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If Aravoth inspired you.. bump this thread and vote up.

I can honestly say, as an artist.. that gets paid to be a full time artist.. Im usually very critical of anything, especially anything that I create..

That being said, when an artist motivates, it strikes me hard.

Aravoth helped motivate me to action. Does anyone know why he/she is setting this election out?

To me, it feels like I have lost an important artist that inspired me. I know darn well the grassroots feel me on this. Cmon aravoth.. your country needs you.. the grassroots needs your talent.

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2007 Polling Time Machine, Get in and Feel Better!

For anyone that is interested, it may be a good reminder of how the polls were placing the "Front Runners" back in good ol' 2007 at this date.

Giuliani - 28.6%
Thompson - 23.4%
McCain - 15.3%
Romney - 10.8%
Huckabee - 4.8%
Paul - N/A

And I think we all know what happened to the two golden boys last time round. This time we are in prime pouncing position!


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Ron Paul is Here! "Three Shoes Posse" Reggae jam from 2007


Is there a Doctor in the House?
What a joy to youtube Ron Paul and find this kind of oldie but goodie.

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