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Alex Jones "They are trying to label the Occupy Movement as communist to divide Americans!"

Alex Jones has seen the light. The Occupy Movement is open to all Americans. Ron Paul supporters have been part of the movement from the beginning. These are brave Americans and deserve our respect, not scorn. Alex Jones reveals why the corporate media, NeoCons and "left-wing" want to label Occupy "communist." Divide and Conquer. Good job, Alex. I gained some respect for you.

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Texans Target The Dallas Federal Reserve (The 2nd American Revolution Has Begun)

Alex Jones speaks to the protesters of Occupy The Fed in Dallas at the Dallas Federal Reserve branch on Friday October 7th, 2011.

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Occupy the Fed Chicago

In regards to Alex Jones call for patriots to protest the fed this Friday, is there an event planned for the Chicago Federal Reserve? I live in South Wisconsin so this is possible for me.

Federal Reserve Chicago
165 West Quincy Street
Chicago, IL 60604-1400

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Mobilize a 5 mln-Strong Ron Paul Army with Student Debt "Amnesty"!

UPDATE: I added quotation marks to the word AMNESTY becaue too many posters wrongly equate it with debt forgiveness. What does one call a temporary stay on repayment, though? Not "Moratorium". That means a block on student loan issuance. Amnesty seemed to be the proper word for the temporary stay on repayment. Any ideas on a more proper term is welcome for future discussion.

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Occupy the Federal Reserve Movement Launched

Radio host, filmmaker, and the host of Infowars Nightly News Alex Jones is calling for an Occupy Federal Reserve protest this Friday. Alex will personally be at protesting in Dallas as supporters for liberty and sound currency will be at all 12 branches of the Federal Reserve and its headquarters in Washington DC (even though the NY Fed is basically ground zero).

Read more:

Protests must be peaceful and law abiding. Take video cameras to record everything including the presence and actions of the police. Upload the videos to youtube and spread them to your family and friends. If we can get media attention to this like the Wall Street protests then it will be a great leap against the Federal Reserve

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FOX News uses for profit corporate pollsters to misinform public

Fox News posted a ridiculous article claiming that Herman Cain is now in the top tier. This is corrupt poll that was conducted under false and misleading pretenses. Let’s take a look at the pollsters, Shall we?

"The Fox News Poll is conducted under the joint direction of Anderson Robbins Research (D) and Shaw & Company Research (R)".

Shaw & Company Research:

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Peter Schiff On Alex Jones' Infowars Nightly News Discusses The Economy And Ron Paul's Campaign

In last night's live broadcast of Infowars Nightly News on Alex Jones interviews Peter Schiff on the direction of the economy, the failure of government stimulus to create jobs, what will happen in the future as these policies go forward, and the Ron Paul campaign including the smear attempts.

Added to youtube today September 21st, 2001

Part 1:

Part 2:

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Alex Jones and Gerald Celente ~ The 2011 "Winter of Discontent"

Appearing on Infowars Nightly News, trend forecaster Gerald Celente told Alex Jones the economy will likely begin its climatic unraveling in October and this will deliver a "winter of discontent" in America.

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Come post on jon stewarts website!

i posted a topic on jon stewarts website for a story idea help get stewart to cover these polls by posting some replies

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Infowars Nightly News: Alex Jones And Gary Franchi Discuss The Ron Paul Revolution 2012

Gary Franchi of Restore the Republic talks with Alex about the exponential growth of a renewed and reinvigorated Ron Paul Revolution as millions of people stand behind Paul and prepare to catapult him to the presidency in 2012 and restore the constitutional republic.

**So Shall We - Ron Paul Super Bomb September 19th

Posted September 3rd but still relevant for today September 6th and beyond.

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