genius on the subject but there have been quite a few folks here asking about it so I thought I'd share my experience. We are getting close to Spring and that is a good time to order a colony so now is a great time to study up.

Here are a few of the attention grabbing reasons that got me started on wanting to do beekeeping in the first place.

1. They don't require a whole lot of space. If you live in the city you can put a hive in the backyard without any worries about you or your chickens or your neighbors getting stung.

2. Bees are docile. Winnie the Poo makes bees look like a warrior bug but they really go out of their way to leave you alone. You can mess around in their hive for 15 minutes before they begin to get too annoyed. Also, see point number one. It is nice having an insect that isn't out to get you. My neighbor growing up managed 8 hives and her husband had a bee allergy. In 10 years he had never been stung despite mowing the lawn close to the hives and being outside often.

3. Honey! The stuff never goes bad. It is also packed with nutrients. Honey is medicinal. Honey helps combat allergies. It is the gold of the food world and it is easy to sell/store. A hive in the first year may make 10-40 pounds of honey and produce typically 50-100 pounds in the second year. At $4-$8 per pound for honey you can pay off all of the expenses of getting started in two years.

4. This is not a very time consuming hobby. I spent about 15 minutes every other week on my hive and then a few hours when it came to be honey time.

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The Libertarian Takeover of Utah

For two decades Utah has been a neoconservative safe haven. Next to Oklahoma it is the reddest state in the nation and has enjoyed overwhelming republican control of both the state house and senate.

One of the ways that we keep our local politicians here accountable is by using a caucus system. In 2012 I was elected as a delegate (trying to help Ron Paul) and when I was in college in 2014 I did an internship for a state libertarian group called "Libertas Institute."

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My Proposal to Revamp the Daily Paul

When the articles of the confederation failed the constitution was born. The Daily Paul deserves a similar rebirth, not only to die, but to become something better.
There is much to be said about the great resource the Daily Paul is and has been to so many for so long. Rather than write one more eulogy to what has become one of my top visited sites I will make a proposal to address the issues that have led us to this day. These are just a few basic ideas to address these points.

A. Financial Solvency
B. Relevance/Mission
C. Sustainability

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Nation's First Black Republican Congresswoman Swears In, Promises to "End Foreign Military Financing"

Nation's First Black Republican Congresswoman Swears In, Promises to "End Foreign Military Financing"
By Martin Hill
January 6, 2015


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General Advice, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in the Family

So, looking to the DP for thoughts on a situation I am in.


Mother and Father in Law filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in summer of 2013. They are horrible with money.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy protects your property from seizure (A 2012 GMC Truck specifically for this discussion), vs Chapter 7 which is where you forfeit your property.

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Bill To Turn Off NSA’s Water At Massive Utah Data Facility Moves Forward

In the latest state-led move to curb National Security Agency spying, the Utah legislature advanced a bill this week to turn off the water to NSA’s massive data gathering facility in Bluffdale, which uses more than $30,000 taxpayer dollars-worth of water every month.

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Need a little pick me up?

Little something to brighten your day.


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We ran Civil Asset Forfeiture out of Utah

Don't ever let any apathetic liberty lover tell you that fighting the system is pointless. Here is Utah I worked with the Libertas Institute to completely drive asset forfeiture out of my state. It is the ONLY state that completely restricts this practice. Looking for somewhere free? We also can use gold as money here.


The rest of the article is here. Never give up the fight! Peace.


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Not Everything is a Conspiracy

History proves that conspiracies are real, common, and are often dismissed by the public as nonsense. My favorite example for the harshest critics of my worldview is the munitions found aboard the Lusitania.

History has also shown that not everything is a conspiracy. I like to keep an open mind on a lot of theories but many of them are just that. Theories. Some of them are borderline rational while others seem quite far-fetched. There are people that don't think the moon landing happened. Sometimes bad things just happen on accident. For example, let's look at the Ebola outbreak.

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A True OathKeeper's PoliceState Catharsis: Fmr Sheriff Dub Lawrence witnesses his Son-in-Law MURDERed by SWAT founded BY Him!

For strict constructionist Constitutionalist minarchists, here's THE model, of a true OathKeeper: former Davis County, Utah Sheriff William 'Dub' Lawrence (also USMC combat vet), who was a practicing oath keeper before Stewart Rhodes ever founded the OathKeepers.

Please watch the entire speech, as Lawrence recounts how the SWAT, PD, the City/lawyers, the MSM ALL lied about, and covered it up as a "suicide" via "self-inflicted GSW to the chest," when in truth, Dub eye-WITNESSED his UNARMED son-in-law Brian Wood, laying flat on the ground after pepperballed 32 times, flashbanged, and tasered over 8 times, only to be shot EXECUTED by the SWAT sniper's .308win at 38ft (NOT yards!), which went through Wood's cheek, through his throat and exited through his back:

Dub Lawrence October 4, 2014 / Scott Matheson Courthouse [Supreme Court of Utah]

Published on Oct 4, 2014

Dub Lawrence has released a documentary called PEACE OFFICER. We highly recommend that you watch it as soon as it's convenient.

There is something warm and credible about this gentle giant of a man. He speaks with soft authority. He conveys the facts with proper respect for the truth. He is the epitome of the uncorrupted police officer.

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Ebola, cautious but not fearful.

Concerning the developing Ebola outbreaks, I am cautious but not fearful.

Here's my question:
I generally think of the US as a tax farm. How does it benefit our ruling class to have thousands of healthy income producers succumb to Ebola?

Here's my take:
At this point I think Ebola is a natural disaster. Like most natural disasters, eventually the government will start throwing money at the problem to recover from poor decisions made from the onslaught. A few people will get very rich.

In the meantime, I'll learn more and take precautions.

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Got Pump-Action... AR? Troy Ind. introduces a New sub-$1,000 AR to defeat the Rabid Gun-Grabbers!

Continuing the debate: an acquiescence to the anti-gunners, or a middle finger run-around vs their 'legal' alchemy? Discuss! Regardless, one thing's clear: sucks to be you, Feinstein!

Troy PAR: Suprising Truths About this Pump Action AR-15 [FULL REVIEW]

Published on Sep 21, 2014

Nutnfanc­y Likability Scale: 9 out of 10 (removable muzzle brake, better trigger= 10)

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How I finally Managed to Ditch Fiat Currency Without Embracing Bitcoin.

There is so much that I want to say and it is important. This is the path that I have taken off the Federal Reserve counterfeit dollars and back to real money. The gold dollars. We don't need to use the Federal Reserve Notes anymore. Be patient with my writing and I will walk you through it.

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