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Rutherford Institute Files First Amendment Lawsuit Challenging Election Laws Favoring 2 Major Parties

The Rutherford Institute is challenging two facets of the Virginia election law: one requires the (D) and (R) to have the lead spots on the ballot, the other requires a certain number of signatures before a third party can be on the ballot. If this is successful, they may carry it over to other states.The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Libertarian Party of Virginia, several Libertarian Party candidates and an independent (non-party) candidate for public office in the November 2014 general election.

John Whitehead describes the reasoning behind the suit:

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Ron Paul 1776 Memories

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Police Arrest Paraplegic Man For Considering Himself a Pedestrian

So much of this lately the stories are running together.

A male officer ordered him to stand up, Dodson recalled. “I said, ‘I can’t stand up. That’s why I’m in this wheelchair.’”

A second officer literally slammed the paralyzed man face-first on the ground and handcuffed him behind his back, the Roanoke Times reported.

Mr. Dodson was charged with driving the wrong way, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest. He was taken to jail on a stretcher and his scooter was impounded. His bond was set at $1,000.

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UPDATED: What the... Bob Wenzel says that David Brat's 23yo r3VOL Campaign Mgr will be OUSTED & replaced w/Cantor's!

IF true: dirty, dirty politics; so you oust a RINO, and the first thing you do is to 'fire' the Misesian campaign manager who won you the primary...and replace him with a girl from the losing Eric Cantor's operation??


David Brat Ousts Lew Rockwell Libertarian As Campaign Manager; Will Be Replaced With Cantor Operative

Monday, June 23, 2014 | 9:20 PM

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Virginia Cop Block gets local media attention in Richmond.

Virginia Cop Block gets local media attention after a cell phone video sparks protest.

Here is a write up by protest organizer Nathan Cox:

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David Brat Uses Adwords

Either his campaign or supporters. Either way, just sayin' :)

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Dave Brat- "I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful."

I thought this was an interesting quote.

"I will fight to end crony capitalist programs that benefit the rich and powerful." ~Dave Brat

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Dear Tea Party, On Cantor’s loss- You didn’t build that

In addition to a $15k/month consulting fee, Tea Party Patriots President Jenny Beth Martin pays herself a $272k/year salary while only spending 5% of total donations received directly on candidates.

VIRGINIA, June 11, 2014- It’s been 24 hours since the polls closed in Virginia, and the political establishment was rocked in what is being called the most earth-shattering defeat in decades.

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Meet Dave Brat's 23-year-old campaign manager *updated*

You've probably heard of Dave Brat by now. He's the economics professor who just made history by being the first person to beat a House majority leader in a primary.

But you might not know about Zachary Werrell, his campaign manager who turned 23 last month, interviewed for the gig at a Panera restaurant and has been sleeping on the couch of his mentor. Werrell spoke with the Washington Examiner over the phone from the boisterous Brat victory party. Here are highlights from that conversation:

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Political Earthquake - Cantor's head chopped off by the People's Guillotine - Brat Wins

The message to the establishment is enough is enough, and no amnesty.

from Breitbart:

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Eric Cantor loses straw poll in Virginia 29% to 71% to Dave Brat.

The Bull Elephant’s Straw Poll of delegates to the 7th District GOP Convention Saturday showed a large and unexpected lead by Dave Brat over Eric Cantor.

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Jeb Bush: I Would Govern Like Lyndon Johnson As President

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said he would strive to be like Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat famous for expanding the U.S. welfare state through the “Great Society,” if he were elected president.

Creepy cronyist, another scary one from the Bush clan.

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Rand Paul @ Leadership Baseball Threads! NSA, Immigration, 'Minority Voter' Outreach, Foreign Policy, 2016! Oh My!

Rand Paul Wednesday Wake-Up Club Breakfast Full Video
Published on May 12, 2014

Senator Rand Paul spoke at the Leadership Institute on Wednesday May 7th, 2014. This is the full video complete with the full introduction and Q and A.

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Huge loss for Cantor and the GOP establishment

This story is a testament to the hard work of those activists who stuck with it and did not give up!

With each blow to the paper armor of the GOP establishment, we can reclaim the party, seek constitutionally sound candidates, challenge the status quo and defend liberty.

If you have been involved or are just getting involved, STAY WITH IT!

This process is just a numbers game, if you bring more numbers to the table, you win!

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Moving to NOVA (Northern VA). Where should I live?

Greeting DailyPaulers:

I've been living in the suburb of Chicago for the past 12 years, just got a job in Northern VA and moving there next month. Need your advice on where to live. For two reasons, 1. I've been part of this community since the summer of 2007 - you are family to me and 2. I plan on hitting the road running when I get there with respect to political activism etc. I know RP did really well there in both 2008 and 2012 in VA and there are a lot of liberty minded folks there. But what area specifically would you guys recommend that I look into?

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