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WI r3VOL Charlie Blackmore CCW stops Assailant; dons "Vets for Ron Paul" in LocalPaper! Ftr. in Guns.com Vid w/Sheriff Clarke!

WI r3VOL USMC Vet Charlie M. Blackmore, Jr. driving home @ 4am in a snowed out cold cold Wisconsin morning observed a rather large man assaulting, more specifically: kicking, a small woman (his ex-GF) laying on the ground; successfully intervened, held the assailant at gunpoint until state actors arrived.

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Why I Put a Drop of My Own Blood on Every Dollar Bill That Passes Through My Hands

Lord knows I don't get my hands on that many dollar bills but when I do, they each leave my hand with just a little more blood on them than they had...

I was watching my friend play his computer game 'Dead Island', in which you go around hacking apart zombies and collecting their money. At one point I asked him just who would accept money that is soaked in zombie blood. He said "I don't know, isn't all money blood money?"

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I can't wait for this Ebola scare to be over

I am sure its nothing, but for those of us in Kenosha, WI...

"KENOSHA (WITI) — The Kenosha County Jail is taking precautions — monitoring a detainee for signs of the Ebola virus. Local officials are in close contact with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — along with other federal officials.

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Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?

Why the conspiracy double standard with JFK and Ron/Rand Paul? Huh?

We are told that all the so-called conspiracy theorists who support Paul hurt his chances. But what about JFK? JFK has more conspiracy theorist supporters than Ron or Rand Paul could ever dream of. Yet JFK remains the most popular president of the 20th century 50 years after his death.

Yes, despite gazillions of whacked out nut-jobs who believe JFK was outed in massive conspiracy, JFK remains popular and respectable.

Please explain this double standard.

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DA: Investigation into SWAT raid that injured toddler to go to grand jury (VIDEO)

DA: Investigation into SWAT raid that injured toddler to go to grand jury (VIDEO)

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itJKCe_c6Uw

By Kerry Kavanaugh
Updated: 12:16 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014 | Posted: 9:40 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014

HABERSHAM COUNTY, Ga. — A grand jury will soon determine if deputies involved in a raid that injured a toddler could face criminal charges.

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Historical European Martial Arts

I have always been fascinated by swordplay. Most of you who know me, know that I am a traditionalist by nature. It wasn't something I decided rationally. More, I was a product of my environment and my upbringing. Naturally as a child, while the neighbors were playing cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians, I was playing Robin Hood and Peter Pan. While folks were playing 007: Goldeneye on their Nintendo 64's, I was trying to track down the original Nintendo version of Final Fantasy 1.

As I grew to become more cogent and grounded in reality, I shed a lot of the escapism that I used to safeguard myself from the conditions of a traumatic childhood. I became someone who was fully grounded in reality with a passion for the here and now; as opposed to someone with an irrational desire to live in the past, ignoring those frightful aspects that progress has shielded us from having to face.

Disclaimer: This is my personality. Not an attack on other peoples hobbies. I appreciate that I am limited to my own perspective. No need to defend yours.

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Been having that feeling again.

Once eyes open always be,
Sleep exists no more for me,
Matters not bargain or plea,
Phantom world i'll always see,

For some reason I just felt like I needed to write these words down. Don't really know why I was compelled to share.

(I'm not a poet -just thought I would throw that out there)

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Sheriff David Clarke Beats Bloomberg's Money, Defeats Anti-Gun Opponent

This percentage is slightly less than that with which Clarke won in 2000 -- when he beat Moews by six points -- but the August 12 victory comes after Michael Bloomberg dumped $150,000 into the race against Clarke.

Other liberal groups, like the Greater Wisconsin Committee, funneled approximately $400,000 into the race against Clarke.


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Congratulations to Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke!

Clarke 26954 53.14% Moews 23771 46.86% with 227 precincts reporting

Some Milwaukee Republicans are attempting Tuesday to vote in their party's primary races while also writing in the name of Democratic Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., elections officials said.

"There are cases where it's happened," Milwaukee Election Commission director Neil Albrecht said.

Under Wisconsin law, a voter can choose to participate in either the Democratic or Republican primaries, but can't do both on the same ballot.

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Setting the Religious Right right on Israel/Gaza!

Recently, I have been going back and forth on Facebook with a friend in Wisconsin, whose family we used attend church with for several years; over the Israel/Gaza situation.

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Why can't we just be left alone?

If we created a colony our int the middle of the ocean, on a self sustaining barge system, would we be left alone?

Minarchist/Anarchists please keep that debate out of this discussion.

So my question is, why, no matter where people are in the world, so long as they are producing more resources than they need to sustain themselves, do other people want to assert their demand for those resources?

Is it because we are susceptible to it? Is it because it really is necessary?

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"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

Galileo will be making a feature speech on James Madison & the War of 1812

The speech will cover Madison's achievements including the Constitution, Bill-of-Rights, Federalist Papers, and the War of 1812.

The speech will also cover the problem of systemic liberal bias against our sacred Founding Fathers.

A lively session of questions and answers will follow the speech.

The event is sponsored by Pints & Politics and the RPDC.

Please attend and bring your friends, neighbors, and countrymen!

Tuesday, August 5

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A precious metal loss with a silver lining

A Wisconsin man's rare coin collection went missing after consigning it with a company to be appraised and eventually auctioned. Of course that is unfortunate and there is always uncertainty when seeking justice through the courts. The 'silver lining' in the story though comes from what the man was planning to do with the proceeds from auction.

The collector said he planned to sell the coins at auction and use the funds to buy a SWAT vehicle for the Wisconsin police department where his son works.

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