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Need help on how to respond to Cain supporter showing Ron Paul lies too

I'm looking for advice on how I can reply to a Herman Cain supporter. I posted on one of my friend's facebook posts about the incident in last night's debate where Cain was caught in a blatant lie.

My friends reply was to post 2 links on my page and writing "Just to show they all lie"

The 2 links were from PolitiFact:
"Ron Paul says "our taxes" doubled under Rick Perry" - pants on fire lie

"Dr. Paul never votes for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution." - False

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Nashville Occupy participants trying to push Fed issue out. need help/advice

Hey guys, here's a link to a conversation I engaged in with some of the leadership of the Nashville occupy. Could some polite authors help a guy out and help influence this group to see our cause is aligned with theirs. Any help would do. They have taken down my "audit the federal reserve" signs the other day as well. Thanks guys.

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Question about changing Party Affiliation in NY?

I am a New Yorker and have been trying to convince everyone I know to change party affiliation in NY to repub so they can vote for Ron Paul (or whomever they choose ;-) ). But I was looking to see if there was a way to change party online, to make it easier, and came across this info on the NY Vote website...

To Change Your Party Affiliation

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hosting a RP meet-up need ideas

I am hosting a Ron Paul meet-up tomorrow, I need help with things to talk about. Thus far I have the Oct 19th BTO money bomb and the Federal Reserve Chairman Cain on my agenda. I need some more ideas, please.

In my State you don't register by party so that is not a issue here and we mostly have majority in County Central Committee.

It's like I have writers block or something.

The person that ran it last time asked me to step up and organize it this time.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks.

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Halloween costume

Since it is the season, I was considering dressing as RP for Halloween this year. I can not find a mask of him anywhere. I thought there would have been some place that would have made something like that.

I definitely would not be disrespectful. I was thinking of printing up a bunch of pamphlets which would highlight RP's record as Congressman and his plans/ideas to improve our future.

Good idea or bad? Do you think it could help? I'll accept any feedback.

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CBS Writes Unconscionable Hit Piece In Covering Ron Paul's Victory - Our Boycott in Response

This is truly pathetic. It is about as low as we've seen one of the major networks stoop in their coverage of Dr. Paul--and this isn't even TV coverage (which, compared with the online content is usually the worse of the two). Note how ridiculously baseless the charges are and the inflammatory headline (trending # 3). Also notice that they even resorted to such shameless tactics as picking out a one-line, incoherent sentence from Dr.

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where can i put signs??

i want to put up some campaign signs in iowa, but i don't want them to just come down.

also where can i leave info for others??

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2 Ron Paul Issues that "Rational" Liberals have a problem with

Many "rational" Obama supporters/Liberals that have listened to Ron Paul agree with him on Foreign Policy, the drug war and the Bailouts. But two issues seem to stem out or scare them away. One is Universal Healthcare and the other is the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Ron Paul said he would have voted against. In the following video from Adam Kokesh Kevin talks about how he agrees with Ron Paul on the Foreign Policy and war but disagrees with him on Property rights and Universal Healthcare,

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food/gold standard in combination for the capital reform of currency?

Hey guys I don't know if you noticed much or at all but, Roseanne Barr is running for PM of Israel and she has an interesting idea, a food standard currency. Honestly, I've played around with the idea in my head a while back and a food standard all ways seemed like it would work well to restructure capital into the hands of every person. but overheat and cause insane inflation as anyone can print money equivalent to the size of their land requiring that there would therefore be no private property rights possible and that long term habitation of a residence also be an impossibility.

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Rap News - Ron Paul vs. Peter Joseph

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How Should I Respond to Pro-Cain Email from Tea Party Friend

The email contained a glowing account of Cain's employment history and cast him as a self-made, successful, intelligent, hard-working businessman that even cleaned toilets in Burger Kings on his way up. It also talks about his work with the Federal Reserve.

Cain apeared at a recent Tea party sponsored event in this area. It seems like many of the TP'ers have migrated from Bachmann/Perry towards Cain. The polls back this up.

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property rights and one's body

the issue is whether a doctor should be forced to take a flu shot during flu season to protect his/her patients..does the gov /an employer have the right to insist that the person,an MD, agree and if not stay home..this is an actual situation being presented to my wife at work..get the shot ,which she does not want,or wear a mask all day ..which is not proven to prevent the spread of the bug...what would ron paul argue..she has to present her case to the entire med staff her thinking is she will not prevail unless a strong case can be laid out that the foundation of all property rights comes

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Is Ron for the Import of 14 cent Chinese Labor?

I constantly sing the virtues of Ron to the masses. However his advocacy of open borders for willing employers/willing workers is deeply troubling.

The prospect of competing against 14 cent an hour Chinese labor imported under an open borders willing employer/worker philosophy should be rejected soundly by any Average Joe worker with a brain.

Why would any worker support that?

Do you understand that, when brought up, Average Joes will rightly reject this "Wage Slave" scenario?..... crickets

How do I argue for that? What am I missing?

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What do i do when i think my Constitonal Rights are being violated

The right spicifically being my unalienable rights along with my 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th rights what can i do what would you do ?

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