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Rick Perry will come out on top (of the neocons) after this witch hunt.


I just watched this video of Rick Perry's press conference. I guess by this he just came out of the cop shop after getting finger printed. I know he has been in the news a lot lately, (border, illegals, blah blah), and I know him and Rand have had some back and forth, (Syria, Isis, Iraq, blah blah). I also know Ron has defended him against this latest attack, while not defending the governors foreign or monetary policies.

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Ron Paul still inviting conversation. Tom Petty Concert!

My daughter and I went to see Tom Petty at the Gorge in WA last Friday evening. I usually buy a t-shirt while I'm at the show and it is usually hot there so I wanted to wear a shirt I could take off and leave at the show since I planned on wearing whatever shirt I bought at the show.

I went to my dresser drawer, I usually have a few old t-shirts in there that are ready to be sent to goodwill, to find a shirt to wear and when I opened my drawer, the first shirt I saw was a black one that was folded up nicely, my girlfriend is really a great woman, and I picked it up and held it by the top and let the bottom fall towards the floor and when it unfolded, I quickly realized it was a Ron Paul t shirt from the 2012 campaign. The shirt felt really great in my hands as they were actually made pretty well. I remember thinking about the time I had spent on the campaign, going to see Ron in Seattle and talking to many people about Ron. I went so far as to put up signs in my yard and windows of my house. I had buttons I would pass out when someone would show some interest in talking about Ron Paul and what he stands for. I had never before been involved in politics, other than talking with people about it. I remember all the great hope I had for Ron winning and being able to start the turn around of our country and what it could mean for the future of us all.

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Gun rights! Gun rights! Gun rights!

Steve Ballmer has contributed $580,000 to an effort to hamper gun rights in the state. You know what to do!


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WA-04 LIBERTY Candidate Gavin Seim: "We Totally Lost ! Or Did We?"


It’s Gavin Seim. The primary results in and it looks like Didier and Newhouse are our finalists. Yes we lost the election! But we didn’t really lose, because we stood on principle, didn’t play politics and changed the conversation. I gave it my all.


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Organically Human – Empathy, Solidarity and Cooperation

Saving someone

Organically Human: Empathy, Solidarity and Cooperation
We are capable of such goodness.
This is amazing and wonderful.

UPDATE: http://csglobe.com/commuters-push-train-free-passenger/

''The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on fighting the old but, on building the new.''
- Socrates


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Family pet shot in the head by plainclothes cops searching at wrong address!

Argghh... and Then We Have This!
(The 'best' of us are sometimes capable of the worst.)

Family pet

Here is what I wrote to the Sherriff's office:

Dear Sherriff,

Don't you know that your police union and the people who are in control will also be after you when they get done using you to go after us?

Wake up please! We must stick together!

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Ron Paul endorsed Clint Didier moves on to general election - wins most votes in Washington St. Congressional primary

Former NFL player and Liberty/Tea Party candidate Clint Didier won the most votes in the GOP primary and will move on to the strange top 2 Washington State election system.


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Ebola Can Be Neutralized By A Natural Remedy Thousands Of Years Old


Published on Aug 4, 2014

www.NaturalSolutionsFounation.com and http://TinyURL.com/StopEbola. NO ONE NEEDS TO DIE FROM EBOLA!

This video was made specifically for the Heads of State of those countries where a genetically modified (weaponized?) Ebola virus is killing people.

WHO and the US Government say that there is no prevention, cure or treatment for Ebola, which currently kills 90% of its victims.
This is untrue. The definitive prevention, treatment and cure for Ebola, as US government research shows, is Nano Silver 10PPM!

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Vice News: Fighting Back Against ISIS (The battle for Iraq dispatch 1)

Great reporting from Iraq, there are 5 different dispatches if you search youtube. If you haven't seen the ones from Ukraine, they are very good as well. Enjoy.

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Video: Amazon employee's drone may have crashed into Seattle's Space Needle

MarketWatch reports:

Space Needle security guards called police to report several sightings of a small white drone fitted with a camera grazing the top of the famous tourist attraction, according to Seattle Police Department’s blog. Witnesses told security officers the drone crashed into an observation deck window, but police didn’t find any evidence of damage. The drone then flew back to its owner on the fifth floor of a hotel a couple blocks east of the Space Needle, the report states.

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Local Police Calling Cannabis Oil 'the New Meth'

Up to 20 YEARS imprisonment for making RSO in your home.


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WA-RINO Fascist SPLC-smears Matt Shea & OathKeepers, 'cause: They actually meant It, when They took Constitutional Oaths!

Aww...he's vewy vewy scawed! Suppose none of this should come as a shock, but there you have it: a statist fraud who may take(s) a specific oath (correction: worse, he already took the oath, seeing as how he was an LT in the USAF, and is happy at the prospect of violating it more!), frightened by others that already took the same oath, and meant it. Even more reasons to support WA r3VOL Matt Shea and the OathKeepers!

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Wa-04 Candidate Gavin Seim: "you Do Not Need A Permit For Your Rights And I Will Defend That... Literally!"


My name is Gavin Seim, a Constitutional candidate for Congress. I want our liberty and our country back and the establishment hates me because I call out the corruption and I do not stand down. That is my job. You DO NOT need a permit for your rights and I will defend that!


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My nightly flirt session.

After more than once seeing the guys around here drooling over Adam Kokesh's ex, and commenting on where they can find an attractive liberty loving woman, I thought this might be a fun thread to start.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a married man and not available, no matter how good I look when I slowly bend over to pick up a quarter off the ground.

The DP is probably not an even mix of men and women, more likely a sausage fest, but user names are deceptive. So not me, but who here is single and ready to mingle?

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