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Adam VS Ron Paul bashing occupiers

Adam's latest visit brought us this gem:

"The last time I wrote to share a video it made the top headline on the Drudge Report. I didn't think it was possible to make a better video, but I think this one speaks for itself. I am stunned at my dumb luck for being in the right place at the right time to capture this. Enjoy. And please share if you'd like it."

It starts getting interesting at about 4:40 when an occupier jumps in and starts raving like a loon as Adam was interviewing a reporter from

Favorite quotes:

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A New Book Written by Liberty Candidates Inspired by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul

A New Book Written by Liberty Candidates Inspired by Presidential Candidate Ron Paul to be Released at LibertyFest NYC on 9/10/11
Bringing liberty back to NYC for the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is a new book aimed at inspiring new champions of liberty and a fun party to showcase what liberty is all about! "How to Run for Office on a Liberty Platform", written by Liberty Candidates and edited by Gigi Bowman and Sally O'Boyle will have it's opening release date on 9/10/11 at LibertyFest NYC!

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Adam Kokesh Loses Show For Supporting Ron Paul

I have heard an unconfirmed rumor that Adam Kokesh will no longer be doing "Adam vs The Man" due to his public support of Ron Paul on the show.

Wow.... the establishment even controlling RT?

This comes from a good friend of Adam's but I won't name the source.

I found this

I guess this isn't as fresh news as I thought...

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good perspective on Jesse Benton

I came across this video regarding the petty fighting between the Kokesh camp and the RP campaign chairman Jesse Benton. it puts it in perspective, we need to move on. I see a lot of Kokesh supporters getting all bent out of shape, and it makes me sad that we let this stuff get in our way.

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Is this true?

This can't be true can anyone explain this?

P.s I just believe what the manager says is not what Ron Paul would say because he said before he's never opposed being interviewed by anyone!

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