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VIDEO: Thug Cops Assault Teenagers, Try To Delete Footage From Phone

VIDEO: Thug Cops Assault Teenagers, Try To Delete Footage From Phone


17-year-old In Prison For 3 Months, Facing Assault Charge


Police in Virginia Beach, VA have been caught on video assaulting two teenagers after pulling them over for a broken light license plate light. The cops subsequently tried, and failed, to delete the footage captured via cell phone.

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A Daily Paul Farewell Flashback: The Daily Paul mentioned in the Ron Paul biography for kids

The book "Meet Ron Paul' would not have been complete without including a place where readers could continue learning about the philosophy of liberty. That is why I specifically mentioned the DP in the book so new readers would have access to this awesome community. The Daily Paul was, is, and will be, a place for people to challenge their political and social dogmas. I am grateful for all the hard work from Michael, the admins, contributors and even the lurkers who may be inspired to contribute in other unknown ways. I included a link for the book for anyone who has not heard about it.

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Tiny fast food chain is organic-chicken bigfoot

Fast food's race to produce better-for-you chicken is about to see a most-unlikely leader leap to the front of the pack: Elevation Burger.

The mostly organic fast-casual chain, with just 33 domestic locations, is on the brink of one-upping not only McDonald's, but the entire fast-food industry.

The Falls Church, Va.-based chain's move into organic chicken this month will likely soon make it the nation's top fast-food seller of organic chicken.

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There is nothing politically correct about Hillary Clinton wiping her emails from her days at the State Department.

Especially while we have a guy like Snowden who committed similar crimes in exile in Russia, and who would be punished to the full extent of the law. One was hiding the truth from the American public, the other bringing it to them.

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Stand with Rand' Students crash Cruz announcement party - protest mandatory requirement to show up to event

A group of about 50 Stand with Rand Students crashed the Ted Cruz kickoff yesterday.

Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in "Stand With Rand" shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here.


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Who are the Wise men?

Who do you consider to be wise? I feel I am a fool, but I want to be a wise man. I want to learn from the wisdom of these men/women.

Can you recommend any authors and works?

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VIDEO: Reportedly CIA Headquarters In Langley Virginia On LOCKDOWN

VIDEO: Reportedly CIA Headquarters In Langley Virginia On LOCKDOWN


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Virginia to implement mandatory vaccination?

Delegate O’Bannon
General Assembly Building
P.O. Box 406
Richmond, Virginia 23218
Office: (804) 698-1073
Email Address:
Room Number: 521

Delegate O’Bannon:

I read today in an article published by and on that had an interview with you concerning measles vaccinations for Virginia residents. You are quoted as saying parents that do not vaccinate their children should be “Held Accountable.” I presume your meaning is that you wish there were laws that allowed parents of vaccinated child to sue parents of an unvaccinated child if the vaccinated child got sick as a result from exposure to a sick unvaccinated child, and or criminal charges be placed on the unvaccinated child’s parents. I would like to communicate to you my own personal resistance to this sort of thinking, and I would like to share with you some of my own personal experience with vaccines in my family, and also ask you some questions about your core philosophical positions.

My father almost died from taking a shingles vaccine a couple years ago. He was 63 years old and didn’t want to suffer the pain of shingles that his brother in law did. He went to a pharmacy in the Kroger’s grocery store and got the shot and then started grocery shopping with my mother. About fifteen minutes after getting the shot he started feeling itchy and hot. It was a familiar feeling he has had before. He is allergic to pork and beef and dairy, and whenever he ingest those he will develop hives, rashes, fever, and restriction of his airways. Usually a Benadryl will relieve the symptoms while he sleeps it off. My father did not even think to ask if the vaccine had pork products in it, but it did and was labeled as Gelatin. He went back to the pharmacy and began to have a full on anaphylaxis episode. The pharmacist injected him with an epy-pen, but that was not enough. An ambulance came and took him off in a stretcher, as he began to see a bright light at the end of a tunnel. He was a half a hairs width from passing on into eternity. Being a easy going friendly man he did not even think of seeking out legal counsel to see if he could have his medical expenses paid by someone that was responsible. He didn’t like the idea of suing the small town local pharmacist, and believed the pharmaceutical company should have labeled the product better, and given better training to those licensed to administer it. I convinced him to call around and find a lawyer, but no matter who he called, nobody would take on the pharmaceutical company. There is a pseudo legal court system for vaccine injured children that pays out money for damaged children, but not adults, and not for the shingles vaccine. We found out the companies that make vaccines are actually immune from all lawsuits per the federal law, and that is very telling to me. Warranties and Guarantees are proudly displayed on merchandise on store shelves, letting us know that the company stands behind its product, but not the pharmaceutical companies. Is that just, is that fair? Who will pay my father’s medical bills? And who will be responsible for his next anaphylaxis episode now that he is even more sensitive allergic ally than before? Not the pharmaceutical company. My son was born with an allergy to wheat, but we didn’t realize it until months later. Suppose that there was an ingredient derived from wheat in one of the vaccines they give in the hospital just after a child is born. Do pediatricians and maternity nurses test for allergies in children before they vaccinate them? So you see vaccine safety and efficacy is not so cut and dry, black and white.

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Police: Use of force in arrest of woman 'unreasonable'

NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — An official investigating the arrest of a Virginia woman who said she was bitten by a police dog several times after leaving a party has determined that the use of force in the incident was unreasonable.

London Colvin, an Army reservist and Norfolk State University student, had been knocked down by a partygoer and was trying to get away from the party, her father, witnesses and others told The Virginian-Pilot (

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Police Viciously Sent Dogs To Attack Female Student For Resisting To Answer Their Questions

On Norfolk State University grounds, police sent dogs to attack female student and Army Reserve private London Colvin. According to reports, she refused to answer any of their questions or give any information about a fight at a party she wasn’t even involved in. Right before the cops had the dogs charge at her, two of them sat on Colvin and then the dogs mauled her, according to eyewitnesses.

Colvin, a current Sociology major was leaving an off-campus party at 2:15 on a Sunday just as a fight erupted. She and her friends were approached by police about what happened or how it started and because she had nothing to do with it, she didn’t want care to have a discourse about it. The aftermath of her resistance has been shared through her cousin Whitney Dunn via the local paper Potomac Local. On Colvin’s behalf, Dunn said this:

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Fighting for freedom in 52 Square feet.

My wife and I and our two children are living in our 28 ft camper. We want to pay off all our debt, save up enough to buy land and build a house with no debt. It has been an eye opening experience building our entire life, infrastructure and all, from basically nothing.

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Thank you Ron Paul. Thank you Daily Paul. Thank you Mr. Nystrom.

I remember when I first discovered Ron Paul. I was a conservative on the religious right, studying to become a pastor, and blissfully unaware of the real going ons of the world. I was watching a presidential debate sponsored by AFA (American family association) in the fall of 2007. The turn out to the debate was abysmal, with only candidates not afraid to voice their faith present. Huckabe was there, that other catholic neocon, some other no name guy and Ron Paul. I listened carefully and took notes, and then something happened, I had a religious experience via Ron Pauls words.

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Girl has seizure in the middle of the Virginia State Senate hearing about medical marijuana.

This morning, sitting in a Senate hearing committee, young Haley's condition manifested before the 15-member Committee on Education and Health as she began to seize.

“This is normal for me, this is daily for me," said Lisa Smith, Haley's mother.

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CIA On Trial In Virginia For Planting Nuke Evidence In Iran

Since Tuesday and continuing for the coming three weeks, an amazing trial is happening in U.S. District Court at 401 Courthouse Square in Alexandria, Va. The trial is open to the public, and among the upcoming witnesses is Condoleezza Rice, but — unlike the Chelsea Manning trial — most of the seats at this somewhat similar event are empty.

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