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Scarcity Fetish Served Hot and Dry

Crop irrigation - Credit - (C) Cecilia Lim - FotoliaImage Credit: © Cecilia Lim / Fotolia (see original source)

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Rationally Bayesian Doesn't Help You See The Elephant!

Julia Galef - Think Rationally via Bayes' RuleHere a proven social engineering device 'conspiracy theory' is being used to contrast Bayesian logic and fails miserably in discovering truth by doing so.

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Snohomish County Sign Wave - April 7th!

Snohomish County is getting organized and holding a 3-intersection signwaving on April 7th followed by an afterparty TBD. If you're local we would love to have you come out, we will have signs and super brochures to hand out, possibly some banners (Staples has vinyl banners for $10 online). If you're not local, you can put together a meetup group, a Facebook page and/or pull out the Ron Paul contact list and email folks to get something started.

Super brochures - http://www.foreverfree.com/

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I've Got 20 Acres! Now What Should I Do With It? *Update*

 photo IMG_20140912_163742_zps2wtg2sxv.jpg

The wife and I Acquired 20 acres of former ranch land waaaay out in the middle of no where of eastern Washington last year, And We are gearing up for our first trip to it to start some projects!

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Hoarding Can Be Cancer Too

What is Wrong with the World

Hoarding Can Be Cancer Too
This short video's symbolism and message is paradigm changing. The video stems from a religious message and also contains a bit of idealism, but has meaning even to agnostics and atheists alike.

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Silver: Time to Buy a Little OR a Lot?

So with silver falling below 16 dollars an ounce i would like some advice from the DP metals community. When silver fell below 17 recently i added my first 100 oz bar now i'm adding another. My question is when would be a good time to really dive in and convert my cash to silver? will it keep going lower? Also is the rise in the dollar spurring this fall in silver price?

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How to Weed & Fertilize Your Garden at Same Time

 photo chickens and kitty_zps1mkgrja1.jpg

Of course the answer is chickens this is the DP after all. In an effort to help the daily Paul stay relevant i wanted to post my liberty lifestyle projects that i have been inspired to undertake since becoming a member. This site can be and is more than just a collection of mostly upsetting news articles. We have a rich full lifestyle that is best shared with other.

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03/06/15... the Day Patriots DEFIED a Federal Gun Ban!

We Stand!


Some thought the military had occupied downtown Spokane on 3/6/15. They were relieved when they found it was the local 63 Lightfoot militia, standing guard to make sure the Federal Government did not step out of line. Watching over families, children and patriots.


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'Mission Creep' 'At the Gate'

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai'Mission Creep' 'At the Gate'

Fear-control fetish power grab to keep us (them) 'safe'.


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It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer

Dresses compared

It Starts as a Fear and Becomes a Cancer
This post offers a brief and partial answer to the question: "Why is it that humanity must suffer so deeply and yet those who cause that suffering can bring themselves to inflict such harm on others?"

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I Am Not a Follower of Ron Paul

I am not a follower of Ron Paul, I am a student.


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FBI Tries To 'FLIP' Open Carry Activist After Arrest At Political Rally



The activist, Anthony Bosworth, was participating in the “Our State, Our Rights” rally outside the city’s federal courthouse when members of multiple federal agencies approached and began demanding identification.

While inquiring on the alleged need to provide ID, Bosworth was accused of being in violation of federal gun laws according to a DHS agent on scene.

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WA Liberty Activist Arrested by Federal Agents



A liberty activist and co-organizer of Arms Expo 2015 was arrested this morning outside the federal courthouse in Spokane as he attended a states’ rights rally with his family.


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Shocking video of Pasco, Wash., police killing must prompt inquiry

A POLICE officer fatally guns down a man in cold blood. The shooting is captured on video, which promptly goes viral. The footage shows the man fleeing from several officers. As he turns to face them, he is shot and falls dead to the ground.

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Someone Please Help Me Keep My Friend And His Family Out Of Prison For A Non Crime!

My friend Rolland Gregg and his family thought they were obeying the law out here in Washington State, all have medical marijuana cards and they even painted a green cross on their roof. Their crime? They were growing medical marijuana in a state where it's legal for medical marijuana card holders to grow their own marijuana, and it has been legal for over a decade - we even have legal recreational marijuana out here, and all of this makes no sense...

If anyone reading this can do anything to help, I'm at a loss, I've called our Governors office, my Congressman and my Senators, and I'm getting the run around. Their trial starts Monday, and they are all facing mandatory minimums of 10 years.

The DEA is the outfit pushing this, and my congress critter told me he cant get involved due to separation of powers, so who the heck can help?

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