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Let's take one night and PaulPaper our cities!

This day has been awesome and full of great ideas and news:

1) We pushed up the ratings of liberty-oriented radio shows
2) Manilow is supporting Ron Paul
3) Vince Vaughn opened for Ron Paul in Nevada
4) Zak Carter contacted Jim Rogers about support and got a response
5) the Money bomb starts at midnight

So I had an idea to keep up the momentum. For the money bomb I'm going to buy a couple rolls of the Lapel Stickers:

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Paul leads polls among young voters; most polls fail to report.

In response to my post regarding Ron Paul’s success with non-white and young voters in a recent California primary poll, a commenter suggested the Paul campaign should summarize Congressman Paul’s success with younger voters in the national polls. I thought it was a good idea, so I did it.

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