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State Senator holds committee hearing exposing state Department of Ecology's abuse of citizens and local government sovereignty

Last Thursday, Sen. Pam Roach held a committee hearing which exposed the state Department of Ecology's abuse of property owners' rights and local government sovereignty.


Of particular interest are recently found e-mails showing employees of the state Department of Ecology referring to property owners as "rabble" in private e-mail conversations.

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Legal Weed in Washington State Has Been Completely Screwed Up

Some of the bizarre complications currently plaguing Washington are inherent in any conflict between state and federal government. Marijuana remains a Schedule I prohibited substance under federal law, although US Attorney General Eric Holder has said the Justice Department will allow Washington and Colorado — Amendment 64 there also legalized recreational pot as of January 1 — to proceed unhindered. Some arise due to cumbersome provisions in the Washington law itself. And others from the way the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) has interpreted its authority to create a new recreational marijuana system.

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WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate Gavin Seim: Reflecting on Being at the Battle of Bunkerville.

Our WA-04 Liberty Candidate for Congress Gavin Seim was part of the WA Delegation with State Rep Matt Shea and David Taylor to represent WA at the Bundy Ranch.

"As a congressional candidate, it’s perhaps more politically expedient to stay away from this. But that would not be representing like I said I would. So I’m going to give honest reflection. After what happened over last week I will never be the same.

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Oso Mudslide INTERACTIVE: Before and after the Highway 530 mudslide

Just horrible!!!!

Here is an interesting before/after representation of the mudslide in Oso.. it shows the area affected and the location of homes that were destroyed/buried.. there were victims who happened to be on highway 530 when it hit.. cars just swept away and buried.. As of this morning, there are 27 confirmed fatalities.. as far as I know the list of missing remains at 22..... Unbelievable...

Move the little red bar in the center of the picture for a better understanding of the Oso Mudslide.

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299 Days: The Movie Trilogy... With your help a movie by patriots for patriots

With your help a movie by patriots for patriots.

KICKSTARTER Launched April 2


Yep. This is the big announcement.

Let’s make a movie. For real.

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Washington Man on Trial for Shooting Car Thief

A Washington man is on trial Friday morning, accused of first-degree manslaughter for gunning down a man who was stealing his SUV.

Gail Gerlach, 56, walked outside his Spokane home to see Brendon Kaluza-Graham driving off in his SUV on March 25, 2013, so he fired a single shot from his 9mm semiautomatic from about 60 feet away.

The bullet went through the rear window and headrest, hitting Kaluza-Graham’s spine at the base of the skull and killing him almost instantly. Gerlach has a permit for the weapon.

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Native Americans fight to ban marijuana in a quarter of Washington state

The Yakama Nation tribe of Native Americans is ramping up its efforts to ensure a new law legalizing recreational marijuana in Washington state won’t apply on ancestral land.

Voters in 2012 elected to abolish the prohibition against pot in both Colorado and Washington states, but the latter is only this month issuing its first legal weed licenses to dispensaries that will grow and process marijuana. If the Yakama Nation has its say, however, then a large chunk of Washington will reject the new state law.

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When Does The 'Coming Out' Of Destruction Want To Seem To Be Normal?

The source article is a deception!

The globalist parasites that feed on us and have built this culture/environment we are 'living' in want us to believe the destruction they are bringing down upon humanity is a normal cycle.

If we believe them, then we deserve our fate!

Yet a natural process is taking place!
Outliers who occupy an upper 'elite' section of a distribution have always led the rest of the population it belongs to. What is decisively important is what attributes that small group shares and projects onto the rest.

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*Money Bomb* What Do Great Candidates And Horrible Candidates Have In Common?

A candidate with character and those who are morally compromised have one thing in common... They all need financial support to win elections.


Gavin Seim is one of those candidates of good character running in the WA-04 Congressional District. It is our job on the Daily Paul to help our great candidates so so we fill every seat with people like Gavin Seim who have pledged a 100% adherence to the US Constitution.


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Washington Dam Has 65-Foot Crack

Engineers have started emergency procedures to stabilize a Washington dam after they found a 65-foot crack in the structure.

The Wanapum Dam, a hydroelectric project located on the Columbia River in Grant County, Wash., is still running after divers discovered a 65-foot crack that is 2-inches wide.

The problem was first identified after an engineer noticed a “bowing” in the roadway above the dam and later discovered that a concrete spillway was raised above the water by 2.5 inches, according to Grant County Public Utility District spokesman Thomas Stredwick.

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Gavin Seim for Congress – Live Town Hall Recording from Feb 27th

From Gavin Seim for Congress – Live Town Hall Recording from Feb 27th Blog Post:



Tonight we did a live event that was unique for a Congressional campaign. In fact I don’t believe it’s ever been done in this district. But then we’re not running a traditional campaign. We got a lot of people involved and talking, I think we had around 100 watching live. I love seeing that.

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Local Parks and Rec. "You need to permit that FREE speech"... WA-4th Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim "I don't think so"

From WA 4th CD Candidates Gavin Seim's blog post...

Got a Permit for that Free Speech? Congressional Candidate Educates City on Constitution


Some days it feels like officials want to violate the Constitution just so I can start a conversation. I don’t make it up. This stuff lands right in front of me and I do not back down on the Constitution. Not at home, not in DC. None of us should.

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Online Town Hall with WA-4th CD Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim

The race for Washington 4th Congressional District is getting interesting...

Gavin Seim, A 29 year old Congressional candidate from Washington’s 4th district officially announced his campaign against congressman Doc Hastings in December of 2013 to openly challenge the 10-term incumbent's unconstitutional voting record and for a bigger Federal government.

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