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"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

"Galileo" to Speak on James Madison & War of 1812

Galileo will be making a feature speech on James Madison & the War of 1812

The speech will cover Madison's achievements including the Constitution, Bill-of-Rights, Federalist Papers, and the War of 1812.

The speech will also cover the problem of systemic liberal bias against our sacred Founding Fathers.

A lively session of questions and answers will follow the speech.

The event is sponsored by Pints & Politics and the RPDC.

Please attend and bring your friends, neighbors, and countrymen!

Tuesday, August 5

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A precious metal loss with a silver lining

A Wisconsin man's rare coin collection went missing after consigning it with a company to be appraised and eventually auctioned. Of course that is unfortunate and there is always uncertainty when seeking justice through the courts. The 'silver lining' in the story though comes from what the man was planning to do with the proceeds from auction.

The collector said he planned to sell the coins at auction and use the funds to buy a SWAT vehicle for the Wisconsin police department where his son works.

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Alcoholism and Statism (Part 1)

Hi I am Séamusín, and I am an alcoholic.

I will share at some point, my story about coming to terms with my alcoholism. What I would like to share right now is what the disease of alcoholism, and how it can be treated.

Alcoholism really is a disease

I know, I know, I didn't believe it either. You see, when you introduce will power into the equation, we tend to have alot of trouble. We don't see behaviors as diseases. We don't see making the wrong decisions as a medical problem.

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WI Governor Scott Walker under investigation for criminal fundraising activities

Prosecutors claim Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was at the center of a plan to illegally coordinate fundraising with an array of outside conservative groups to help him and several Republican senators survive a 2012 recall election, newly released records show.

In the documents unsealed Thursday, prosecutors from five Wisconsin counties allege an effort by Walker and top aides to circumvent state law and raise money and plan spending by a dozen outside groups during the election.

The prosecutors' filings include a quote from an e-mail in which Walker tells Republican strategist Karl Rove that a top campaign aide, R.J. Johnson, was leading the coordination effort and praises Johnson's work.

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2 Years 2 Months 2 Weeks 2 Days...

2 hours, 2 minutes and 2 seconds ago I signed up for membership on the Daily Paul. Every moment since then has been a challenge, every day,


Confessors and confiders alike, you have only built me, or the foundation for what I will be,


That I may be I fall freely into What may no matter what they

Let's C.

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Ever notice how glitchy the future its?

I take great solace in the fact that the smartest of consumer devices in this the year of our smartphone 2014 still has trouble with the word hibbidydibbidy.

You may notice that this post names the NFL. This is my device's spellcheck of the letters NHL. Isn't that funny? Isn't that wonderfully glitchy?

Oh, and if I turn my Samsung s4 counterclockwise and back it does thisthisthisthisthisthis. Plus, it doesn't seem to know the word 'is,' though it it learning.

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Prediction to be filed away for future "I told you so!" moment:

When the next financial crisis comes, economic experts in the mainstream media are going to try and convince the public to get rid of all banks, and move to a 100% reserve, fiat, digital vault monetary system, where the state creates all currency.

Bill Still's dream come true. The end of fractional reserve lending and a public digital currency.

Plan to revisit this in a year or two.

Just letting you guys know now.

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Always be optimistic.

(Disclaimer: Not an original)

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Due Process can never die. Thank you, Hollywood

With the depressing news that the Senate confirmed Barron to the Federal bench despite his utter disregard for due process, I found some comfort in an old movie tonight. Because of that old movie, our once proud judicial heritage cannot pass from our collective memories, unless every copy were to be gathered up, broken, burned, deleted from every hard drive.

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VIDEO: Wisconsin Police Reassure Residents They Won’t Be Shot at From Military Truck

VIDEO: Wisconsin Police Reassure Residents They Won’t Be Shot at From Military Truck


Police work to dispel “negative public perception” of use of military vehicles domestically

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
May 20, 2014

Police in the Wisconsin town of Neenah have reassured residents that military trucks obtained from the U.S. Army now being deployed for domestic law enforcement duties won’t be used to fire on the locals.

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Quick, Easy and Perpetually Binding Daily Paul Panda Poll

Hey everyone just trying to gauge the general opinion around here regarding the great red panda menace plaguing our nation. Please select which of the following best sums up your feelings about pandas:

-dislike pandas
-strongly dislike pandas
-death to all pandas

Just post your answer as a comment below and that's it! You've fulfilled your legal and moral obligation!

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Sober Woman Arrested for Drunk Driving After Deputy Runs Stop Sign, Crashes Into Her Car, Falsifies Report


MILWAUKEE, Wisc. – A sober Wisconsin woman was arrested for drunk driving after a deputy rolled through a stop sign and caused an accident, according to a report from WITI.

A Milwaukee County sheriff’s deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned 25-year-old Tanya Weyker’s vehicle in February 2013.

Video later proved the deputy rolled through a stop sign and T-boned Weyker’s car, causing the accident.

Weeks later, test results showed Weyker had no alcohol or drugs in her system. She has since filed a complaint against the deputy.


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