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Fighting for freedom in 52 Square feet.

My wife and I and our two children are living in our 28 ft camper. We want to pay off all our debt, save up enough to buy land and build a house with no debt. It has been an eye opening experience building our entire life, infrastructure and all, from basically nothing.

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Thank you Ron Paul. Thank you Daily Paul. Thank you Mr. Nystrom.

I remember when I first discovered Ron Paul. I was a conservative on the religious right, studying to become a pastor, and blissfully unaware of the real going ons of the world. I was watching a presidential debate sponsored by AFA (American family association) in the fall of 2007. The turn out to the debate was abysmal, with only candidates not afraid to voice their faith present. Huckabe was there, that other catholic neocon, some other no name guy and Ron Paul. I listened carefully and took notes, and then something happened, I had a religious experience via Ron Pauls words.

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Girl has seizure in the middle of the Virginia State Senate hearing about medical marijuana.

This morning, sitting in a Senate hearing committee, young Haley's condition manifested before the 15-member Committee on Education and Health as she began to seize.

“This is normal for me, this is daily for me," said Lisa Smith, Haley's mother.

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CIA On Trial In Virginia For Planting Nuke Evidence In Iran

Since Tuesday and continuing for the coming three weeks, an amazing trial is happening in U.S. District Court at 401 Courthouse Square in Alexandria, Va. The trial is open to the public, and among the upcoming witnesses is Condoleezza Rice, but — unlike the Chelsea Manning trial — most of the seats at this somewhat similar event are empty.

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Really want help with a new web news feed site

I come to you humbly, hoping to make a decent start on a new website. I need all the input I can get. On the other hand, I'm asking for something kinda one-sided. You contribute your ideas to me, and I'll just take them for free! (-:

I live in Winchester, VA. I have a few things I believe in, and as a nerdy guy, I always feel the need to run out and register a domain name for this great new idea that I presume I've had. Well, most recently, I was motivated to make a new site called

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Buying a house...

Ok, so I would like to buy a house. What kind? How big? Who cares. Anything with a couple bedrooms is fine, but this is practically off topic.

My question deals with the economy. What I would like to know from the experienced minds on here is when you think the housing market may crash again. Tough to say yes, but I would like to hear you opinions.

Second question, what would be the difficulty of getting a home loan after the crash versus now and what sort of interest rates are we going to be seeing?

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Hunger Games Activism

Hunger Games 2 comes out this friday. I have read the books and saw the first movie. Contrary to what some in the media portray, it is an anti-statist movie and can be very useful to the Liberty movement.

As the much anticipated movie comes out next friday, I pieced together some flyer material that I plan on distributing to people entering and exiting the movie theater. You can view the materials below. Feel free to share and I would be happy to hear suggestions.


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Organic Cosmetics

So my wife has recently joined NYR Organic, a cosmetic company that uses GMO-free, organic ingredients in their beauty products. The FDA doesn't regulate cosmetics so a lot of horrible stuff goes into their making. You can see what goes into certain products here:

Not only does your skin absorb these chemicals, but when washed off, guess where it goes? If you guessed "ecosystem", you are correct. Take a look at their products and tell me what you think:

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Remember the 2 FBI agents involved in Dzhokar Tsarnaev's arrest & "fell out of helicopter"?

Newspaper Says FBI Holding Out on Agents' Deaths

RICHMOND, Va. (CN) - The Virginian-Pilot newspaper sued the FBI claiming the agency is wrongly withholding information on the training-related deaths of two hostage rescue team members.

In a lawsuit filed in the federal court in Norfolk, Va., the newspaper's publisher and reporter Scott Daugherty claim the FBI improperly documents related to the May 17, 2013, deaths of agents Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw during a training exercise.

Daugherty says he requested reports and memos on the incident in its immediate aftermath, but that request was denied by the agency 10 days later. A subsequent appeal to the Department of Justice was also denied earlier this year, the complaint says.

The accident occurred at the Critical Incident Response Group headquarters in Quantico, Va., where the special agents fell while "fast-roping" out of a helicopter during a counterterrorism training exercise.

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I need idea, suggestions or comments on how to start a revolution.

I am in visioning something along the lines of the Arab Spring.

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Sarvis, Redpath, Libertarian Message

Late yesterday I thought I'd email my friend Bill Redpath and see if he needed any help at my local polling place. It turned out that he didn't have anyone, so I said I would volunteer as much as I could.

I got signs, made flyers, and slept for four hours. Then I spent the day at the polling place, and the discussions were overwhelmingly positive! People love the ideas of liberty!

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Gary Johnson endorses Will Hammer for Congress

Gary Johnson endorses Will Hammer for Congress

Will Hammer, Libertarian candidate for U.S. House of Representatives in Virginia’s Sixth Congressional District, has received the endorsement of gary johnson. Johnson was a two-term Republican governor in New Mexico and the Libertarian Party presidential candidate in 2012.

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Life hurts

First I am sorry for this post, I needed to get this off my chest and didn't know of another place where I am anonymous enough to not warrant friends and family trying to talk. Sometimes strangers are more comforting. So thank you ahead of time for being the people that I feel comfortable talking to.

Life is hard, life moves fast, life doesn't take prisoners. It is cold, calculating and knows no mercy. It is nothing but a set of events that happen because of choices you make. Recompense must be paid, your ledger must be balanced and karma really is a bitch.

As my marriage is breaking up, and my wife is moving on and out... I find myself becoming more reflective. Who knew, that for someone who thought they were preparing for the end of the world, matters of the heart were just as bad if not worse than a collapse of society. That there really are no guards, or protections that seem to fit the situation. Those amazing highs when falling in love, getting married, having children, and just being around your soulmate are such a double edged sword... for when that one decides its time, it makes the lows seem all the worse.

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What can be done about Ebola in these United States? Maybe this..?

I'm not a fan of limiting people's freedom to travel. That said, I have created the petition below regardless. Please comment, and if you feel so inclined, sign.

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