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Gavin Seim's newest celebrity fan club member

As a result of Gavin Seim's video where he stoped an unmarked vehicle and let him off with a warning... He has picked up a new celebrity fan member.


Ashton Kutcher facebooks: "This dude is my new hero!!!!"



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2 dead; 4 wounded in school shooting in Marysville, WA.

This one hits a little closer to home for me as it is my hometown and the school I would have gone to had my parents not pulled me out of public school and sent me to a nearby private school. Praying for all involved:


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Libertarian Lanterns

I made these 4 years ago and 3 years ago respectively. Sad to see that things have not moved on... but hopeful for a brighter future. Happy Halloween Folks!

I hope you enjoy, and maybe get some inspiration for your own libertarian lanterns



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Socialist Party Demanding $20 Minimum Wage Insists It Should Not Be Subject To $20 Minimum Wage

The socialist party in Seattle that wants to raise the federal minimum wage to $20 per hour but advertised a job last week for an experienced web developer paying just $13 per hour is now defending itself. [...]

The argument from the Freedom Socialist Party is that it cannot afford the minimum wage it seeks to impose on every commercial entity in America.

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Humor Is a Weapon That Can Set You Free, But...

MSMBS News Headlies

But only if you dare to wield that power and use it...

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I would like to donate by mail.

Has mailing address changed? I think I read you were relocating.

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Trendy Isn’t It? Redefining What’s Yours, Mine and Ours!

Rachel Botsman - The Case for Collaborative Consumption
Manipulative Transformation of the Definition of Sharing and Ownership to Resource and its Management
Redefining what's yours, mine and ours. These people despise groups who may challenge them.

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Two great Quotes I saw researching a 100 mpg carburetor


“I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.”
- President Thomas Jefferson

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Washington State Patrol aircraft catches several police cars speeding - and does nothing.


Highway 2 just out of Wenatchee. WSP had their aircraft up to catch speeders in the 60mph section of Hwy 2. Apparently there was a "DRE" drug recognition expert conference up in Lake Chelan that day- so the WSP plane caught several marked and unmarked (and a motorcycle) doing well above the speed limit (26mph over in at least once case)


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Who are "They"?

You know "They". "They" live. "They" are the source of so many lies "They" are the corrupt and "They" steal. The bankers, the illuminati, the bilderbergs, the royal families, and the global elite; are "They" them and if "They" are then who specifically are "They"? Who have you found to be the definition of the term "They" and what can you share!


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Eric Holder Lining Up For A Pardon?

House Wants Federal Judge to hold Eric Holder in Contempt, Fine Him & Possibly Jail Him
Read more here.
Holder behind bars!

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Local civil disobedience in action!

A family friend reached out to me a few weeks ago about compulsory trash service. She had recently been annexed into the city and started being charged for trash service, which she has yet to pay. She is an avid recycler/composter and produces little to no trash and does not want the trash service. I wrote my response to her on my blog (shameless plug - http://brianronk.com/no-thank-you/)

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City Manager Says No Cameras Allowed – Gavin Seim Says No Way!


NO Cameras America (said the sign on the door)

Moses Lake is a small town of about twenty thousand run by corrupt a city manager named Joe Gavinski. He does the dirty work while the city council hides. During my Congressional race the city was stealing my signs, sometimes on camera. Why? Because I would not sign a contract with them for a grant of free speech.


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King Co. Washington Straw Poll: The idiocy continues!

King County(Seattle) Washington Repugnant(GOP) party can't help themselves, betting on losers is their disease(makes me think of the scene in the Natural when a psychologist lectures the New York Knights about the virtues of being losers). So here's the pulse of the members of the party of perpetual losers:

Ben Carson: 610 votes
Rand Paul: 242 votes
Ted Cruz: 147 votes
Paul Ryan(REALLY?! REALLY.): 122 votes
Scott Walker: 89 votes
Condoleeza Rice(Really?! REALLY.): 77 votes
Chris Christie(No, seriously): 70 votes
Marco Rubio: 70 votes

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