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Yahoo News: Why Ron Paul's Presidency Could Save America

Why Ron Paul's Presidency Could Save America

Ron Paul's Proposals Are Exactly What America Needs to Prevent Downfall

By Brock Jerome Goldflies

COMMENTARY | A recent article in The Huffington Post outlines 11 ideas that Ron Paul would carry out if elected

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The American Dream Film

Hello Daily Paul, wanted to share this link.It is and awesome animation about how we lost the American dream to the bankers and ending the fed.Tad Lumpkin brings us a great animation piece that brings forth the issues that we believe in here at the DP. We should share this and help the creators of this movie.


For Liberty


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The American Dream

This is one of the very best videos I've seen that explains what is going on with the fed and the economy. It's long but it is worth watching. I think if we could figure out a way to get people to watch it, they would understand better what is happening.

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