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We did it! Armed Patriots Nullify Gun Restrictions in WA!

Liberty is alive and playing "Kick the Can" in Washington ...


.."12/13/14 was the shot was heard round the world. Without a single shot fired!

The world is talking, the tyrants are still reeling and most politicians don’t even know what to say as they sit in slack jawed silence pretending nothing happened"...

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History of the 2000's - Music Video | Well done Dan Bull

Dan Bull - The Noughties [Rap-up 2000 - 2009]


Hopefully these are reposts, as they are rather dated. Good stuff though, if you're into it.

Here is his SOPA song:


...Dan Bull - Wall Street Spirit ...


...and glaciers...


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Washington state teacher forces boy, 8, to unclog toilet with bare hands, parents say

Washington state teacher forces boy, 8, to unclog toilet with bare hands, parents say

BY LEE MORAN NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Thursday, December 4, 2014, 11:03 AM

Artie and Lisa Adams said they discovered their third-grade son’s teacher, Brent Taylor, had made the boy perform the filthy task after complaining that a toilet was clogged at Scootney Springs Elementary in Othello. Taylor has since been made to take a course on hygiene and the Adams have pulled their son from the school.

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CPS Confiscates Children After Family Chooses Home Birth

A Washington State couple is still trying to make sense of the state’s decision to send Child Protective Services officers to their home to abduct their three infant children.

The attorney for couple Erica May Carey and her partner Cleave Rengo filed a petition on their behalf yesterday in the Whatcom County Superior Court, labeling the state’s seizure of the three children “unlawful, unconscionable and inexcusable.”

Moreover, the petition states the couple’s eldest child is “suffering from pneumonia” while in state custody as a result of improper care.

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UPDATED! Babies Return Home After CPS horror: Washington State Couple Regains Custody Of Their Twin Babies After Home Birth

Updated, the Babies are home!

UPDATE, from State Rep Jason Overstreet:

Jason Overstreet
47 mins ·
UPDATE: A decision in the Rengo "shelter care" hearing has been rendered. The court is returning the Rengo babies to their parents with numerous court-ordered requirements. They were too numerous and quickly spoken to correctly note. Please pray for this family as they reunite and begin a new and challenging chapter of their lives together, complying with the courts' directives.

RETURNED TO PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Strictly Speaking Can't! Natural Language Won't?


Physics is only complex, because it's in someone's interest to have it that way. The way to understanding, even if you don't understand science, was paved with words. Even if those words led only to a symbolic form of understanding.

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WA Man Pulls Over Police Officer, Schools Him

Cop and citizen handle this very well in my opinion. If either person had become agitated, there would be a bit more of an outcry.


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Sen. Rand Paul on Why He Visited Ferguson Last Month

Sen. Rand Paul on Why He Visited Ferguson Last Month, His Proposed Formal Declaration of War on ISIS.

Unedited ON THE RECORD interview with Sen. Rand Paul as he discusses the “undercurrent of anger” and and sense of unfairness in Ferguson and why he has proposed a resolution to formally declare war on ISIS.


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What We Can’t Do At Home We Do In Coventry


We Can't Do This At Home, So We Do It In Coventry
A further example of artificial diversity.

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New study confirms marijuana kills brain cancer

Published by Smell The Truth.

The active molecules in cannabis kill brain cancer — another study has revealed.

Scientists using an extract of whole-plant marijuana rich in pot’s main psychoactive ingredient THC as well as cannabidiol (CBD) showed “dramatic reductions in tumor volumes” of a type of brain cancer.

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Desperately F(r)ee

AH-Google-Logo-White-1.2Desperately F(r)ee
The desperate attempt to introduce a fee structure (injecting cost per use by 'hook or crook' into a free market) and make it trendy too!

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VIDEO: Grandmas Smoke Weed for the First Time

These grandmas getting high is classic. Not only are they hilarious, but they demonstrate the harmless effects of marijuana. In my opinion they do a pretty good job representing the true nature of it and how easily it could fit into society.


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“Hunting” for Life in the Universe… Who Speaks For Earth?

Life as we know it

"Hunting" for Life in the Universe... Who Speaks For Earth?
Let's be careful exactly WHO speaks for us. People who "want to hunt for other life" do that to their own too. Perhaps we need other 'stewards' of our world to make first contact with another planetary/galactic civilization.

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A Message From Our Sponsors: Shell - It's a Small Worm After All

It's a Small Worm After All(The Rothschild Family) 1 1/2 Minutes of Psyence Pysense.

Can science change the world? Film-makers from around the globe explore what it takes to have an idea that could change the world.

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