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If Aravoth inspired you.. bump this thread and vote up.

I can honestly say, as an artist.. that gets paid to be a full time artist.. Im usually very critical of anything, especially anything that I create..

That being said, when an artist motivates, it strikes me hard.

Aravoth helped motivate me to action. Does anyone know why he/she is setting this election out?

To me, it feels like I have lost an important artist that inspired me. I know darn well the grassroots feel me on this. Cmon aravoth.. your country needs you.. the grassroots needs your talent.

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New Ron Paul video!

Check out my new Ron Paul video.

Shows the huge support for him at the Los Angeles Straw Poll


Please spread and subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want.



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Progressive Naomi Klein Nails Predictions About Obama in 2008.

She may have flawed judgment about certain issues, but she's at least honest enough to have made sound predictions of Obama in 2008 based on what he was saying and doing.


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Ron Paul Documentary 'For Liberty' Full Video Just Uploaded Onto You Tube

The full documentary uploaded a few days ago on You Tube. Enjoy:


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2007 Polling Time Machine, Get in and Feel Better!

For anyone that is interested, it may be a good reminder of how the polls were placing the "Front Runners" back in good ol' 2007 at this date.

Giuliani - 28.6%
Thompson - 23.4%
McCain - 15.3%
Romney - 10.8%
Huckabee - 4.8%
Paul - N/A

And I think we all know what happened to the two golden boys last time round. This time we are in prime pouncing position!


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