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Democratic Congressional Candidate Gets Hammered by Greta Van Susteren, Admits He Lied


I'm not a fan, but Greta Van Susteren confronts her guest, Democratic congressional candidate Mike Dickinson who has promised "war" on Fox News, the Tea Party, the NRA and "other trash."


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I'm getting SO Fing Pumped about Rand and the WAR we're all about to get into!

I'm in Richmond Virginia now, Instead of Hawaii so if anyone knows some good people I can link up with here please post or pm me! Two years til we win!

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Peter Greenwald drops out of race to unseat Eric Cantor in the VA Republican primary. Endorses Dave Brat.

Eric Cantor had two Republican challengers for his seat in the VA 7th Congressional District until today. Peter Greenwald officially dropped out of the race and endorsed Dave Brat. Brat, an economist, has most of the grassroots "Tea Party" support and will likely gain most of Greenwald's supporters now as well. The Cantor machine is alive and well but lost a small battle in a key Virginia district this week. Hopefully, this loss and Greenwald endorsing Brat will give Brat the campaign some good momentum.

Here is a portion of Greenwald's post from Facebook:

"Dear fellow patriots,

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Virginia Cop Block founder Nathan Cox is being sued by Virginia State Trooper

Here is an excerpt from the Virginia Cop Block web page:

On March 17, 2014 I was served a “Warrant in Debt”. As you will see in the attached image, I’m being sued for $5,000 by Virginia State Police Trooper Melanie McKenney. Some of you readers may recall that two years ago I was pulled over by Trooper Melanie McKenney during Memorial Day Weekend when the Virginia State Police had many of their Revenue Generating Officers out on the interstates. I had described it as the second most aggressive traffic stop I had ever been involved in. She violated my rights and denied my right to record her by claiming my cell phone could be a gun – however the information and videos given to me through the FOIA Request showed that she knew it wasn’t a gun, in her words, “I don’t want myself on any type of YouTube or whatever.”

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Armored Tanks and Soldiers on Virginia Interstate

Today at 2:20 EST on interstate 495 in Fairfax, Virginia I saw 7 armored tanks rolling down the road, with soldiers in full field dress, some wearing masks...all holding what looked like big weapons.


I contacted my county sheriff, who passed me to state police, who suggested I contact local police...but no one knew WHY.

Just another day in the police state, I suppose. Perhaps getting us used to the site of constant military presence?

I will NEVER, NEVER be ok with armed soldiers patrolling the streets of the Republic.

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Landscape Rock

I currently have a couple of garden beds, which the old home owner had used the white landscape rock as a lazy way to keep the look right. Over the past 20 years, there has to have been about 10 yards of the stuff dumped in these beds. While digging I have found them up to 8" deep in places, mixed with topsoil where they alternated rock, soil, rock, soil, rock etc etc.

I am looking to remove all of it but digging it up and sifting it is breaking my back, literally.

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Virginia's new governor trying to alter pro-gun bill HB962 at the last minute (thanks VCDL)

We're very pro-gun here in Virginia, receiving a "Gold Star" from for good reason, and a bill in state house would clarify the existing laws the way they're being enforced right now. That's fine, except that governor McAuliffe just sent a suggested (which has been received by the house) that would make it illegal for the everyday gun owner in Virginia to place his gun in an unlocked compartment in his car. More specifically, the suggestion would "clarify" that you are only allowed to have a gun in a compartment in your car if the compartment is locked. .

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Remember Branon Raub? The ex-Marine Swarmed by FBI & Secret Service for song lyrics on his facebook?

Latest Update from John W. Whitehead, via Facebook:

Breaking news: Rejecting concerns over government suppression of dissident speech as “far-fetched,” a federal court has dismissed a lawsuit filed by The Rutherford Institute on behalf of a decorated Marine who was arrested by a swarm of FBI, Secret Service agents and local police and forcibly detained in a psychiatric ward for a week because of controversial song lyrics and political views posted on his Facebook page.

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Government Forced Sterilization Victims Denied Compensation By Virginia GA

Think government forced sterilizations would never happen in America?

Think again.

Think if something like that were to happen the victims would get justice?

Think again.

Here is a link if you have never heard of this case.

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Show Ron Paul some LOVE. Let's put him on top of the charts!

Part #2 of the "Meet Ron Paul" give away is here!!!

The goal of this giveaway is to show Ron Paul some love on Valentine's Day. To do this we will attempt to put his biography at the #1 spot in Amazon's "Best Selling Children's Biographies List". We have been to #8 before...let's top the charts!!!

Here is how you can win...

Step #1 go to and buy a copy of 'Meet Ron Paul' before midnight tonight February 14th EST.

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Win a free "Meet Ron Paul" ebook and swag! Deadline is tonight at midnight EST

Win a free Ebook voucher for 'Meet Ron Paul' as well as a bookmark, business card, and postcard by doing one of the following!!!

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More specials will be coming soon!!!

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BRAZEN! Obama: 'That's the Good Thing as a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want'

BRAZEN! Obama: 'That's the Good Thing as a President, I Can Do Whatever I Want'

5:29 PM, FEB 10, 2014 • BY DANIEL HALPER

President Obama "quipped" today during a visit to Monticello with the French president, "That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want."

Via the pool report:


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Liberty Lover Valentine's Day Special!

Hello Liberty Lovers! As you may know, I wrote a book to help youth and children learn about Ron Paul and his teachings. "Meet Ron Paul" has gotten great reviews and been at the top of sales charts several times.

If you haven't heard, it's an illustrated biography of Ron and mentions the Daily Paul, Rand Paul, Ben Swann, Justin Amash and topics such as: Austrian Economics, The Federal Reserve Bank, Inflation, The Gold Standard, Blowback, The beginning of the modern “Tea-Party”, The Constitution, and most importanty, Liberty....And here is how you can win some books and swag...

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