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Local Police Calling Cannabis Oil 'the New Meth'

Up to 20 YEARS imprisonment for making RSO in your home.


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WA-RINO Fascist SPLC-smears Matt Shea & OathKeepers, 'cause: They actually meant It, when They took Constitutional Oaths!

Aww...he's vewy vewy scawed! Suppose none of this should come as a shock, but there you have it: a statist fraud who may take(s) a specific oath (correction: worse, he already took the oath, seeing as how he was an LT in the USAF, and is happy at the prospect of violating it more!), frightened by others that already took the same oath, and meant it. Even more reasons to support WA r3VOL Matt Shea and the OathKeepers!

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Wa-04 Candidate Gavin Seim: "you Do Not Need A Permit For Your Rights And I Will Defend That... Literally!"


My name is Gavin Seim, a Constitutional candidate for Congress. I want our liberty and our country back and the establishment hates me because I call out the corruption and I do not stand down. That is my job. You DO NOT need a permit for your rights and I will defend that!


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My nightly flirt session.

After more than once seeing the guys around here drooling over Adam Kokesh's ex, and commenting on where they can find an attractive liberty loving woman, I thought this might be a fun thread to start.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a married man and not available, no matter how good I look when I slowly bend over to pick up a quarter off the ground.

The DP is probably not an even mix of men and women, more likely a sausage fest, but user names are deceptive. So not me, but who here is single and ready to mingle?

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Anyone on the DP a half serious woodworking hobbyist?

When I am not at work or on the DP, my passion is weekend woodworking. I am starting to get a halfway versatile tool collection together and eventually plan to have every piece of furniture in my house be self built. I am no pro, but I have accumulated a lot of theoretical knowledge through watching youtube videos.

I recently built my son a bed and corner tv stand painted in Seattle Seahawks colors (indoctrination starts young). With the nightly jam sessions for the musicians among us, I thought those of us that create art through wood might be interested in sharing ideas.

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"It's Ironic How We Celebrate our Independence"

It's Ironic How We Celebrate our Independence by buying explosives made in China that blow ourselves up! The fireworks industry must be a billion dollar industry that directly supports China's economy while leaving us with injured people, garbage to dispose and streets to be cleaned! But at least their fun while it lasts! Happy 4th of July America!

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VIDEO: Seattle Cop Kills Man Over Not Paying Transit Fare

VIDEO: Seattle Cop Kills Man Over Not Paying Transit Fare


More evidence cops are completely out of control in America

by INFOWARS.COM | JULY 1, 2014

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG4VssioDPU


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A good news cop story for a change, (Just for you, Michael Nystrom!)

I was out enjoying my newly restored 2nd Amendment this weekend with several B0eing co-workers. I got to the gravel pit on the Swinomish Indian Res a bit late, because I had difficulty finding it. A coworker of mine owns it, or something, and had us sign a waiver form in order to shoot. I was having a great time, but it was time to go.

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Seattle Police: a drone peeping inside woman's window

*in my opinion, this is either a type of false flag, or it will be useful opportunity, for the government to outlaw drones in the hands of private citizens. Expect much more of these.*

SEATTLE (AP) — Seattle Police are investigating a report of a drone peeping into a woman’s apartment window.

Police were called to the downtown Seattle apartment complex on Sunday morning after she spied an unmanned aerial vehicle hovering outside the building. The woman said she was concerned the drone was looking into her apartment.

Read more:

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Feds Take Family to Court Over Medical Marijuana, Declare State Law 'Irrelevant'

Attorney General Eric Holder swooped into Spokane, Washington, without public notice Friday to visit with federal prosecutors, but his trip didn’t immediately benefit a group of indicted medical marijuana patients nicknamed the Kettle Falls Five.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Washington, based in Spokane, is not backing down in its multiple-felony case against four family members and a friend who tended a rural marijuana garden for what they say was personal medical use.

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WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate needs DP's help to get him that "Money Push" through the primary.

Follow the Gavin Seim for Liberty page. Help take our country back. https://www.facebook.com/callmegav

Invite everyone. Donate online or by mail on June 20th. http://callmegav.com/donate


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Patent Office Cancels Redskins' Trademarks, Ruled 'disparaging'


Patent office cancels Redskins' trademarks, rules it 'disparaging'


JUN 18, 2014 10:19A ET

WASHINGTON -- A federal trademark board ruled Wednesday that the Washington Redskins nickname is "disparaging of Native Americans" and that the team's trademark protections should be canceled, a decision that applies new financial and political pressure on the team to change its name.

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"War & Peace" "Light & Darkness" "Hate & Love"

It's started by governments, not the people.
Yet, it's ended by the people and not their governments!
It's profits go to the perpetrators who orchestrated the crisis.
Yet, it's profits can't save your soul!
It's, pushed with fear and propaganda.
Yet, it's overcome with love and truth!

It shines from out of the sky and disarms darkness!
Yet darkness lurks in the shadows and creeps from the cracks.
It is reflected and spreads when it meets a rainbow of colors!
Yet it is absorbed and dimmed when met with black.
It wins every battle when confronted face to face!

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