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Olive Garden: American flag display would disrupt dining experience

The article is disturbing enough - but I really want y'all to look at the GOP poll on the lower right hand side.

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Canada Pursues U.S.-Style Security and Foreign Policy

While in the past Canada has exercised a more independent foreign policy, in many ways, it has now succumbed to the imperialistic aspirations of the U.S. and NATO. The war in Afghanistan and the continued bombing in Libya have demonstrated Canada’s willingness to use military force to advance foreign policy. It appears as if they have also turned back the clock by further embracing the monarchy and renewing its strategic partnership with Britain and the Commonwealth at large.

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Ron Paul ReSupply (Grassroot Materials for Ron Paul RƎVOLTUTION)

    Attention All Soldiers for Liberty!

The Ron Paul ReSupply website is officially up and running. We need your help to make it into a useful tool for the movement, please visit the site via search engine i.e. Google, Yahoo, and/or Bing.


When Googling please enter: Ron Paul ReSupply
or click here:

here is the


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CNN: U.S. shouldn't have killed al-Awlaki

(CNN) -- President Obama authorized the killing of an American citizen because he had declared war on the United States and encouraged others to bring harm to America. Whatever Anwar al-Awlaki's wrongs -- and there were many -- when America kills its own without a trial, it not only demeans itself but it hands over a propaganda victory to its enemies.

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Why our Constitution is vital to our survival


Our founding forefather’s vision for America was based not only on their recent emancipation from the British oppression, but also from their collective knowledge of history and mankind’s past mistakes. They understood the evolutionary process of how a society could transform from freedom to totalitarian empire by studying the mistakes of so many failed governments that came before us. With that knowledge, they created a safeguard; the Constitution (link) was written to shield us from the otherwise inevitable fate of tyranny and ultimate self-destruction.

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The American Way Abandoned.

Instilled deep within us is the pride of what it means to be an American. That pride is derived from the notion that, in our country, our values and our way of life is superior to those of other countries. Indirectly, that pride pays homage to our founding forefathers for establishing and protecting those values in our Bill of Rights.

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U.S.-Canada Perimeter Security and the Consolidation of North America

It is important to keep in mind that the move towards a North American security perimeter is being done without congressional or parliamentary approval. There is no reason to trust that our governments will strike any kind of balance between security and freedom. That is why it is imperative that we demand more transparency and input. With a joint action plan expected to be released soon, it is my hope that Canadians and Americans will reject any perimeter security deal that reduces privacy rights and further puts our sovereignty at risk.

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The Rothschild’s and the American Economy

From Indoctrination Nation Blog:

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As you go forward this blessing from the past: Kent Snyder

People, I will try to give you some strength. Kent Snyder is remembered to us. So we were given a song:

Kent Snyder, he was a bro yo.
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.
Heyo, heyo, heyo heyo,
Kent Snyder he was a bro yo.

Kent Snyder: Homosexual. Warrior. Peace Chief. Martial artist. Friend, brother and father. Leader. Counselor.

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O'Reilly and Beck warn Americans.

First, O'Reilly came out with a warning and now, Beck is warning Americans to buy a generator and stock up on food.

Is this a concerted effort to help Americans or just more fear mongering?

Does this make you anticipate another false flag event or am I being paranoid?

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Advancing U.S.-Canada Economic, Energy and Security Integration

Much has been made about the secretive nature and lack of transparency surrounding efforts by the U.S. and Canada to create a North American security perimeter. With several high-level meetings in the last month, not to mention all the behind the scenes negotiations, it is expected that an action plan will be unveiled at some point in September. From a U.S. perspective, it is security which is driving the agenda, while on the Canadian side, facilitating trade and easing the flow of goods across the border is the focal point.

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Jack Hunter responds to American Spectator smears: Ron Paul and Conservatism

In a recent column, Jeffrey Lord warned that Ron Paul's presidential bid was secretly a "Neoliberal Reeducation Campaign." Writes Lord: "the Paul campaign is not just a campaign for president. This is a campaign -- a serious campaign -- to re-educate the American people…" For Lord, Paul's alleged reeducation mission means passing off liberal ideas as conservative. This is amusing -- because this is precisely what self-described conservatives of Lord's ilk have been doing for years.

Imagine that there never was a President George W. Bush, and when Bill Clinton left the White House he was immediately replaced with Barack Obama. Now imagine Obama carried out the exact same agenda as Bush -- Medicare Plan D, No Child Left Behind, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars -- the whole works. Would conservatives have generally supported Obama as they did Bush -- or would they have rightly criticized the most big government president in our history at that time?

Despite his glaringly statist record, did Lord ever consider Bush a "neo-liberal"?

Read more:

Lord's response to Jack's response is revisionist garbage. Don't forget to leave your coments on their site folks!
American Conservative Mag weighs in on Lord's misrepresentations:
Thanks Brutus56 for making us aware!

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Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman will respond to the American Spectator article on Mike Church tomorrow

Tommorrow on Mike Church's radio show, Tom Woods and Kevin Gutzman will respond to Jeffrey Lord’s article in the American Spectator about Ron Paul. They will be on at 8:30am ET.

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