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'Mission Creep' 'At the Gate'

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai'Mission Creep' 'At the Gate'

Fear-control fetish power grab to keep us (them) 'safe'.


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It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer

Dresses compared

It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer
This post offers a brief and partial answer to the question: "Why is it that humanity must suffer so deeply and yet those who cause that suffering can bring themselves to inflict such harm on others?"

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I Am Not a Follower of Ron Paul

I am not a follower of Ron Paul, I am a student.


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FBI Tries To 'FLIP' Open Carry Activist After Arrest At Political Rally



The activist, Anthony Bosworth, was participating in the “Our State, Our Rights” rally outside the city’s federal courthouse when members of multiple federal agencies approached and began demanding identification.

While inquiring on the alleged need to provide ID, Bosworth was accused of being in violation of federal gun laws according to a DHS agent on scene.

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WA Liberty Activist Arrested by Federal Agents



A liberty activist and co-organizer of Arms Expo 2015 was arrested this morning outside the federal courthouse in Spokane as he attended a states’ rights rally with his family.


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Shocking video of Pasco, Wash., police killing must prompt inquiry

A POLICE officer fatally guns down a man in cold blood. The shooting is captured on video, which promptly goes viral. The footage shows the man fleeing from several officers. As he turns to face them, he is shot and falls dead to the ground.

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Someone Please Help Me Keep My Friend And His Family Out Of Prison For A Non Crime!

My friend Rolland Gregg and his family thought they were obeying the law out here in Washington State, all have medical marijuana cards and they even painted a green cross on their roof. Their crime? They were growing medical marijuana in a state where it's legal for medical marijuana card holders to grow their own marijuana, and it has been legal for over a decade - we even have legal recreational marijuana out here, and all of this makes no sense...

If anyone reading this can do anything to help, I'm at a loss, I've called our Governors office, my Congressman and my Senators, and I'm getting the run around. Their trial starts Monday, and they are all facing mandatory minimums of 10 years.

The DEA is the outfit pushing this, and my congress critter told me he cant get involved due to separation of powers, so who the heck can help?

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Judge: Medical Pot Patients Will Stand Trial on Federal Charges in State Where the Drug's Legal

A judge in Washington state has ruled a measure approved by Congress to end federal prosecutions of medical marijuana patients does not benefit four family members and a friend who say they grew the drug for medicinal purposes.
The so-called Kettle Falls Five will stand trial later this month, U.S. District Judge Thomas O. Rice ruled Thursday. If convicted on all charges, the defendants each face a mandatory minimum of 10 years in prison.

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'I'm Facing Years In Prison For Medical Marijuana - For Me, That's A Death Sentence'

Larry Harvey, 71, thought he was doing everything right growing medical marijuana for his personal use. His home state of Washington legalized medical cannabis in 1998, and Harvey says his cultivation of plants with his wife, other family members and a close friend complied with the law.

But in 2012, state and federal law enforcers raided the Harvey home and shut down their operation. Harvey; his wife, Rhonda; their son, Rolland Gregg; Gregg's wife, Michelle Gregg; and family friend Jason Zucker all face federal marijuana charges that could land them in prison for 10 years.

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Shock Video: Police Execute Man With His Hands Up

Shock Video: Police Execute Man With His Hands Up

Shocking video shows a man being gunned down by police as he attempts to flee with his hands up. The man reportedly did not have a gun and merely picked up a rock during the incident.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtNgvH1Jh3A#t=73

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Hiding in Plain Sight - The Empress is Naked

Julia Roberts is Mother Nature

Hiding in Plain Sight - The Empress is Naked
Destructive Memes For the Undiscerning Mind

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Medical pot vending machines in Seattle

Vending machines selling medical marijuana opened for business in Seattle on Tuesday, in what the company providing them billed as a first-in-the-state innovation that it expects to expand to other cities and states where pot is legal as medicine.

The first purchase from a ZaZZZ, as the user-automated machines are called, was for one gram of a strain dubbed Girl Scout Cookies for $15, inside Seattle Caregivers medical marijuana dispensary.


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